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You’d like to improve the link popularity of your site. Or maybe to keep track on the latest web buzz. It would be nice to inform your readers about it the minute the news occured. Or maybe you just want to monitor the activities of your users and be able to find the best topics they might be interested in – quickly and efficiently. In these cases tracking tools can be extremely useful and improve your search enormously.

We’ve taken a look around and listed the best buzz-monitoring, observing and tracking tools a web-developer might be willing to use analyzing and monitoring his/her recent web-projects. Links checked: May/09 2008

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  • Social networks often reveal extremely useful information about the public opinion of your web-site.The more popular a network, the more informative are the resuls – an overview of the most popular social bookmarks managers can be found here1 and here2.
  • Google Alert3 and Yahoo Alert4 inform regularly about the new incoming links and the appearance of a given term online.
  • Monitor This5: with MonitorThis you can subscribe to 22 different search engine feeds at the same time. A script generates an OPML-file, which can be imported in a favourite RSS-Feeder (i.e. Sage6 or Wizz RSS News Reader7).
  • Nielsen Buzzmetrics’ BlogPulse8 is an automated trend discovery system for blogs and presents detailed live-data about the current development in the blogosphere. BlogPulse Trends9 delivers the information about latest trends and can be useful for finding interesting subjects for your next blog posts, which will generate buzz around the web. And with Conversation Tracker10 you can observe, who when and what wrote something about a subject or a web-page.
  • Google Rankings11 lets you check the position of your web-site in Google and monitor your ranking free of charge. In a long run, if you store the information over few months, you can determine some tendencies and developments which are typical for your blog. The script uses the Google Web API to find domain names within the list Google.com shows for a given search. Therefore you’ll need a Google API Key12 to use the service.
  • Opinmind is a search engine of opinions in Web. If you’d like to find different perspectives on a given subjects – i.e. a new product, issue or web-page – you’ll find it here. Positive and negative feedback are shown separately. Find opinions on topics that interest you, tracking 50M+ opinions from 5.5M+ bloggers.
  • Sitening SERP Tracker13 is a free tool, with which you can measure and analyze the popularity of a page over a long period of time. You can also subscribe to daily results via RSS.
  • Technorati14 is the biggest blog search engine, which indexes over 60 millions blogs. Daily. If someone sometimes somewhere mentions your web-site, it will be tracked by Technorati. Watchlists enables you to receive the relevant information via RSS in case someone mentions you in the Blogosphere.
  • Further blog search engines such as Seekport15, Icerocket16, PubSub17, Sphere18 or Talkdigger19 implemented further extended functionality in their search, however, the results are usually quite similar to Technorati results.

In order to analyze the popularity of a page regularly, you have to have some statistical data and values, you can measure your success at. The following services rate web-pages and inform you about the potential problems you have or might have in the future.

  • EgoSurf20 calculates the popularity value of your web-site, based on the quality and quantity of results provided by Google, Yahoo!, MSN, Delicious and Technorati. Using EgoWatch you can track the changes of your ego in the Web.
  • Linkvendor Domain Popularity Check21 provides a detailed analysis of the site popularity. Among other functions you’ll find out that Pagerank of Backlinks and the so-called Link Strength.
  • SEO MOZ Page Strength22 rates a web-page, based on its Link popularity in the Web. The Relative Importance/Visibility of a Webpage, the Potential Strength/Ability of a Page to Rank in the Search Engines and Data on Popularity, Links & Mentions of the Page Across the Web is provided.
  • PageRank Checker23 is a SEO targeted tool allows you to check the Google PageRank values of multiple URLs at once. A time-saver for keeping tabs on you and your competitors’ PR values.
  • Silktide Sitescore24 is a free tool which rates how well designed, popular and accessible your website is. Scores are broken down into 5 categories: Marketing, Design, Accessibility, Experience, User.
  • Socialmeter25 calculates the site popularity in social networks.
  • URL Trends26 allows webmasters to view their linking trends for eight different search engines (Google, Alexa, Yahoo!, MSN, AllTheWeb, Alta Vista, Teoma and IceRocket), as well as the PageRank and Alexa Rank. A recent addition also allows our users to view the number of end-users of a website that bookmarked the website using Furl27 or Del.icio.us28.
  • SEO Analyzer29 analyzes web-pages, rates them and informs you how you can change the page to avoid accessibility and usability problems.

Never miss a comment! Link

  • Commentful30 aggregates information from Digg, Flickr, Blogger, WordPress and further blog-services, searches through blogs, collects comments, trackbacks and follow-ups and presents them in a brief overview. With “Commentful Blinker” Firefox Extension you’ll be notified automatically if new comments have appeared.
  • CoComment31 and co.mments.com32 allow you to subscribe to an RSS-feed which will provide you with new comments on your favourite pages or hot topics in the Blogosphere.

If you haven’t succeeded to get linked on the front page of Digg, Slashdot or Del.icio.us, maybe it’s a good time to consider a passive strategy. If you’ve found a popular article on the topic which is similar to the main topic of your page, just leave a comment to a relevant article on your page. However, this requires you to be able to keep track on the developments and buzz in the Web. Let’s find out how.

  • Keo Tag33: the latest trends are presented in a brief overview on a single page. Just enter a term you’re interested in and both services will return the most popular articles and blog posts, which are tagged with the term and generate Web-Buzz.
  • Google Trends34 helps to find the current trends and developments and keep track on them.
  • Popurls35 is an established aggregator of popular articles in the Web.
  • Even a demanding blogger will be overwhelmed with this36 round-up of resources related to Blogging, Buzz-Monitoring, Observing and Tracking.
  • Another overview37 of important tools and services which monitor the current trends in the Web.
  • In his article 10 Things You Should Be Monitoring38 Cameron Olthuis describes 10 things that you absolutely need to be monitoring and explains how you find an optimal way to improve the link popularity of your web-site.

Footnotes Link

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    Social Scan is a webmaster tool for checking a website link popularity among well known social sites.

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    Check out http://traceurl.com to monitor accesses to certains URLs.

    TraceURL shortens any URL plus it tracks traffic to the page through the TraceURL shortened web site address, showing where the traffic originated. Count accesses and have the origin of the visitor displayed on a Google Map.

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    There’s a site that I use called SEOGroup.com to track my Google SERP positions. You can submit up to 3 keywords per report. The site link is http://seogroup.com/evaluation/ … Its definitly free to use and once it generate the report for you, there’s some helpful hints as well too. Hope this help anyone out there who’s looking for a free seo tool to use.

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    Thank you for mentioning monitorThis. We are working on a new version of monitorThis with more features and search engines included.

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    Very good article. For my monitoring tasks I use one pretty program called W3Monitor (http://www.w3monitor.com) that provides free website monitoring and can send notification alerts by E-mail, RSS/Atom feed or even SMS :)

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