Crème de la crème of CSS: List of CSS Galleries


One can discuss whether numerous CSS-galleries challenge our creativity, however they can serve as a quite nice source for inspiration. The galleries of CSS-based designs showcase exemplary design practices, solutions, ideas and templates. Once you have no idea what you should do next with your web-site, it’s worth taking a look at some beautiful works – crème de la crème of CSS-designs – out there.

Below you’ll find a brief overview of css-galleries you can explore inspiration from.

Links checked: May/27 2008.

CSS-Galleries: An Overview

  • CSS Beauty1
    CSS Beauty focuses on providing its audience with a database of well designed CSS based sites, as well as news and happenings on the CSS Design Community. It showcases designers work and serves as inspiration for those looking to build CSS based websites.
  • CSS Blast2
    Russian CSS Showcase
  • CSSBloom3
    CSS Gallery with Blog’s and Online Portfolio’s
  • CSS Clip4
    Web Design Inspiration and Gallery
  • CSS Collection5
    CSS collection web sites without tables
  • CSS-Demo6
    CSS Showcase
  • CSS Design Yorkshire7
    A gallery of CSS web design in Yorkshire UK

  • CSS Drive- Categorized CSS gallery and examples9
    CSS gallery, code samples, tutorials, and moreCSS Collection
  • CeeSeS10
    CSS Gallery – We are the BalkaniCSS!
  • CESKO11
    CSS Showcase – Slovenia
  • Creative-Pakistan12 is a platform to showcase web and CSS designs of creative Pakistani web desginers
  • CSSFill13
    CSSFILL provides free CSS based layouts and templates
  • CSS Galaxy14
    CSS Gallery with voting and comments.


    CSS Hazard16
    CSS Inspiration and Gallery

  • CSS Heaven17
    CSS Gallery – submit your own css design and view a gallery full of creative design inspiration. The submitted designs can be rated
  • CSS ImportCSS18
    The no-frills CSS Gallery

  • CSS-Mania20
    CSSmania, the most updated css showcase all over the globe
  • CSS Princess21
    CSS princess is showcase gallery of beautiful css sites. You can find web sites primarily done completly with css , without tables.
  • CSS Reboot22
    CSS Gallery – The CSS Reboot is a community event for web professionals and enthusiasts. This November 1st at 18:00 GMT Rebooters from all over the world will launch their web standards-based redesigns
  • CSS Remix23
    A Fresh Blend of the Best CSS Web Design
  • CSS smooth operator // Tite site collection24
    Tite site collection, conforms to Web Standards and designed with CSS

  • csstux – The best dressed sites on the web26
    A gallery of inspiring web site design and resources, focused primarily on sites using cascading style sheets.
  • CSS Vault – The Web’s CSS Site27
    A repository of sites using cascading style sheets and a list of resources
  • CSS Website28
    Gallery of Css Design Website. Submit your site.
  • CSS Zen Garden: The Beauty in CSS Design29
    A demonstration of what can be accomplished visually through CSS-based design. Classic!

  • Design Shack – Inspirational CSS and Blog Design31
    Design Shack offers regular examples of great CSS, standards based design to help inspire and create. We feature any website which shows off some flair, and doesn’t fit into the standard pattern we come to expect from CSS design.
  • Liquid Designs32
    Liquid Designs is a gallery of websites designed with liquid layouts using XHTML and CSS
  • Piepmatzel33
    collecting best practice web standards design examples

  • Style Crunch35
    StyleCrunch is a css and standards websites gallery
  • Stylegala – Web Design Publication36
    Stylegala is an online resource and inspiration guide for web agencies, designers and developers who take interest in websites that combine the powers of design, web standards and CSS.
  • Submit CSS37
    Submit your own css design and view a gallery full of creative design inspiration
  • Unmatched Style38
    Unmatched Style is a constantly growing community dedicated to acknowledging those who have made exceptionally gorgeous web sites using Cascading Style Sheets and web standards. By recognizing these exceptionally beautiful designs, other designers and businesses can get inspired and find a direction they may wish to take with their own web sites.

  • W3 Compliant Sites: Sites designed to comply with W3C Web Site Standards40
    A collection of web standards compliant web sites and their designers
  • Webdigity41
    CSS gallery
  • 42
    Awarding web sites that successfully combine form and function
  • Well Designed CSS Sites43
    Andy Budds List of well styled sites.


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