Free Font of the Week: Romeral


Free high-quality fonts are extremely hard to find1, but sometimes the time you’ve invested in the search is definitely worth the result you’ve got. A new freefont, designed by Juan Pablo De Gregorio, should belong to the collection of every professional web-designer: aside from optimal legibility, Romeral2 offers elegant style, rounded forms and clear geometric structure of its letters.



“Romeral is designed to produce a noticeable visual impact that invites the audience to the reading due to its sizable thickness. Interestingly enough, the basic idea was to find a way to fill the color titles zone in order to create a comfortable atmosphere for the reading experience.

Romeral’s straight geometric form allows an amateur designer to modify its points without much difficulty. The idea is to be able to easily design a personalized layout of the text.”

Due to its serious tone, Romeral can be used for both body copy and headlines. Particularly in serious online-presentations it can be used to emphasize some accents of the page content.

The open-type font can be used without any restrictions in personal and commercial projects. You can get the font sending a personal request via e-mail or leaving a comment form here5.


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  1. 1

    This font is not free. I cannot access it from the website!

  2. 2

    It is free, Joseph. Read the instructions Juan Pablo provides on how to receive the font.

  3. 3

    I left a message at his blog as wanted – but didn’t get the font yet. maybe he’s quite busy, answering all the requests?

  4. 4

    “Due to its serious tone” – I would say it looks like a light-hearted ‘fun’ font to me. Look at the “R” and the “e”. The second example (which is superb!) could be for a cereal packet.

  5. 5

    Very good font.
    I think it’s good to personal websites, using clean styles of shapes and colors.

  6. 6

    Really strong font. I like it because it looks really modern (historical sense). Great idea!

  7. 7

    i Love the font please send if you get a chance

  8. 8

    Has anyone gotten a response from the designer? I wrote to him at the beginning of January about one of his other by-request fonts and never got an answer. It’s too bad, because they’re all quite nice!

  9. 9

    I also wrote and never recieved one. This post should be updated that you can not actually get the font, You have to leave your email or write him and then hope you get it. So far I have not heard of anyone getting it.

  10. 10

    he sent me the font one day after ich requested it.

  11. 11

    Juan Pablo De Gregorio

    February 10, 2007 10:44 pm

    Excuse me if someone never recived the font.
    Many people say “i want this tipeface”, but if not put the email, I will dot know where to send it.

    Thank you for post my blog, and thank you for the comments.
    Maybe soon you will have a new free font.

  12. 12

    Very nice of the designer to stop by and say hi and rectify the situation–I’m now a proud user of Romeral.

  13. 13

    Great font. Receiving a copy of Romeral would be greatly appreciated. Look forward to checking out more of your work.

  14. 14

    Hi, I hate to soudn bad, but i too did not receive the font, i did exactly what was on the site and no response, thanks though!

  15. 15


    love the font, could you send me a copy?

    Many thanks,

  16. 16

    I’d like the font when you get a chance. Thanks

  17. 17

    It is free, Joseph. Read the instructions Juan Pablo provides on how to receive the font…

  18. 18

    Wonderful font! Would love to receive it! THanks.

  19. 19

    Sent him an email as per the instructions on his site. He responded within the hour. Can’t wait to use this font on my company logo.

  20. 20

    hey.. the font looks delicious… please mail it to me! thanks…

  21. 21

    hi Juan Pablo De Gregorio,

    could you send me your great font, too?
    mail: e-anima[at]

    thank you.

  22. 22

    I would love to have this font, thanks.

  23. 23

    Please send me a copy of “Romeral” font.
    It’s beautiful!
    Thank you

  24. 24

    Please send me a copy of “Romeral” font.

  25. 25

    Please send me a copy of “Romeral” font.


    Love the fonts.

  26. 26

    please send me a copy of the “Romeral” font.


  27. 27

    Please send me the font Romeral :)

  28. 28

    may i request for the font romeral? thanks!

  29. 29

    Excellent font, i really really like, how can I get it?

  30. 30

    Hope your font,

    Thanks ;)

  31. 31

    This is a great font. I would like to have it. Would you be so kind and send it to me?
    Thanks for that.

  32. 32


    This font looks great! I’d really appreciate it if you could send me a copy.

  33. 33

    very nice type. It will be very usefull. Thanks

  34. 34

    please send me a copy of this fab font for use on my mac

  35. 35

    Hi, could i please get this cool font? thanks

  36. 36
  37. 37

    I love! How can I get?

  38. 38

    I need Roman OTF or Times Roman OTF or both in any form and description. I am trying to work on a diagram in Adobe InDesign and when importing a diagram which was done in Times New Roman, the actual picture corrupts as Adobe InDesign 2.0 only has Times New Roman PS MT which I can’t use. Can you tell me where I can obtain free Times New Roman, Times Roman, just Times fonts please?
    Kind regards

  39. 39

    please send me a copy of the “Romeral” font.


  40. 40

    Hey nice font you have here. Can i still get a copy please?

  41. 41

    Love the Romeral font. Am I able to have it sent to me?

  42. 42

    I want this font. Please send me a copy of the “Romeral” font

  43. 43

    hi, really nice typeface, i’d like to use it please! ed_long at

  44. 44

    may I please get a copy of this font?

  45. 45

    Its an excellent font with clear markings to make it a perfect desinger font.

  46. 46

    A copy would be great and would fit exactly into a new idea I am developing!
    Thanks in advance!

  47. 47


    loved the font…

    can i get a free copy…


  48. 48

    Thx a lot ;)

  49. 49

    I would like to have your Romeral font please
    Kind Regards

  50. 50

    I would love to have a copy of this font. It would be a great header font for my calendar. Thanks!

  51. 51

    I would love to have this font, it looks really good

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