8 Fresh WordPress Themes


Nice WordPress1 Themes are quite hard to find. Particularly if you don’t know where to begin your search from. Google returns literally thousands of results, but not all of them offer what you personally consider to be quality material.

Some useful references are therefore always useful to have nearby. In fact, some beautiful designs are always useful to get inspired – i.e. if you are going to develop your own theme.

Our collection of 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes2 might be a good starting point. And some fresh WordPress Themes released recently can be helpful as well. Every once in a while we take our time, search around, select most beautiful releases and present them to our readers in our posts.

Let’s take a look at 8 Fresh WordPress Themes.

Fresh WordPress Themes

1. FFF WordPress Theme v1.0 Released for download!: high-quality WordPress theme for free download, provided by farfromfearless.com3.

Fresh WordPress Themes - far from fearless: FFF WordPress Theme v1.0 Released for download!

2. Fadtastic Theme4: the guys over at Fadtastic5 have realigned and redesigned their web-site and offer their old WordPress theme for free download.

Fresh WordPress Themes - T¬ Theme T¬ fadtastic - a multi-author web design trends journal6

3. Blogging Pro Theme7

Fresh WordPress Themes - Blogging Pro Theme8

4. FirstD9

Fresh WordPress Themes - FirstD10

5. PatrateluRosu.com v211

Fresh WordPress Themes - PatrateluRosu.com v212

6. The Skittlish Theme for WordPress | The Barley Hut13

Fresh WordPress Themes - The Skittlish Theme for WordPress | The Barley Hut14

7. Free WordPress Theme from XHTMLThis.com and The Big Chris.com!

Fresh WordPress Themes - Free WordPress Theme from XHTMLThis.com and The Big Chris.com!

8. TBeseda Announcing: v2 Kiwi15

Fresh WordPress Themes - TBeseda - Announcing: v2 Kiwi16

Basic Layouts

Tomorrows-laundry offers 4 Blank WordPress Themes, basic layouts for WordPress themes. Among them are 2 Column Fixed – Left Menu, 2 Column Fixed – Right Menu, 2 Column Fluid – Left Menu and 2 Column Fluid – Right Menu.


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