Inspire Yourself: 58 Creative Logos


Logotypes stand for Corporate Identity. The better a logo is designed, the greater is the probability that your potential clients will remember your CI and get back to you once your service is needed. Consequence: designers have to be creative and put many efforts in designing beautiful, unique and catchy logos. And the results they come out with are sometimes stunning1 and spectacular2. Both in graphic design and web design.

This isn’t just another collection of logotypes. These are 58 creative logos you can inspire yourself from. Nevermind how different the logos are – they show the current trend in modern logo design. The logos we’ve selected below have been created and optimized for Web. Links checked: August/19 2008 – meanwhile some sites are dead, their logos are not linked.

Logo Screenshot3
Logo Screenshot4
Logo Screenshot5
Logo Screenshot6
Logo Screenshot
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Logo Screenshot8
Logo Screenshot9
Logo Screenshot10
Logo Screenshot11
Logo Screenshot12
Logo Screenshot13
Logo Screenshot14
Logo Screenshot15
Logo Screenshot16
Logo Screenshot17
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot18
Logo Screenshot19
Logo Screenshot20
Logo Screenshot21
Logo Screenshot22
Logo Screenshot23
Logo Screenshot24
Logo Screenshot25
Logo Screenshot26
Logo Screenshot27
Logo Screenshot28
Logo Screenshot29
Logo Screenshot30
Logo Screenshot31
Logo Screenshot32
Logo Screenshot33
Logo Screenshot34
Logo Screenshot35
Logo Screenshot36
Logo Screenshot37
Logo Screenshot38
Logo Screenshot39
Logo Screenshot40
Logo Screenshot41
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot42
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot43
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot44
Logo Screenshot45
Logo Screenshot46
Logo Screenshot47
Logo Screenshot
Logo Screenshot


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Sven is the co-founder and former CEO of Smashing Magazine. He's now writing at his Conterest Blog, where he focuses on blogs, content strategy and publishing — all in German.

  1. 1

    I think all the logos are very creative and eye catching.
    Nice work mate.


  2. 102

    I love how everyone jumped on the “omgz worst ever” bandwagon. Yes some are bad, but others are good FOR THEIR PURPOSE. They are simple logos, not corporate identities.

    And as for people saying “it doesn’t express what the company is”.. well the identity logos for fedex, mcdonalds, walmart, coca cola, nike, yahoo, google, microsoft, etc etc etc do not have anything to with what they are representing yet they are the some of the most well known in the world (because of the marketing team, not the design team)..

    Some of the biggest companies in america have crappy logos… I always found it hilarious that someone actually got paid for “designing” the fedex logo. If you guys want to attack poor designing, call up fedex and bitch lol

    BTW, for those of you throwing a fit, how about posting some examples of the work youve done, or at least some logos you do find creative. Theres not a whole lot out there that goes beyond simple font polishing/customizing.

  3. 203

    I have to agree with the masses on this one, this is a pretty weak selection, there are maybe 5-10 worth showcasing.

  4. 304

    Very Nice to see 2 Greek companies logos here.

  5. 405

    Thanks, great article :)

  6. 506

    Scott, you’ve missed something on the Fed Ex logo


  7. 607

    I like the logo from Pacific Timesheet. It reflect the company’s name perfectly with the sun over the rippling ocean. On the mean time the sun above the ocean has the hands in them, and it feels like clock. So it ties back to what they do: online timesheet. Just some silly thoughts.


  8. 708

    cool i like the net

  9. 809

    Wow so most of you are just butt hurt designers grinding an axe, Lets see your logos. Bunch of babies.

  10. 910

    horrible article. most of these logos are horrendous.

  11. 1011


    Does your butt hurt? lets see your logos.

  12. 1112


    i like that logos color combination,


  13. 1213

    Lets face it, some of these logos are pretty good and fit in with their respective websites very well, at least in most cases. What is it with this world? People love to get on a bandwagon. It reminds me a little bit about the brainwashed teenage girls who follow celebrities and try to copy what they do. When the first couple of people criticised these slections here, everyone started doing the same without offering an example of their own that they is better. Please offer a counterselection that is better so at least you can show that you know something and not just simply following the herd.

    In any case, I think everyone will agree you can have the greatest logo, but if your content or service or whatever the site provides is not good, it won’t matter much.

  14. 1314

    Thank you for these good references of web 2 logos.

  15. 1415

    wots beta???
    cn n plz xplain???
    nt a taunt…serious query…

  16. 1516

    These logos all look like they’ve been created by the same designer… not inspiring at all… kinda boring to say the least.

  17. 1617

    Armaan Ahluwalia

    July 28, 2009 2:51 pm

    Ummm …

    a) How

    b) Why??

    Smashing magazine standards just dropped.

  18. 1718

    hai it’s very good and creatively i learn lot off ideas

  19. 1819

    nice web 2.0 logos, I like “CrashPlan logo” you can also see my logos too

  20. 1920

    International Property Listing

    January 16, 2010 3:15 am

    Great logos. I wonder who made those.
    This is company also a great logo.

  21. 2021

    Hatur nuhun infona… Insyaallah manpaat…

  22. 2122

    Wow Smashing…these are not so jazzy. Still love ya though :-)

  23. 2223

    Honestly I was expecting something better…They’re nice, but they’re all the same type

  24. 2324

    Hi this is muggulu..Lets face it, some of these logos are pretty good and fit in with their respective websites very well, at least in most cases.> http//

  25. 2425

    here is my logo version if you guys would like a sneak

  26. 2526

    The finest collection of web 2.0 logos I found so far, smashingly helpful!

  27. 2627

    Average looking logos. Worst list by smashing

  28. 2728

    I’m a art school’s student, i wanna what’s a real good logo design? i have seen many in enternet, i haven’t find the real good logo design, well except those has well known. and also these i think that’s ok, at least is better than me…….(╯﹏╰)…………

  29. 2829

    ¶ They look like one artist style. And Just missing►ZING◄ “Finnal Touch of FX” █

  30. 2930

    These are ALL great, well thats what I think, good effort guys (y)

  31. 3031

    These look like icons and they are too similar — not a good selection.

  32. 3132

    Logos are great i love this one of pathfinder i think the idea is genius!

  33. 3233

    The logos are good. Those who are deriding them should post some examples of the logos they think are great and inspirational. That will be a great input. :)

  34. 3334

    Well your list is really full of catchy logos. I do like to share that I have found Maxwells Green ( logo also good.
    What do you think guys and gals?

  35. 3435

    How about instead of saying “following the herd”, they are calling it how they see it. Come on now, this is Smashing and they have put out WAY more “inspiring” sets than this. Creative is not the word for this set. The thing is, they are boring and boring doesn’t catch your eye or make you rememorable or “inspire” a viewer. Granted some companies don’t need that edge, but when I search “inspiring” or “creative” logos…this does not qualify. These are simple, minimalistic, etc. To critique the comments of others stating they didn’t say why they didn’t like it…where is your comment on the subject at hand, the not so inspiring logos?

    Side Note: : an observation or remark expressing an opinion or attitude (one of many definitions for comment…i.e. Leave a Comment section)


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