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Few days ago we’ve re-aligned the Smashing Magazine web-site, changed the theme and – most importantly – re-designed the navigation menu. So far so good. However, in the end we’ve found ourselves in a dilemma – Smashing Magazine doesn’t have a proper logo, which would mark our identity and relate to the subjects we cover on our pages.

In fact, we need a unique, fresh and stylish logo. And since you determine the content of Smashing Magazine1, we’d like you to help us in creating it. So, basically, this is what this post is about.

Hereby we announce the Smashing Magazine Logo Contest for the most creative, clean and fresh logo for our web-site.

Update (14.03.2007):

You can submit 1-3 designs. You can also send us a watermarked version. But you can be sure that we won’t use any of your logos for our purposes without your permission.

Update (16.03.2007):

We’ve received 14 logos from Mexico, South Africa, Canada, USA, UK, Spain and Italy. We’re expecting your designs, too, you know ;).

Update (27.03.2007):

Four days to go. We have received 82 logos so far.

Here is the list of all 50 participants of the contest so far.

  • Andrew Butterworth
  • Kyle Mistry
  • Ruan Deyzel
  • Nelson Garcia
  • Salvo Nicolosi
  • Justin Gardner
  • Samuel Mularczyk
  • Michael Bleigh
  • Ben Clinch
  • Aloke Pillai
  • Mike Anderson
  • Hugo Beltran
  • Mike O.
  • Konstantin Lang
  • Jesus Riera
  • Elena Gafita
  • Lane Allen
  • Hulub “Teddyx” Teodor
  • Ryan Brennan
  • igor
  • Roland Hidvegi
  • Kantor Andrei
  • Precup Alexandru
  • Brian Mayzure
  • Alec Julien
  • Gabriel Agu
  • Joanna Betlej
  • Lance Waldrop
  • Florin Hatmanu
  • Knol Aust
  • Suszter Viktor
  • Robert Karpati
  • Glen Ainscow
  • phunk83
  • Francesco Importa
  • Roberto Cecchi
  • Myriam Balian
  • Bruno Rosa
  • Daniel Marina
  • Djurdjica Selec
  • Roland Liechti
  • Marcel Villerius
  • Matt Harzewski
  • Victor Fedyuk
  • Stefan Asemonta
  • Kyle Easter
  • Dodjie Buncab

Update (29.03.2007):

22 more participants, 37 more logos. 2 days to go.

New participants:

  • Mike Secreto
  • Kashif Rahman
  • Josue Sierra
  • Hulub Teodor
  • Goce Mitevski (monsteer)
  • Hardi P
  • Denis Perekhrest
  • Kaitlyn Allen
  • Jeremy (jrmy0641)
  • Allan Garcia
  • mat taylor
  • Mostaque Ahammed
  • Mihai Florea
  • Christine Noonan
  • Oli Kooc Media
  • Istvan Farkas
  • sadia belanger
  • Rico Desjardins
  • Okuonghae maxim / maxximovitch
  • Foppe Hemminga
  • Matthew Ravenhall
  • Jason Anonuevo

Update (01.04.2007):

No more entries are accepted. We have received 192 logos from 105 participants worldwide.

Thanks for your time, your inspiration, your dedication. We appreciate it.

Here is the list of new participants (30.03 – 31.03):

  • Anna Bergström
  • Virus Minus
  • Samuel Le Morvan
  • Katie Mathieson
  • Kaela Stanley
  • Marshall McDonald
  • hanifan verdi
  • Dave Howarth
  • Mario Carcaterra
  • k shea
  • Sylvain Plaideux
  • Achmad Bisri
  • Vladislav Makevich
  • Dragos
  • Dan Loffler
  • Frank Muller
  • Reynante “Reynan” Alibuyog
  • Ryan Helsing
  • Alexandra Polido
  • Alex Molchan
  • sagara sagara
  • Tim Luckey
  • Manolis Gerasidis
  • Luis Simoes
  • Muhammad Najib Bin Abdul Rahim
  • Manolis Gerasidis
  • li song
  • Xiao Peng
  • Yuan Giersdorf
  • Marcos Guiponi
  • Melissa Scroggins
  • Diana Ilithya
  • adanVecindad

Over the next few days we’ll present most interesting works and announce the winner.

What about a reward?

The winner gets the SimpleTech SimpleDrive External. It’s a stylish, quick external hard drive with 250 GB capacity and Hi-Speed USB 2.0. Besides, winner’s name will appear in the footer of every Smashing Magazine’s web-page – as long as we use it, of course.

SimpleTech SimpleDrive External Hard Drive

Since we don’t know, which country the winner will come from, we might get in problem delivering the hard drive to some countries of the world. Don’t worry about it, we’ll find an appropriate solution.

What is required?

In order to participate, design

  • a distinctive Smashing Magazine logo for our header.
    Max. height: 65px.
    Max. size: 20 Kb.
    Format: .gif or .png.
  • a Favicon.
    Size: 16x16px or 32x32px.
    Format: .ico.

The logo has to be related to the topics we cover in Smashing Magazine. Take a look around2 and select themes you think are most appropriate.

You can use whatever color you’d like to use. Just to give you some idea about designs we might possibly prefer – you should probably take a closer look at some creative logos3 and remarkable favicons4 we’ve selected recently.

Send your designs via e-mail at office at smashingmagazine dot com with subject “Logo Contest”. Mention your name, your URL and the country you come from. If it’s possible send us also a brief description of your design and the theme you’ve selected. We’d like to know, which idea has been the driving force behind design. We’d like you to be creative. We’d like you to get really excited about it. At least as excited as we are.

May I participate?

Sure! If you’d like to.


We’ll consider all designs we receive until the 31st of March 2007. In the beginning of April we’ll present most interesting works and announce the winner.


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  1. 1

    Lisa, I agree with you. Its also about building community. I find it contests give me an opportunity to try need ideas and techniques without having a client looking over my shoulder.

    ~ Josue

  2. 52

    can’t wait to see the logos.

    any votes? or you guys chose the one you like

  3. 103
  4. 154

    Okay, seriously. What’s with the no-spec link? I thought it was already established what spec work was…

    The site has a really negative view on contests. It doesn’t even point out that there are people doing it for fun in between the other stuff, and that they realise they might never get anything out of it.
    Huge gambles? Why is it a gamble if you don’t find it a risk in the first place?

    As for the whole “company taking a risk,” they obviously know they’re making the risk in the first place. Actually, why is it even a risk if they choose from the designs themselves? Why do designers nowadays have such negative views on things that have a brighter side to them?
    Isn’t there a way to see both sides of the coin instead of sitting there and complaining about it?

  5. 205

    Just send my entry yesterday, i don’t know if you recieved my mail or not.

  6. 256

    Totally agree with the posting of the no-spec link. I love this site and quite suprised that it has taken this approach to a logo design. Not cool.

  7. 307

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    March 29, 2007 1:45 am

    The list of participants will be updated on the 29th of March.

  8. 358

    I see you got my design. Love your site. Keep fighting the good fight.

  9. 409

    I sent mine yesterday. I don’t see my name in the updated list :(

  10. 460

    I agree with the ethical problems with design contests in general. But not in this case.

    Smashing magazine is a resource for designers, that’s us. We benefit from it, and it, in a way, belongs to us. It’s free and provides great value to us. The winner (and possibly others that enter) will gain recognition among his/her peers. Vitaly and Sven are providing a wonderful resource and I doubt they are getting rich off of it.

    If I have the time to spare, I will submit an entry or two.


  11. 511

    Wow, I just read all of those comments and I have to say is, Lisa is right. (and yes, I did read the letter.)

    I also just discovered this site the other day and have since shared it with many. Smashing Magazine is awesome!

  12. 562

    Hey Guys can you extend the contest :( I was late to see this post.. I didn’t have much time I only passed 1 design and did it for a couple of minutes on the 31st of march. darn.

  13. 613

    I’m not sure if you realize it or not, but your sidebar is floating way down below the content in Internet Explorer. So for the majority of visitors the new site design is broken.

    This is normally attributed to a CSS width error, so you may want to look into it.


  14. 664

    Any chance in posting all of the entries instead of just the finalist. It is great inspiration…

  15. 715

    When next logo contest?


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