10 Fresh, Elegant and Clean WordPress Themes


We like to observe the Web. We like to present fresh ideas, creative solutions and interesting approaches. We like to share them with our readers, making both our personal work and the work of fellows developers easier. Observing creative works of talented designers, you can improve your skills and learn new techniques. However, to do that, you need to keep an eye on fresh and inspiring starting points. We collect them. And present them to you. Every month. So you don’t have to.

Let’s take a look at 5 fresh and elegant and 5 simple WordPress themes you might be willing to use for your next project.

You can find even more themes in our post 83 Beautiful WordPress Themes1 and in Arpit Jacob’s Top Ten Best Free WordPress Themes And Templates2.

Fresh and Beautiful WordPress Themes

1. Dark Theme Release at iLEMONed3

Fresh WordPress Themes - Dark Theme Release at iLEMONed4

2. iTheme5

Fresh WordPress Themes - iTheme6

3. WordPress Theme: Hello 2007 – Hello Wiki

Fresh WordPress Themes - WordPress Theme: Hello 2007 - Hello Wiki

4. Digital Pop WordPress Theme7

Fresh WordPress Themes - Desperate Curiosity » Blog Archive » Digital Pop WordPress Theme8

5. New Order WordPress Theme9

Fresh WordPress Themes - Desperate Curiosity » Blog Archive » New Order WordPress Theme10

Clean WordPress Themes

6. JsThemeV1.111

Fresh WordPress Themes - JsThemeV1.1 Bug Fixed at JsBlog12

7. WordPress Themes – esn studio13

Fresh WordPress Themes - WordPress Themes - esn studio14

8. Minyx / Infected-FX15

Fresh WordPress Themes - Minyx » Infected-FX16

9. Recycled Canvas :: Creative Synthesis17

Fresh WordPress Themes - Recycled Canvas :: Creative Synthesis18

10. Y Go Lonely19

Fresh WordPress Themes - WordPress Theme Demo20

Bonus: Download 2410 WordPress Themes!

The guys over Xyberneticos.com21 have collected over 2400 WordPress Themes, packed them in a .zip-file (251 Mb!) and offered them for free download22. Impressive, really.


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    I’ve just found some blank templates to create my own themes, they’re very good for a starting point!

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    Truth: all are low quality themes and useless

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    I like wordpress themes a lot and i use them on three of my sites. I have had these debate at afrowall about the best open source script out there and wordpress seems to be the leader. too many good themes and plugins.

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