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Visual design elements can considerably improve the readability of the page. Using them, you can make it easier for your users to scan the presented content and find the information they’re actually looking for. Icons can draw reader’s attention to the key aspects of the article and visualize the topic of the post. Buttons can be used to motivate users to some particular actions; and templates are supposed to help designers to create user-friendly interface elements right away. And whatever aim you’d like to achieve, free visual design elements are always useful – simply because they can give your text content a better visual appearance.

We’ve selected fresh high quality icons, buttons, vector graphics, templates and layouts. You might know some of them, but hopefully not all of them.

Not all listed freebies can be used for commercial projects, however you can use all of them in your private projects of for you personal purposes. Please read the disclaimers carefully before using icons – they’re changing from time to time.

You can also scan through the icons-related articles we’ve published before:

General Icon Sets

1. Notes Icons3

Notes Icons4

2. iMac Icons5 from FreeIconsWeb.com6


3. Pixel Press Icons8 (.dmg, Mac only)

Press Icons9

4. Vista Icons10 (for private purposes only, 2000 icons, 256×256, .png).


5. Desktop Icons12 (for private purposes only, icon sets are available for PC and Mac).



6. Browsing Dock Icons15

Icons Pack16

7. Iconfactory Freeware Icon Sets7117

Floatsneak Icons18

Quickpix Icons19

8. WebSiteIcons.net20

Adobe Acrobat Icons21

Folders Icons22

9. Toolbar Icons23 by Matt Ball


10. Crystal Clear25

Crystal Clear26

11. Office Icons

Office Icons

12. Shopping Cart Icon27


13. Deziner Folio28 (32 Aqua-icons, transparent, 128×128, .png). Can be used for both commercial and private projects. You can also request .psd-files via e-mail.


Icon Sets for Design Artists

14. Vector Graphics templates, available for free download. Punk Collection30, Urban Collection31, Resources Collection I32 und Resources Collection II33. Formats are .ai and .eps.


14. Bittbox6034 offers vector graphics for professional design: e.g. 35 Free Abstract Illustrator Brushes35.


15. 25 Free Vector Drips, Drops, and Splatters37. Besides: Free Vector Grunge Set38. Both are available in Adobe Illustrator format or as .eps-files.


Icon Sets for Bloggers

16. Icon-Set for Bloggers40 by Sonia Anepeta.


17. Web 2.0 Icons42 by Utombox.

Web 2.0 Icons43

18. 77 Vectorbuttons44 by Go Squared. For Adobe Illustrator only. Besides: 165 Vector Icons45 and even more icons46 for private and commercial use.




19. Web 2.0 Date Icons For Your Blog50. Layouts for Adobe Photoshop (.psd) ans as .png-files.


A mini-tutorial on how to use icons is also available. The result might look like this:


20. 9 Web 2.0 Badges52. Available as .png or .psd.

If you are looking for even more elegant templates, you might be willing to take a look at Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) package. You’ll need Adobe Illustrator
or Inkscape54 (Open-Source) to edit the images. What you’ll get out of it, might look like this:

21. Bitbox offers free glossy design layouts, which can be used in Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape. Among them: Vector Badges55, Glass Buttons and Bars56, Web Page Elements57, Header Designs58 and RSS-Icons59.


Bittbox6034 also gives away various Adobe Illustrator-templates for modern web design. Among them Buttons, Badges, RSS-Icons, Ecken and numerous Icons.


22. Microformats Icon62


23. Microformats Icons64

Notes Icons65

Not Enough? Even More Icons!

  • Giøn is an icon set designed by Silvestre Herrea66 (Argentina). The icon set (1.3 Mb) includes icons in 16*16px, 22*22px and 24*24px, in .png and as open source. The collection isn’t complete yet.
  • Mouserunner Icon Set67 (12 icons). Rounded icons in various sizes in .png and .ico-formats.
  • Free Tiny Small Mini Icons Bullets69: the icons are indeed as tiny as they can possibly be. For different purposes, and free for commercial use.
  • Tango Icon Gallery70: hundreds of icons in different sizes.

References to Icon Collections


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  75. 75
  76. 76
  77. 77

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    Beautiful! Both the list and the listed works!
    I have to take my chance and let you know that
    also has a totally free XP icon set, both for commercial and personal use.
    Here’s the link to the zip file: Free Set Zip
    and to screenshot: Free Set Screenshot
    40 simple glossy icons. Enjoy!

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    Oh, and I must say you guys left out a website that helped me the most when working on my project, here’s the link: This is a completely free icons website. Their icons are licensed with CC and they are completely free. As a matter of fact, I think all icon set there are free…
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