45 Excellent Blog Designs


Designing a blog is easy. Whatever engine you are using and whatever style you prefer, you’ll always find a number of templates you can apply to your weblog in seconds. No styling is necessary, no playing with colors is needed and no mind jogging about content presentation is required. However, not every weblog should look like a typical blog. After all, not every blogger wants his or her site to look exactly like hundreds of other ones. In fact, there is a small bunch of creative, outstanding and individually designed from scratch blogs.

In this post we didn’t try to showcase some eye-candy (although sometimes eye-candy is indeed offered); the designs listed below were selected for their attention to small details. Pretty and colourful header-graphics doesn’t make a good blog. The blog needs a solid visual structure, a profound hierarchy of site elements; it also has to be able to build some kind of a bridge between the content and its presentation. To do this, you need to think about precision, minimalism and sound use of illustration. These criteria were the ones we’ve used to select the designs listed below. All these aspects make the designs we’ve selected look… well, not always beautiful, but outstanding, almost excellent in their own kind. Mostly it’s the idea the designers used to make the weblog as usable as possible – not the implementation of this idea – which we’ve been after.

Below you’ll find 45 excellent blog designs which impress with creative approaches and attention to details; hopefully you’ll find new ideas you can develop further in your own designs.

Notice that the screenshots we’ve provided may give you a wrong impression about the whole design of the sites; in doubt you should take a closer look at headers, footers, comment-areas, site structure and further site elements. Please also notice that you can click on screenshots to get to the sites from which the screenshots have been taken.

We’ve missed something? Definitely! Let us know in the comments!

Weblogs powered by Django

Ryan Berg (Django)


Derek Featherstone (Django)


Jeff Croft (Django)


Andy Hume (Django)


Weblogs powered by ExpressionEngine

Jesse Bennett-Chamberlain (Expression Engine)
Whitespace in use. The categories and popular entries are listed at the top of the page, not in the sidebar as they usually are.


Veerle Pieters

An almost “classic”, well-known design, but still incredibly beautiful. Veerle makes use of a dark layout with quite colourful scheme. The result is impressive – and the position of site elements extremely well thought-out.


Emanuel Blagonic (Expression Engine WordPress)


Weblogs powered by MovableType

Kevin Kornell (Movable Type)
A typical weblog doesn’t look like an illustrated magazine. Kevin Kornell’s blog does. This one makes use of an “oldie”-style.


Cameron Moll


Dave Shea (Movable Type)


Dan Cederholm (Movable Type)


Weblogs powered by Textpattern

Praegnanz.de (Textpattern)
A minimalistic approach with clean web-typography.


Hicksdesign (Textpattern)


Geniant (Textpattern)


Blogs powered by WordPress

Circle Six (WordPress)


Pedro Lamin (WordPress)
Fresh and clean design, lacking almost everything – there is even no navigation in blog categories.


Design Disease (WordPress)


Surfgarden (WordPress)


Dan Rubin (WordPress)


NorthxEast (WordPress)


Larissa Meek (WordPress)


Matt (WordPress)
A Business-Design. Look at the information sections on the left side of the layout.


Agenturblog (WordPress)


Ben Gillbanks (WordPress)


Rik Catlow (WordPress)


FreelanceSwitch (WordPress)


John Boardley (WordPress)


Shaun Inman (WordPress custom PHP-Framework. Thanks, Shaun)


Mstefan.com (WordPress)


Screenz (WordPress)


Screencasting (WordPress)


Blog.Critical (WordPress)


Wan Zafran (WordPress)


Viki (WordPress)
Extensive use of visual elements prevails; it might be a nice idea, but the content should prevail.


Nick La (WordPress)
Playful design with dozens of swirls, curves and artistic elements.


Laura Alter (WordPress)


Markus Zeeh (WordPress)
Playful flower-images and ornaments seem to be trends.


Sidney Collins (WordPress)


Roman Leinwather (WordPress)


Bottled Sky (WordPress)
Probably not the most gorgeous layout ever made, but well-structured. The use of colors communicates the idea of the site.


Johanna Hallin (WordPress)



Cabana (WordPress)
Sometimes it is an interesting approach to use a “thin” layout, although it should rather be an exception.


Reflections (WordPress)



Further Weblogs

Abduzeedo (Drupal)
Stylish, readable and clean. The site doesn’t look like blog at all – at least at the first glance.


Jonathan Snook (CakePHP)


Even more inspiration!

Apart from numerous galleries of CSS-based designs you might find useful the following showcases of weblogs designed on specific plattforms.


  1. 1 http://ryanberg.net/blog/
  2. 2 http://ironfeathers.ca
  3. 3 http://www2.jeffcroft.com/blog/2007/aug/09/myth-content-and-presentation-separation/
  4. 4 http://usabletype.com
  5. 5 http://31three.com/weblog
  6. 6 http://veerle.duoh.com
  7. 7 http://www.emanuelblagonic.com/
  8. 8 http://www.bearskinrug.co.uk
  9. 9 http://www.cameronmoll.com
  10. 10 http://www.mezzoblue.com
  11. 11 http://www.simplebits.com
  12. 12 http://www.praegnanz.de
  13. 13 http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk
  14. 14 http://geniantsandbox.com
  15. 15 http://blog.circlesixdesign.com/
  16. 16 http://www.pedrolamin.com.br/
  17. 17 http://wp-themes.designdisease.com/
  18. 18 http://www.surfgarden.de
  19. 19 http://superfluousbanter.org/archives/2007/04/web-20-cultists/
  20. 20 http://www.northxeast.com
  21. 21 http://www.larissameek.com
  22. 22 http://webrevolutionary.com/
  23. 23 http://www.agenturblog.de/
  24. 24 http://www.binarymoon.co.uk/
  25. 25 http://www.rikcat.com/
  26. 26 http://freelanceswitch.com/
  27. 27 http://ilovetypography.com/
  28. 28 http://www.shauninman.com
  29. 29 http://www.mstefan.com
  30. 30 http://www.screenz.de/rubrik/screencasts/
  31. 31 http://www.screencasting.de
  32. 32 http://blog.criticalwebdesign.co.uk/
  33. 33 http://www.wanzafran.com/archives/
  34. 34 http://www.vikiworks.com/2007/08/24/a-nice-pullquote/
  35. 35 http://www.webdesignerwall.com/
  36. 36 http://lauraalter.com/blog
  37. 37 http://www.mein.meerblickzimmer.de/
  38. 38 http://bubblessoc.net/
  39. 39 http://www.lewro.com/
  40. 40 http://bottledsky.com/
  41. 41 http://www.johannahallin.se/
  42. 42 http://www.johannahallin.se/
  43. 43 http://cabanadigital.com/weblog/
  44. 44 http://paulenderson.com/
  45. 45 http://paulenderson.com/
  46. 46 http://www.abduzeedo.com/
  47. 47 http://www.snook.ca
  48. 48 http://txpmag.com/all_sites
  49. 49 http://www.djangosites.org/latest/
  50. 50 http://www.djangoproject.org/
  51. 51 http://expressionengine.com/showcase/websites/

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    lol my blog not listed. (kidding) great collections.

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    WOW!!! rly great Designs there…
    if i weren’t a designer, i would chose this one:

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    Perfect timing… I’m in the midst of designing the blog right now :)


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    some very cool designs. some “standard” templates for wordpress like Illacrimo are also pretty good. Ours too at http://www.lets-jam.com. ;-)

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    Another great compilation but Agenturblog is hardly impressive by any stretch. I always liked these guys who I think you featured among a compilation b4. Green is nice.

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    And what’s more I’m next to Shaun Inman’s blog (much better design than mine). A double honour. Three cheers for the inimitable SM.

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    Really made my work much easier, otherwise it gets soooo… confusing at times.


  14. 15

    Russell Heimlich

    August 28, 2007 4:34 am

    This brings up an interesting question I have always had. Do people really browse by category? I know it depends on your content but I’m under the idea of being extremely minimalist for the simple fact that I want people to read my stuff and not be distracted by widgets, and stats, and blogroll links etc.

    What is everyone elses take on this?

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    I believe freelanceswitch.com is powered by Light CMS, not WordPress. Could be wrong.

    Also, though I love some of the tips and tricks type lists you guys do, it seems that most of these gallery items – all of which I’ve seen on the gallery sites previously – seem to be nothing more than attempts at links to/from recognized names. I’d love to see more content that the rest of us would actually have to dig to find (like the 80 AJAX or 70 CSS lists). That’s the stuff I subscribed for. Keep up the good work, all the same.

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    There’s an awful lot of other pretty sites in there too. I’m going to have to check them all out properly.

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    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    August 28, 2007 4:14 pm

    Andrew Swihart, Textpattern is also featured, scroll down, please.

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    I’m (not really) sorry, but most of these designs are probably appealing, but they don’t work. Usability tests will fail with yet simple tasks, and this is the real tragedy here. It’s – not only due to current discussion – more appropriate to talk about “excellent blog decorations”, I fear.

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    You’ve missed Matt Brett’s blog. He’s definitely got the most beatiful WordPress blog ever imo. [http://mattbrett.com].

    Nice list anyways!

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    alistapart .com ?

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    We use Serendipity, an open source platform which works qute well. Our blog is v minimalist…its a Zen thing :)

  41. 43

    I thought blogs did not have their own domain names!
    I thought they were something like name.blogspot.com

    Why these blogs have their own domain name?

    Is there a blog engine to be downloaded and uploaded to a separate ftp space?

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    @ alan p: we also use serendipity, but ours looks quite different ;-)

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    August 28, 2007 7:43 pm

    What about blogs powered by Blogger?

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    Wow, nice blog designs, some of my favorites are in there too! :)

  47. 49

    Wow! I’m incredibly honoured to be featured guys! SM has long been a daily read for me, and I’ve been inspired by many of your articles – so to be included in one of your famous roundups is amazing! :D

    Thank you so much..! :)

  48. 50

    You know what I like about this list? 2 things: It proves that you can make a beautiful weblog with any of the popular applications out there, and it has a very wide range of blog designs; there’s no one style that dominates this list. You did a great job picking them out, and now I feel like redesigning mine!

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    Thanks for putting me on the list. The list is good, the list is life…

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    Excellent list of blog designs. A true source of inspiration for sure :)

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    man i can’t believe larissa meek is on the best designed blogs – like i remember in 2003/2004 she was on the reality show Average Joe and was this hot model type. But she was a “geek at heart” and all the guys were fighting for her. She claimed she was an “artist” but I thought nothing of it. And now today I am seeing her blog in the best designs, turns out she’s a web designer today and must be doing pretty well. I thought she’d be known for the average joe thing but guess not!

  53. 55

    Wow, thanks for the mention! It was quite unexpected but I’m very honored ^___^

    Love, Bubs (aka Sidney Collins)

  54. 56

    I use Karma Sites for my blog designs. Not only does it have all the typical blog options, but I can add non-typical modules like events, music, forums and stores (among others). I design through their CSS Karma Wizard and I’m able to turn out a xhtml strict that validates without my having to be a total master. All the bugs are zapped for me, and I can resell these designs at easily affordable rates. The CMS is the best part: clients have total control, it’s user-friendly for the inexperienced, and extremely adaptable for those who are advanced. Highly recommended!

  55. 57

    Though it doesn’t really stand up to the examples above, I just finished a fairly difficult custom redesign of EdgeCurve.com, powered by WordPress.

  56. 58

    Why are they listed by which blogging software they use?

    I don’t get why that’s relevant. I’m not being rude, I’m genuinely puzzled.

    I would have listed them by colour scheme, layout, design similarity, etc. It never would have occurred to me to list them by back end.

  57. 59

    Found it rather interesting that most of the ‘better’ designs were from WordPress

  58. 60

    You’re being unfair to blogger users :( Blogs hosted on Google’s “Blogger” platform, despite their many shortcomings, can be almost equally versatile. Look at this blog for instance: http://atunu.blogspot.com

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    expression engine, nickla, and design disease…

    these three are the awesome work done by whoever the creator is … admirable designs

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    In the footer of Emanuel Blagonic’s site we can read “Powered by: WordPress”. So is it WordPress of EE?

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  70. 72

    There are also other powerful but, lesser known Blog/CMS systems, one such being Symphony21, http://www.symphony21.com , by TwentyOne Degrees, http://21degrees.com.au/.

    You should explore some these systems to get a better feeling of the CMSes used on the web.

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    the good blogs/ Cabana (WordPress)

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    Tut mir leid, aber die vorgestellten Seiten sehen mit ein paar ausnahmen alle gleich aus. Keine Innovationen! Zum Teil unübersichtlicher als eine Bild-Zeitung!

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    There are some real goodies in this list but there are also some stinkers that I just can’t work out how they have made the list [I won’t mention which as I don’t want to offend]

    I’m personally quite proud of my new creation – http://www.perlina.co.uk/blog/

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    Very nice thanks.

    This is my favorite, it’s not listed here:

    Same guy that did ‘Nick La’ which you have listed. In my opinion this is maybe one of the most beatifull blogs ever (Second to mine – haha)

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    Just to answer cool (Comment 65): There are many ways to blog. You can use a blog service like blogger.com. This means, you do not have to install and maintain any software. You just use it and maintain your posts and the styleing (by applying a template). This also means that the blog does not have its own domain name, instead the domain name is from the service provider. The next way is to upload and install a blog software like serendipity or wordpress or whatever to your choice is. This way you normally have your own domain name. Let’s say you are your own service provider. Last you could do your own hand-made blog without using any blog software. The rss format is public and much easier than html. So it is easy to handcode an rss blog. You could then use xsl to translate this to html, and voilá, your blog. To add other features like comments, pingback or trackback you need php or something similar on your webspace of course. The last way is how i do it. Not because it’s necessary, but because it’s possible and i wanted to learn it. And the advantage is, you could do anything possible with (x)html and css to make the blog look whatever you like, you are not limited to any template.

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    Im very new to this and have a little understanding, but if i look at the source code of a page i like, does that tell me how it was created?

    For example: /System/Library/Frameworks/PubSub.framework/Versions/A/Resources/PubSubAgent.app/Contents

    I assume thats Frameworks, but how do I learn more about style attributes?

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    I really like the clean looking blogs, the ones that are predominantly white. I’ve been thinking about starting one of my own, but when I see all the great blogs out there, I must say, it looks like a big mountain to climb for me.

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  129. 131

    I think a list like this would be so much more valuable if you were providing significant commentary as to why you liked them. You have a note on a few to give an idea, but even that comes up way short if your goal is to teach newbie designers like myself about good design.

    If good design is about maximizing usability and functionality in an attractive package, and I think it is (tell me if you don’t), then expounding on how these sites, or others in the next list you do, achieve that objective, even in part, would make the effort Much more useful. Otherwise it’s just a list of pretty sites, something we can get anywhere.

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    Great list! i’m a real fan of the freelance switch design. Nice one, thanks for the inspitation in general! Betty

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    this post we didn’t try to showcase some eye-candy (although sometimes eye-candy is indeed offered); the designs listed below were selected for their attention to small details. Pretty and colourful header-graphics doesn’t make a good blog. The blog needs a solid visual structure, a profound hierarchy of site elements; it also has to be able to build some kind of a bridge between the content and its presentation. To do this, you need to think about precision, minimalism and sound use of illustration. These criteria were the ones we’ve used to select the designs listed below. All these aspects make the designs we’ve selected look… well, not always beautiful, but outstanding, almost excellent in their own kind. Mostly it’s the idea the designers used to make the weblog as usable as possible – not the implementation of this idea – which we’ve been after.

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