Logotrend 2007: Leaves


In modern logo-design leaves stand for fresh ideas or – more generally – for an innovative way of thinking. In Web they are mostly used to communicate light-weight solutions as well as clean and unobtrusive designs. In fact, leaves, plants or ornaments which appear to be related to the nature can be found almost everywhere; it’s a trend that will probably be reversed soon, due to an extreme overuse of the theme in modern designs. The sites themselves, using leaves for their logos, mostly do not have a relation to foliage – and even although often green color is used, that is not necessarily the case.

We’d like to present you some of them. The following logos aren’t supposed to represent the quality of logo designs with leaves, but the trend we observe on the Web. The images can be clicked and lead to the sites from which the logos have been taken. You’ll also find tutorials you can use to learn how to create “leaf logos” at the end of this post. Please notice that this post features only those logos which are related to the Web.

What do you think? Is an extensive use of leaves in logos a current Web 2.0 hype which will disappear soon or are the leaves here to stay?

Leaves on light background



Logo with leaves2

Logo with leaves3


Logo with leaves5

Apple To Oranges6




Logo with leaves10


(This logo isn’t used any longer)

Logo with leaves12

Logo with leaves13

Logo with leaves

Logo with leaves14



Logo with leaves17

Logo with leaves18

Logo with leaves19

Leaves on dark background

Logo with leaves20

Logo with leaves21

Logo with leaves22

Logo with leaves23

CSS Based24



  1. 1 http://www.9rules.com/
  2. 2 http://www.blueflavor.com/
  3. 3 http://www.springloops.com/
  4. 4 http://www.haveamint.com/
  5. 5 http://www.justgreenseattle.com/
  6. 6 http://applestooranges.com/
  7. 7 http://panic.com/coda
  8. 8 http://getvanilla.com
  9. 9 http://sage.mozdev.org/
  10. 10 http://www.kiva.org/
  11. 11 http://www.hicksdesign.co.uk/
  12. 12 http://www.tumblr.com/
  13. 13 http://betabug.com/welcome/
  14. 14 http://www.wiredtree.com/
  15. 15 http://cheeaun.phoenity.com
  16. 16 http://www.plankdesign.com/en/
  17. 17 http://www.jaman.com/
  18. 18 http://plasq.com/skitch
  19. 19 http://www.kokodigital.co.uk/
  20. 20 http://refresh-dc.org/
  21. 21 http://www.acopic.co.uk/
  22. 22 http://www.koral.com/
  23. 23 http://www.randmstudio.com/
  24. 24 http://www.cssbased.com/
  25. 25 http://photoshoplovr.com/web-20/leaf-logo/
  26. 26 http://photoshoplovr.com/web-20/leaf-logo/
  27. 27 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trxufDo32K8

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  1. 1

    Forgot another one:


  2. 52

    Add Green Maven, the Green Search Engine to the list:


  3. 103

    You can add Sugar Free America to the list as well:


  4. 154

    I didn’t know I was following some sort of trend when I designed the logo for this site…it just made sense.
    I am just getting back to design after having kids and would appreciate comments…I need to make sure I’ve still got the ‘stuff’ to do this job!! I still love it, maybe that’s all that matters!
    http://www.greengoldforestry.com for logo leaf design
    http://www.explosivemedia.com for my site.

  5. 205

    agree. completely. and that’s the problem with a lot of the 2.0 logo trends.

  6. 256

    Hi webmaster!

  7. 307

    Interesting facts.I have bookmarked this site. stephanazs

  8. 358

    Its good. I am actually impressed by smashing magazine. I mean to do such a trend analysis on basis of such elements like leaf is an extra ordinary idea. Wud be great if the same sort of tren analysis could be done on other elements like a specific colour or a line etc could really do wonders for design people.

  9. 409

    It’s now 2011. Will this trend ever stop. I’ve seen examples on green tech, social media, landscape architecture, software, and now even a dna clinic. What’s amazing is that anyone would be fool enough to pay for a leaf logo when you can just down load a public domain leaf dingbat font for free, pick one, color it green and voila, you’ve got your own “fresh, exciting logo design”.


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