65 Excellent Flash Designs


With Flash you can do more than just displaying videos. You can create stunning visual experience and offer your visitors incredible user interaction. Although Flash is definitely not the favourite medium for usability and accessibility advocates, it has its advantages and it empowers the Web with functionalities which make it an incredibly interactive medium. With Flash designers can achieve results which simply aren’t possible with (X)HTML and CSS.

The results can be creative, impressive, beautiful and fascinating. Under two conditions: 1) if designers find the right mixture between graphics, animation, video and sound and 2) if designers follow the guidelines of usability and user interaction.

However, since there is a number of things that can go wrong in Flash, it’s easy to get it wrong. In fact, there are thousands of examples where it is the case. In Flash any experiments with navigation and layouts are possible and in most cases it’s extremely hard to find a creative yet intuitive approach. Flash is commonly used by designers, agencies, advertisers and interactive web sites, and not on the sites where simplicity and quick access to information are important.

In this post we present 65 examples of outstanding Flash designs with excellent use of graphics, visual elements, interface design and graphics motion. This showcase (mostly) presents “pure” web designs; we’ve tried to avoid Flash-based games and advertising.

Mistake #1: Use Of Flash To Imitate (X)HTML/CSS

Flash shouldn’t be used if the designer tries to imitate (X)HTML/CSS-presentation. Long texts shouldn’t be embedded in Flash movies, because it’s harder (if possible at all) to work with the embedded text once you need to. Cubamoon1 is a perfect example of how this is done wrongly. The completeness of the design is enviable, its beauty irresistible, Flash-effects are stunning. However it’s really hard to work with the content of the site. Visitors can’t open links in new windows and the text can’t be selected and copied.


Flash’s strength lies in its ability to showcase unusual visual solutions, including graphic motion, videos and sound. Make use of them if you really want to achieve a stunning visual design, instead of imitating “conventional” web-presentation.

Mistake #2: Navigation Is Unintuitive

Whatever decisions developers make for the design of their navigation menus, the result has to fulfill three significant requirements: it has to be intuitive, easy-to-use and work properly. Whether the design is Flash-based or not is not that important.

Flash Screenshot3

The navigation is possible with the wheel which needs to be dragged. That looks easy, but it isn’t. Where is the grey zone between usability and creativity?

Using too creative approaches designers risk to confuse or even disturb visitors. The freedom for experiments with Flash may lead to unusual solutions which aren’t necessarily understood by all visitors.

Therefore designing in Flash never assume that the navigation can be arbitrarily complex and that visitors will take time to explore it. Users don’t like to wait. And if they don’t understand how the site works they leave. This is simple. And may cost you your money and your efforts. Be willing to compromise. Use creative approaches, but always take your visitors into consideration.

Mistake #3: Pop-Ups Are Still Used

Flash Screenshot4

That’s just wrong. Flash designers need to understand that pop-ups shouldn’t be used any longer. Almost every browser blocks opening windows. Tricks and convincing arguments don’t help any more. Use the screen size your visitors use. In most cases you don’t need more.


What is your favorite?

3D-Experience, Video-Effects

Flash Screenshot5

3D, motion.

Flash Screenshot6

Outstanding 3D-experience with informative and clear content.


Visiting the agency’s web-site you actually visit their agency. Clean images, great use of video features.

Flash Screenshot8

Video motion, Multimedia, Navigation. Tell your visitors your story. Excellent portfolio site. Excellent use of Flash.

Flash Screenshot9

Open up the containers to navigate. Beautiful.

Flash Screenshot10

Simple, but extremely clean and calm. Showreel is just stunning.

Flash Screenshot11

Impressive visual experience.

Flash Screenshot12

Would you like a guided tour through this building?

Flash Screenshot13

Outstanding effects with videos and camera lenses.

Flash Screenshot14

Listen to what the suitcase says.

Flash Screenshot15

OK, this is a shop. But what is happening here, the models are interacting.

Flash Screenshot16

This is the visualization of a single by the band SWOD. It is called Waltz 57; the noise is also included in the single. Beautiful graphic motion. Built only with Flash and takes time to load. Better take a look at the video in small resolution.

Flash Screenshot17

Excellent graphic motion.


Flip the book to navigate. Impressive 3D-effects.

Visual Elements

Flash Screenshot19

Learn how to make a good first impression.

Flash Screenshot20

Crazy, interactive, unusual – creative!

Flash Screenshot21

Clean and interactive presentation at its best.

Flash Screenshot22

The portfolio is presented as a box of chocolates; every item can be picked, previewed and added to the lightbox for later.

Flash Screenshot23

This projection screen can be set in motion.

Flash Screenshot24

Follow the infinite red line (click on the screen first).

Flash Screenshot25

An agency’s web-site doesn’t have to be boring. These guys seem to be hilarious.

Flash Screenshot26

Portfolio designed as a… bus.

Flash Screenshot27

Excellent photography and visual elements.

Flash Screenshot28

The dropping down heaven. Every block is a single drop-down menu.

Flash Screenshot29

The Funnel Design Group. A classic.

Clean, Clear and Simple

Flash Screenshot30

Calm, peaceful, beautiful.

Flash Screenshot31

Silent, but so clean and elegant.

Flash Screenshot32

Calm and so beautiful. 3D-interaction in the Chromazone universe.

Flash Screenshot33

Minimalistic, interesting navigation; precise and sharp.

Flash Screenshot34

Minimalistic and beautiful, a portfolio.

User Interface, Navigation


Desktop in Flash. Very elegant solution.

Flash Screenshot36

Navigation with colored stickers.

Flash Screenshot37

Tremendous graphic design, and beautiful navigation – flashy!

Flash Screenshot38

d’strict uses some kind of a bubble-lupe as site’s primary navigation. To navigate you have to drag the bubble upon the layout. And no, the design is based neither upon grids nor upon columns. Explore.

Flash Screenshot39

A circular navigation.

Flash Screenshot40

Click on the ribbon and it flashes right to you preloading the content you’d like to see.

Flash Screenshot41

Drag & Drop navigation

Flash Screenshot42

So beautiful, so elegant, so clean and interactive.

Flash Screenshot43

What could it be? Well, this is an image gallery. Unusual navigation – you need to be really desperate about your navigation to come up with this method.

Flash Screenshot44

Classic, navigation through CDs.

Flash Screenshot45

Where is the navigation? On the right side at the top of the layout. To browse through categories you need to “switch a channel” like you would do it in your radio set. Nice idea from Switzerland.

Flash Screenshot46

Moon Palace offers a quite imaginative navigation.

Flash Screenshot47

Pick the category from a set of discs. Interesting navigation, and also beautiful.

Flash Screenshot48

Yammat: Navigation with elastic bands.

Flash Screenshot49

Another interesting concept by Limbus from France.


Flash Screenshot51

Flash Screenshot52

Beautiful navigation and interesting presentation. And we really love big typography.

Flash Screenshot53

…we also love lemons by the way.


Flash Screenshot54

Kashiwa Sato loves color palettes. Do your eyes too?

Flash Screenshot55

This damn pencil can make you nervous.

Flash Screenshot56

OK, this is scary. And not beautiful. But the use of visual elements on Marilyn Manson’s official web-site is… well, unusual.

Flash Screenshot57

Self-portrait of a quite different art.

Flash Screenshot58

HiFi Rack.

Flash Screenshot59

Pixel-based Flash design created with the attention to smallest details. Unfortunately, there are sometimes too many pixels. Flash keeps the pixels alive – nice approach.

Flash Screenshot60

He doesn’t exist. Monoface’s face shuffle. We simply couldn’t resist.

Flash Screenshot61

Mohamed Yosry uses Flash in his own way. Not stunning, but unusual.

Flash Screenshot62

Kimm Saatveldt presents his portfolio in a rather unusual way. Place the mouse in the middle of the page to navigate.

Flash Screenshot63

HBO Voyeur. A classic you really need to have seen — at least once in your life.

Flash Screenshot64

An unusual format for portfolio of a web design agency.

Flash Screenshot65

Why not? Web-site as a newspaper.

Flash Screenshot66

Flash design from the 90s. Old, but still impressive. This text editor software is actually still in use.


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  1. 1

    great list …

  2. 2

    Awesome list. Me love you guys! Lot’s off inspiration.

  3. 3

    Thanks! Great list as usual. Will have to give more time to this later, because as usual, Smashing articles do require more time to explore and read!

  4. 4

    Using Flash is a good thing to display interactive elements – BUT (and this is a very big but!) I would not recommend it to design whole web sites with it, as long as Gooogle and other search engines are not able to scan the content.

  5. 5

    Chris Papadopoulos

    October 31, 2007 1:01 am

    Don’t get me wrong, a lot of these sites are stunningly beautiful and Flash does provide some advantages like the ability to embed typefaces, but usability issues with these pure Flash sites are a real concern. (also I’m sure there are some SEO issues as well)

    If your customers have difficulty using your website, does it really matter how pretty it is?

    Some of these sites’ navigation structure makes it impossible to give another person a link to a specific page. Or some of these sites actually have to give instructions on how to navigate the site. Thats a huge design failure.

    A website is different from a magazine cover. Links on the internet are just text. A site doesn’t have to be gorgeous to attract users. It just needs to have good content so that others will link to it and easy to use so that people will want to come back.

    It is still an interesting list to check out regardless of the above points I made because as mentioned, a lot of these sites are very pretty.

  6. 6

    I am actually a little disappointed with this one. the navigations on most of the “good” sites were awful. The pages were super slow loading. A few were knockouts but the rest were pretty poor examples of what a good flash site should be.

  7. 7

    Unbelievably difficult navigation + very, very long load times (on my superfast T1) = no thank you.

    Also, anyone with sense uses Flashblock. People come to your site for information, not to see pretty pictures. Save the flash for necessary video & audio embedding.

  8. 8

    Excellent list!!! I’m thrilled!

  9. 9

    Excellent showcase of Flash sites. I especially liked cafesonique and the WM Team. I think Flash designs can be a very good choice for design-related websites.

  10. 11

    as always, very nice read!

  11. 12

    Indeed, using Flash is very intersting in the case of doing a website with original navigation, but like in your first example, it’s not usefull at all, it’s better to do something in html/css and integrate some flash in div.

    Like all your post, this one is great and very dense.

  12. 13

    great pages, I would like to have one of them :P
    Flash is great if we want to make beautifull and attractive webpage, but it’s no good for search engine optimizers :(

    I like visit :) http://www.smashingmagazine.com there’s the best page about webdesign on whole internet :)

  13. 14

    I would also suggest adding 2Advanced Studios to your list.

    Great job, as always.

  14. 15

    Every once in awhile something comes along in the realm of Flash Websites that just “Blows Me Away”…
    http://www.Dead-line.com is one of these, it’s incredible.
    There’s probably some other great sites on the list.
    Thanks for taking the time to find these gems, so I don’t have to set through all of the usual Flash websites loading times to be ultimately disappointed. You got the Power!

  15. 16

    Damn …. some designers are really good !!!!!!!

  16. 17

    One of the most interesting articles from you guys yet!

    All are undeniably visually stunning, but your critique really makes us second guess a 100% flash site altogether!

  17. 18

    Agust Gudbjornsson

    October 31, 2007 6:11 am

    Well, these are all very very cool ofcourse.

    What about search engines and easy information access ?

    I would rather see some of these sites on a touch display in-store where I gain the experience along with the company structure (if that makes sense).

    Then again, great post, I must say that I´m not a huge flash fan, but some of those surprise me allot.


  18. 19

    some of the 65 are good…but you list some that do exactly what you say not to do.

    the deadline site, as example, is nice visually, but it’s impossible to read the actual content. sites that can combine these visual effects while also being “friendly” to whoever thieri audience is, seem to be a rare find. this doesn’t mean i am against flash at all, i love it, but it does seem to be abused still — flash designers: resizing my window and blasting me with your music, is still not ok, just like it wasn’t 8 years ago.

  19. 20

    Regarding SEO concerns and the ability to link to a page deep within your site’s structure, if your’e dealing with a designer who knows his stuff these are concerns left at the door.

    Our entire site is deep-linkable, and I’m assuming an award in the Navigation category at the Flash Forward awards means our site is fairly intuitive. Color us proud. :)

    It ain’t cheap, but when it’s done right it’s worth every penny.

  20. 21

    this hi-fi rack thing is pretty lame tho… Both the concept, the gfx, the music, the works…

  21. 22

    Usability was a HUGE issue when designing our new music licensing site, and I think we pulled it off – we were a finalist at the Flash Forward awards in Boston earlier this year.

    You guys do a great job of simultaneously inspiring us with kickass design and almost wishing it were time to do a redesign! (actually, v 2.0 of Burst Labs is coming in a couple of weeks)

    Thanks for the killer envy-links.

  22. 23

    Apparently I can blabber on about Flash and our website but am incompentent at adding simple html links to a comment. Sorry guys… :)

  23. 24

    Love the newspaper idea, cool concept.

  24. 25

    About SEO: It’s very easy to create a Flash website with HTML fallback. Of course you have to separate data, style and behaviour, but that’s good practise anyway.

  25. 26
  26. 27

    I disagree with ‘Mistake #1′ – the mistake isn’t in trying to imitate (improve?) on (X)HTML / CSS – the mistake, as far as you see it, is not being able to select and copy text and open new windows. Both of these could be achieved with Flash.

    It’s not a mistake outright. But perhaps it’s a mistake to not provide the full plethora of capabilities that (X)HTML. Nevertheless, showing an awesome website and then poking holes in it is an awful lot like Jakob Nielsen’s whining about ‘Flash 99% Bad’… it annoys me so much.

  27. 28

    Hey Guys, you have to advise us… some site seriously damage my work time! ^_____^

    Btw I recently found this one: http://www.gettheglass.com/

  28. 29

    I have to admit that design level of almost every listed site is really impressive. But for me the problem is in fact that I don’t like to only watch websites. I like to use them and get information I am interested in. In many websites from the list you have to penetrate the screen blindly to find out what can be done at all. I call such vaner pages (visit and never return). cheers.

  29. 30

    awesome again.

  30. 31

    Excellent source of inspiration!

  31. 32

    I am so glad that okaydave.com made this list – I’ve admired the use of Flash in that site for years and still didn’t find the easter eggs!

  32. 33

    Keep going with this type of awesome work…

  33. 34

    Awesome list! I really like the song on Javier Ferrer Vidal’s site ! Anybody knows how it’s called? :P

  34. 35

    wow. great compilation! i like it! added to stumble upon faves…

  35. 36

    One that has been around for a while now, but still looks and sounds great is Parque

  36. 37

    mistake #4: making the user wait for the page to load FOR AGES!

    i have only so much patience. some pages take ridiculously long to load even with a broadband connection. that annoys me majorly and i usually don’t bother to wait. i’d guess that most other visitors have even less patience (or maybe even a slower connection). so it seems to me that “how many users i drove away” became a measure of “my flash site coolness”.

    i’ve watched some non-designers/coders interact with some of these pages and they’re just outright bored and most of the times confused, even if the pictures are “pretty”, if it’s not obvious what the site is about, why bother?

  37. 38

    User summary average Flash website:

    loading 1%……. 100%
    [skip intro]
    loading data 20%…… 100%
    [searching button to turn off music]
    [trying to navigate it]
    [wondering how many years the designer spent on the looks, and how many seconds on the usability]
    [wondering what to find on the website]
    [not getting back to the previous menu]
    [leaving, never come again]

    [understand why major websites don’t use flash]

  38. 39

    hmmm… some nice links – but really not great in terms of what flash can do that html/css can’t … this real-time integration of data and motion to illustrate noise levels at the schipol airport – i think IS a really great example of that:

    more flex examples here:

  39. 40

    “Visiting the agency’s web-site you actually visit their agency. Clean images, great use of video features.”

    Somewhere in there you forgot to mention that it takes too long to get any information you are looking for. I’ve visited their site on several occasions and closed out due to having no patience for their waste of bandwidth.

    I know you’ve interviewed one of their designers but please their site does nothing spectacular, if anything its equal to alot of sites circa 2003.

  40. 41

    Best list of the month

  41. 42

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I do not work with flash by myself, but I suppose your advice comes in handy for my team of web designers.

  42. 43

    how does one tell the difference between a flash site and html? I was told that the site online2income was all flash, but yet it ranks on search engines. something i read doesnt happen with a true flash site. Also what type of classes should i take if i wish to design flash myself, thanks anyone

  43. 44

    Mistake #3 Pop-ups Still Used
    That site loses its impact within a browser interface. Rather cry at browsers for existing at all.
    I hope some day the only visual appearance of a browser is a field for the URL and nothing more.
    Guys, great site. Love the big’n’bold typography. A pleasure to my tired eyes..

  44. 45

    With Flash designers can achieve results which simply aren’t possible with (X)HTML and CSS.

    It is still sad that we still don’t have open source tools to utilize the effects of a Flash like program…

  45. 46

    http://www.2advanced.com Should be on this list also ;)

  46. 47
  47. 48

    I didnt like a lot of sites on the list. All of them are beautifull, but there are much more than beauty in a website.

  48. 49

    sandie sørensen

    March 14, 2008 2:01 am

    This site also has a lot of very great flash-sites. They can be found in the right side of the page a little down from the top i rounded grey squares.. They are – like this site – well worth the time to explore….


    Tahanx Smashing from Denmark

  49. 50

    These are unique sites indeed! I’m wondering how you would rate this site:


    It is visual eye candy. Loads slow on my pc, but I have dial-up….

  50. 51

    anyone who thinks websites are just about information also thinks that cars are just about transportation. drive that yugo while i take sweet rides in the aston

  51. 52

    a very great compilation of flash sites. I suggest to take a look on this one : Link

  52. 53

    Download all you need from
    megaupload files

  53. 54

    Desde Argentina. Muchisimas gracias! Excelentes sitios.

  54. 55

    I disagree with Mistake Number 2, that’s some of the most intuitive interface design I’ve used and seen. Testing it on a random group of students proved this, so I think it deserves to be taken off the mistake list.

  55. 56

    so nice layouts

    please friends many graphic layout sent my mail

  56. 57

    I m a learner and would like to know how excelent 3D Animation Effect in Flash are made. As far as my Knowledge is concerned Flash is a 2D Tool. Then how such effects are made. If possible please inform me about links giving Tutorial about such effects.

  57. 58

    natural skin care

    June 20, 2008 3:00 am

    When i wans developing a flash site which is in rank “day spa los angeles” i found this problem but with this error site is working great and client like this. but i would like to know that how 3D animation works in flash ?

  58. 59

    What’s up with Flash haters? SEO is the only real issue and that is getting better all the time. All other issues are just as possible on traditional sites. Load times can be long if graphics are not optimized no matter the format of the site. Bad navigation is just as possible on a pure HTML site.
    I think some people who don’t like Flash have some other axe to grind. It’s just another mode of expression on the web.
    These are the same types of people who didn’t like “talkies” when they first appeared. What are you afraid of?

  59. 60

    great list, lots of ideas and inspiration.
    thank you very much from chile.

  60. 61

    Every time I browse a “best of flash” list, I hear the exact same chatter, ad nauseum. “Flash is terrible!” “It should be more then pretty”. “You can’t search it!” “I don’t have all day!”

    All of these people are already self-confessed flash haters, and yet they will still take the time to wander through all the sites just so they can later complain about them and attempt to get everyone else to agree. Did we not already read the other 80 replies that whine and moan about the same thing? Why do we need your whining as well? So, they don’t have the time for the site to load, but they do have the time to navigate through 40 new flash sites? Which is it? You can’t have both. If something is unusable for you then don’t use it. If you don’t like a format then quit wasting your time. If this annoys you, then stop taking the time to annoy yourself. Isn’t it really that simple?

    Some people just love to complain and will look for any excuse to do so.

  61. 62

    Great list !!!!!!!!!!!
    Give me ideas !!!

  62. 63

    Whoo Hoo !!! I am Speechless. really Great…

  63. 64

    please show us how to save entire webpages in flash

  64. 65
  65. 66

    really great place to explore new ideas. I loved it!!!

  66. 67

    REF.: http://www.bkdsn.com/index.html
    BK design has nothing to do with FLASH , it is built in HTML , tables to be more precise.

  67. 68


    October 6, 2008 3:18 am

    to add on, Flash can sometimes be a great way to pull out the most amazing
    presentation on the planet,

    BUT the load time and SEO effect can hurt your sites..

    Best regards

  68. 69

    Awesome list !!! Good Job!!

  69. 70

    I just found your site today, I have been buzzing all over the place, I just love it. I have so much to learn I can’t wait. Thanks for such a GREAT site !!!!

  70. 71

    australia letter woman dog kitchen watch speed we key english home

  71. 72

    all of them are very nice…
    where are you finding them ?

  72. 73

    me gustan mucho estos diseños, me gustaria poder elaborar uno asi!
    felicidadesa los creadores de estos sitios.

  73. 74

    some of these are really bada$$, but not really practical. Very cool though

  74. 75

    I am split between Flash and just regular site design (HTML/CSS/Javascript/etc.)
    Flash can either make or break a website. Flash can provide stunningly beautiful and intuitive effects to a website. But at the same time, there is a line between intuitive and disfunctional. Flash must be used with care. Most of the site’s above offer almost nothing to the user. Sure, they look great, but they lack information and ease of use. Most users upon arriving at te site, are sure to leave because: 1 they can’t find their way around the site. and 2 even if they can figure out the navigation, they are not offered any valuable information.
    Most of the Flash sites above are beautiful and amazing, but I would never use one for my business. It just pushes users away.
    Flash must be used with care.

  75. 76

    I want to create a fashion show. I have a catwalk and a background. I have also models of paper. Witch one of this flash players is the best for my site?

  76. 77

    very inspiring. Thanks for the lists.

  77. 78

    Very good and excellent works …………… Thank you a lot.

  78. 79

    excellent list, and great inspiration

  79. 80

    this is the best site in terms of functionality and technical merit… but its not on the list

  80. 81

    What i should say is… What the hell! Looks damn nice man! Wow..

  81. 82

    Hey Guys nice did’nt say anything IT was fab because Iam also a webdesigner

  82. 83

    These designs are amazing! All of you guys are very talented designers.
    I think i like the 3D experience the most.

    Best regards
    Andrew Wright [www.wright-media.co.uk]

  83. 84


  84. 85

    Great examples. I always suggest people use bright and pastel colors in flash. It seems to grab visitor attentino and hold it longer.
    I love the use of 3D in flash looks very cool!

  85. 86

    Taoufik Aboudia

    June 10, 2009 7:00 am

    Nice showcase ! I will try to merge some of the ideas I found in the above picks and send the resulting design

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