The Showcase Of BIG Typography


The main advantage of excellent typography lies in its ability to be both attractive and functional at the same time. Although images communicate more vividly, text presentation can impress visitors with its sharpness and precise geometrical forms and curves. Consequently, chosen wisely and used carefully, it can be very effective — and there are dozens of outstanding examples1 of how the latter can be achieved.

However, web typography doesn’t have to support the overall design. It can dominate. It can be loud. It can be bold. And it can be everywhere on a web-site. In many situations it’s reasonable to give the typography the prominent position it deserves, leaving visual cues in the background or removing them at all. Doing that, you have to risk large font sizes surrounded by a generous amount of white space. What comes out of it? Elegant web sites with a unique form, style and sense of precision.

In this article we present over 35 examples of big, “loud” and yet elegant typography in web design; some listed designs are Flash-based, and in some cases designs are based not only upon typography, but also upon some visual elements.

  • You might be interesting in the showcase of simple and clean designs2 we’ve published before.
  • Please notice that all images can be clicked and lead to the sites from which the screenshots have been taken.

The Showcase Of BIG Typography

Typo Screenshot3
Typo Screenshot4
Typo Screenshot5
Typo Screenshot6
Typo Screenshot7
Typo Screenshot8
Typo Screenshot9
Typo Screenshot10
Typo Screenshot11
Typo Screenshot12
Typo Screenshot13
Typo Screenshot14
Typo Screenshot15
Typo Screenshot16
Typo Screenshot17

Typo Screenshot

Typo Screenshot18
Typo Screenshot19
Typo Screenshot20
Typo Screenshot21
Typo Screenshot22
Typo Screenshot23
Typo Screenshot24
Typo Screenshot25
Typo Screenshot26
Typo Screenshot27
Typo Screenshot28
Typo Screenshot29
Typo Screenshot30
Typo Screenshot31

Experimental Solutions

Typo Screenshot32
Typo Screenshot33
Typo Screenshot34
Typo Screenshot


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    Great examples, great use of typography.


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    As copywriters, we’re surrounded by words all the time. So much so that we’ve started to find them very attractive.

    Perhaps too attractive.

    You’ve got a fantastic collection of work here. We’ll be regular visitors – keep it up.

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    June 21, 2008 12:34 am

    Wow, – is excellent – it is my most favourite. Clear design and nice navigation – Wonderful, that there are still guys having such great ideas – keep rocking on!

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    tutorial web design

    September 29, 2008 7:05 am

    more typography resources available at

    Typography Resources for Web Designers

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    some nice motivational designs for reference for type styling. what do you people think of the our logo type style used at the following url

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