30 More Excellent Blog Designs


It’s not hard to design a weblog, but it’s getting harder when you try to achieve a unique weblog design. It doesn’t matter what weblog-engine you are using — frequently used themes tend to become boring over time, and they also don’t necessarily reflect the unique identity of the blogger.

To create an original design you need fresh ideas and creative design solutions. However, you don’t need to go too far with your design experiments. Basically that’s a close attention to finest details which makes a weblog stand out and gives it a fresh flavour and soft touch visitors can recognize immediately.

We’ve selected some more of them — over 30 excellent weblog designs with unusual design approaches; these blogs don’t only have a unique voice, but they also pay close attention to the finest design details.

  • You might find not all of the designs listed below beautiful; but that’s not what it’s about. They are beautiful in their own way as they are both well-structured and originally designed.
  • you can find further blog designs in the post 45 Excellent Blog Designs1 we’ve published before;
  • you can find even more designs in our Design Showcase section2.

Simplicity and Whitespace

Andreas Pihlström

Screenshot Weblog-Design3


Screenshot Weblog-Design4

Elitist Snob

Screenshot Weblog-Design5

Fiveruns — so simple yet so beautiful.

Screenshot Weblog-Design6


Screenshot Weblog-Design7


Screenshot Weblog-Design8

Rob Goodlatte

Screenshot Weblog-Design9

Gerrit van Aaken

Screenshot Weblog-Design10

Jared Christensen

Screenshot Weblog-Design11


Screenshot Weblog-Design12

Verbalized — sometimes less is more. Close attention to small details is impressive.

Screenshot Weblog-Design13

Sam Brown – a truly modest design.

Screenshot Weblog-Design14

Weblogs Which Don’t Look Like Weblogs

Dan Rubin

Screenshot Weblog-Design15

The Adventures of Cindy Li

Screenshot Weblog-Design16

George Huff

Screenshot Weblog-Design17

grantmx designs – this one melts clever portfolio and blog

Screenshot Weblog-Design18


Screenshot Weblog-Design19


Screenshot Weblog-Design20

Jrvelasco — quite noisy, but the noise fits to the subject of the weblog.

Screenshot Weblog-Design21

Simon Reynolds

Screenshot Weblog-Design22

Jonathan Durán

Screenshot Weblog-Design23

Nice And Original Blog Designs

Tobias Baeck

Screenshot Weblog-Design24

Chris Murphy — don’t forget to check the design of the archive section and the footer.

Screenshot Weblog-Design25

Anthony Casey

Screenshot Weblog-Design26

split da diz — interesting design: unusual approach for site structure.

Screenshot Weblog-Design27

Adrian Pintilie — the top section of the site is pretty colorful.

Screenshot Weblog-Design28

Cult Foo

Screenshot Weblog-Design29

She Unlimited

Screenshot Weblog-Design


Screenshot Weblog-Design30

Amy Hoy

Screenshot Weblog-Design31

moddular — the design might look a little bit noisy, but it definitely has its personal style.

Screenshot Weblog-Design32

Victoria van Roosmalen — OK, this cat looks cool.

Screenshot Weblog-Design33


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Sven is the co-founder and former CEO of Smashing Magazine. He's now writing at his Conterest Blog, where he focuses on blogs, content strategy and publishing — all in German.

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    We’ve gotten reader complaints whenever we use white or light print against a black background. So I would recommend against using any design that uses that type of color scheme.

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