Typography In Motion


In most designs typography is used to present information in a rather static way — after all, it has to be read by users. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. What effects can be achieved if typography is set in motion? What happens if letters are suddenly floating, jumping and dancing around while sentences are actually interacting with the readers?

Where motion is involved, video is necessary. Below we present some excellent examples of typography embedded into movies and videos — be prepared, “dynamic” typography can be breathtaking.

Typography In Motion

Cuarteto de Nos1
This music video of the Spanish Uruguayan band Cuarteto de Nos is mostly based upon typography. For our purposes it isn’t important what the song is actually about — the brilliant performance of typography makes a lasting impression. The colors are chosen wisely and carefully. The combination of letters, illustration and text effects is simply incredible. A must-see for typography lovers.

Typography in Motion2
Typography in Motion3
Typography in Motion4

Alex Gopher – The Child5
A video created by Antoine Bardou-Jacquet for the French DJ Alex Gopher. A world made only with typography. Cult video for fonts lovers and graphic designers.

Typography in Motion6

The Hush Sound – The Lions Roar7
So simple, yet so beautiful. Apparently, sometimes you just need to follow your inspiration. The rest isn’t that important.

Typography in Motion8

Pulp Fiction in Typography9
What Does Mr. Wallace Look Like?

Typography in Motion10
Typography in Motion11

Typography is what language looks like. A brief movie about typography with interacting typographic elements.

Typography in Motion13
Typography in Motion14

Are You Gonna Be My Girl?15

Typography in Motion16

Duck and Cover17
Typography assignment using audio from an old public service announcement called “Duck and Cover” from the 50s.

Typography in Motion18
Typography in Motion19

Further Resources

The Last Click

Royksopp – Remind Me23
OK, it’s not about pure typography, but this music video is fascinating. As stated here24, you can watch it dozens times and still not catch everything. A day in the life of an average working Jill, broken down into its minutest component parts. The unstated joke: mankind has erected immense, resource-devouring systems of almost incomprehensible complexity just so you can sit in your cubicle.

Typography in Motion25


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  1. 1

    I just happened to walk into the living room while my parents were watching A Boy Named Charlie Brown on ABC Family and was quite astounded. Type-driven motion graphics from 1969!

    I Before E Except After C

  2. 52

    Rickard Bengtsson

    May 16, 2009 11:55 am

    Here’s a typography music video I made


  3. 103

    ok ok Cuarteto de Nos is really good. but look at this : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0u_rbjZhtCI&feature=channel_page : the shiznit!

  4. 154

    soo fresh!

  5. 205

    Just an FYI that almost all of the links on YouTube are gone thanks to WMG removing them. you might want to track down some new ones, these were great.

  6. 256

    very nice collection specially the 3rd one. I personally like some more here

  7. 307

    This is great!
    I am currently working on a school project and this is my topic (motion typography).
    does anyone know a motion designer who specializes on typography, who I could interview?

  8. 358

    Great collaction, you should take a look at Typographic Animation With Jquery at this blog http://motyar.blogspot.com/2010/07/typography-animation-using-jquery.html


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