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Your workplace and the atmosphere surrounding you determine the way you work and explore your imagination. The more inspirational your workplace is, the easier it is to break the creativity block and discover new ideas. And apparently there is a number of things you can do to improve your personal workflow.

As a part of our Monday Inspiration series we present a dozen of creative and unusual workplaces; in the end of the post you’ll also find references to related resources, among them office design galleries and Flickr pools. They can serve as an inspiration once you’ve decided to spice up your work environment.

You can also click on the images — they lead to the sites from which the screenshots have been taken.

Inspirational Workplaces




The Milk desk: a design to match Apple gear; with white surface and rounded edges. As Alexander Kjerulf states4, “it lowers and raises electrically, it has ways to hide the cable clutter, and it also has four compartments at one end that can be configured for storage, trash or, em, as an aquarium.”


Pixar’s workplace: designers are allowed to design their workplace as they wish.



Google offers its engineers and developers full freedom. Not only bicycles can be found in the offices; also cats and dogs are quite usual.







D1 Creative14


References and Further Resources


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  1. 1

    I heard that the Yahoo offices also have a creative workspace setup… but yes Google does score here.

  2. 52

    It’s really very cool and nice designs in this post. I love the whole designing work and the post is really very innovative. Great work.

  3. 103

    could someone tell me where I can find last picture toys (monsters)?
    I like very much and I would like to buy :)

  4. 154

    Really cool! It inspires me to look for a new office for my own ;)

  5. 205

    really cool workplaces and love the inspiring art placed in each dept. Wouldnt it be such a horrible job working at Google!!

  6. 256

    love google

  7. 307
  8. 358

    When you travel to São Paulo, Brazil, you can work at a creative coworking office called Beans! see more at

  9. 409

    Some of the coolest office designs I have seen are by this company:

  10. 460

    I love the office designs in this post.
    Here are some excellent dental office designs:

    Though having a fun environment at the workplace is great for employees, when it comes to clients the office should be comfortable and inviting. This is just my opinion.

  11. 511

    Pixar’s workplaces are so creative and colorful that it makes me wanna go there!!!!!
    (Wish I CAN!!) but anyways, I think the designers worked hard to make these kind of rooms!!!

  12. 562

    I love seeing others work spaces, it helps me gather ideas for what I would like to do with mine. I came across another blog article about their own work spaces, I thought they were pretty awesome.

    The Coolest Office Space

  13. 613

    Hi, does anyone know who makes those cool looking plastic ugly doll toys (last photo on the post). Thanks!


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