100 Excellent Free WordPress Themes


High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or professional coding solutions — in both cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them and you can build customized designs upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time.

In this article we present 100 free high-quality WordPress themes. Together with hundreds of other designs, these themes have been manually selected, installed and tested over the last weeks. They all can be downloaded, customized and used for free in both personal and commercial projects. Links to demo-versions provide a direct preview of a theme.

Please notice that the listed WordPress themes are presented in 8 sections: vibrant themes, simple & minimalistic themes, magazine style, grid-based, clean and legible, advanced, experimental, photoblog & videoblog.

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You want them — you get them. This page may take a while to load; therefore please be patient and don’t hit “Reload” too often.

1. Vibrant WordPress Themes

FFF Lemon Twist5 (Demo and Download)

WordPress Theme6

Several3 [ Demo7 ]

WordPress Theme

Adreu r28 [ Demo9 ]

WordPress Theme10

Blogging Pro Theme11 [ Demo12 ]

WordPress Theme13

DM-Bloodless [ Demo14]

WordPress Theme

Illacrimo15 [ Demo16 ]

WordPress Theme17


WordPress Theme19

Insense20 [ Demo21 ]

WordPress Theme22

Zeke 1.023 [ Demo24 ]

WordPress Theme25

Comes with a number of themes.

WordPress Theme27

Smashing Theme28 [ Demo29 ]

WordPress Theme30

DarkRed31 [ Demo32 ]

WordPress Theme33

Gossip City34 [ Demo35 ]

WordPress Theme36


WordPress Theme

Blue Steel37

WordPress Theme38

River Run39

WordPress Theme40


WordPress Theme42

Midsight Red & Brown43[ Demo44 ]
The original page was virus-infected, the link is replaced with its text-version until the site will be cleaned.

WordPress Theme45

Fluid Yellow Black46

WordPress Theme47

xPlosive Reloaded48 [ Demo49 ]

WordPress Theme50

Red Stamp51 [ Demo52 ]

WordPress Theme53

Dilectio54 [ Demo55 ]

WordPress Theme56


WordPress Theme58

dfMarine59 [ Demo60 ]

WordPress Theme61

Curved WordPress Theme62 [ Demo63 ]

WordPress Theme64

Accord WordPress Theme65 [ Demo66 ]

WordPress Theme67

2. Simple, Minimalistic Themes


WordPress Theme69

Modicus 0.270

WordPress Theme71

Modern72 [ Demo73 ]

WordPress Theme74

Documentation75 [ Demo76 ]

WordPress Theme77

Jentri78 [ Demo79 ]

WordPress Theme80

miniBits81 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme82

GIMP Style83

WordPress Theme84

Dayvan Theme85 [ Demo86 ]

WordPress Theme87

Tree Theme88 [Demo89 ]

WordPress Theme90

DePo Clean WordPress Theme91 [ Demo92 ]

WordPress Theme93

BlueBird 1.094

WordPress Theme95


WordPress Theme97

Paisley98 [ Demo99 ]

WordPress Theme100


WordPress Theme102

Brilliance103 [ Demo104 ]

WordPress Theme105


WordPress Theme107

Pockett108 [ Demo109 ]

WordPress Theme110

Artuell111 [ Demo112 ]

WordPress Theme113

Plane Jane114

WordPress Theme115


WordPress Theme117


WordPress Theme119

Blue Moon120

WordPress Theme121

3. Magazine Style WordPress Themes

WP Premium122 [ Demo123 ]

WordPress Theme124

Modicus Remix125

WordPress Theme126

Morning After127

WordPress Theme128

Futurosity Magazine129 [ Demo130 ]

WordPress Theme131

Structure WordPress Theme132 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme133

Visionary WordPress Theme134 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme135

WP Polaroid136 [ Demo137 ]

WordPress Theme138

Overstand Theme139

WordPress Theme140

Jello Wala Mello WordPress Theme141

WordPress Theme142

4. Grid-Based WordPress Themes

Gridline Lite143 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme144

Refreshed: Grid Focus145

WordPress Theme146

5. Calm, Clean and Legible Themes


Impressive WordPress Themes - Sharpfolio148


Impressive WordPress Themes - Sharpfolio150

Cubismo151 [ Demo152 ]

WordPress Theme153

Yomel [ Demo154 ]

WordPress Theme

Lust WordPress Theme155

WordPress Theme156

Abstractia157 [ Demo158 ]

WordPress Theme159

HemingwayEx160 [ Demo161 ]

WordPress Theme162


WordPress Theme164

Ayumi165 [ Demo166 ]

WordPress Theme167

Greenway 3C168

WordPress Theme169

K2-U3170 [ Demo171 ]

WordPress Theme172

OldLamp173 [ Demo174 ]

WordPress Theme175

Prima176 [ Demo177 ]

WordPress Theme178


WordPress Theme180

Insan181 [ Demo182 ]

WordPress Theme183

Sakeena184 [ Demo185 ]

WordPress Theme186


WordPress Theme188

The Azure Hut189

WordPress Theme190

Livegreen191 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme192

Simpress193 [ Demo194 ]

WordPress Theme195

Glued Ideas: Subtle196 [ Demo197 ]

WordPress Theme198

Gluttony199 [ Demo200 ]

WordPress Theme201

6. Advanced WordPress Themes

ExtJS WordPress Theme202

WordPress Theme203


WordPress Theme205


WordPress Theme207

A 3-column template system with rotating header images.

WordPress Theme209

7. Experimental Themes


WordPress Theme

Trevilian Way

WordPress Theme

BrainTied 1.0210 [ Demo211 ]
The front page displays only the list of recent posts.

WordPress Theme212

Tropical Grunge213 [ Demo ]

WordPress Theme214


WordPress Theme216

Isolated Theme217 [ Demo218 ]

WordPress Theme219


WordPress Theme221

The front page features only the main/recent post of the weblog.

WordPress Theme223

ASCII Themes224

WordPress Theme225

Retro Mac OS X226 [ Demo227 ]

WordPress Theme228

8. Photoblog & Videoblog Themes

Tumblelog For WordPress229 [ Demo230 ]

WordPress Theme231


WordPress Theme233

Nishita234 [ Demo235 ]

WordPress Theme236

9. Sources and Further Resources


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  32. 32 http://www.wpsnap.com/test/?wptheme=75
  33. 33 http://www.box.net/shared/yady4njvc1
  34. 34 http://www.celebrific.com/gossip-city-wordpress-theme-release/
  35. 35 http://www.wp-themes.designdisease.com/testrun/?theme=wp_gossipcity2/gossipcity
  36. 36 http://www.celebrific.com/gossip-city-wordpress-theme-release/
  37. 37 http://www.wpskins.org/themes/11/BlueSteel-20/
  38. 38 http://www.wpskins.org/themes/11/BlueSteel-20/
  39. 39 http://www.wpskins.org/themes/136/River-Run/
  40. 40 http://www.wpskins.org/themes/136/River-Run/
  41. 41 http://web-kreation.com/wp_yoghourt/
  42. 42 http://web-kreation.com/wp_yoghourt/
  43. 43
  44. 44 http://www.theukmap.com/preview.php?type=wordpress&theme_id=2030
  45. 45
  46. 46 http://www.skinpress.com/fluid-yellow-black-wp-themes/
  47. 47 http://www.skinpress.com/fluid-yellow-black-wp-themes/
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  54. 54 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/12/21/dilectio-a-smashing-wordpress-theme/
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  56. 56 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2007/12/21/dilectio-a-smashing-wordpress-theme/
  57. 57 http://www.noscope.com/fauna/
  58. 58 http://www.noscope.com/fauna/
  59. 59 http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/10/22/dfmarine-wordpress-theme/
  60. 60 http://marine.dezinerfolio.com/
  61. 61 http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/10/22/dfmarine-wordpress-theme/
  62. 62 http://www.justskins.com/wordpress-themes/curved-wordpress-theme/22
  63. 63 http://justskins.com/wpdemo/?wptheme=Curved
  64. 64 http://www.justskins.com/wordpress-themes/curved-wordpress-theme/22
  65. 65 http://www.justskins.com/wordpress-themes/accord-wordpress-theme/25
  66. 66 http://justskins.com/wpdemo/?wptheme=Accord
  67. 67 http://www.justskins.com/wordpress-themes/accord-wordpress-theme/25
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  69. 69 http://www.informationarchitects.jp/the-ideal-website
  70. 70 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/3-columns/3988/upstart-blogger-modicus-01/
  71. 71 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/3-columns/3988/upstart-blogger-modicus-01/
  72. 72 http://www.ulfpettersson.se/design/modern/
  73. 73 http://www.ulfpettersson.se/design/modern/
  74. 74 http://www.ulfpettersson.se/design/modern/
  75. 75 http://themes.wordpress-deutschland.org/documentation/
  76. 76 http://themes.wordpress-deutschland.org/demoblog/index.php?wptheme=dokumentation
  77. 77 http://themes.wordpress-deutschland.org/documentation/
  78. 78 http://ifelse.co.uk/archives/2006/02/24/release-of-the-jentri-theme/
  79. 79 http://demo.ifelse.co.uk/index.php?wptheme=Emire
  80. 80 http://ifelse.co.uk/archives/2006/02/24/release-of-the-jentri-theme/
  81. 81 http://www.fresheezy.com/theme/194-miniBits
  82. 82 http://www.fresheezy.com/theme/194-miniBits
  83. 83 http://granimpetu.com/gimpstyle
  84. 84 http://granimpetu.com/gimpstyle
  85. 85 http://nostrich.net/dayvan
  86. 86 http://dayvan.ruleofone.com/
  87. 87 http://nostrich.net/dayvan
  88. 88 http://www.headsetoptions.org/play/2006/08/16/tree-theme-released/
  89. 89 http://themes.wordpress.net/testrun/?wptheme=890
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  99. 99 http://scribblescratch.com
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  121. 121 http://wpzone.net/free-wordpress-themes/blue-moon/
  122. 122 http://cssace.com/free-wp-premium-theme-is-here/
  123. 123 http://cssace.com/?preview_theme=WP_Premium
  124. 124 http://cssace.com/free-wp-premium-theme-is-here/
  125. 125 http://www.artculture.com/news/art-culture/modicus-wordpress-theme-remix
  126. 126 http://www.artculture.com/news/art-culture/modicus-wordpress-theme-remix
  127. 127 http://themasterplan.in/themes/the-morning-after/
  128. 128 http://themasterplan.in/themes/the-morning-after/
  129. 129 http://www.upstartblogger.com/wordpress-theme-upstart-blogger-futurosity-magazine
  130. 130 http://www.upstartblogger.com/wpthemes/index.php?wptheme=Upstart+Blogger+Futurosity+Magazine+Theme
  131. 131 http://www.upstartblogger.com/wordpress-theme-upstart-blogger-futurosity-magazine
  132. 132 http://justintadlock.com/archives/2007/12/09/structure-wordpress-theme
  133. 133 http://justintadlock.com/archives/2007/12/09/structure-wordpress-theme
  134. 134 http://justintadlock.com/archives/2007/11/04/visionary-wordpress-theme
  135. 135 http://justintadlock.com/archives/2007/11/04/visionary-wordpress-theme
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  139. 139 http://www.fakeblog.de/2007/10/25/overstand-theme-fur-wordpress-23/
  140. 140 http://www.fakeblog.de/2007/10/25/overstand-theme-fur-wordpress-23/
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  142. 142 http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/10/06/jello-wala-mello-wordpress-theme/
  143. 143 http://graphpaperpress.com/2007/12/09/gridline-lite/
  144. 144 http://graphpaperpress.com/2007/12/09/gridline-lite/
  145. 145 http://5thirtyone.com/archives/767
  146. 146 http://5thirtyone.com/archives/767
  147. 147 http://webrevolutionary.com/sharpfolio-wordpress-portfolio-theme/
  148. 148 http://webrevolutionary.com/sharpfolio-wordpress-portfolio-theme/
  149. 149 http://webrevolutionary.com/coldblue/
  150. 150 http://webrevolutionary.com/coldblue/
  151. 151 http://colorlightstudio.com/2007/11/20/cubismo/
  152. 152 http://preview.colorlightstudio.com/?wptheme=Cubismo
  153. 153 http://colorlightstudio.com/2007/11/20/cubismo/
  154. 154 http://demo.andrastudio.com/wordpress/index.php?wptheme=yomel
  155. 155 http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/07/05/lust-wordpress-theme/
  156. 156 http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/07/05/lust-wordpress-theme/
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  158. 158 http://abstractia.robgoodlatte.com/
  159. 159 http://www.robgoodlatte.com/2007/02/24/abstractia-a-new-wp-theme/
  160. 160 http://nalinmakar.com/hemingwayex
  161. 161 http://nalinmakar.com/hemingwayex_demo/
  162. 162 http://nalinmakar.com/hemingwayex
  163. 163 http://mitra.ch/blubbr
  164. 164 http://mitra.ch/blubbr
  165. 165 http://www.jauhari.net/themes/ayumi
  166. 166 http://demo.jauhari.net/index.php?wptheme=Ayumi
  167. 167 http://www.jauhari.net/themes/ayumi
  168. 168 http://www.headsetoptions.org/2007/04/27/greenway-3c-new-web-20-wordpress-theme/
  169. 169 http://www.headsetoptions.org/2007/04/27/greenway-3c-new-web-20-wordpress-theme/
  170. 170 http://utombox.com/downloads/
  171. 171 http://utombox.com/download/k2-u3.png
  172. 172 http://utombox.com/downloads/
  173. 173 http://thewordpresspro.net/
  174. 174 http://thewordpresspro.net/demo/oldlamp
  175. 175 http://thewordpresspro.net/
  176. 176 http://prima.web.id/blog/sandbox-prima.htm
  177. 177 http://wpdemo.prima.web.id/index.php?wptheme=Sandbox
  178. 178 http://prima.web.id/blog/sandbox-prima.htm
  179. 179 http://thewrongadvices.com/2007/05/18/prosense-an-adsense-ready-seo-wordpress-theme/
  180. 180 http://thewrongadvices.com/2007/05/18/prosense-an-adsense-ready-seo-wordpress-theme/
  181. 181 http://web.instah.com/wordpress-themes/insan-3-column-minimalist-wordpress-theme/
  182. 182 http://web.instah.com/instah/
  183. 183 http://web.instah.com/wordpress-themes/insan-3-column-minimalist-wordpress-theme/
  184. 184 http://shaziamistry.com/webdesign/blog/introducing_sakeena_for_wordpress/
  185. 185 http://wordpress.diy-template.com/
  186. 186 http://shaziamistry.com/webdesign/blog/introducing_sakeena_for_wordpress/
  187. 187 http://www.itcouldbethisone.com/?p=63
  188. 188 http://www.itcouldbethisone.com/?p=63
  189. 189 http://speckyboy.com/2007/12/17/the-azure-hut-wordpress-theme/
  190. 190 http://speckyboy.com/2007/12/17/the-azure-hut-wordpress-theme/
  191. 191 http://www.fresheezy.com/theme/452-Livegreen
  192. 192 http://www.fresheezy.com/theme/452-Livegreen
  193. 193 http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/10/10/just-another-wodpress-theme/
  194. 194 http://sv2.dezinerfolio.com/
  195. 195 http://www.dezinerfolio.com/2007/10/10/just-another-wodpress-theme/
  196. 196 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/2-columns/2661/glued-ideas-subtle-0391/
  197. 197 http://themes.wordpress.net/testrun/?wptheme=2661
  198. 198 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/2-columns/2661/glued-ideas-subtle-0391/
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  200. 200 http://www.wpdesigner.com/demo/index.php?preview=Gluttony
  201. 201 http://www.wpdesigner.com/2007/11/25/gluttony-wordpress-theme/
  202. 202 http://extjswordpress.net/
  203. 203 http://extjswordpress.net/
  204. 204 http://www.devlounge.net/extras/lounge2
  205. 205 http://www.devlounge.net/extras/lounge2
  206. 206 http://www.devlounge.net/extras/prebuilt
  207. 207 http://www.devlounge.net/extras/prebuilt
  208. 208 http://www.pearsonified.com/themes
  209. 209 http://www.pearsonified.com/themes
  210. 210 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/1-column/1584/braintied-10/
  211. 211 http://themes.wordpress.net/testrun/?wptheme=1584
  212. 212 http://themes.wordpress.net/columns/1-column/1584/braintied-10/
  213. 213 http://www.templatemonster.com/free-wordpress-themes.php
  214. 214 http://www.templatemonster.com/free-wordpress-themes.php
  215. 215 http://www.infocreek.com/webdesign/aspire.html
  216. 216 http://www.infocreek.com/webdesign/aspire.html
  217. 217 http://www.ensellitis.com/wordpress/isolated-wordpress-theme/
  218. 218 http://www.ensellitis.com/sandbox/?theme=isolated
  219. 219 http://www.ensellitis.com/wordpress/isolated-wordpress-theme/
  220. 220 http://nocreativity.com/blog/wordpress-theme-supermini-reloaded
  221. 221 http://nocreativity.com/blog/wordpress-theme-supermini-reloaded
  222. 222 http://granimpetu.com/fontella
  223. 223 http://granimpetu.com/fontella
  224. 224 http://pax.mioritics.ro/repository/wp/
  225. 225 http://pax.mioritics.ro/repository/wp/
  226. 226 http://www.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/article/retro-mac-os-wordpress-theme
  227. 227 http://retromactheme.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/
  228. 228 http://www.modernlifeisrubbish.co.uk/article/retro-mac-os-wordpress-theme
  229. 229 http://safirulalredha.com/tumblelog-for-wordpress/
  230. 230 http://laughoutloud.us/
  231. 231 http://safirulalredha.com/tumblelog-for-wordpress/
  232. 232 http://geek.marinegirl.co.uk/
  233. 233 http://geek.marinegirl.co.uk/
  234. 234 http://www.brajeshwar.com/2006/nishita-another-free-photo-blog-wordpress-theme/
  235. 235 http://www.clipthephotos.com/
  236. 236 http://www.brajeshwar.com/2006/nishita-another-free-photo-blog-wordpress-theme/
  237. 237 http://wordpressthemesthatdontsuck.com
  238. 238 http://www.blogperfume.com/category/wordpress-theme/
  239. 239 http://courtneytuttle.com/seo-wordpress-themes/
  240. 240 http://www.skinpress.com/category/wordpress/
  241. 241 http://www.wpdesigner.com
  242. 242 http://www.clazh.com/free-magazine-style-wordpress-themes-and-more/
  243. 243 http://themeplayground.com/the-best-wordpress-magazine-themes-available
  244. 244 http://scribblescratch.com/themes
  245. 245 http://www.teknobites.com/2007/08/30/photoblog-themes-for-wordpress/

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    As always… a perfect list and a few great new themes I have not seen yet.
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    Thanks for linking to a couple of my themes. The link for the Modicus theme is http://www.upstartblogger.com/wordpress-theme-upstart-blogger-modicus – the link you have at the moment goes to an out of date page at themes.wordpress.net. I’ve got some more minimalist themes coming out very soon, starting with a very clean one column design that I think you’ll enjoy.

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    Some of the rest, though, wow. Great collection for a theme addict like me. Thanks!

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    @Keith Shepard: thank you, we’ve fixed the link.

    @Jonnn: please read the introduction to all these articles; usually it’s written there why we showcase these WordPress themes. For instance, in this case “High-quality WordPress themes always come in handy. Whether you are looking for some design inspiration or professional coding solutions — in both cases you can learn a lot, you can apply them and you can build customized designs upon them without reinventing the wheel all the time.”

    @all: thank you for your suggestions, we’ll take a closer look at the links you’ve mentioned in the comments.

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    email address is: cha.seath.om.pson@gmail.com (remove the periods/dots)

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    Of course I will also be using this article as a reference for the next theme change (H-Ex has been amazing for the past year!) and I’ve always had difficulty finding something that I’ve liked as much as Hemingway-Ex, but I think if I can combine the parts I like best about two or three themes, the perfect theme will appear!

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