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Although usability evangelists often consider Flash to be a usability nightmare, used properly, Flash can provide users with a rich and interactive interface which would be impossible otherwise. Today Flash is the de-facto standard for interactive elements on the Web as most users install Flash plug-in by default. And in fact, there are many paths creative designers can take to create a more interactive and user-friendly interface.

Searching for ‘flash tutorials’ via Google & Co. won’t provide you with the results you expect. Not that you won’t find any relevant results, on the contrary — you will be directed to a large number of Flash repositories which offer everything: sometimes useful, but mostly not. Besides, browsing through these repositories isn’t that much fun — as you sometimes need to figure out whether a link you see is a hidden AdSense-block or the actual tutorial. And it’s really hard to find something “refreshing” and new simply using some standard keywords.

This article provides hand-picked professional Flash tutorials which can enrich your design skills and improve the quality of your works. We’ve tried to select most interesting and useful tutorials. Most sources can serve as the entry point for further tutorials.

Animation and Effects

Flash Tutorial Create Water Wave Effect Animation Using Masking Tween1
We’re going to make a flash animation water wave effect and we going to move step by step to give you a clean explanation about how to make a water wave effect in flash using masking technique.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot2

Picture Animation3
In this detailed lesson you will see how to create on a simple way picture animation using the Brush Tool and mask.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot4

High-tech city animation5
This detailed lesson made for Flash 8 will teach you how to create a really cool and advanced light city animation… More tutorials from this site6.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot7

Animate a Logo in Flash8
With web and multimedia design there is the opportunity to add a little fun and creativity to your logo by creating a simple animation effect. Obviously this process isn’t limited to just your logo; animating an element can help draw attention to a particular object or area of a webpage or digital presentation.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot9

Misty River10
Read this tutorial and see how to create misty river animation. You will also learn how to use flash filters (Blur, Bevel and Drop shadow filter) and more.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot11

Hypnotic Gear Rotation12
I’m not sure what inspired me to do this crazy gear rotating animation, but for some reason I just started making a simple gear in flash, then what does a gear do? well it rotates!

Flash Tutorial Screenshot13

Execute Lightbox Scripts From Flash: Part Deux14
Since the first thread showing you how to execute Lightbox scripts from Flash was such a big hit, I decided to write another showing you how to gain even more functionality in this regard. Tonight I will be showing you how to initiate a Lightbox containing a Flash movie from a Flash movie, and how to initiate Lightbox groups containing images as well as Flash movies.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot15

Simple Shape Animation16
In this tutorial you will see how to transform image in many shapes. To create this tutorial, you don’t have to use action script. Only one thing that you need is flash. More tutorials from this source17.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot18

Old Grains Effect (Old TV Effect) in Flash19
In this tutorial we are going to emulate a Grain Effect in Flash which is similar to what we see in old televisions. This effect is widely used in movie scenes to indicate a event that have occurred ages ago. More tutorials from this source20. Has also a collection of video tutorials21.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot22

Zoom in Zoom Out Flash Animation with Fading Effect23
This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple zoom in & zoom out animation with fade-in and fade-out effect in Flash. You can use this zooming effect on any image or text.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot24

Creating a 3D Tunnel Effect in Flash25
Learn how to create this very cool 3D tunnel effect in Flash using some simple 2D animation techniques.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot26

Creating realistic Fireworks in Flash27
Create a realistic particle based firework display using Flash.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot28

Rotating Letter Effect in Text29
See this tutorial and learn how to rotate letters in series using some special flash tricks. You don’t have to use action script code to make this lesson. More tutorials from this source30.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot31

Eye Catching Effect With Flash32
This is an eye-catching effect that could not be created too easily without ActionScript. Flash allows you to create many cool effects using only (or almost only) ActionScript, I hope you can make a good effect.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot33

Images and Videos

How to Make Video Panoramas from Your Digital Camera’s Video Clips34
Your digital camera probably shoots video clips as well, and by stitching those clips together, you can make a full-motion video panorama. Landscapes, streetscapes, interior shots, birthday parties, they all come to life in sparkling, wide-angle videoramas. If you liked our panographies, you’ll love our videoramas. Read on to see an example and learn how it’s done.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot35

360 Grad View36
Create a panoramic view of the image with Flash.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot37

Creating movie clips with reflections in ActionScript 3.038
Ben Pritchard’s tutorials. You’re probably aware of those nice reflections appearing in some of the latest websites, online ads, and even software. It’s an effect common to "Web 2.0" designs, in which something like an album cover or video player appears to reflect some sort of virtual floor beneath it. This tutorial steps you through the creation of the Reflect class.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot39

Flash Tutorial – Fullscreen Flash Movie with no Warping or Stretching
Flash movies inherently have a predetermined height and width, as defined by the size of the Stage in the Flash authoring tool. Generally when a Flash movie is resized in the web browser, its contents get warped and stretched. This is sometimes not a problem with vector graphics, but with bitmap graphics it is an utter disaster. There are, however, some clever ActionScript techniques that can allow you to resize a Flash movie without any distortion of its contents. 5 pages.

Infinitely Zooming Image40
Image contains a frame which zooms out forever

Flash Tutorial Screenshot41

Flash Slideshow Image Gallery42
This tutorial will show you how to make a simple, yet effective, slideshow-type image gallery using Flash with minimal scripting.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot43

Using Flash to Get In Focus44
A visual cue will help draw people into checking out your images. Get website visitors to explore your pictures by having the image come into focus when it is rolled over. More tutorials from this site45.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot46

Classes and Movie Clips47
In Flash CS3, you have support for creating ActionScript 3.0 (AS3) projects. Besides allowing you to write code in the new AS3 language, there are some subtle differences that may go unnoticed unless you are actively looking for new things. One such difference is what happens when you create or convert something into a new movie clip. 5 pages. More tutorials from this site48.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot49

Space Shooter – Movie Clip and Movement50
A series of Space Shooter tutorials in 5 parts. The texts are easy read and the author supplies all the needed code. More tutorials from this site51.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot52

Most popular YouTube videos of the day in Actionscript 353
This tutorial is a pretty basic introduction to AS3, to give you a kickstart before the final release of Flash CS3. If you’re familiar with AS3, this probably isn’t anything for you, but if you’ve done some stuff in AS1 & 2, maybe had a look at 3.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot54

Jagged Images Transition Effect55
A Flash tutorial to create a jagged transition gallery.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot56+

Advanced Picture Gallery57
In the tutorial listed below I will instruct you, how to make advanced picture gallery in flash 8 using the Action Script.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot58

Advanced Flash elements

Creating a Flash-based site59
An extensive tutorial on how you can create a complete Flash-based web-site from scratch.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot60

This tutorial will show you how to create application for searching (Phonebook),using the Action Script in flash. You will also learn how to cretae Input fields, how to create and use instance name and more.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot62

Flash MX, 8 or 9 Pong Tutorial
We’re going to be making a Pong game in Flash MX, 8 or 9. It’s a very simple game but will show you some of the more important gaming functions in Flash such as the hitTest function and how to move a player based on keyboard input.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot

The Best Structure for your Flash Site63
An extensive article about how to build the Flash-based site from scratch and select the best structure for the site.

Easy Flash Quiz64
Tutorial about how to make quiz with correct answer counter.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot65

Roll the Dice Flash Game66
In this Flash tutorial I will show you how to make a simple but yet smart dice roll game. This tutorial will cover a lot of simple programming issues, the use of buttons, make your own functions, make use of movie clip properties through actionscript, using simple math and random function an much more. I hope you enjoy it. More tutorials from this site67.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot68

Train Simple videos: Introduction to Flash game development69
Jiro Ietaka for Adobe. The following videos are excerpts from Train Simple’s Flash 8 Game Development online course and DVD hosted by Jiro Ietaka. Jiro takes you through the necessary steps to build a Flash-based game with extensive use of Flash ActionScript 2.0. 3 pages. More tutorials from this source70.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot71

Vector Art Tutorial
The key to great vector art is patience, a virtue which i lost a while ago. You can spend days doing it, but in the end it IS worth it. For an example I’ll do a vector art piece of an eye, keep in mind my skills are kind of rusty as i havent done this in 6 months but I will give out files in the end so keep ur pants on.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot

The Secret of Tweening72
One of the biggest problems with animation in Flash is that it’s so easy to cheat. You’ve got motion tweens and shape tweens and timeline effects and the Spaghetti Monster knows what else that all books on Flash demonstrates as “how you animate in Flash”.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot73

Funky Flash Website Tutorial74
A tutorial showing you how to create a funky flash website. More tutorials from this site75.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot76

How to design a cool futuristic website interface 77
In this easy Flash 8 professional lesson I will explain you how to design a great interface for your Flash website. You will learn to make the following:

Flash Tutorial Screenshot78

Flash Analog Clock with ActionScript79
In this tutorial it will be shown how to create a awesome flash analog clock using ActionScript. For attempting this tutorial is required for you to have basic knowledge of Flash and ActionScript . The result should be the following flash analog clock: More tutorials from this source80.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot81

Flash Painting Program
Create a simple dynamic painting program in Adobe Flash. Use your mouse to paint on a simulated canvas. More tutorials from this source82.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot

3D Flash Menu83
This detailed lesson will teach you how to create advanced 3D flash menu in flash 8 using the Action Script.You will also learn how to design a menu, how to create buttons animation and how to draw a 3D cube using the Line Tool.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot84

Actionscript: Drawing With Your Mouse85
In this Macromedia Flash tutorial you will learn how to actionscript code a simple painting flash program in just a few lines of code.

Basic elements

Classic filling preloader86
Learn how to create a filling preloader for your Flash movies.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot87

Simple flash header88
This lesson will show you how to make simple flash header using some special flash tricks. You can apply this simple and on the same time very useful flash header on any web sites.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot89

Interactive flash content box90
Using this detailed tutorial, you will learn how to create interactivity flash content box using the action script. You can use this content box for any web site.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot91

Nine Tips for Drawing in Flash92
Drawing has always been a well hidden non-talent of mine but every now and then comes a project that requires me to face my demons. Using a mouse to draw is a new experience and if you are not familiar with programs like Illustrator and don’t own a Wacom board Flash is a very easy place to start learning.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot93

Walk Cycles: The Right Way94
This tutorial isn’t about walk cycle theory. I’m assuming you already know that part. If you don’t, go buy Richard Williams’s Animator’s Survival Kit. My goal is to show you ways to use Flash that make it easier to create a good cycle, in regards to solid foot placement and consistent speed–two things that I’ve seen lacking in many Flash animated walk cycles.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot95

ActionScript 3.0 for developers and designers: Creating a preloader96
Jamie Kosoy for Adobe. Adobe Flash is unique in that the content you create with it is intrinsically artistic and programmatic. Even if you are working by yourself, design and development must work in harmony in order for a piece to reach its full potential. With ActionScript 3.0, Flash has become a far more powerful tool—and in some ways, far more intimidating. 4 pages.

Attractive Object Appearance with Sound97
With this lesson, you are going to learn how to make attractive object appearance with sound in flash 8 with no Action Script. This effect is very useful and you can use it for any flash header….

Flash Tutorial Screenshot98

Creating a preloader for your Flash site using the image of a bottle and a rectangular mask99
In this detailed tutorial made for Flash 8, you will see how easy it is to create a preloading system that is gradually displaying an image as your site loads. More tutorials from this site100.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot101

Flash Tabs Menu102
In this tutorial it will be shown step by step how can be developed an awesome flash menu with tabs. We will use MovieClips, masks, invisible buttons and some ActionScript.Flash Tutorial Screenshot103

Sound In Flash On Click104
In this easy flash lesson, you will see how to import a sound in flash and how to launch it on click usign the play button. To create this lesson, you don’t have to use action script code and you don’t have to need more experience of Flash.

Sky bluish Preloader105
This detailed tutorial will show you how to create bluish preloader like sky using the action script code. You will also learn how to use mask option in flash, how to create percent for preloader and much more. More tutorials from this source106.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot107


Create a Glossy Button in Flash108
Flash has created an era of Highly interactive and eye catching wedesign techniques. Of course, the design of the web site also plays and important role in its promotion.Here we are going to create a glossy round button in flash.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot109

Making an Aqua Gel Button110
Ever wanted to make those shiny, nice looking aqua buttons? Yes, but in Flash? You can make them in Photoshop or Fireworks. But creating them directly in Flash makes your file size a lot smaller.

Flash Tutorial Screenshot111

Further Resources and References

There are many other sources you can learn from. Here is the list of the ones you might want to keep bookmarked for the further references.

  • GoToAndLearn Video Tutorials112
    A large collection of ActionScript tutorials.
    Flash Tutorial Screenshot113
  • Flash Perfection114
    A variety of Flash tutorials including 3D tutorials, actionscripting, animation, audio, special effects, interactivity, optimization, Flash Video and Swish.
  • Getting Started with ActionScript 3.0 in Adobe Flash CS3115
    With Flash CS3 comes support for ActionScript 3.0 – the newest, standards-based programming language for Adobe Flash (SWF) movies and applications. More so than in the past, you may find it difficult to get started with ActionScript 3.0 when compared to older versions of ActionScript. This articel includes a Brief History of ActionScript in Flash. 5 pages!
  • Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials116
    This set includes a number of newbie tutorials for shape tween effects, playing with text, frame by frame animation etc.
  • Kirupa: Flash and ActionScript tutorials117
    A growing collection of text and video tutorials for drawing, special effects, ActionScript, Server Side and Flash, isometry and game development.
  • TheFlashBlog Tutorials118
    93 simple and advanced Flash tutorials.


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