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Graphics doesn’t need to be static or fixed: it can float, jump, fly, dance around and transform in different forms. Once you set visual elements in motion, you can achieve stunning results which would be far too difficult to achieve otherwise. And in fact, there are a number of stunning examples of how this can be done.

The so-called motion graphics is often used in ad spots, music videos and movies. However, sometimes it can also be used for data visualization or live installations (e.g. on buildings). In all these cases designers have a huge space to explore their creativity.

In this post we present some excellent examples of videos in which graphics are set in motion. In most videos graphics dominates, but it can also support the content.

You might want to take a closer look

  • at the category Monday Inspiration1 where we’ve covered some graphic motion works over the last months,
  • and particularly at the article Typography in Motion2 which describes what effects can be achieved once the letters are set in motion.

All links lead directly to Quicktime-versions of the videos which is why you might need some traffic to load them. These pieces simply don’t deserve to be watched in low-quality on YouTube.

Graphics In Motion

Feet Want Out3
Well, that’s pretty colorful. You don’t have to be shrooming to experience mind bending psychedelicalness. See what the world looks like through the perspective of a day dreaming foot. Interesting concept, excellent execution.

Feet Want Out4

Sonaka Delivery5
That’s what can come out of a simple water drop. Stunning.


The War7
“Design-infused storytelling. We wanted to portray the struggles between conformity and individuality; the games we play in our own minds; being a pawn in society. The artistry ultimately stems from taking two contrary things and making a third something from their collision.”


The Hours9
So freaky, yet convenient and fascinating. Notice how the music perfectly fits into the scene. A music video production by Jonas Odel. [via MotionGraphics10]


Unique, beautiful and yet so simple. A story of two birds in this advertising spot for Motley Bird.


We Work For Them Installation
A graphic motion piece prepared for the We Work For Them promo.


Underground Spot12
An advertisement of a metro. Take beneath the surface.


The “Attractive Prices” spot for British Airways. Very gentle, soft play of colors. Two 30-second spots.

Attractive Prices15

Siemens Blocks16
Thousands of smallest blocks come up together to build the entire world. An ad spot for Siemens, by MassMarket studio.


Art Connects spot18
4 independently moving screens comprise to make one large canvas in the plaza — a commons that is the gathering place for all ages. Reflecting its context the pieces are about imagination as portrayed by art and music, core experiences that connect us all.


Samaritans: Vectorscope20
The transformation effects are quite impressive. Great attention to detail.


A compact graphic motion reference on lantern fishes. Do you know how Ipnops Murrayi in Gulf of Mexico looks like? By Adam Gault.


Zune Arts — Masks24
One of the numerous Zune graphic motion movies, directed and produced by Pandapanther.


Guiness Dot26
What can come out of a simple dot? A line, a drawing, a masterpiece, a world… a beer! By Psyop. [via MotionoGrapher27]


Smirnoff Commercial
Excellent use of 3D in this 60-second advertising spot for Smirnoff.


Rhythm of Lines29
A simple and beautiful ad spot for Audi. Simple lines can sometimes suffice. By BBH.


Probably one of the most colorful music visualizations ever created.


Sources and Resources

Mograph Wiki33

MoGraph Forum34

‘boards screening room35

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