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Desktop wallpapers always come in handy. The more inspirational, beautiful and elegant they are, the better they can challenge our imagination and provide some fresh perspective in a rather tedious and monotonous workflow. However, desktop wallpapers sometimes can go far beyond offering colorful eye-candy; sometimes desktop wallpapers include calendars, funny cartoons and logos of favourite tools, services and companies. The latter is particularly true for Apple-fans and Microsoft-haters as well as for Google, Twitter and Firefox-users.

In this post we present stunning desktop wallpapers related to typography, art, technology, photography and abstract themes. Among other things we review calendar wallpapers, minimalistic wallpapers, wallpapers-illustrations and themes for Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Google-fans. Each of the links leads to huge wallpapers archives where you can find even more excellent wallpapers. All screenshots are clickable and lead to the pages where they can be downloaded.

You might want to take a look at the posts

Typography Wallpapers

I Love Typography Wallpapers6
18 wallpapers dedicated to typography-lovers. Including iPhone Typography Wallpapers7.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot8

Veer Wallpapers9
A growing collection of (not only) typography-related wallpapers in a variety of resolutions — from 320×480 (iPhone) to 1920×1200. Free registration is required to download the wallpapers.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot10

I Love Typo Wallpaper11

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot12

Art Wallpapers

Wallcoo Wallpapers13
Hundreds of beautiful high-quality wallpapers from China. Stunning!





Ton3 Calendar Wallpapers18
Every month Patricia Villanueva releases a new desktop background for the coming calendar month. It’s in Spanish, but beauty speaks all languages.

Wallpaper Screenshot19

Wallpaper Screenshot20

Design Wallpapers21
By ndesign. 9 themes, a variety of resolutions.


30 colorful wallpapers available in numerous resolutions.


Happy Diwali! Wallpaper25
Scroll to the end of the page. 800×600, 1024×768, 2000×1500.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot26

Design is… Wallpaper Flickr Pool27
A collection of wallpapers dedicated to design: designers explain what design is.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot28

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot29

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot30

Freelanceswitch Wallpapers31
4 wallpapers, 1920×1200, 1600×1200, 1280×1024, 1152×864, 1024×768

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot32

Rabbit Wallpaper33


David Lanham’s Art Wallpapers35
Over 20 art wallpapers in different sizes (widescreen — 1600×1200 and fullscreen — 1680×1050). Unique, and unusual.


A growing collection of wallpapers in the Deviantart’s style. User-generated content on over 900 pages. That’s going to take some time to browse through.


The Elemental Wallpaper39
The Elemental: water extinguishes fire, fire entraps air, air encompasses Earth, Earth is the mother of all. 1024×768.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot40

Oh Lolliop! It’s a desktop wallpaper41
A wallpaper coming in 6 resolutions: from 1024×768 up to 1900×1200 px.


Bloody Hippy Wallpaper43
Bloody Hippy, available in enourmo-scope 1920×1200 resolution.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot44

Lothaleng Robot Wallpaper45


Top 10 Gaming Wallpapers47
All at 1920×1200 HD resolution, and a stunning image quality. There’s a link the the Flickr page of each wallpaper as well.


Apple, Windows, Google & Co.

Leopard Wallpapers49
Wallpapers for designers, developers and bloggers who use Leopard. Wallpapers currently come in the following dimensions: 1024×768, 1280×800, 1280×960, 1600×1200. If none of the above suits you, get your own personalized Leopard wallpaper.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot50

Simpsons OS X Wallpaper51
Homer seems to be pretty hungry. Simpsons Mac Os X Wallpaper, Aqua.


Apple Love Wallpaper53
Well, that’s pretty stylish. For Apple-lovers. 1024×640, 1920×1200.



Conquer The Universe Wallpaper56
A galaxy background with Apple logo to honor the birth of Leopard. 1920×1200. Non-Apple-version is also available (also good for dual display).

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot57

Twitter Wallpaper58


Google Wallpaper60
1024×768. Light-version61.


Technology Dekstop Nexus63
The Elemental: water extinguishes fire, fire entraps air, air encompasses Earth, Earth is the mother of all. 1024×768.

Wallpaper Screenshot64

Wallpaper Screenshot65

Leopard Server Aurora Wallpaper66
1024 x 640, 2560 x 1600


Firefox Desktop Wallpaper
46 Firefox Desktop Wallpapers in different sizes and colors.


iPhone Wallpapers68
7 320×480 iPhone wallpapers.


30 Nice Mac OS X Wallpapers70
After searching high and low, here’s some good 30 Apple-related wallpapers (Apple logo, MacOS, iPod) that’s definitely worth a look.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot71

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot72

Vista Wallpapers Pack73
These wallpapers come in 3 different style — Vista curves, Silky embossed and Corporate clean. 2 high resolution formats – 1600×1400 px and 1920×1200 px.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot74

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot75

Photographic Wallpapers

Fantastic Free Wallpaper Images76
An impressive selection of free crystal clear wallpapers. 8 different resolutions, up to 2560×1600.



Above the clouds79
You’ll need to change the size of the image to place it on your desktop. More beautiful photos in the Flickr: Awesome Pictures Pool8980, Flickr: Better Than Good Pool and Golden Stars Flickr Pool81

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot82

Flickr: Wallpapers and Backgrounds Pool83
Over 9,000 photos available as wallpapers for your desktop. Every month the “Wallpaper of the Month” is selected.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot84

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot85

Flickr: Wallpapers Pool86
24,000 various desktop wallpapers. Minimum resolution: 1024×768.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot87

Lightning at the night88
You’ll need to change the size of the image to place it on your desktop. More beautiful photos in the Flickr: Awesome Pictures Pool8980

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot90

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot91

Beautiful Photographic Wallpapers92
A set of 25 excellent photographic wallpapers which can be downloaded as a .zip-archive. Bonus: Second Pack93.

Typography Wallpaper Screenshot94

Abstract Wallpapers

Flow Wallpaper95
“Flow” comes in two variants: a single display one with a resolution of 2560×1600px and a dual screen one with a resolution of 2×1920×1200px. A bunch of iPhone/iPod touch compatible variants is added to the package.


Strukt Wallpaper97
1024×640, 2560×1600.


Three wallpapers. Format: 2000×1440 px.


Outta Space101
Four wallpapers in the resolution 2560×1600 px


4 wallpapers designed by Till Nowak. 1600×1200, 1280×1024 and 1024×768.


What’s your favourite?

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  1. 1

    i hardly see the desktop, so i have no pretty pictures on it, it’s just black.

  2. 3

    Amazing selection!

    • 4

      Absolutely stunning indeed… I always dislike the apple-themed wallpapers though. I wish mine (wallpaper portfolio) would be posted also, but i can try in the comments pretty please? goo.gl/gr70K

    • 5

      U hve excellent talent. nice to see all these pics….

  3. 6

    Amazing wallpapers, especially loved the Homer Simpson eating the Apple logo wallpaper.

  4. 7

    That’s great! I like art wallpaper most.

  5. 8

    Great list, again

  6. 9

    woohooo, grab it all!! thanks!

  7. 10

    great collection!

    Don’t forget my wallpapers

    A very popular one is ms pacman found at http://www.pokedstudio.com/pacmanwallpaper.htm


  8. 12

    Haha, Homer Simpson were the best one :)

  9. 13

    as good as some of those are (love the simpson one) I’ll stick with my boring, plain, neutral grey.

  10. 14

    I like these a lot.

  11. 15

    Thanks for featuring my wallpapers, thanks.

  12. 16

    I have to confirm the recommendation for:


    He has an awesome array of artistic and photographic wallpaper available for free. Or a subscription buys an impressive variety of resolutions (including dual monitor sets), and occasionally even the source files for the wallpapers. Enjoy! [/fanboy]

  13. 17

    wow, so many cool wallpapers.

    Thank you very much.

  14. 18

    Really nice selection I’ll pick some :)

  15. 19

    I enjoyed the abstract and photographic wallpapers, as well as the Elemental and Aurora ones.

    There are some very creative people out there.

    Thanks for sharing!

  16. 20

    Nice post. But
    Twitter Wallpaper and Google Wallpaper have the same link (It links to Twitter Wallpaper). Could you please fix this?

  17. 21

    Had to snag the Homer / apple one!


  18. 22

    Ira, victor, Deck: thank you so much for recommending my website (vladstudio) – it may sound strange but I am going to dedicate myself entirely to drawing wallpapers in nearest future (no outsource design jobs any more) and it will be my only job! I hope to release 2-3 new wallpapers weekly. Thanks again!

  19. 23

    NASA, through its Hubble site http://hubblesite.org/gallery/wallpaper/, provides wallpapers of the cosmos.

  20. 24

    And thank you so much for including the Diwali wallpaper! Pleasantly surprised.

  21. 26

    The “Apple, Windows & Co” wallpapers are quite funny, but in terms of design I prefer the “Abstract” ones. They’re awesome!

  22. 27

    This selection is amazing. Thanks guys!

  23. 28

    Ohhh fantastic works of Patricia Villanueva

  24. 29

    Class action law suit on the way.
    SmashingMag addictive; cause of creative industry productivity losses.

  25. 30

    nice, i loved the ton3.net wallpapers and the ones related to Apple. thanks

  26. 31

    Nice wallpapers … gr8 job

  27. 32

    I hate to self plug, but I’ve been offering calendar wallpapers for the last 3 years: Kriegsnet. My friend George at EndEffect has had quite the following for his wallpapers over the years as well.

  28. 33

    As person changes his desktop wallpaper every day this is gold mine 10x ;)

  29. 34

    Wallcoo is so stunning! it’s what i’m looking for

  30. 35

    good selection

  31. 36

    Amazing selection of wallpapers!!!!

  32. 37

    Amazin backgrounds will definitely make my working days.

  33. 38

    Thank you for Apple Wallpapers. Those are great wallpapers for my Mac OS X Leopard-like desktop

  34. 39

    Some macro photos (one of them used in Windows Vista).

  35. 40

    I like that one wallpaper with that cool stuff on it.

  36. 41

    Great article, however you have a typo in one of your links: “Technology Dekstopnexus” I think you flipped the letters in “Desktop Nexus”.

  37. 42

    Wow. I LOVE that you included typography posters. Another hit for smashing magazine!

  38. 43


    But why showcase photos like the one of the Brooklyn Bridge when even viewing the picture in large size is not permitted by the owner?

  39. 44

    Theres some more iPhone/touch wallpapers at podpapers.net

  40. 45

    The ‘Elemental’ one is a bit of a ripoff of the classic four panel ‘Change of Seasons’ piece by Silveryn from around 2003. Wallpaper mods exist of that one too.

  41. 46

    Great list, but I think you have a typo in saying “Technology Dekstopnexus” rather than “Technology Desktop Nexus”.

    Desktop Nexus is the best wallpaper site online.

  42. 47

    Really good wallpapers.. now i am confused which one to keep as mine ;)

  43. 49

    Nice collection!!

  44. 50

    It’s not “stunning” (really), but I use a wallpaper that actually improves my productivity by allowing me to organize my desktop


  45. 51

    Holly smokes! Amazing work!

  46. 52
  47. 53

    http://www.digital-artist.de.vu is missing, too! This site got my attention because of high rank on mister-wong (site like delicious)! and this site didn´t dissappoint me! It was worth to invest half n hour on their beautiful wallpapers!

  48. 54

    I would also recommend the featured pictures section on Wikimeda Commons. There are some really good (high resolution) pictures over there that are excellent as a background. For example, this one is on my desktop right now.

  49. 55

    Nice wallpapers thanks you very much!, but some are kinda simple for me hehe ^^

  50. 56

    I love your wallpapers.
    Simply exquisite

  51. 57

    really amazing stuff! thanks for the post guys..

  52. 58

    W O W

    great list.

    so hot like hell.

    lol ^^

  53. 59

    Amarjeet Singh Rai

    February 13, 2008 8:06 am

    Thanks for linking to my flickr photos.

    I’m a regular reader on this website.



  54. 60

    You can find more gaming wallpapers at http://www.gamersgallery.com

  55. 61

    Thanks for the mention SM. I’ll add some papers to the collection. Love some of the others in the list too; some very talented people out there!

  56. 62

    GREAT!! and surprised… :)

    but the Google Wallpaper links are incorrect…

  57. 63

    I am absolutely stunned by the collection! Thanks for sharing

  58. 64

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    February 14, 2008 3:25 am

    Google Wallpaper link is now fixed.

  59. 65

    B E A U T I F U L
    ————-> Thank you!

  60. 66

    I had to search the page to make sure I didn’t miss it… you really should mention interfacelift.com if you’re going on about all these other wallpaper collections. I’ll say no more – just check it out!

  61. 67

    superb collection, thanks…

  62. 68

    I was just look for some mac type wallpaper the other day, this will save me some time thanks

  63. 69

    Wow, this is the fare best collectin I’ve ever seen …

  64. 70

    Thank you for this list. Some really fantastic sources here.

    Have you seen http://interfacelift.com/wallpaper/ ?

    It has a huge (approx. 145 pages) selection of photographic and designed wallpapers in all resolutions (going up to 2560×1600).

    Organized by topic, artist, tags, etc.


  65. 71

    Truly Awesome!

  66. 72

    The monthly calendars are amazing… I never knew such a thing existed

  67. 73

    I like OsX a lot… thank you!

  68. 74

    I like David Lanham’s one, very cute!

  69. 75

    I love the photographic wallpapers. There is a site I get a lot of my wallpapers from called http://www.socksoff.co.uk/walls07.html . All of the wallpapers are very crisp and high resolution. One of my favorites is of the big giant sunflower!

  70. 76

    Thats cools collection
    Great effort

  71. 77


    Nice & amazing wallpapers are here.

    Great :)

  72. 78

    some are amazing some are just useless
    there are great wallpapersite out there
    like wallpaperstop.com interfacelift.com pls next time consider these sites
    they are much more beatiful

  73. 79

    Some of these are great! Thanks for sharing them. My friend and I make wallpaper tiles. The site is http://www.farmidable.com. We really enjoy making them. We enjoy desktop wallpapers that look like traditional wallpaper. Which is often hard to find, but there is some great stuff out there if you look long enough.

  74. 80

    thats why i like smahing magazine not only there are great articles but also i can find great sites within user comments
    i learned amazing wallpaper sites from comments just discovered http://www.wallpaperstop.com
    it is an amazing iste thank you

  75. 81

    Photography Wallpapers are gorgeous!Especially I like the one with the cherry blossom.
    The green Windows wallpaper is pretty cool, too :)

  76. 82

    Nice collection of wallpapers… I like photography most, because it’s real… abstract is second…

  77. 83

    Waoh so amazing! I love ! I love the phoenix above all! Thanxs so much!

  78. 84

    Amazing selection.

  79. 85

    I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the abstract wallpaper looks a little like “Sprint” advertisement. Still very cool, though. : )

  80. 86

    Wow!! It’s beautifully list. My favourite is abstract category

  81. 87

    very cool! you should check out

  82. 88

    gr8 collection i loved d abstract ones..

  83. 89


  84. 90

    or you could just download http://www.desktoptopia.com and get these without all the searching around.

  85. 91

    These are stellar!!

  86. 92

    What lovely work! My Fav is the typography ones!~

  87. 93

    What lovely work! My Fav are the typography ones!~

  88. 94


    Nice & amazing wallpapers are here.

    Great :)

  89. 95

    Muhammad Imran Khan

    March 17, 2008 9:32 pm

    Excellent imagination, pray to Lord that May Allah give them nice hearts with such nice thoughts and colors.

  90. 96

    awesome…. nice collections ..!!

  91. 97

    I love the Rabbit Wallpaper.


  92. 98

    All of them in very beautiful. I love them.

  93. 99

    We’ve launched a photographic wallpaper site of our work. We produce a new wallpaper every day, and all wallpapers are available in single, dual & triple monitor formats in all sizes from 800×600 to 2560×1600.

    Here’s the link to the new site, wallpaper.panedia.com

  94. 100

    does anybody know where i can find real cool S shaped wallpapers
    but i liked those wallpapers,………………….
    but i am looking for S shaped ones
    pls reply if anybody knows about any websites

  95. 101

    so pretty :) some are pretty funny. i like the humorous ones.

  96. 102

    just posting to see if comments are limited to one 100.. obviously they’re not :)
    ..and yeah.. Nice collection, this site is awesome.

  97. 103

    very very good.te best wallpapers.

  98. 104

    I really like digitalblasphemy.com. There’s a free section.

  99. 105

    Eh, “stunning”? Not really. Not one of them, actually. Most of these are mediocre and childish at best.

  100. 106


  101. 107

    you got a cool stuff……………….

  102. 108

    it,s really outstanding

  103. 109

    Vraiment très sympatoche !

  104. 110

    Awesome wallpapers …….
    thanks buddy :D u roCk

  105. 111

    An ultimate collection of walls I have ever seen.

    Thanks for sharing.

  106. 112

    hats off to such collection keep it up!

  107. 113

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