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Designer’s attention to small details often has a significant impact on how visitors perceive the overall design of a web-site. Although users’ main focus usually lies on finding information, it’s nice to find the content being supported by finest visual details. This holds for favicons, shopping carts, pagination and tag clouds we’ve covered in our earlier posts. But it also holds for… well, date stamps and calendars. Apparently, the latter are used not only in weblogs, but also on large web-sites where events, news and any kind of time-planning is involved.

In such designs a tear-off calendar is often used to symbolize the date in a most intuitive way. However, it’s not always the case. In fact, designers seem to experiment with a number of different approach one wouldn’t really expect from such a tiny design element. Out collection of appealing and interesting calendar icons and date stamps is supposed to prove it. It might provide you with some fresh ideas once you need to design some original date stamp, but don’t know where to start from. All images are clickable.

Some of presented examples may not look nice at the first glance, but they all have some idea behind them — an idea you may use and develop further.

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Date Stamps

Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Screenshot Blog Calendar Icon
Screenshot Blog Calendar Icon Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Blog Calendar Icon Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot Screenshot
Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Screenshot Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon
Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon
Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon
Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon Blog Calendar Icon

Tutorials and References

To design something unique you might find useful some related tutorials.

Calendar icons not only for your blog
Wit CSS-code and a source image for GIMP.

Blog Calendar Icon

Web 2.0 Date Icons For Your Blog
png-format with a .psd-source.

Blog Calendar Icon

Calendar Icon Tutorial

Blog Calendar Icon

Calendar Icon
Blog Calendar Icon

Calendar icon – Photoshop tutorial

Blog Calendar Icon

Creating a Blog Entry Date Calendar Icon Look with CSS, Mostly

Blog Calendar Icon

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    Thanks for the collection. Always nice for inspiration.

    One thing designers (not to mention writers) should avoid is using an ordinal number in the date. We pronounce dates with ordinal numbers (first, tenth, etc.) but this is not correct when dates are displayed visually. You would say “June tenth” and write “June 10.” I think Microsoft Word is a big culprit leading this decline because it “auto corrects” a date into an ordinal. A lot of people who should know better apparently don’t. Why does this matter? For the same reason we value good design. It makes us more professional.

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    Does anyone now a programme that makes date stamps like ones created by the Uk Post Office when they Frank your Mail ?

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