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Print and Web are different. Traditional layout techniques from print, particularly an advanced formatting, aren’t applicable to the Web as CSS doesn’t offer sophisticated instruments to design such layouts (e.g. text floating around an embedded image; some “floating” techniques provide such results, however they produce bloated source code just as well).

At the same time the flexibility of the Web is hardly applicable to print as there is no way to customize a traditional periodical for reader’s convenience. Apart from that, online-reading is very different from offline-reading: in the latter both leading and the line length are usually much shorter.

However, there are a number of fundamental principles which are often being used in both media. Over the last years newspapers and web-sites started to apply similar principles of data presentation, such as the heavy use of white space1 and grid-based design2. The results can sometimes be very similar, but often they have almost nothing at common.

This issue of monday inspiration series is supposed to provide you with some examples of outstanding newspaper designs which have been rewarded with prestigious awards (see references at the bottom of this post), and demonstrate unusual approaches of newspaper design.

Please notice that

  • you might want to take a look at the article Data Visualization and Infographics3 we’ve presented previously,
  • all images are clickable and lead to the sources from which they’ve been taken.

El Economista (Madrid, Spain)

El Economista4 uses a very traditional, subtle and unique newspaper layout. Notice how well the typography reflects the weight of single articles. Infographics support the content and headlines are surrounded by huge amount of whitespace.

Excellent Newspaper Designs5

Excellent Newspaper Designs6

Excellent Newspaper Designs7

Äripäev (Tallinn, Estonia)

Äripäev8‘s signature is the heavy use of typography. The layout may sometimes seem overcrowded, however the packaging is always clean, simple to digest and easy to read. Note the difference in weights of colors: color, grey and red are applied carefully and sparingly.

Excellent Newspaper Designs9

Excellent Newspaper Designs10

Excellent Newspaper Designs11

De Morgen (Belgium)

De Morgen12 focuses on attractive packaging and a visually appealing layout. Vivid colors offer readers more eye-candy; however, they also have a function as they e.g. clearly separate quotations from the overall article. Headlines are centered, background-colors differ from page to page.

Excellent Newspaper Designs13

Excellent Newspaper Designs14

Excellent Newspaper Designs15

Politiken (Copenhagen, Denmark)

Politiken16 has a very eye-pleasing, legible layout with soft, neutral colors. Notice the clean horizontal packaging on the right-hand side image below. The sharpness of typography is breathtaking.

Excellent Newspaper Designs17

Excellent Newspaper Designs18

The Rzeczpospolita (Warsaw, Poland)

The Rzeczpospolita19 displays its conservatism in a traditional, conservative layout. No fancy images, no vivid background colors in use. The content dominates and helps the layout to gain a rather traditional look.

Excellent Newspaper Designs20

Excellent Newspaper Designs21

Excellent Newspaper Designs22

Le Monde (Paris, France)

Le Monde23 presents a mix of colorful infographics, solid typography and professional content…

Excellent Newspaper Designs24

Excellent Newspaper Designs25

Excellent Newspaper Designs26

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Frankfurt, Germany)

…so does the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszietung27: the excerpts are distributed uniformly which gives the page a clear and easy-to-read and easy-to-scan structure. It’s not always possible, though.

Excellent Newspaper Designs28

Excellent Newspaper Designs29

Excellent Newspaper Designs30

Expresso (Portugal)

Expresso31: with rich colors, clean grid-based layout and concise typography. Notice how the colors are applied and how the content is separated (see second screenshot).

Excellent Newspaper Designs32

Excellent Newspaper Designs33

The Guardian (London, UK)

The Guardian34 has recently finished its redesign. Result: more vivid colors and more vivid blocks. However, the legibility and the sharpness of presentation don’t suffer. A nice example of how multiple colors can be used not destroying the balance between visual appeal and legibility.

Excellent Newspaper Designs35

Excellent Newspaper Designs36

Excellent Newspaper Designs37

Excellent Newspaper Designs38

Dubai Express (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)

Dubai Express39 is another example of colorful yet legible layout design. The layout has 10 colors on one single page, used in different contexts in different colors. Note the sharpness of typography and use of capital letters on the front page. In this case color is definitely appropriate as the newspaper’s main topic is entertainment.

Excellent Newspaper Designs40

Excellent Newspaper Designs41

Excellent Newspaper Designs42

Mint (India)

Mint43, financial daily in India, uses large indentation for typography and elegant visual highlights to separate the content. That works well: both attractive, scannable and easy-to-read.

Excellent Newspaper Designs44

Excellent Newspaper Designs45

St. Louis Post-Dispatch (US)

St. Louis Post-Dispatch46 (US) isn’t a boulevard-newspaper, but a local regional magazine. The layout has a clear content hierarchy and a very simple structure. Huge amount of whitespace: waste of space or a clever technique to focus readers’ attention on the main topics?

Excellent Newspaper Designs47

Hartford Courant (US)

The Hartford Courant48 is a standout in the American newspaper market. The newspaper distinguishes itself with an enduring elegance in design and typography. Though conservative in their approach, designers engage readers with the bold use of visuals. The contrast between their quiet, understated style and the gutsy photography and illustrations create a tension that captures the attention of readers.

Excellent Newspaper Designs49

Excellent Newspaper Designs50

Resources and Further References

The News Design Flickr Pool59


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