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Sometimes laptop is more than just a device. Using laptops over years, some of us tend to develop a genuine affection toward their little (or not so little) companions. We take care of them, putting them in a nice hand-made fabric, spicing them up with some fancy outfit and providing them with a personality using laptop skins. That’s not as bad as it sounds, and there are many ways to use laptop decoration (or laptops decorated by other people) as a source of inspiration. In some way you may also call it laptop art.

In this issue of monday inspiration series we provide you with some fresh ideas to spice up your environment with laptop skins, engravings, sleeves, cases and stickers. In the end of this post you’ll also find some experimental ideas for laptop decoration — caution, you don’t really want to replicate them at home or at office — well, at least if you care about your laptop.

Apparently, Apple geeks are far more emotional when it comes to accessories for their laptops — although we’ve tried to cover as many different ideas as possible, in the selection below many of the presented ideas are used on Macs. There is nothing we can do about it, really.

Laptop Skins and Engravings

Shalgo Laptop Designs1
This Dutch company offers a number of the so-called mozaikits which you can place not only on your laptop, but also, for instance, on walls. Stylish.

Laptop Designs - Shalgo Laptop Designs2

Laptop Designs - Shalgo Laptop Designs3

Awesome Designer Laptops4
Well, these are indeed… unusual. And it is damn hard to make something like this on your own.

Laptop Designs - 7 Awesome Designer Laptops5

Laptop Designs - 7 Awesome Designer Laptops6

HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition7
An artsy laptop manufactured by Hewlett-Packard.

Laptop Designs - HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition8

Laptop Designs - HP Pavilion dv2800t Artist Edition9

Computerlicious Designer Laptops10
Engadget shows off some pretty beautiful designer laptops, decorated with fabric and leather.

Laptop Designs - Engadget11

MacBook skin12
In most cases you can use your own skin designs and let some skin printing store print them out for you. That was the case here.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker13

Apple Art14
Stylish. And pretty cool.

Laptop Designs - apple art15

Here you’ll find some artistic laptop skins (art, design, typography etc.)…

Laptop Designs - 1717

…even more various laptop skins.

Laptop Designs - Laptop Skins by Schtickers.com19

Laptop Decoration20
Laptops can also be decorated with a… well, simple pen.

Laptop Designs - Laptop Decoration - a photoset on Flickr21

Finnish Black/White Macbook22
Engravings seem to gain on popularity nowadays.

Laptop Designs - Flickr Photo Download: Finnish Black/White Macbook23

Powerbook, engraved24
Ode to the Apple. You can also watch the video of how it’s been done25.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker26

Laser engraved Black MacBook27
A masterpiece by EngraveYourTech28.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker29

Rhinestoning a laptop30
Have you ever thought about rhinestoning your laptop?

Laptop Designs - Rhinestoning a laptop31

Laptop Bags and Sleeves

Designer’s Bag Case
This is sexy. A notebook-bag case for “thin” laptops.


E.square 60s-style laptop bags32
Laptop bags weren’t around in the 1960s, but if they were, they would possibly look like these E.square 60s-style laptop bags. Price: $54.95. [via retrotogo33]

Laptop Designs - E.square Sea Blue34

Laptop Designs - E.square Red Brick35

Velvet Idole cases36
Velvet Idole’s “Pinguins” Print. Computercase in white calf leather. Lining in black cotton. Price: 75€ [via Cool Hunting37]

Laptop Designs - Screenshot38

Laptop Designs - Screenshot39

Thorn Berry’s Laptop Sleeve40
A hand-made laptop sleeve with a layer of wadding between the outer fabric and the lining. And with the designer’s name on it. Gorgeous!

Laptop Designs - Sleeve41

Terry Laptop Case42
A juicy laptop case for geeky girls out there. Price: $125.

Laptop Designs - Terry Laptop Case43

Vinyl Laptop Sleeve44
Aren’t they sweet? And yeah, this is a laptop sleeve.

Laptop Designs - Vinyl Laptop Sleeve45

Pinguins Leather MacBook Sleeve46
Folds around the laptop. Unfolded it functions as workspace with an integrated mousepad.

Laptop Designs - Screenshot47

Seejanework Cases48
Looks like a CD-storage, but it is a pretty cozy laptop sleeve.

Laptop Designs - Vinyl49

Giles Miller’s corrugated cardboard laptop case50
Sturdy, stylish, and sustainable. This cardboard is 100% recycled. You can also personalize it with custom designs such as one’s initials (or an apple logo — as shown here).

Laptop Designs - Vinyl51

Laptop Designs - Vinyl52

Eoin McNally’s Packaging Case53
The idea is people should recycle the cardboard that their laptops arrive in by reshaping them it into a protective carrying sleeve. The cardboard casing your computer ships in is treated with natural wax to protect it from spills and as an alternative to the usual polystyrene foam peanuts. We’re not sure we would actually use the handle to carry the laptop in one of these things.

Laptop Designs - Eoin McNally's Packaging Case54

Laptopwallet is designed to hold the laptop really snug. The slim design keeps a laptop safe and enables you to carry it, either using the wrist-strap, in your hands or in a bag without being bulky. Currently sold out. [via Thisnext56]

Laptop Designs - Screenshot57

Laptop Decoration: Sweeties and Cuties

Sometimes simple decoration isn’t enough. In fact, you can not just put a skin on your laptop or engrave it, or even use some fancy sleeve to give it a new outfit. No, you can go far further, use spray paints, decals and feather boas. You can also simply get some sweet accessoires for your old friend as well.

Monster Laptop Sleeve58
“Handmade and available in four different colors, the case reminds us of a fanged cousin of cookie monster. Plus, it looks more like something that would hold a Fisher-Price computer, as opposed to a Sony or Apple — keeping would-be thieves guessing.” Price: $65. [via Uncrate59]

Laptop Designs - Monster Laptop Sleeve60

Pink Hello Kitty Laptop61
“How to make a PHKL (watch out the pronunciation!) — ‘Pink Hello Kitty Laptop’. This is a project for two people, you and a friend, with notable guest appearances by your meddling boyfriend. Boyfriend is optional. “

Laptop Designs - FJ!!'s Hierarchy: Pink Hello Kitty Laptop62

*Craser’s laptop cover63
“It’s a simple furry cover, first time I sew something that big. spend the whole afternoon hand sewn and it fits perfectly!”

Laptop Designs - laptop cover by *craser on deviantART64

Hard Drive65
Karim Rashid’s portable hard drive. Currently unavailable.

Laptop Designs - Hard Drive : Design Milk66

Getting ready for OSX Leopard67
Leopard patterned (furry) plush. If you have an external hard drive lying around, such a plush will cost you around $10.

Laptop Designs - Chaosprojects » Getting ready for OSX Leopard68

Macbook Sleeve69
Fabric patterns, hand-made.

Laptop Designs - Macbook Sleeve70

Laptop Cozy71
A new home for the beloved one.

Laptop Designs - Laptop Cozy - 1272

Laptop Cozy73
Well, now it feels cozy.

Laptop Designs - Laptop Cozy74

Laptop In Fabric75
Soft and nice.

Laptop Designs - Laptop Cozy76

Laptop Designs - Laptop Cozy77

MacBook laptop sleeve78
“I sewed my new Macbook a laptop sleeve! No pattern, just a zippered pouch. Starting fabric size 14.5″ by 10.5″. Fabrics are Denyse Schmidt quilting cotton, pink silk Dupioni for the lining, unknown cotton blend for the pocket, and wool felt (2 layers on each side) for the padding.”

Laptop Designs - mostly-complete laptop sleeve79


Stickers are always extremely subjective and that’s why also very personal. If you’d like your laptop to reflect the unique personality of its owner, stickers might probably be the easiest way to go and therefore a first option to consider. Besides, often they are simply cool and it’s a lot of fun to observe strangers reading them. You’ll find many more stickers in the Laptop Stickers Flickr Pool80.

Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker81
Unfortunately, Smashing magazine isn’t sticked here.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker82

Powerbook stickers83
In most cases stickers are pretty unusual; however, often personal music preferences are combined with the stickers of web-services the laptop owner uses.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker84

Laptop stickers85
Interesting idea: Bruce Sterlings puts his flight tickets on the top of his laptop.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker86

The first sticker on my new mac87
Well, that’s a good start.

Laptop Designs - The first sticker on my new mac88

Often stickers are messages the owners send to everybody who will have the luck (or misfortune) to meet the owner of the laptop.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker90

Stickered iBook91
Christopher Phin is a car fan.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker92

Tantek Çelik’s stickers93
Tantek Çelik is XFN-friendly and enjoys playing games.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker94

Stickered iBook95
Caution: robots! Cute!

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker96

Notebook V1.197
Karin Lizana is a code poet, uses Ubuntu and loves Berlin.

Laptop Designs - Jedibook w/ Technorati sticker98

Patrick Crowley’s stickers99
Oh-oh. We have a tough guy here.

Laptop Designs - Patrick Crowley's stickers100

Experimental ideas (Don’t try this at home!)

Datamancer’s Steampunk Victorian Laptop101
This may look like a Victorian music box, but inside this intricately hand-crafted wooden case lives a Hewlett-Packard ZT1000 laptop that runs both Windows XP and Ubuntu Linux. It features an elaborate display of clockworks under glass, engraved brass accents, claw feet, an antiqued copper keyboard and mouse, leather wrist pads, and customized wireless network card. The machine turns on with an antique clock-winding key by way of a custom-built ratcheting switch made from old clock parts. Video is included.

Laptop Designs - Steampunk Monitor For Chic Geeks - Born Rich102

Dave Veloz’s Steampunk Monitor & Keyboard Remake103
This is a wedding gift. The intersection of technology and romance is possible. Dave Veloz created this beauty for his soon to be wife in time for their recent wedding. [via Cool Hunting104]

Laptop Designs - Screenshot105

SattaMac – 1991 PowerBook 100106
No, this Powebook doesn’t work any longer. But it looks pretty fancy. Painted Apple machinery.

Laptop Designs - SattaMac - 1991 PowerBook 100107

Xbox 360 Laptops108
These posts also include a video of laptops in use.

Laptop Designs - TechEBlog » (Video) Xbox 360 Laptop MKII109

Laptop Designs - TechEBlog » PICTURE: Amazing Xbox 360 Elite Laptop110

Steampunk Monitor For Chic Geeks111
Steampunk one more time.

Laptop Designs - Steampunk Monitor For Chic Geeks - Born Rich112

Atari 800 XE Laptop113
Designed by Ben Heck.

Laptop Designs - TechEBlog » Ben Heck Updates Atari 800 XE Laptop114

Duke Nukem Laptop115
This one is kind of freaky, but pretty unusual. It used to be a NEC.

Laptop Designs - Duke Nukem Laptop116

Last Click

Cassette Tape Tote Bag117
OK, this one is not for laptops. But it looks pretty amazing.

Laptop Designs - Screenshot118

Digg Case Mod119
For Digg lovers.

Laptop Designs - Digg Modding120

Chocolate Laptop121
Mmmm, tasty. Ok, it’s time for a coffee break.

Laptop Designs - Chocolate Laptop122

What’s in there for your laptop?


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    wow, real good stuff. It shows how incredibly creative human beings are when it comes to ‘improving’ or enriching their environment… truely a joy, especially for those who think, like me, that techie stuff is always to unfashionable. Appart form my beloved iPhone I find it hard to get anything stylish out there. I recently bought a really nice laptop sleeve from a company here in the netherlands called coverbee. Anyone else knows of some really stylish stuff? Would like to have more choice… greets, james

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    Don’t leave out ELECTRICBABY!
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    I saw one from iLappy, it is refurbishable – meaning it can change the skins after few years of usage. A greener and environment friendly laptop case.

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    Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

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    Nice list. At least, it ushers you into a world of exciting possibilities. I think some of the skins featured are pretty cool, especially the more outrageous ones. The best thing is that you can always design and add a customized skin. It’s very easy these days and the effect can be really wonderful.

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    responda no meo email por favor..
    há outros tipos de skin como os de notebook como se fossem impressos eles sem ser adesivos como vinil 3m, minha duvida no vinil é se ficara grosso na tampa quero q fique igual o da imagem a seguir
    por exemplo:

    fica perfeito e nao parece adesivo
    qro saber o material que é feito se alguem souber me avise de imediato, obrigado desde já!
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    Here’s some designs that cleverly incorporate the glowing apple:

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    Hi, i would like to create a laptop soft cover and sticker and rectangle retro style lap top bag for my new new 17″ macbook pro. i would like it to be a jewellery design and also to include my company name JEWELS AMORE. please let me know if and how that will be possible.

    thank you

    mamta malhotra
    jewels amore

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    Some really rad stuff here. I had some luck finding some cool sleeves at future shop called PKG. Ha! their slogan is nice PKG! anyways after checking out there site i found out that they will be doing one off artist editions, awesome.

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    I’ve just come across this post looking for a laptop sleeve for my new MacBook Pro. I really like Seejanework Cases and Laptopwallet as they have a lovely hand made feel, but has anybody tried a Zipsleeve from I think they’re new which might be why they’re not listed here!?

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    Etsy has some fun decals. I like the full color designs. This one looks like it’s been sold out but they have some others that work well with the apple.

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    No affense if anyone has one…….. lol

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    I was Joking about before but honestly they are really cool!!!!!, BTW
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    I recently purchased my laptop skin from – As it allowed me to personalise my laptop and help support RSPCA NSW/ACT at the same time.

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    ih libe es!!!es ist kool und gut stikers.
    svidja mi se!!!kul je i interesantno.

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    any other resources for users in India ??

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