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Credit card icons are an essential part of every online-shop. They are often used to indicate available payment conditions and purchasing options. The clearer they are presented in the online-shop, the easier it is for potential customers to figure out if they actually can pay online in this shop. Therefore when it comes to the design of an online-shop there is no way to get around using some credit card icons.

If you need some specific credit card icons — for instance the icons of a regional bank in your country, make sure to visit the official site of the bank first to get the most recent icons. They are usually presented in the sections titled “logo center”, “brand materials”, “media center” etc. Credit cards may also look differently depending on the country they are supposed to be used in.

Official Credit Card Icons

Below you’ll find credit card graphics which is available on official web-sites of PayPal, MasterCard etc. for free download and usage.

PayPal Online Logo Center1 presents three types of graphics, among them logos, acceptance marks and badges in various sizes.


Mastercard offers Brand Materials3. To download the images you need to register first. You can select between acceptance marks and brand marks.


American Express offers Logos & Supplies5. Over 20 vertical and horizontal logos, badges and images are available. However, to download you need to enter your merchant account number.


Finally, Visa has Downloadable Assets7 — cards, logos and photos for different regions.

Icon8 9

Credit Cards Icons and Icon Sets

Below you’ll find collected icons and designed icon sets related to credit cards. Please notice that some designs may be outdated: for instance, the Visa credit card icon with a blue stripe at the top and the yellow stripe at the bottom isn’t valid any longer.

Free Credit Card Logos & Images10 presents over 75 credit card logos to choose from — Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, PayPal and the combinations of these logos. You’ll also find further related images — for instance the image which indicates the digit verification number as presented below.

Credit Cards Logos11

VirtuaLNK Credit Card Icons12 is a set of 3D Icons which are supposed to “bring a unique appearance to any website and/or documentation”. The icon set includes Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amex, e-Check and PayPal-logos in 48×48px and 72×72px. The images are available in a variety of file types — icns, ico, bmp, gif, png and jpg which is why the whole package is pretty large (12 Mb).


Images Of Credit Cards14: a classic in a variety of sizes collected by


Kjelle20′s Credit Cards16 presents the SweBank credit card icon which comes in 5 colors. The size (256×256px) may be too big for an online shop.


Credit Cards Pixel Iconset18 is a fresh icon set designed by Zeusbox Studio. It consists of 4 icons and an empty template for your future designs. Source file (PSD) is included, and you can easily change the card colors with Hue/Saturation layer. To change the card color, just double click the layer and change the Hue.

Icon19 Icon20 Icon21 Icon22 Icon23

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    Please note that those VISA logos are old and not used any more (the ones with the blue bar [PANTONE 286] on top and gold bar [PANTONE 137] on bottom).

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    Interessant wären auch Icons / Logos für weitere Bezahlverfahren wie Überweisung, Bankeinzug, per Rechnung, wenn man die verschiedenen Verfahren illustrieren möchte. Nicht nur die Kreditkartenzahlung.

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    I don’t hate credit cards. I bill my advertising and essentially every other bill to my american express card. I earn a free plane ticket about every two years, plus i don’t have to pay for rental car insurance when I travel, and everything I buy on my amex has the warranty doubled. I am sure there is also some price-matching service with it but I haven’t cared enough to look into it.

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