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60 More AJAX- and Javascript Solutions For Professional Coding


When it comes to design of modern web-applications, Ajax is considered as a standard approach. Interactive solutions for lightboxes, form validation, navigation, search, tooltips and tables are developed using Ajax libraries and nifty Ajax scripts. Ajax is useful and powerful. However, when using Ajax, one should keep in mind its drawbacks in terms of usability and accessibility. With an extensive use of Ajax, you can easily confuse your visitors offering too much control and too many features.

Nevertheless, it’s important to know what’s possible, particularly since you can develop new ideas further, improving the quality of your web applications. Since our last article 80+ AJAX-Solutions For Professional Coding1 many things have changed — new scripts were introduced, new creative solutions were developed, new robust development kits have been released. They all are supposed to serve a better user experience and provide more comfort for web-developers.

This post presents over 60 new useful Ajax scripts, libraries and solutions which you can use in your future projects. License agreements can change from time to time — please read them carefully before using the script in a commercial web-application.

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Please notice: the overview presented below is not just a yet-another-one-collection of Ajax-scripts. It’s a collection of really useful ones, the ones you can use in almost every project you’ll be working on.

Useful Ajax Scripts Link

Mocha UI6
Mocha is a web applications user interface library built on the Mootools javascript framework. The Mocha GUI components are made with <canvas> tag graphics.

Ajax Script7

An Accessible Slider8
“Recently we designed and developed an interface that required a slider control, which allows users to choose one or a range of values on a continuum. Values on a slider can represent anything from hours on a clock to the volume on a music player to a complex, proprietary data set. In its simplest form, the slider is displayed as an axis of values with a handle to drag and select a value, or two handles for selecting a range.”

AJAX Screenshot9

Swf meets Ajax. An upload widget that allows queued multiple-file upload including progress bars.


Coda Popup Bubbles12
“When you move the mouse over the popup, this triggers a mouseout on the image used to trigger the popup being shown. I’ll explain (carefully) how to make sure the effect doesn’t fail in this situation.”

AJAX Screenshot13

Facebook Style Input Box14
The approach to re-create the autocomplete method of adding multiple recipients to messages used on Facebook. “I’d seen it in Facebook before, which has a really decent implementation of this concept (it work well, but it doesn’t respect any modern programming principles; basically, it’s a big tag soup with lots of inline Javascript)”


Rich Text Editor16
The Rich Text Editor is a UI control that replaces a standard HTML textarea. It allows for the rich formatting of text content, including common structural treatments like lists, formatting treatments like bold and italic text, and drag-and-drop inclusion and sizing of images. The Rich Text Editor’s Toolbar is extensible via a plugin architecture so that advanced implementations can achieve a high degree of customization. The tool is based upon Yahoo UI Library17.


iCarousel is an open source (free) javascript tool for creating carousel like widgets.


Ext JS – JavaScript Library21
An extensive JavaScript-Framework with numerous modules and components such as tables, trees, windows, layouts, forms, and tabs. All of them look as if they’ve been used in standard desktop-applications.


Moo Wheel23
The purpose of this script is to provide a unique and elegant way to visualize data using Javascript and the <canvas>-object. This type of visualization can be used to display connections between many different objects, be them people, places, things, or otherwise. The script is licensed under an MIT-style license.

AJAX Screenshot24

Product Slider25
This ‘product slider’ is similar to a straight forward gallery, except that there is a slider to navigate the items, i.e. the bit the user controls to view the items.

AJAX Screenshot26

Taggify Tooltips27
This post demonstrates how you can use Taggify widget28 to enhance your blog with the functionality to show popup tooltips for parts of your images.

AJAX Screenshot29

Gettyone Search Options Menu30
Learn how to implement a Gettyone31-like search options menu which display a layer with some search options below the input search field, when an user click on the input field to searching for something.

AJAX Screenshot32

Moo Canvas33
Modern browser support the <canvas> tag to allow 2D command-based drawing. This script provides the third dimension, allowing for browser drawing with pure JavaScript. To use, web developers only need to include a single script tag in their existing web pages.

AJAX Screenshot34

Relay – Ajax Directory Manager35
Relay is an Ajax-powered file management library. It has a multi-user access restriction, allowing the administrator to control user access to uploaded files. Features: drag-n-drop files and folders, dynamic loading file structure, upload progress bar, thumbnail view, including pdf and multiple users & accounts.

AJAX Screenshot36

GlassBox is a compact Javascript User Interface (UI) library, which use Prototype and for some effects. With GlassBox you can build transparent border, colorful layouts and “Flash-like” effects. Take a look at the site itself: you can use the keyboard navigation: Keys 1-8 (display page), arrows left/right (previous/next page) and arrows up/down (Scroll content).

AJAX Screenshot38

qGallery is a Prototype-based gallery script which automatically takes care of the image processing, offers multipple viewing modes and comes with a number of transition effects.

AJAX Screenshot40

Amberjack is a lightweight Open Source library, enabling you to create site tours. The JavaScript library is lightweight (~4K), stable, LGPL licensed, browser compatible, set up in 2 minutes & super-easy to customize.

AJAX Screenshot42

GWT-Ext Widget Library43
GWT-Ext is a powerful widget library that provides rich widgets like Grid with sort, paging and filtering, Tree’s with Drag & Drop support, highly customizable ComboBoxes, Tab Panels, Menus & Toolbars, Dialogs, Forms and a lot more right out of the box with a powerful and easy to use API. It uses GWT44 and Ext45.


Lightweight but rich data grid with resizable columns and a scrolling data to match the headers, plus an ability to connect to an xml based data source using Ajax to load the content.


cforms II49
cforms is a plugin for WordPress, offering convenient deployment of multiple contact forms throughout your blog or even on the same page. The form submission utilizes AJAX, falls back, however, to a standard method in case AJAX/Javascript is not supported or disabled.

AJAX Screenshot50

Masked Input Plugin51
A masked input plugin for the jQuery javascript library. It allows a user to more easily enter fixed width input where you would like them to enter the data in a certain format (dates,phone numbers, etc). It has been tested on Internet Explorer 6/7, Firefox 1.5/2, Safari, and Opera.

AJAX Screenshot52

Oversized Sliding Tabs53
Sliding Tabs is a mootools 1.11 plugin which adds a pretty neat effect. It’s a clone of something seen on Panic Software’s Coda site54, which in turn is very heavily inspired by a widget used in the iTunes Music Store. Similar jQuery solution55.

AJAX Screenshot56

Custom Checkbox with jQuery57
This script provides you with the ability to customize the design of checkboxes in your web forms. You can use the default skin and the Safari skin which are provided with the package.

AJAX Screenshot58

NicEdit is a Javascript/AJAX inline content editor to allow easy editing of web site content on the fly in the browser. It integrates into any site in seconds to make any element/div editable or convert standard textareas to rich text editing.

AJAX Screenshot60

AJAX Instant Messenger61
is a browser-based instant messaging client. It uses AJAX to create a near real-time IM environment that can be used in conjunction with community, intranet, and social websites. No refreshing of the page is ever needed for this “web application” to work, as everything is updated in real-time via JavaScript.

AJAX Screenshot62

Mootools animated sidebar menu63
This tutorial explains how to implement an animated menu using mootools. You can see how it works directly from mootools site.

AJAX Screenshot64

LiveValidation is a small open source javascript library built for giving users real-time validation information as they fill out forms. Not only that, but it serves as a sophisticated validation library for any validations you need to make elsewhere in your javascript, it is not just limited to form fields.

AJAX Screenshot66

Creating a table with dynamically highlighted columns67
There is a number of impressive things happening within this small area.

AJAX Screenshot68

Tablecloth is lightweight, easy to use, unobtrusive way to add style and behaviour to your html table elements. By simply adding 2 lines of code to your html page you will have styled and active tables that your visitors will love :) Try to mouseover or click on a table below.

AJAX Screenshot70

Unobtrusive Table Actions Script71
An attempt at writing an unobtrusive (and fast) script that adds commonly required “actions” to data tables. Can Zebra stripe the table. And supports row hover, column hover and cell hover effects

AJAX Screenshot72

FancyForm is a powerful checkbox replacement script used to provide the ultimate flexibility in changing the appearance and function of HTML form elements. It’s easy to use and degrades gracefully on all older, non-supporting browsers.

AJAX Screenshot74

Starbox allows you to easily create all kinds of rating boxes using just one PNG image. The library is build on top of the Prototype javascript framework. For some extra effects you can add Scriptaculous as well. Check the demos below to see what Starbox is all about and read on for more information on how to customize your own Starboxes.

AJAX Screenshot76

Style Your Website’s Search Field with JS/CSS77
Continuing to provide unobtrusive solutions, CSSG is happy to present SearchField. It serves as a way to style your search field and add behavior without any additional JavaScript or modifications in your markup. It features plug & play onfocus and onblur behaviors and auto suggestion like you’ve never seen before.

AJAX Screenshot78

The sliding Date-Picker79
Due to the development of, a Dutch personal finance website full of cool javascript features, it’s somewhat quiet around here. But to keep you satisfied, we present the sliding date-picker. This element enables you to pick dates with a simple slider bar. By dragging the bar over the time-line, the dates change instantly.

AJAX Screenshot80

Prototype UI. Carousel are great to display a large set of data like images.

AJAX Screenshot82

minishowcase is a small and simple php/javascript online photo gallery, powered by AJAX that allows you to easily show your images online, without complex databases or coding, allowing to have an up-and-running gallery in a few minutes.

AJAX Screenshot84

Timeline is a DHTML-based AJAXy widget for visualizing time-based events. It is like Google Maps for time-based information. Below is a live example that you can play with. Pan the timeline by dragging it horizontally.

AJAX Screenshot86

Displaying source code with Ajax87
The script fires off an Ajax request, gets the document the link points to, replaces the special characters and adds line numbers.

AJAX Screenshot88

mooSlideBox 389
The mooSlideBox v3 is a small and slim ajax based extension or replacement of the common “lightbox” that can be found on nearly every page. This lightbox clone works in IE 6/7, Opera and Firefox.

AJAX Screenshot90

Accessible News Slider91
Accessible News Slider is a JavaScript plugin built for the jQuery library. It meets the accessibility requirements as outlined by WCAG 1.0.

AJAX Screenshot92

jsProgressBarHandler93 (Dynamic Unobtrusive Javascript Progress/Percentage Bar)
jsProgressBarHandler is a Javascript based Percentage Bar / Progress Bar, inspired upon JS-code by WebAppers and CSS-code by Bare Naked App. Next to a structural rewrite of the WebAppers code, this javascript progress bar can easily be extended and tweaked just by setting a few parameters.

AJAX Screenshot94

CNN Style Scrolling Ticker with the Marquee Toolkit Control95
Besides scrolling the items from right to left, the liScroll plugin supports two additional features

AJAX Screenshot96

mooSocialize – ajax based social bookmark widget97
Enough of having to submit interesting articles by hand to your favorite social networks and newsgroups? Then this is for you. Based on ajax, this small widget allows to integrate many many bookmarks for every post on your blog, website etc.

AJAX Screenshot98

CheckBoxList hover extender99
“We created an AJAX Control Toolkit Extender that asynchronously calls a web service method (or a page method) to obtain the information displayed in the popup control, when the user hovers over an item.”

AJAX Screenshot100

Bullet Proof Corners plugin for jQuery using Canvas/VML

AJAX Screenshot102

Lightview was built to change the way you overlay content on a website. Works on all modern browsers

AJAX Screenshot104

Another script you can use to integrate lightboxes and online-galleries in your web-pages. This lightweight script supports 5 different types of Media: Pages, Inline Content, Media (movies, SWF, etc), images (galleries, single), External Websites (via IFrame). Photo: Patrick Cheatham.

AJAX Screenshot106

DatePicker using Prototype and Scriptaculous
An unobtrusive and flexible date picker widget which uses Prototype and Scriptaculous libraries. 52 More Calendars and Date Picker Designs107.

Date Picker

ModalBox is a JavaScript technique for creating modern modal dialogs or even wizards (sequences of dialogs) without using conventional pop-ups and page reloads.


Accordion v2.0110
A lightweight accordion that is built with Scriptaculous111, has vertical, horizontal and nested styles and works properly in every browser.

Ajax Script112

New unobtrusive dynamic flickr badge113
A compact Flickr-Badge for presentation of Flickr-images with a navigation option.


13 Awesome Javascript CSS Menus115
13 “fresh” JavaScript+CSS-based navigation menus in a brief overview. Among other things Slashdot Menu116 and Sexy Sliding Menu117 displayed below.

CSS Menu118

CSS Menu119

Further Ajax scripts Link

An AJAX addon for your site, a Mail list. An email address can be submitted without having to reload the whole page.

ClickHeat is an Ajax-powered visual heatmap of clicks on a page, showing hot and cold click zones. You can also use the heatmap generator outside ClickHeat for your own applications, using PHP and GD library.

Prototype UI122
Prototype UI is an open-source configurable Modal Window system. The library allows you to add a window or a dialogue. Windows can have a shadow and be scannable; modal mode is available, and there is a window manager for Web OS behavior.

Protoload makes it easy to show the User what is going on.123
Imagine a complex Rich Internet Application using different hidden requests and processes working side by side. Protoload makes it easy to show the User what is going on.

Step by Step – Show and explain visitors what your page has for them124
You might have encountered interactive demos created with screencasting and screengrabbing software that explain an interface to users in a step-by-step manner. This is exactly what this script does for web sites.

FontSize slider125
Enables visitors to define the font-size of the page.

Facebox is a jQuery-based, Facebook-style lightbox which can display images, divs, or entire remote pages. It’s simple to use and easy on the eyes. Download the tarball, view the examples, then start enjoying the curves.

Resources Link

  • Ajax Rain127 is a growing collection of Ajax / Javascript / DHTML examples and demos you can download for free. The site currently offers over 1000 examples.
  • 14 Cool Mootools Scripts128 lists useful Ajax-scripts for the Mootools library.
  • 45 Fresh jQuery Plugins129 offers a growing list of references for jQuery plugins and solutions.

Footnotes Link

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