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Book covers are hard to design and nice to look at. An effective book cover manages to catch human’s eye and convey the idea behind the book on one single page. However, it’s getting even harder: to make a book really hard to forget, designers need to design the cover in a unique, creative and striking way. That’s not that different from Web where it’s important to build a sound information architecture upon a rather restricted design layout.

The main idea of this post is to provide you with some creative, expressive and appealing book covers. You won’t like all of them, but you’ll definitely find some designs which are worth pondering upon.

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Please keep in mind: there are thousands of excellent book covers; we’ve selected only few ones which are excellent in our humble opinion. Although this selection is definitely subjective, we’ve tried to do our best to find interesting designs which make the book cover hard to forget. If you have further suggestions please comment on this post. All covers posted are the copyright of their respective holders.

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A Clockwork Orange5
Meet Alex. Simple, but so memorable. Designed by David Pelham.

Book Covers - Book Covers6

Brave New World7
Designed by Gregg Kulick.

Book Covers - Book Covers8

A Perfect Mess9

Book Covers - A Perfect Mess10

Christopher Moore, “The Dirty Job”, 10/0711

Book Covers - Christopher Moore, Un lavoro sporco, 10/0712

Disorders of Memory and Learning13
Effective and creative. 1968. Cover Design by Martin Bassett.

Book Covers - the-end-of-inequality.jpg (image)14

Jordan Crane’s Book Covers15
Crane’s illustrations are beautiful and memorable. That’s what makes a good book cover.

Book Covers - the-end-of-inequality.jpg (image)16

Book Covers - Book Covers17

Paul Rand’s Book Covers18
Paul Rand: one of the most influential modern graphic designers. Simple and effective.

Book Covers - the-end-of-inequality.jpg (image)19

Book Covers - the-end-of-inequality.jpg (image)20

The End Of Inequality21
Cover design by Peter Stone.

Book Covers - Judge a book.....22


Book Covers - FFFFOUND!24

Incomplete Manifesto25
Just a sketch. This book doesn’t exist.

Book Covers - a526

Soviet Science Fiction book cover27

Book Covers - Soviet Science Fiction book cover28

Penguin Book Covers13429

Book Covers - FFFFOUND!30

St. Cyborg’s31

Book Covers - St. Cyborg's32

A Penguin Special – A Suitable Case for Treatment33

Book Covers - A Penguin Special - A Suitable Case for Treatment34

“The book of the Spirits”35

Book Covers - 36

Gas Book 08: Blue Source37

Book Covers - Gas Book 08: Blue Source38

The Language of Graphics39

Book Covers - The Language of Graphics40

1964 Sex and Society – Alex Comfort41

Book Covers - things magazine42

1970 War Gaming – Andrew Wilson43

Book Covers - things magazine44

A Soviet book cover from 1930.

Book Covers - 5ПЯТИЛЕТКА (1930)46

John Gall’s Book Covers47
Gall’s covers always take a look at the book content from a quite unusual perspective. Masterpieces.

Book Covers - Book Covers48

Book Covers - Book Covers49

Book Covers - Book Covers50

We Can Build You51

Book Covers - We Can Build You52

Magical Thinking53
The book cover is attractive and conveys the idea of the book.

Book Covers - Good Is Dead. The Learners in finer bookstores everywhere.54

Twenty Questions55

Book Covers - Good Is Dead. The Learners in finer bookstores everywhere.56

1982 Know Your Own Personality57.

Book Covers - things magazine58


Book Covers - ВУЕРА СЕГОДНЯ (1935)60

Alvin Lustig’s Book Covers61

Book Covers - Alvin Lustig, Modern American Design Pioneer - Books and Periodicals - New Directions62

Suiza Constructiva63

Book Covers - Suiza Constructiva64

“The Art of a Book”65
Interesting conceptual solution.

Book Covers66

“The Creative Process”67

Book Covers - 68

Understanding Media69
Interesting use of symbols.

Book Covers - Favourite Book Covers 08870

Exile and the Kingdom71
Eye-catching. Designed by Helen Yentus.

Book Covers - Book Covers72

House of Meetings73
Designer: Peter Mendelsund.

Book Covers - Book Covers74

Manuel Bandeira, “Poems chosen by the author”75
The Brazilian designer Elaine Ramos is known for simple yet unusual book cover designs. “The wonderful thing about this cover is that the paper has thin horizontal lines in relief that complement the horizontal design. Again, tactile. White dots you can see are numbers from one to fifty – the title is “fifty poems selected by the author”. The sky and stars reference one of the author’s most famous poems, translated “Morning Star”.”

Book Covers - Cosac Naify - Detalhes do Livro76

Cigarette Century77

Book Covers - The Book Design Review78

Dutch paperback book cover design79

Book Covers - Dutch paperback book cover design80

Hans Kleefeld book cover design81

Book Covers - FFFFOUND!82

Livre perdu1 / Lost book 183

Book Covers - Livre perdu1 / Lost book 184

Toby Litt85

Book Covers - blogphoto6.html86

Grabink Book Covers Decoration87
Book bindings by gner-artists Chris Enock and David Enock.

Book Covers - The Arts Décoratifs Collection/Grabink88

Book Covers - The Arts Décoratifs Collection/Grabink89

Minimalism Link

The Music of Chance90

Book Covers - Book Cover: The Music of Chance91

One Red Paperclip92

Book Covers - The Book Design Review93


Book Covers - Book Covers95

A Clockwork Orange96
You remember, right? Alex liked milk spiked with various stimulants (“milk plus”) or hallucinogens (“synthemesc”).

Book Covers - A Glass of Milk97

Worst Years Of Your Life98

Book Covers - Book Covers99

Typography Link

Expo 58, book cover100

Book Covers - Expo 58, book cover101

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Book Covers - The Illustrated Novel

Last Days Of Publishing102

Book Covers - Book Covers103

The Trouble With Physics104

Book Covers - The Book Design Review105

Small Crimes in an Age of Abundance106

Book Covers - Book Covers107

The Disappearing Liberal Intellectual108

Book Covers - Book Covers109

Emil Ruder, “Typographie”110

Book Covers - Emil Ruder's Typographie111

Nikelleo Rellana’s work112

Book Covers113

House of Leaves Book Cover114
Designed by Joe Paul.

Book Covers - House of Leaves Book Cover115

Change the Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking116

Book Covers - Amazon Online Reader : Change the Way You See Everything: Through Asset-Based Thinking117

Kidney For Sale By Owner118
Designed by David Drummond.

Book Covers - Kidney For Sale By Owner119

Ace of Spades: A Memoir120

Book Covers - AIGA Design Archives121

About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography122

Book Covers - About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography123

The Mayor’s Tongue124

Book Covers - The Book Design Review125

All the Sad Young Literary Men126

Book Covers - The Book Design Review127

swissmiss: Books128

Book Covers - swissmiss: Books129

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Footnotes Link

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  1. 1

    Great stuff. Thanx for collecting.

  2. 3

    awesome inspiration source! thanks

  3. 4

    isn’t “Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close” book, number 47, the SAME as HP campaign, the computer is personal again??

  4. 5

    About the book with the stars in its cover – “Cosac Naify – Detalhes do Livro” – it’s wrong! Cosac Naify is the publisher’s name, and “detalhes do livro” means “books’s details”. The book’s real author is Manuel bandeira and it’s named “poemas escolhidos pelo autor”, or “poems chosen by the author”. He’s also a lovely writer, one of the most famous writers here in Brazil. Cheers!

  5. 6

    How about reading the Bible a bit more?

    • 7

      Thats the worst novel EVER. Get lost.

      • 8

        no offence, but you’re really close minded.
        you don’t have to believe every single religion, but if you want to be a well-rounded person and just a good human being in general, you need to respect the beliefs of others if you expect them to respect you for who you are.

  6. 9

    Really nice collection. Its not usable for me, but still nice to look at.

  7. 10

    really nice collection of book covers i must say..
    and a very nice and informative post :) thanks alot for sharing..
    best of luck :)

  8. 11

    Andrew Randazzo

    April 14, 2008 3:29 am

    Happy Blogger Appreciation Day! I appreciation your site and all the good stuff you guys put out. Keep it up, and God bless!

  9. 12

    AMAZING COVERS! I got all the inspiration I need for my next book. As you can see, my current book over is not the greatest – LINK

    Thanks again!

  10. 13

    not really my line of work, but some amazing work there.

  11. 14

    really good

  12. 15

    I’ve always been a huge fan of the typographic work on Penguin Classic’s design for Thomas à Kempis’s The Inner Life.

  13. 16
  14. 17

    That’s where HP got the idea from. the book was first…

  15. 18

    I love creative and eye catching book covers. They inspire me to pick up the book and read through it. Unfortunately many times they are great book covers but not great books. The examples above are very good and creative.

    They inspire me to write a book so I can design the cover. I’ve got the design part down, now I just need to find a good story too.

    Great collection!

  16. 19

    number 47 is exactly the same graphic idea of the HP campaign. HP- BUSTED!!

  17. 20

    Never judge a book by its cover… except in this instance.

    Great collection.

  18. 21

    You should consider adding Stefan Stagmeister’s newest book Things I Have Learned in My Life So Far. It’s an amazing example of a very inventive book design.

  19. 22

    Excellent collection. I have always been struck by the cover of . It may be due to its minimalism or the fact that I had a bunny that looked like that.

  20. 23

    Wonderfull book covers.
    Now in the same spirit you could have a post on Record Cover Artwork, which is one of my favorite thing to design. There’s a few good book about it… starting of course with the Blue Notes covers of Reid Miles.

  21. 24

    Hey guys, I visit smashing quite a bit, and it really nice to see beautiful print work on here!
    especially such a brutal post of it, thanks a million
    I’m all for 37. Hans Kleefield and the mayor’s tounge at 59.

  22. 25

    Good call, book covers are a strong point for illustration.
    But the # 18. hummm, I prefer my rug… bergh!

  23. 26


  24. 27

    Must add S. Neil Fujita – The Godfather and In Cold Blood book covers are classics.

  25. 28

    there are some excellent designs here, but to be honest, all that bauhaus-like stuff (for example 15-20 and later, thank god almost only on older books) is gross. makes me feel like i’m back at art school with that 60 year old design teacher still stuck in the way of designing in that age showing us his 2 hour slideshows of oldschool bauhaus posters. these early graphic designers definitely provided some important influences to today’s design, but considering them as “excellent book covers” today sounds to me like saying “the neanderthals were very smart” – at the time it might have been true, but it’s just nothing compared to what’s being done today.

  26. 29

    @ L.E. how about not spamming the comments with your OT messages of “faith”. (see “Icons” post before)

  27. 30

    Excellent list!!

  28. 31

    Nice stuff, I urge you to check out Kirk Duoponce and his book covers. He has designed more than 1,000 covers nationwide.

    Take a look around his website at

  29. 32

    Kealan Patrick Burke

    April 15, 2008 5:19 am

    It would appear that someone has a thing for anachronistic photorealistic minimalism…;p

  30. 33

    really neat… superb…

  31. 34

    Cool Book Covers.

    Might add this. http://www.octonauts.com/book.html

  32. 35

    I agree with shasta , “excellent”, “top 10” kind of adjectives don’t really manifest it’s meaning anymore.
    I would change the headline to “A variety of old and new book covers.”

  33. 36

    very nice…

  34. 37

    Really creative book cover designs! As a student in media, I have to say that some book cover can worth dozens of credits from print media courses. Thanks for sharing. It would be nice to know more about the deep meanings behind those covers.

  35. 38

    The “1984” cover was designed by Shepard Fairey, of OBEY GIANT fame, he also produced a cover for “Animal Farm,” also by Orwell.

  36. 39

    I think you may be right!

  37. 40

    i bought and read the general theory of love, and had never heard of it beforehand… (unusual for me) … i was especially struck with the cover, and i knew at the time it was partly what drew me to the book. great choice to include that!

  38. 41

    number 34: the name of the designer is elaine ramos. cosacnaify is the publishing house. elaine and raul loureiro (another famous brazilian designer) do almost all their covers/books.

  39. 42

    Some more smart book covers are


    Please comment after read this blog

  40. 43

    13. St. Cyborg’s is designed by myself – http://www.hellomuller.com/blog/2007/11/18/anatomy-of-a-cover-st-cyborgs/

    Thanks for including it in the list!

  41. 44

    Amazing work. I can’t believe how innovative some of the covers are!

  42. 45

    Don’t forget about Chip Kidd. He’s designed over 1,500 book covers since the mid-80s.

  43. 46

    Nice list – really interesting designs and layouts. In a word – Inspirational! :)
    This isn’t absolutely relevant, but here’s a link to a site that sells software which’ll convert 2D Book covers into 3D eBook covers. Just thought some might be interested. eBook Cover Software

  44. 47

    i’ll add something.
    “stainless longganisa”

    the book cover was composed of all the pen the author used through out his life. :D

  45. 48

    heather van de mark

    October 30, 2008 7:36 am

    this is still probably one of my favorite SM posts of all time. absolutely fantastic.

  46. 49

    Where is a ‘Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius’ by Dave Eggers??!! Great cover, great book, a masterpiece!

  47. 50

    “the worst years of your life” – maybe the best cover
    it just sticks in my head!

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    Hi. Good news.

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