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Sometimes typography is all you need to communicate your ideas effectively. Graphics can support the type or type can support the graphics, but to deliver the message precisely, you need to make sure your type is expressive enough, your design is distinctive enough and the composition is strong enough. The results are sometimes crazy, sometimes artsy, sometimes beautiful, but often just different from things we’re used to. Thus designers explore new horizons and we explore new viewing perspectives which is what inspiration is all about.

This post showcases over 70 examples of sexy, bold and experimental typography. Some examples are typographic posters, some are typographic illustrations and some are just sketches with type. In any case, you will hopefully find some inspiration for your future works.

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So what can be achieved out of simple letters and symbols? Please be patient, some screenshots are huge.

Sweet and Cute Type

Sweet Sixteen4
Typography with a sweet taste of sugar. A nice composition, an excellent execution. Sometimes not that much is needed to make the type look tasty. The typeface used below is Cutiful.

Beauty of Typography - This Day in Type — Participate! - am besten bewertet/Horton -- July 16, 2007 -- Cutiful5

Dive Deep6
Hand lettering by Ray Fenwick, cutting out by Dan Mogford.

Beauty of Typography - DIVE DEEP7

An illustration created by Nik Ainley. Notice how well every single letter (e.g. “l” and “s”) fits in the composition.

Beauty of Typography - Shinybinary v2.1 - Art and designs of Nik Ainley9

Newstand Cover for Computer Arts issue 13910
Alejandro Paul’s Affair typography from Argentina: typography dominates in the composition, the swirly headline is just breathtaking.

Beauty of Typography - Newstand Cover for Computer Arts issue 13911

Created by Michael van Laar using Freebooter Script.

Beauty of Typography - This Day in Type — Participate! - am besten bewertet/Michael van Laar — June 17, 2007 — Freebooter Script13

Aphrodisiac Dessert14
Dessert type for a dessert announcement.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!15

FitzGerald Album (Extended Play)16
Nothing can beat old-style-typography. Nothing.

Beauty of Typography - FitzGerald Album (Extended Play)17

Apparently, typography can be used for a number of purposes. Typographical Motorsports: simple yet interesting.

Beauty of Typography - Rally19

Tina Colada20
It is worth a discussion if “overlettering” actually helps to deliver a message, but the type looks nicely. And the choice of colors is impressive.

Beauty of Typography -21

More ink is coming22
Impressive lettering by Ale Paul.

Beauty of Typography - more ink is coming.jpg23

Sunny, flourish motif for a fresh typographic composition. Designed by Ryan Katrina25.

Beauty of Typography - cim_organic26

The attention to detail is remarkable. Designed by Theo Aartsma.

Beauty of Typography - Empire28


Beauty of Typography - Eichholtz30

Arabic Typography31

Beauty of Typography - 4039-555-63832

Elegant and Sexy Type

Climate Change ‘Co2′ ideas33
Simple idea which uses only the power of typography. Impressive posters do not need to be colorful.

Beauty of Typography - Climate Change 'Co2' ideas34

Αnapodi Klosti Poster35
Poster for a experimental performance installation. The main lettering is based on PF Beau Sans. Unusual: thin font transform into a thin thread.

Beauty of Typography - Αnapodi Klosti Poster36

qp logo37
In this logo “q” and “p” belong together. Nice concept, nice colors.

Beauty of Typography - qp logo38

Tony Rohr39
Similar idea as in the previous one, but a different execution.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!40

Slick and sexy, colorful and strong. Notice how beautifully both letters intersect in the middle of the image.

Beauty of Typography - JG3!42

CMYK Lovers43
Well, that’s A LOT of letters. Vibrant colors meet 3D-typography. Available as a desktop wallpaper. Designed by Guilherme Marconi.

Beauty of Typography - Wallpaper of the Week #1 | Abduzeedo - graphic design | design inspiration | design tutorials44

Poster in the city of Amsterdam45
Dutch graphic design at its best. Interesting typographic construction which captures attention by its structure and attracts by its vibrant colors.

Beauty of Typography - poster in the city of Amsterdam46

Strong, dirty and grungy typography is also possible. Craig Shields manages to get impressive results combining grunge and type.

Beauty of Typography - Requiem48

Designed by Stefan Lucut. The loog looks very modern and powerful, however, at the first glance it is not clear what the red thread stands for. Nevertheless, very original composition.

Beauty of Typography - BBB50

Strong and Bold Type

Nicolas Alexander combines typography and retro. Notice how elegant the line starting in the letter “G” goes through “R”.

Beauty of Typography - Typography52

2008 Calendar
Expressing feelings via colors and type. A very clean and beautiful design by Jonathan Davies.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!

Bckyrdflw Promo53
Well, this one is hard to overlook. Andrew Dyjak’s poster can be read without vocals vowels. Lovely colors, cropping and, of course, type.

Beauty of Typography - Bckyrdflw Promo54

Statistics Table55
Strong, bold and extremely expressive. And it is just a table!

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!56

The Well of the Saints A1 poster57
A1 Graphic poster produced by John McDermott. Simple, strong and sexy. Sometimes two colors and a bold typeface are enough.

Beauty of Typography - The Well of the Saints A1 poster58

Breaks logo59
A distinctive treatmeant of letters which perfectly fits to the message a poster wants to convey. Designed by Zoltan Szalay.

Beauty of Typography - Breaks logo60

Nik Ainley61
Nik Ainley strikes again. Lovely typographic work where letters don’t just convey the message, but are also functional: their form suggests the second message which is transported with the artwork.

Beauty of Typography - Shiny Binary62

Benno Wissing63
Dutch Typography by Benno Wissing. It looks very modern, but it was created in 1963.

Beauty of Typography - Benno Wissing64

Film Poster65
Colorful and distinctive. Each color stands for a different movie which participated in the festival.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!66

Experiments with type


Beauty of Typography - A268

Crumpler – ABC69

Beauty of Typography - Crumpler - ABC70

American Graphic Design71

Beauty of Typography - American Graphic Design72

The Make Lounge73

Beauty of Typography - The Make Lounge74

Moctezuma: James Brown75

Beauty of Typography - Moctezuma: James Brown76

Dog Type77
Sometimes typography is used to deliver a message in a quite, well, unusual way.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!78

Lead Us Not Into The Future79

Beauty of Typography - Lead Us Not Into The Future80

»R« letter sketches81

Beauty of Typography -82

Blik x Drez83

Beauty of Typography - Blik x Drez84

A Stitch Up – Corktown Tavern – Base85

Beauty of Typography - A Stitch Up - Corktown Tavern - Base86

Cubix Rube87

Beauty of Typography - Cubix Rube88


Beauty of Typography - supervision90

Palawa Poster91

Beauty of Typography - Palawa Poster92

seis [cartel]93

Beauty of Typography - seis [cartel]94

Unusual type treatment which makes the wishes quite distinctive from the “usual” crowd.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!96

Rasterfeld Event Poster97

Beauty of Typography - Rasterfeld Event Poster98

Personal Geocode99

Beauty of Typography - Personal Geocode100

Cubix Rube Soft101

Beauty of Typography - Cubix Rube Soft102


Beauty of Typography - font_code104

Experimenting with s105

Beauty of Typography - s106

accept | adapt | evolve107

Beauty of Typography - accept | adapt | evolve108


Beauty of Typography - fac04_flyer_a110

Doblette – Taller Tipografia (uy)111

Beauty of Typography - Doblette - Taller Tipografia (uy)112

Bold type113
These letters are really hard to read. Is it the purpose of typography? Well, it’s definitely an experiment. Cute, fat and bold type in use.

Beauty of Typography -114

Extraverage x The KDU115
Pattern is used to create letters.

Beauty of Typography - Extraverage x The KDU116

Visual Lexicon v 2.1 Metamorphosis117

Beauty of Typography - Visual Lexicon v 2.1 Metamorphosis118

Type Area119

Beauty of Typography - Type Area120

Wim Crouwel: New Alphabet book121

Beauty of Typography - Wim Crouwel – New Alphabet book122

Nederlandse Postzegels 1971123

Beauty of Typography - Nederlandse Postzegels 1971124


Beauty of Typography - The Leading Package Design Blog: Askul126

Experimental Jetset: SMCS Invitations127

Beauty of Typography - Experimental Jetset: SMCS Invitations128

Triple O’s129
Sometimes type doesn’t look like type at all.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!130


Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!132

88. Geometric Type133
This type is quite freaky. Dutch Graphic Design.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!134

89. YOLO135
A (really) striking poster designed by Martin Fewell from Manchester, UK.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!136

100. Best time of my life137
Disturbing yet powerful. This poster delivers the message effectively.

Beauty of Typography - FFFFOUND!138

Usually typography is used as a foundation for symbols. In this artwork it is the other way around. The yellow circle in the middle of the composition may be too striking, but it may be the designer’s intention. Designed by Satoboy.

Beauty of Typography - RECYCLE140

Chaumont, festival international de l’affiche, version longue – Etienne Mineur archives141

Beauty of Typography - Chaumont, festival international de l'affiche, version longue - Etienne Mineur archives142

Last Click

Colours Clock143
Designed with the sole intention of not over complicating the design. Designed by Richard Shed.

Beauty of Typography - Reloj Richard Shed144

Holding type145
These flocked magnets looks pretty sweet.

Beauty of Typography - M146

Spaghetti Dinner Poster147
Beautiful integration of type into a photo.

Beauty of Typography - Spaghetti Dinner Poster148

Matias Ignacio en crema149
Ok, now it’s time for a coffee break.

Beauty of Typography - Matias Ignacio en crema150

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    This is one of your best type post yet smashing mag! Thank you.

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    Yes, I liked Yolo too. It’s very remarkable.

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    “Dutch Typography by Benno Wissing. It looks very modern, but it was created in 1963″
    Something is missing nowadays: swiss design was in fact a reaction against the classic rules… what happens today with all these Helvetica–Frutiger–Müller-Brockmann copycats is terrifying. Knowing the basic principles of design is a must to break them. Remember: using Helvetica doesn’t make you a great designer.
    Yours sincerely,

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    look the attractive prices campaign of british airways. It´s a great show about how tipography can do with a good idea behind. Grate post, I luv tipos….

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    Absolutely fantastic and inspirational post – one of the best so far!

  14. 14

    Vinícius Fragoso

    May 12, 2008 5:53 am

    The first entry on Strong and Bold Type, the “Good Morning Stranger” one was inspired on a brazilian local novel, I guess, or at least it looks like. I just cant remember the novel’s name, since I was a little boy at the time, but i’ll look for the name with my older friends, and then I post a video or image with the novel’s logo ;D

  15. 15

    This list is incomplete without Si Scott’s work, so here’s his website:

    Great list here! Great work smashingmagazine!

  16. 16

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

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    @Joanne: thank you; Si Scott has been featured twice in our previous posts.

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    You guys should also check out Alex Trochut, a Spanish designer. Saw him at OFFF Lisbon last week, incredible detail on his typography.

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    Also try looking at the David Lance Goines collections. I bet you will like his creative use of typography.
    Kind Regards

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    100. Best time of my life

    If you look at it through a red and blue filter (like the ones found in 3D glasses) you’ll be able to read two different texts!

  38. 38

    Actually, those who use Helvetica always strike me as the laziest — default font in Quark Xpress (get off my lawn). Come on, there are far more interesting typefaces out there — let the face die a quiet death. I loathe Helvetica only. Hell, I’ll take a Futura-only ad before anything with straight Helv.

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    Amazing! Smashing Magazine’s editorial team is just amazing.
    Where did you people find these stuffs!?

    Anyways, the Anapodi Klosti poster’s typography looks like the one used for Bjork’s book cover, the book titled Bjork if you’d like to look it up.

    PS: Sorry for the URL name. Just gotta do it!, it itches when I don’t. :D

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    excuse me but the “R” logo RECYCLE it’s my design :)

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    excuse me but the “R” logo (recycle) is designed by SATOBOY

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    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

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  51. 51

    Costas / Cubic_ds

    May 13, 2008 5:51 am

    Thanks a lot Smashing Magazine for linking my works.

    @ : The typography on Bjork’s book is by M/M Paris and is a custom font that looks like a thread. There are many fonts that look like this. On Anapodi Klosti poster ( “klosti” in greek language, means thread) , the outlines of PF BeauSans has been transform to a thread…


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    Awesome inspiration! some really insane tyopgraphy work!


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    Michael Durwin

    May 13, 2008 7:42 am

    Except in a few cases I wouldn’t call this typography as much as I’d call it illustration. The images are certainly elegant and beautifully composed but it is not necessarily a study in typography because it uses a letter or word.

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    Does anyone know the font used in Nik Ainley’s typographic piece? He uses it in several pieces, but I can’t seem to figure it out.

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    That font is Helvetica Neue Thin or Ultra Thin

    Anyone want to take a guess on the font in Nik Ainley’s piece?

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    Absolutely amazing – stunning work on show here.

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    I have a question…is typography meant to be downloaded as a font? I would LOVE to download any of these as a font!

    sorry for the repost…just hoped someone would answer!

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    Nicolas Alexander

    May 14, 2008 10:46 am

    Vinícius: I made the goodmorningstranger and didn’t know about such a book. if you can track it and post a link i’d really like to see it ! thanks for your post

  67. 67

    Nicolas Alexander

    May 14, 2008 11:01 am

    The font I used for good morningstranger is originally “avant garde” and I added custom serif to mimic “Lubalin Graph” because lubalin graph with ligatures isn’t avaible as a digital version.

    thanks for your comment & thank you smashin mag.

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    “Aphrodisiac Dessert – Dessert type for a dessert announcement.” is actually from a Veer slideshow of Alejandro Paul’s lovely Feel Script.

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    Smashingmagazine is the best website.

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    Actually, the Computer Arts 139 Cover was designed by Mopa, a brazilian design studio. The type is Affair from Alejandro Paul, the exquisite argentinian typedesigner from Sudtipos. The “Stay Fresh” is specially designed with unusual ligatures that aren’t in the original open type file. The subtitle is handmade from the Saul Bass style.

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    There are some pretty talented people out there – some all of these kick major butt, but my favourite has to be the stuff that carries with it an old world, vintage flavour; maybe I’m just getting old, but the vintage/retro stuff is really floating my boat at the moment.

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    Ashely Adams : Sticker Printing

    July 21, 2009 3:46 am

    Typography is no-doubt an essential tool to communicate your ideas. But I believe there must be a balance between the graphics and the text. For example, I would like to go for a simple picture of a candy or a bowl of candy with the “sweet taste of sugar” text. On the other hand, “scarlet” created by Nik Ainley is too flowery to go with any additional graphic. Well, my favorite is FitzGerald Album.

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