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Podcasting is an engaging medium that is available in both audio and video formats. Podcasts often refer to audiocasts, but now with iPods and other media players being able to play video, videocasts are just as popular. A handful of web design podcasters deliver both audio and video formats. Some do so through the same subscription, others separate the two.

Audio podcasts are a great way to stay informed about web design news, learn about emerging technologies, listen to discussions, and continuously learn about the ever-changing landscape of web design — on your way to work or before you go to bed. Videocasts are great at showing step by step tutorials, or delivering visually rich presentations. Many of the long running successful podcasts have communities built around the show. Forums and detailed show notes are usual for a podcast that regularly serves its community. The time span of how long a podcast exists often indicates its level of quality and professionalism.

We’ve amassed a collection of podcasts that are either directly about web design, or would be helpful to a web designer. If you’re interested in more podcasts try searching through Odeo1 or iTunes2. There are quite a few web development podcasts, and a few niche topic web design podcasts, not covered in this roundup. Following is a list of useful podcasts for web design professionals.

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Web Design Podcasts

Boagworld is a long running web design podcast. There are over 100 podcasts Paul Boag & Co. have put out. They have been covering standards based design from the beginning of the show. They do a lot of great interviews with experts from the field of web design. There is always web design-related news, a special theme of the show, and some fresh content covered. The content is well organized, nicely presented and it is funny, too. The banter between Paul and Marcus is often the best part; the podcast has a large community built around the show.


The Rissington Podcast6
This web design podcast takes the format of answering questions from its fan base. Each subject that comes up is discussed. This show is informal and loaded with fun British humor. The fans tend to send in as many humorous questions as they send in questions asking for web design advice. The podcast is still young, with less than ten released so far. The hosts John Oxton and Jon Hicks are well versed in web design techniques and technologies. They are also well-known in the design community.

Rissington Podcast7

Audible Ajax8
This podcast is hosted by Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith. These guys are technically savvy, passionate about scripting and run a professional podcast about Ajax. They discuss news on Ajax, related technologies, and the significance of changes in this field. They have been broadcasted this podcast since 2005. The schedule is irregular, on occasion it’s monthly, though not always. The Ajaxian site is a great place to keep up with what’s happening in the world of Ajax.

Audible Ajax9

Web Axe10
This podcast is focused on web accessibility. Hosts Dennis Lembree and Ross Johnson are passionate about this topic. They cover web accessibility issues in detail. They review technology solutions in regards to accessibility, how WCAG guidelines can be practically applied in web design, and they present numerous interviews of working professionals that work with accessibility issues daily. The podcast has been regularly broadcasted over the last 2 years. Over 60 issues are available for free download.

Web Axe11

Rookie Designer12
The host of the podcast, Adam Hay, covers a variety of web design-related topics — colors, freelance, interviews, technical design and customer service — which are useful for both beginners and professionals. The podcast is updated weekly every Wednesday. One episode is 45-50 minutes long. Until now 98 episodes have been aired.

Rookie Designer13

Web Design Conference Podcasts

Future Of Web Apps14
This conference somehow manages to involve a variety of professionals and companies of all shapes and sizes that are actively involved in building innovative web projects. The most recent event was attended by Matt Mullenweg (WordPress), Kevin Hale (Wufoo), Leah Culver (Pownce), Tantek Celik as well as Digg, TechCrunch, Google and Twitter. All presentations are available as podcasts for free download. This page offers a large number of interesting and insightful sessions as podcasts.


@media 2007 Europe16, @media 2007 US17
This conference is held each year, both in Europa and in US. @media speakers are renowned web professionals, with experience, talent and passion for web design and web-development. Last conference in US was attended by Andy Clarke, Dan Cederholm, Joe Clark, Jeremy Keith; the recent European conference was attended by Jesse James Garrett, Jon Hicks, Kelly Goto and Jason Santa Maria. @media regularly offers podcasts and slides of all presentations for free download.


South by Southwest Podcast19
These podcast have been recorded at the SXSW Interactive Festival Panels. These are professional presentations put together by this festival that is held annually in Austin, Texas. There are some interesting issues discussed. SXSW has released a handful of 2008 podcasts. For some topics, it may be worthwhile to review previous years podcast materials as well. Podcasts from 200720.


d.Construct Conference Podcast22
This conference is held each year in September, and is located in Brighton, UK. The podcasts are recorded presentations from the conference. They have multiple podcasts of presentations on topics such as: experience design, graphic design, web design, microformats, and mobile design. The last conference was in 2007. Clear Left23 presents this conference.


Content Management System Podcasts

Lullabot Podcast25
Lullabot releases a fairly regular podcast on the Drupal content management system. A variety of Drupal-related topics is covered in more than 50 podcasts. Hosts often discuss the significance of technological changes within Drupal: system release issues, new significant modules and documentation projects. Both subjects for beginners and advanced users are covered. In each episode usually 3-5 people participate, discussing Drupal and related topics. There is a videocast26 as well. Lullabot is an agency that is known for teaching Drupal and building large Drupal projects.


The WordPress Podcast28
This podcast covers all things related to WordPress. Blogging, web design, hosting, WordPress plugins, and many other topics. Charles Stricklin runs this podcast, and Jonathan Bailey is the co-host. They interview members from the Wordpess team and other professionals as well. For each episode there are follow-up-links and show notes.

Wordpress Podcast29

Joomla Juice Podcast30
This podcast is focused on the Joomla content managment system. It doesn’t come out regularly, but it has been produced since 2006. The format for the show is an audiocast, though they mix in videocasts occasionally as well. The audiocast has a multi-media element that allows you to see what they are talking about. The links are embedded in the visuals. Pete Russell is the host. He interviews key influencers from the Joomla core team and Joomla community.

Joomla Juice31

Web Design Videocasts

Web Design TV Videocast32
.Net Magazine publishes the WDTV videocast. Before the format changes in March of this year, they had a podcast that was hosted by Paul Boag. Now it’s a “tutorial-style” videocast. Each episode focuses on a different web application, and teaches how to create specific types of projects. The basics of using tools within each application program are covered as well. So far, mostly Photoshop and Flash have been covered. Each video podcast is about 15 to 30 minutes long. The new release schedule has been weekly so far.


Adobe Creative Suite Video Videocast34
Terry White is the host of this videocast. Terry and guests follow a tutorial format. They teach you tools and features within each of the Adobe Creative Suite software products; some of them are used in web design. Flash, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and other applications are covered. The videos range from short 5 minute tutorials, all the way up to more than an hour long sessions. It’s a weekly series you can subscribe to in your favorite media player.

Adobe Creative Suite Podcast35 Videocast36
The feature of each of these videocasts is a video from one of the training series available at These videos cover a wide range of software, design, and programming languages. The podcast is published to promote Lynda’s membership sales, but each weekly episode is informative and of course free. There is no obligation to buy, though it’s tempting after seeing the quality of each weekly video.


Photoshop User TV38
This show is hosted by Dave Cross, Matt Kloskowski, and Scott Kelby from the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP). They cover shortcuts, tips and tricks, timesaving techniques, interviews, and tutorials related to Adobe Photoshop. The quality of the show is very professional. If you use Photoshop regularly, this is a very useful videocast to learn from experts and professionals.

Photoshop User TV39

Layers TV40
Layers TV is produced by Layers Magazine, “the how-to magazine for everything Adobe”. The show is focused on step-by-step video tutorials and tips on how to work with Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects and Flash. The show is released every week and is 20 minutes long. So far 34 episodes have been aired. For all tutorials source code as well as further examples are provided for free download.


The host of this podcast, a professional digital artist Bert Monroy. presents tips and tricks you need to whip those digital pictures into shape with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. The episodes are presented weekly and are often step-by-step-tutorials, each 15 minutes long.


Photoshop Killer Tips44
This podcast presents Adobe Photoshop tips, timesaving shortcuts, workarounds, and undocumented tricks. The host is Matt Kloskowski, one of “The Photoshop Guys” from Photoshop User TV. New shows are posted almost each weekday.


You Suck at Photoshop46
Of course, this list would be incomplete without narrator Donnie Hoyle and his dramatic, hilarious and always excellent podcast about professional Photoshop techniques. Unfortunately, the series has ended after the 10th episode. Hopefully, the show will come back. The podcast gained eight million page views and two Webby Award 2008 nominations (Best Comedy and Best How-To Series). For further Adobe Photoshop video tutorials check our recent post Adobe Photoshop Video Tutorials: Best Of47.


Further podcasts

CreativeXpert Podcast49
Alan Houser is the host of this podcast. He has a professional voice and a professional approach, with over 10 years of audio and video production experience. He also finds interesting people to interview and asks probative questions. The show doesn’t stick to a regular schedule, as only one episode has been released so far this year.


The Web 2.0 Show51
This podcast has released more than 40 episodes. It comes out sometimes weekly and sometimes monthly. The show centers around interviewing developers and entrepreneurs who create web projects and are invovled in interesting web ventures. This show provides you with a view behind the scenes of some of these innovative companies that are using and defining the “Web 2.0″ technology.

The Web 2.0 Show52

Geeks and God Podcast53
Bob Christenson (Rob Feature on the podcast) and Matt Farina are the hosts of the show. These guys are both upbeat. They plan the show well, and it moves along at a quick pace. There is a community built around the forum of the site as well. The show is aimed at church ministries, but the information covered is often applicable to any website. Rob and Matt are well versed in website design and development. They give practical advice on the nuances of web design, building websites, and running web communities.


You Suck at Web Design Podcast55
This is a comedic podcast put out by freelance web designer Matthew D. Jordan. He creates fictional stories related to web design. He describes the podcast as an attempt to deal with web acronyms, such as Web 2.0, WYSIWYG, and Ajax. His “disdain for the corporate world,” as well as “micro management,” permeates through his stories. You’ll likely either love this podcast, laughing uncontrollably, or you’ll hate it, and end up breaking iTunes. Mathew describes his humor as, “juvenile” and “not-baddish.”

You Suck at Web Design Podcast56

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    I’ve listened to very few of these, thanks for the excellent list, and tracking down all those Event podcasts. It would cost you a pretty penny to have actually attended all of those, but the podcasts are free!

    There are many more tutorial screencasts out there, but this list covers the web standards design gamut pretty well.

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    Podcasts about design, i never even knew these existed!

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    TYPO3 also offers Podcasts, Kasper’s Video Podcast is published every second week.

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    Although, I find it amazing that any of the so-called web design podcasts could have such horrible websites.

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    I’d love to see the web dev community step up and provide transcripts for some (any!) of these podcasts. I’m losing my hearing quite rapidly and will really miss the generous output of so many on the interwebs.

    I’d volunteer but, um, well for obvious reasons I’d not be the ideal candidate!

  10. 10

    Developer Side:

    - The Java Posse (Excellent Java centric podcast)
    - .Net Rocks (Excellent .Net centric podcast)
    - DNR tv (Excellent .Net centric Videocast)
    - Hanselminutes (Excellent all around podcast)
    - Railscast (Superb weekly screencasts for Ruby on Rails)
    - RailsEnvy Podcast (Excellent Rails/Ruby centric weekly podcast)

    All of the above are top tier developer oriented podcasts, worthy of inclusion. Sorry for not making them linkable, but a quick google query can find them easily.

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    Podcasts of the presentations at this year’s Web Directions North are available for download at

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    Read Write Talk is another good one

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    excellent list! again!

    I’m lover of adobe Illustrator, but the materials on the net is too low. I getting some results by learning here ^^

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    All of them are great. When I worked in a cube all of these saved my life. hahahah

    one of the biggest and best time wasters, but i learned so much from all of them to help me start my own business Easily Amused, Inc.

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    MMM….. no mention of the FreelanceSwitch podcasts?

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    Killer post :D ! Love u Smashing Magazine.

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    Thanks Sean for the plug. Glad you like the show :) We certainly have fun making it.

    I would like to vote for Rissington. Even though they are horribly rude about me, their podcast is laugh out loud funny. Let’s face it nobody pays us to listen to web design podcasts so it has to be entertaining as well as informative.

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    Charles Stricklin

    May 15, 2008 4:05 am


    A video podcast I’ve come across recently that I’d like to recommend is CSS Tricks

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    I love Podcasts, but its hard to find good Design and Development related casts. Thank you so much!

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    Great list man. I’ll have to start downloading if my internet decides to let me on-line for more than 3 minutes without breaking. Cheers.

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    You always do a great job!!!I am a big fan of Smash magazine!!!

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    Wow! All my favorite podcasts in one list!

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    Mike the pcrobot

    May 16, 2008 7:54 pm

    Thanks for the great suggestions! I have downloaded Boagworld and others… they all sound really good!

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    Giovanny Gutierrez

    May 19, 2008 6:08 am

    Have you guys also checked out Dork Lessons? It’s all web design (Flash, Dreamweaver, etc).

  30. 30

    The Lullabot Podcast is very useful for anyone looking to build a website in Drupal. I’ve been to a workshop of theirs and they know what they’re talking about. I’m currently building my blog in Drupal and from my point-of-view it’s the best CMS hands down.

  31. 31

    Jared Spool offers good podcasts on usability (uie podcasts here). There are two types: interviews (spoolcast ) and podcasts dedicated to one subject (usability tools podcasts). Personally, I think the latter are the more interesting. They used to be published weekly, but lately the frequency seems to have decreased…

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    Thanks for the nod to CreativeXpert!

    I’ve recently gotten the itch to return to the podcast, keeping release dates on a more-consistent basis.

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    I would like to inform you about free online service a podcast player
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    (later on will be option to embed mediaplayer on your site)

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    Expression Engine now has a podcast. Highly valuable information and so far covered a lot of EE2 stuff.

  36. 36

    Really good run down of useful design-dev-led podcasts. I have to add that there is some great content on the 37signals podcast, tends to be more business orientated but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Also good listening on the Doctype podcast – well worth checking out.

    Thanks for sharing.

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    Hi here is a cool podcast for webdesigner (german):

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    Your post is an inspiration for me to study more about this subject. I must confess your clarity broadened my views and I will right away grab your rss feed to remain up to date on any succeeding articles you might write. You are due, thanks for a job well done!

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