The Showcase Of BIG Typography – Second Edition


In Web typography doesn’t have to support the overall design. It can dominate. It can be loud. It can be bold. And it can be everywhere on a web-site. In many situations it’s reasonable to give the typography the prominent position it deserves, leaving visual cues in the background or removing them at all. Doing that, you have to risk large font sizes surrounded by a generous amount of white space. What comes out of it? Elegant web sites with a unique form, style and sense of precision.

Few months ago we have already presented some sites with quite BIG typography. In this article we present further 55 examples of big, “loud” and yet elegant typography in web design; some listed designs are Flash-based, and in some cases designs are based not only upon typography, but also upon some visual elements.

Please take a look at the following posts as well:

The Showcase Of BIG Typography

Görsel Işler’s porotfolio with a vibrant typography from Turkey. The design looks attractive and appealing.


Defining the Designer of 20156
AIGA uses only typography in its design and uses it effectively. An intiative to define the professional characteristics of the designers of 2015 so that together we can prepare designers for the skills and roles that will be expected for them.

Azzabee uses big typography in a rotating Flash-based promo. The navigation menu is perfectly integrated in the promo using PNG transparency. Very elegant and effective design solution.


National Television is a project which uses bold, loud and sexy typography within a Flash-based design. Very playful, impressive and interesting to explore. Some content of the site may be hard to read, though.


Apparently, Fl-2, a design agency from Denver, Colorado, has a clear focus on typography. Both blog (first image) and the web-site (second image) offer literally HUGE typography. In the second example typography is integrated in the portfolio showcasing selected work produced by the agency.



Neubau Berlin
Letters, letters, letters. NeuBau is a German type-foundry which is why typography is used everywhere on the site. The typeface used is NB-Grotesk. The design isn’t intuitive at all, but that’s all about typography, right?



JLern Design16
JLern Design presents the typography from a quite unusual perspective. Nice, compact and typography-heavy design solution. Flash in use.


Are you a virgin?18
AIGA’s another concept based only on typography. The current section of the site is presented with a bold and colorful typography.


Hungry Man20
Hungry man seems to be hungry for job as well. A really distinctive design with a little bit retro-look.


256TM is a font foundry by Thomas Huot-Marchand. Below the splash-page is presented. The navigation menu is, of course, based upon pure typography, too.


Elmwood isn’t really humble and uses typography to emphasize exactly this. Effective use of typography for promotional purposes. After all, it’s all about impressing people, right?


Erratic Wisdom26
Not only is the typography quite bold, it is yellow too! Designed by Tom Fadial.


Lukas Strnadel from Czech Republic places a brief description of the site in the middle of the page. Vibrant colors in use.


Switch Mediaworks30
Switch Mediaworks is a pretty lively web-site with a pretty lively typography.




Mike Precious34


Newsmap displays current stories and their popularity in a news map. More important messages are displayed with bold typography.




Sean Klassen39
Sean Klassen loves Helvetica and wears pants. Both his splash-page and his blog are heavy on typography.



Postmachina uses typography to deliver the message…


Chris Garrett Media44
…so does Chris Garrett. Color transition in use…


Francesco Mugnai46
…and so does Francesco Mugnai.


Bill Morrison has a small web-site, but uses large and bold typography.


Urban Phes50


Ourtype is a Belgian type foundry which showcases its typefaces at large scale. When you scroll the page, type seems to be a little bit shaky.


Kokokaka sounds pretty strange, but this is how a Swedish design agency is called. Their web-site uses capital caps and very colorful links.


Organic Grid56
Michael McDonald with dynamic Flash-based typographic design.


Sometimes one can experiment with geometric shapes as well. Colorcubic uses illustrations which look like typography, but are indeed not letters.


Pier Madonia60
Pier Madonia showcases his work using a large typography-based navigation menu. That’s an unusual approach which isn’t intuitive but still simple to understand and to use. The sub-menu is pretty large, too. And, of course, uses only typography.


Alex Cohaniuc62
Alex Cohaniuc uses typography for his categories…


Ogilvy Durham64
…Ogilvy Durham for his logo…


I Love Typography66
…John Boardley for the title of his site.


Brunet Garcia68


Studio Number One70


Virtual Memories Inc.72
Apparently, the creators of this site really love typography. Because they have almost nothing else.


On 300million letters fly, jump and float. Created with Flash.


Twistori is an ongoing social experiment which analyzes messages sent to Twitter and presents them in a scrolling window. With large and vibrant typography.


Daniel Hagglund78


Vision 780
On Vision 7 the typography is literally squeezed insind a tiny and short layout. The letters are nevertheless huge.


Wind Jammer82
Not really beautiful, but big and large. This company from London seems to have its own style when it comes to choice of letters.


Mattia Viviani84


Paco Raphael86


Sometimes typography can be large yet remain subtle and support the content of the site…





Babasonicos uses bold and pretty colorful typography in the navigation. This may not be the perfect solution from the usability-perspective, but the site perfectly achieves its primary goal, namely to appear lively and colorful — just the way the band is in its pretty strange videos.


Topos Graphics96
Topos Graphics: a start page with “mirrored” typography.


Popart Blog98
Typography for headlines gone bold. The headline literally stands out.


Nu Visual Language100




Mike Poss104


Marie Julien106


Bold typography supports the design. It doesn’t stand out but it is visible.



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    The first website, Designfabrika, is not Gorsel isler’s portfolio. “Görsel Isler” translates to “visual works”. It’s Oguzhan Aydin’s portfolio, as you can see here:

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    Thans for ever so inspiring articles.

    I look forward to having som more time to go deeper into the webpages, you present here.
    I like to browse on the surface first, and then dig deeper on occation…


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    Big Type and minimalism Rocks!

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    A photographer friend of mine has a photo portfolio site with big type for the navigation.

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    It’s not inspiring.
    I don’t need your help finding neato things on the web.
    I’d like to hear something constructive as to why they’re on a list.
    Stop making lists.
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    I love many ideas from this list. Great work and thank you.


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    There is a reason the article is titled, “The Showcase of BIG Typography,” not “The Dissertation of BIG Typography.”

    Secondly, what gives you a right to demand a them to give you a reason for you to come back? I think they will be pretty well off and won’t even notice your absence, so don’t fret. You won’t be missed, trust me.

    Thirdly, the reason on why the sites are on this list is above underneath the name of this article. In addition, descriptions of what the author wants to point out are listed underneath each link.

    One of the most overlooked means of gathering ideas is to look at the work of others, and if this article is merely to kindle and inspire, I think it does a rather good job.

    The internet is filled with resources and articles – if you don’t like this one, find another one.

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    Can anyone tell me the font used in Hungry Man?

    Cheers guys

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    Where can I get some of this fonts?
    i like NB-Grotesk

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    Hmm, very nice but a lot of these are flash driven or use graphics. Not much good for SEO! If your core message is reliant on using images and no text to achieve a typographic message then you are shooting yourself in the !

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    Really cool article. Thanks for putting this together.

    I am the creator of and I came across this website that is a complete and utter rip off:

    If anyone can help bring that website down, it is much appreciated! Unbelievable that people think they can get away with that kinda thing.

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