Beautiful Black and White Photography


If you’ve been following Smashing Magazine for a while, you know that almost all posts from the Monday Inspiration series1 are pretty colorful and eye-catching. This post is an exception. Compared to colorful designs where catchy colors help the design to stand out, in black-and-white designs the ability to stand out depends only on its ability to communicate rather than on its appealing visual presentation.

Indeed, beautiful black and white photography doesn’t attract with its play of colors. Here close attention to composition, lighting, perspective and the context it is shot in are important. Hence, before considering the photos presented below please prepare some patience and time. This post presents some truly excellent examples of beautiful black-and-white photography.

Notice: this post isn’t supposed to showcase the best black-and-white-photos of world’s best photographers; please see it as a modest attempt to inspire designers for experimenting with black and white instead of using a variety of vibrant colors all the time. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting and unusual for herself or himself.

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All photos belong to the respective owners.

Beautiful Black-And-White-Photography

Toni Frissell5
In her legendary photos Toni Frissell impresses with a strong trend toward surrealism or realism. The photo presented below, although in black and white, is both extremely sharp and clear. To achieve such level of clarity in black and white is extremely hard.

Black and White Photography6

Alin Ciortea7
Alin Ciortea presents examples of modern street photography. In black and white, of course.

Black and White Photography8

Black and White Photography9

Unfortunately, the photographer is unknown. The photo seems to be taken at exact the right moment from exactly the right angle with a perfect lighting. Black and white can be powerful as well.

Black and White Photography11

Sally Mann12
This photo, titled Candy Cigarette, not just displays something, it tells a story. It is both emotional and beautiful. This is what the originality of black-and-white-photography is all about.

Black and White Photography13

Larry Towell14
This shot was taken in El Salvador. Child with star mask during “Day Of The Dead”. Other child in background rolls tire for repair in garage where he works at an adult’s job. The photo is full of tiredness and stubbornness. Simple motif conveying strong emotions.

Black and White Photography15

Aneta Kowalczyk16
Aneta Kowalczyk specializes in portrait photography. Some of her photos are provoking, some are strange and some are extremely beautiful. The example below displays the beautiful side of black and white photography.

Black and White Photography17

Nick Brandt18
Nick Brandt is a renown animal photographer which has become famous with his book of photographs, “On This Earth”, which was published in October 2005.

Black and White Photography19

Gary Winogrand20
Taking a shot just at the right moment.

Black and White Photography21

Larry Louie22
Woman Of Tibet. Realism at its best. Awarded with International Photography Awards in 2007.

Black and White Photography23

Gabriele Caretti24
Tour Eiffel: extraordinary contrast and perspective. Strong, clean and very precise shot.

Black and White Photography25

Ghost Town Charm26
Excellent lighting.

Black and White Photography27

Ansel Adams28
One of the most famous contemporary black and white photographers. Classic!

Black and White Photography29

Maurizio Polese30
Polese’s works pay close attention to small, tiny details. The tones are perfects and compositions are beautiful which is why the photos are presented in this post. Notice the sharp contrast and the lighting at the first image below and the sharp pathway leading to the light in the second one.

Black and White Photography31

Black and White Photography32

Top 10 Reader Black-and-White Photos33
Ten extraordinary black and white photographs sent to the editorial by its readers.

Black and White Photography34

Black and White Photography35

Black and White Photography36

Michele Clement37
Artistic yet beautiful and extremely powerful shot. Michele Clement is the winner of Black & White Spider Awards 2007 in category “Outstanding Achievement”.

Black and White Photography38

Snyder Alison39
This photo has been taken in South Crillon Glacier, Washburn.

Black and White Photography40

Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami on the hills surrounding the captital, where his film “Taste of Cherry”, which was co-awarded the Golden Palm in Cannes 1997, was shot.

Black and White Photography42

Patrick Figaj43

Black and White Photography44

Jack Radcliffe45
Alison’s life in black and white photos. The significance of these pictures emerges in retrospect. “When my daughter Alison was born, in the tradition of a new parent, I began to photograph her, initially in a separate and private body of work. However, in the process of documenting Alison’s growth, I developed a passionate interest in human relationships and capturing intimate moments in the lives of family and friends.”

Black and White Photography46

Black and White Photography47

Arndt Laude48
Alignment. Sometiems all it takes is to be at the right place in the right moment and take a shot under the right angle. That’s what happened here.

Black and White Photography49

Ralph Gibson50
Staircase is an example of Gibson’s high-contrast, minimalist black and white compositions have influenced a generation of photographers. By isolating the essential elements of a scene, his pictures show a style that is unique and immediately recognizable. [via51]

Black and White Photography52

Elliott Erwitt53
Erwitt, an advertising and journalistic photographer known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings — the master of the “indecisive moment”.

Black and White Photography54

Black and White Photography55

Roy Mckeown56
Snowy Sheep.

Black and White Photography57

Adam Hinton58

Black and White Photography59

Van Shnooken Raggen60
Two Warehouses.

Black and White Photography61

Rodney Smith62
Rodney Smith has his own understanding of professional black-and-white-photography. Unusual, abstract and surrealistic works.

Black and White Photography63

Drole Deciel64

Black and White Photography65

Shazeen Samad66
Simple yet excellent composition. This photo manages not just to show something, but to capture a moment of life in all its beauty and vividness.

Black and White Photography67

Scott Bush68
Berk-plage – France. What a sky! A really strange squadron: octopussy, teddy bear and skates.

Black and White Photography69

Pedro Meyer70
Pedro Meyer shows the life of people across the globe. This photo was taken in Rio De Janeiro.

Black and White Photography71

Black and White Photography72

Mitch Dobrowner73
Mitch Dobrowner is famous due to his Earth photos.

Black and White Photography74

Black and White Photography75

Black and White Photography76

Black and White Photography77

Robertino Nikolic78
lighting plays with geometry. Or geometry plays with lighting? The winner of the Black & White Spider Awards 2007.

Black and White Photography79

Capturing the right moment at the right point of time.

Black and White Photography81

Bert (Quasebart)82
Perfect timing, perfect lighting. A dreamy shot.

Black and White Photography83

Hughes Leglise-Bataille84
That’s a quite unusual perspective for a photograph.

Black and White Photography85

Santosh Korthiwada86
“No peeping please!” Very powerful, emotional and somehow sad photo.

Black and White Photography87

Rui Palha88
Rui Palha photographs simple people in simple situations. Result: extraordinary photos of simple things surrounding our life.

Black and White Photography89

Black and White Photography90

Black and White Photography91


Black and White Photography93

Two Tree Hill. The composition looks very surreal, yet powerful and beautiful.

Black and White Photography95

G. Diaz Deleon96
Ventana XIV. Geometric minimalism at its best.

Black and White Photography97

Maurizio Polese98
Escape. Unusual angle, unusual perspective.

Black and White Photography99

Jana Stolzer100

Black and White Photography101

Vega Omer102
Struggling to survive.

Black and White Photography103

Ezra Caldwell104
Dog snout. Sometimes the moments from our life are the most valuable moments we should enjoy and keep in mind.

Black and White Photography105

Last Click

Crossing Lines106

Black and White Photography107

Classics in Lego108
An illustrative summary of iconic pictures with their pairs of Balakov’s Lego figure pictures109 which are reconstucting famous moments in the history of mankind.

Black and White Photography110

Black and White Photography111

Mark Daniel Owen112
I heart you. Do you see what we see?

Black and White Photography113

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  1. 1

    Sally Mann is my favorite photographer.

    I was lucky enough to be able to see some of her prints in person at the Guggenheim, and I can honestly say that was the first time a photograph affected me so much!

  2. 2


    Im First ^^

  3. 3

    splendid and i’m the second one to comment ^^

  4. 4

    Simply amazing

  5. 5

    Great article!

  6. 6


  7. 7

    good photos, tobad i dont say any from deviantart. They have great bw photo’s aswell

  8. 8

    Beautiful. i saved em all in my inspiration folder! thanks for such a great post Smashingmagazine

  9. 9
  10. 10

    Berk-plage, France, is spelled Berck. Great article, nice moment to read it.

  11. 11

    Wonderful images.

    The ninth photo: the author is Garry Winogrand

  12. 12
  13. 13

    AWESOME. But the word is LIGHTING not LIGHTNING!!!

  14. 14

    In black and white, I always loved the work of David Doubilet.

  15. 15

    Thibaut Allender

    June 9, 2008 4:00 am

    Nice examples.

    The second photo really makes me think about one of my series. More there if you like them ;-)

  16. 16


    June 9, 2008 4:05 am



  17. 17

    Magnifique :-)

  18. 18

    I love the ‘Crossing Line’ picture!

  19. 19

    Candy Cigarette, beautiful shot. It is a boy disguised in girl?

  20. 20

    Erik Teichmann

    June 9, 2008 4:22 am

    Some of my favorite black and white photos are from English Russia. My particular favorite on this page is this one of a man and his accordion.

  21. 21

    great shots!! I love “Birds” and the pictures of Jack Radcliffe most.
    beautiful. To me it seems that most of the pictures have a sad, melancholic touch. I like this, however :)

  22. 22

    Amazing… see my pictures: [link][/link]

  23. 23

    You swine!. I’ve been quite happy with my photography of late and now I’m depressed

  24. 24

    Anthem Creative

    June 9, 2008 5:00 am

    Excellent post and stunning photography. I must say though, the most compelling element of black and white photography, in addition to the reasons listed, is the capturing and displaying of the brutally honest emotional value in its subjects. B&W photography can inspire laughter, tears, or any variety of emotional response in a way that no other medium seems to be able to accomplish.

  25. 25

    Really beautiful,


  26. 26

    simply amazing ……
    tired of seeing graphical pic’s nowdayz
    gr8 collection :D

  27. 27

    I’d prefer colored version, some amazing shots there.

  28. 28

    Absolutely amazing shots. The photographers ought to be proud of themselves.

  29. 29


    June 9, 2008 5:45 am

    the piece entitled “birds” is a photomanipulation submitted on approximately 1 year ago. It is not an original photo.

  30. 30

    I love black and white photographs much more than the colored ones.
    They always transport the feelings much purer than with colors.
    Great selection by the way.

  31. 31

    the image titled “Good Winter” seems stolen from fastboy’s flickr:, and not given appropriate credit.

  32. 32

    Zaphod Beeblebrox

    June 9, 2008 6:46 am

    Lovely collection, but please credit ever photo carefully. The photo titled “Good Winter” was taken by Ezra Caldwell:
    and the story that goes with it is completely bogus. Please correct this asap.

  33. 33

    You should check out Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s photos. An award winner, awesome director.

  34. 34

    It’s an honor to be featured here, next to Elliott Erwitt, one of my all-time favorites!

  35. 35

    Damn this would be a great exposition allright!

    nice work !!!

  36. 36

    Very inspiring! Thank you!

    I noticed that two amazing photographers didn’t make it into the post and thought I would send out links to their work for those who enjoyed this… these two photographers are magical!

    Robert ParkeHarrison


  37. 37

    Osvaldo Osorio

    June 9, 2008 7:34 am

    La sexta foto que publicaron me impactó tanto. Soy de El Salvador, y me impresionó mucho como se capturó esta realidad de mi país.

  38. 38

    Nice article. The 9th image (marked as unkown) is by Gary Winogrand. Intersting that I had seen that pic on the web just a couple of days ago.hehe.

  39. 39

    Amazing photos. I’ve seen a few of them before but never assembled into one collection it was great.

  40. 40

    VERY nice collection of photographs. I will be sharing this one…

    I invite anyone interested in black and white photography to check out my father’s work here:

    He takes some pretty stunning black and white photos.

  41. 41

    Truly Amazing!!! Keep it up!

  42. 42
  43. 43

    Great work but i think you forgot Alex Majoli of Magnum Photos and James Nachtwey of VII.

  44. 44

    Pedro Assumpção

    June 9, 2008 11:09 am

    Very good collection. But in Black & White Cariter-Bresson was the best for me.
    You should put some Bresson pics in this post.

  45. 45

    I’m not sure who you’re impressing with these? Is this a photoblog now? Whist an improvement on the woeful recent HDR post, your forays into photography are lacklustre and derivative. You less than insightful commentary (“Taking a shot just at the right moment”) adds very little. you are great at tech and coding posts, why don’t you just stick to them?

  46. 46

    Well i’m not an expert but in my opinion, a black-and-white picture looks gorgeous with the contrast of black and white and also the way the pic silently tells its meaning :D

  47. 47

    Black and white photos has its own beauty and are gorgious

  48. 48

    These look fantastic.

  49. 49

    fantastic look at the field, but as ‘theemptywhiteroom’ commented, the “Birds” entry is without question a work of photoshop. it took less than ten seconds for me to recognize three ‘bird’ shapes that are scaled and repeated at different angles. the shot is just too perfect, i’m surprised you guys didn’t figure that out on your own…

    here’s my photo “submission”…

  50. 50

    Need some Lee Friedlander in here. Glad to see Winogrand made it.

  51. 51

    Wow, incredible selection! Having Ansel Adams there just made my day.

    My own black and white gallery:

  52. 52

    Amazing photos. Also check

  53. 53

    sandie sørensen

    June 9, 2008 11:09 pm

    I recognized the Photo that Sally Mann made on smashings frontpage at once!
    Because here where I work, we have her exhibition right now!
    So If you love her photos, go to Royal Library of Denmark!

    Thanks for inspiration, Smashing. Once again.

  54. 54

    Absolutely amazing collection!
    You may also check impressive photo gallery of life and death in Sarajevo ’92. – ’96.
    Various photographers telling the same (sad) story.

  55. 55

    great ,now i think i should try out something like this

  56. 56

    Hughes Léglise-Bataille

    June 10, 2008 1:23 am

    I’m somehow glad yet puzzled to have one of my photos included in this selection, which I must say is quite a mixed bag that unfortunately, falls very very short of presenting a top quality selection. Famous photographers mixed with completely unknown amateurs, great shots mixed with very poor ones, and all this missing a massive number of fantastic works by world renowned photographers (in no particular order, where are Nachtwey, HCB, Pellegrin, Doisneau, Koudelka, Kertesz, Capa, Trent Parke, etc, etc.).

    By the way, the author of “Straws” is Japanese photographer Hiroshi Watanabe.

  57. 57

    wow! These photos are insane

  58. 58

    Sono foto assolutamente magnifiche!

  59. 59

    nice photo collection. Great.

  60. 60
  61. 61

    The author of the 4th phoro – “Birds” is Madsky
    The name of the photo “The End”

  62. 62

    You should definitely add tony duran: tonyduran[dot]net to your list, amazing photography.

  63. 63

    fantastic selection!

  64. 64

    Phenomenal set of pictures. Excellent work!

  65. 65

    They’re all great and beautiful in their own way, but that Toni Frissell photo and who she is as a photographer and her body of work is the best one here… oh yeah, that guy Ansel Adams is pretty good too. I’m new to all of this and just recently discovered this website. What a great place to be in. So much to do. So much to see. So much to learn. I love it here. It has now become my default home page, sorry Google and Yahoo!

  66. 66

    Jessica Griffin

    June 10, 2008 9:13 am

    Awesome images!

  67. 67

    Cool photography

  68. 68

    What a contrast! Really inspiring.

  69. 69

    Great compilation!
    Check my black and white works

  70. 70

    Amazing collection

  71. 71

    Louis Klibansky

    June 11, 2008 5:47 am

    Absolutely beautiful! Great selection; work that conveys a message. I especially love Candy Cigarette and Jack Radcliffe.

  72. 72

    nice .. I Love Black and White photo … i dont like color….see my gallry in

  73. 73

    Most of these are ‘pretty’ but stimulate little other than aesthetic pleasure. This is a pleasingly safe list. Hardly surprising when your audience consists of mostly tech geeks who think culture was something that MTV invented. Stick to producing sugar-coated geekery. Leave art alone.

  74. 74

    The last one, is in colour too for sure.

  75. 75


  76. 76

    Candy cigarettes is truly the most beautifull picture I have ever seen

  77. 77

    Hey AndrewE,

    Maybe since you’re so enlightened and educated in regards to truly “cultural” art, you could provide us with some examples, instead of insulting the entire readership of this website.

    Show us all of your conversation-stimulating and deeply conceptual, culturally relevant artwork, because you must be quite the artist if you feel like you can come here and take a jab at all of the above photographers.

    This website is not an art website, it is a resource for general inspiration. Nowhere in the post did they mention that they were trying to bring together a definitive collection of art photography, they were merely displaying a few pieces to stimulate the creativity of their community.

    You believe they should leave art alone, and I believe you should leave this website alone.


  78. 78

    Awesome pics.. loved all of them

  79. 79

    Hi guys,

    your website is a true inspiration.
    Thank you for the constant flow of amazing material.
    I really appreciate the photography topics to find images that create a spark in my creative mind.
    All these photos made me grab my camera, leave the room and become better at photography :)

    I follow each single post on this site and it has become of my main sources for inspiration.
    My colleagues at work love it too and always thank me that I forwarded them the link to smashingmagazine.

    Keep up the smashingly good work! ;)
    Oliver Ruehl

  80. 80

    this one is missing in the list:

  81. 81

    I have been following this website for a few months now, and in my opinion this is the best article yet. Most inspirational also (made me want to just go out and take photos)


  82. 82

    if us see all in black and white, would be the world different ?

  83. 83

    cool work =)
    Some of them are simply amazing !!!

  84. 84

    Phil Jones CEO SWPP & BPPA

    June 14, 2008 7:02 am

    Nice selection of images

  85. 85

    The picture’s photographer about kites in Berk-plage is not “Scott Bush” but me.

  86. 86

    so beautiful!! everything is so different from the other…love this!

  87. 87

    the candy cigarette photo is beautiful. i hope that when i am older and taking photos a hope that i could take one as beutiful as that. the rest are amazing!!

  88. 88

    The photo “birds” is an exceptional one.
    As is the photo from michele Clement.

    Wonderful to discover you magazine today…….

  89. 89

    wow! very nice! I saw them all pixel by pixel,continue plz…

  90. 90

    ananda rizki ramdani

    June 16, 2008 11:12 pm

    amazing inpiration, i love ‘bird’ one

  91. 91

    Awesome images!

  92. 92


  93. 93

    very very nice. So nice!

  94. 94

    well i know the one ” Unknown
    Capturing the right moment at the right point of time.”
    and the one is jumping off is my cousin arash.
    the photo is in north of iran “khane Darya”.
    if you want more detail send me an email .

  95. 95

    the ghost town charm is realy beaytiful!love them all.

  96. 96

    Great collection!

    Snail pic is cute! :-*

  97. 97

    You guys think these photos are silver gelatin or digital??

  98. 98


  99. 99

    Great collections and you guys rock, I would prefer the upside down guy by Shazeen Samad and the first one by Toni Frissell… Oh my goodness.. these pictures are worth millions…

  100. 100

    Ciortea’s photo suggests the lad will break his neck on that back dive; not what I would call an emotive scene. Also, in El Salvador the culture does not distinguish “adult jobs” — it tends to focus on survival. And, no, that is not the “real meaning” of the photo, it is just the opposite, a crass disrespect of reality and a leap into the fantastic, a far step from photo-realistic art interpretation.

  101. 101

    Just beautiful…. could stare at them for hours, very inspirational

  102. 102

    this is incomprehensible for me. i’ve never seen photos like these, even in color! i absolutely adored the ones of the parts of earth and the ones taken far away from the cities.

  103. 103

    Fantastic collection! Thank you for sharing this with the world.

    I would love to know what the person in “Birds” was doing and if they, ummm, survived jumping off the side of a tall building. Made my toes tingle….

  104. 104

    I have always preferred black and white photography over color. So many more details can be seen without being distracted by color.
    One great photographer I didn’t see mentioned here is Clyde Butcher. He has done some fantastic shoots in Florida, Cuba and the western U.S.

  105. 105


  106. 106

    photoshop is cool, people can claim things and they have proof too.

  107. 107

    I am amazingly annoyed! I’ve seen that ‘birds’ photograph many times before and always wanted to know where it’s from, especially since I’ve seen one that appears to have been taken from behind the man as he jumps. I saw this on clipmarks and thought I might finally find out where it’s from…no such luck.

  108. 108

    saludos excelente presente

  109. 109

    süper fotolar…

  110. 110

    Very nice collection!

  111. 111

    breathtaking! How amazing that anyone nowadays can shoot beautiful photos!

  112. 112

    Shankar Vashist

    July 8, 2008 2:18 am

    Hi !

    Great pics… learning experience for budding photo enthusiasts.

    Cheers, Shankar

  113. 113

    I do not have words to describe what the above content is…..
    Only one thing can be said…. just out of the box thinking

  114. 114

    Fantastic collection!!!! Love it.

  115. 115

    Awesome collection!, I can assure you I have more ideas now thant 30 min. ago!, I added your feed to my reader, big thanks and keep it up!

  116. 116

    Nice pictures…Lame descriptions… The writer evidently thinks they’re qualified to discuss art because they use words like, “powerful”, “perspective”, and “composition”.

  117. 117


    Selam from Bosnia:-))

  118. 118

    Amazing. My fav pages!

  119. 119

    Some of these are definitely silver gelatin. They’re phenomenal.

  120. 120

    amazing shots somewhat inspiring:)

  121. 121

    amazing! great!

  122. 122

    Thanks for bringing together such a fine collection of black and white images. There’s a lot to learn just by spending time looking at these – so thanks again :)

    Maybe one day one of mine will feature in an article like this!

  123. 123


  124. 124

    WHOA!! they are all fantastic!! i really do LOVE black & white photography the best. i think it really brings out the raw emotions within a moment. very good captures!

  125. 125

    Simply Great !!!

    Giving U A Fealing Of Being Touched By Heart

  126. 126

    Wow! These are amazing! Beautiful.. great inspiration!

  127. 127

    Wonderful collection here! There’s also some nice B&W photography at Whispers on the Side.

  128. 128

    im amazed…. all black and white photos tells a story.. they rock.. wonderfull collection

  129. 129

    locked up abroad

    August 31, 2008 1:28 pm

    the world needs to see this … I’m posting this on facebook for my friend to see

  130. 130

    i think it is amazingly good i think rehlaerhgerahlareh

  131. 131

    Simply supurb

  132. 132

    wondering if anyone could help me find a certain picture( was told it was well known just didnt know the title)…. its a black and white photo of a lady putting on lipstick sitting on then edge of what looks like a hotel bed and her legs up on the dresser…. guy in backround with shirt off.

  133. 133

    These are amazin’
    Add this one to the list

  134. 134

    Hi webmaster!

  135. 135

    Brilliant photos! Cheers!

  136. 136

    there was a picture somewhere on this site, little girl/ with a hoody on or hood over their head anyone know where to fine this pic

  137. 137

    What a great collection. I do have a question for anyone out there who might be able to help: My digital camera has a BW filter setting. Is it better to shoot photos in BW or shoot them in color and remove the color in Photoshop? Feel free to e-mail me: design [at]

  138. 138

    hunt for bnw pics for my wall got me to this site !
    and i am impressed … got no words … my fave is no peeping please .

  139. 139
  140. 140

    verdaderamente magníficas fotos de la gran sensibilidad humana

  141. 141

    seldom see pictures like these! really great!

  142. 142

    love the pictures keep them going but have more animals and insects


  143. 143

    This post is amazing. What great insight and great pictures I’ve never been exposed to.

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    A poem for the cigarette girl and you…

    Not a Candy Cigarette
    by , S. Blair Fox

    Not a candy cigarette she smokes,
    young girl holding between tokes,
    at shaded playground park defending
    the right to tobacco puff, not intending
    to be caught , underage against the rage
    of smoke filled adults, education sage,
    that preaches bad habits, but teaches
    by bad example, gives her lessons, reaches
    for the soul to keep her in position,
    and out of integrity, implying omission
    from hot fire inhalation, thinking others degrade,
    why can’t she?

    She’s been smoking for months,
    under bushes and trees, with flies and moths,
    away from hated adult supervision,
    to test her skills against their old superstition
    and beliefs about “innocent” kids behavior,
    she’s not waiting for some kind of savior.
    Scary adult manipulation threatened
    her foundation, creating a world weakened
    by lies and truths gone awry,
    hiding from trouble lurking, dark help exemplify.

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    Artist’s Comments
    “Suicide among birds. First feeling will be the freedom, then fear… Whatever, i always want to fly anyway…”


    Technical Note:
    Birds are copied from one of my old works “Stand Alone” one by one. Resized. Rotated. vs vs
    Jumping man is copied from one of “The end at the end” work shots. I used self timer and tripod to get this jump action freezed…

    So, i repeat :) this is not an actual shot, not a “kodak moment”.

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    He is such a great friend and a photographer..:)
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    I must say i truly love black and white photography, love the emotion and the raw feeling. Just have to as well leave a comment about “birds” remember seeing the picture a while back on deviantart and through the link of the above i found it again hereby, you can read it is not a photograph, but a few combined in a nonetheless beautiful way!
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    Hi, my name is Frédéric Mars, from France.
    The pic named : Kites (on the beach of Berk) is not of Scott Bush, but is mine.
    This is a problem very boring, and I try to fix it.
    I talk to the webmaster, I would you fix the problem on your webpage, and you change the name.
    Thanks so much in advance.
    My page, to see the picture :

    F.Mars (aka Marsup’ on flickr)

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    scheda28 – is my nick on flickr!!

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    May 11, 2010 7:52 am

    You have some beautiful black and white photographs on here but if you really want to see black and white photography at its very finest you should check out Bill Brandt, George Tice, Kosti Ruohomma, Alfred Eisenstadt, Minnie Libby and George Hurrell, among many others.

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    Hats off to these wonderful photographers.


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    these are really amazing pictures, and if u think they are not, then you dont know what true art is.. so suck it!!

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    I came upon this page by pure chance,and love the content,thanx

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    Whether or not one likes black and white photography this collection is extremely good. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or so I have always understood.
    It does seem a great pity though that many, whether for or against, have to use four letter words when expressing themselves. In doing so they simply show ignorance of the use of language, and a lack of good manners.

  306. 306

    I really think so too=P I have been browsing around the internet for some time today, and its really hard to find anything interesting to read on blogs=) Maybe its because there are too much of them around =) But your website actually keeps catching my attention=P Great posts, and kawai design ^__^. Ill be sure to give it more visits now :P

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    These are incredible pictures that inspire me to be a better photographer than I am right now. Thanks for making this website so freakin awesome!!!!

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    All Around Art

  310. 310

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  311. 311

    “Birds” is not a photo. It’s a Photomanipulation.
    here is the link to the author’s page

  312. 312

    wow……. Really amuzing photos…… i like it….

  313. 313


  314. 314

    I’m still a newbie and I love color photography, but glad there is the option to explore both, still, I would so much like to explore digital black & white photography more. There is just something about it. Many times color doesn’t do it and some photos after being captured in color I render them in black and white and am amazed. Street photography scenes though still great in color are really so at home in B&W. There photos are simply beautiful and some really touched my heart.

  315. 315

    Wow. These photographs are amazing, and are just freakin beautiful. I’m so glad I kept the url of this page as a bookmark :) and damn, if you don’t like these pictures you are REALLY living under a rock.

  316. 316

    bringing to reality, signs of the earth and culture i agree time is well worth taking pictures of

  317. 317

    I love black and white photography everytime I take a picture I always convert it to black and white and add contrast.Because iv’e got blue eyes black hair and I’m really pale, I think it just looks better with shadows and contrast.TBH.

  318. 318

    i think black n white phtography is simply beautiful
    WOW- it makes things seem so different as compared to colour………..
    like living with the unknown:-)

  319. 319

    I love the photo of the Eiffel Tower. Phenomenal shot!

  320. 320

    Elrith… you need to get laid babe??? (big time)

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    Fernando Barão

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    thank you…….

  326. 326

    I love black and white photography, it takes away the distractions of the colour and focuses on the true beauty shown through the raw emotions.
    Look at Sally Mann’s photo and the caption, ‘emotional and beautiful’, this kind of impact wouldn’t be capable is it was a colour photo.
    Yes there are some amazing colour photographs out there but none are capable of capturing the same emotions as some of these works.
    These are amazing!

  327. 327

    Beautiful, everything’s so clear… almost as if being captured within a dream.

  328. 328

    Great.Thank you for divide

  329. 329

    Brittany Danielle

    April 11, 2011 9:18 am

    EVERYONE who is arguing about the beauty of life and color and or black and white pics get over it these are extravigent photos but everyone has different views on life it’s not just the way you see it

  330. 330

    Wow these pictures bring joy to me, and then some just make me wonder. I love to take photography, and these just gave me some good ideas.

  331. 331

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  332. 332

    goenawan monoharto

    April 19, 2011 9:06 pm

    apapun namanya, potret Black & White yang memakai film (kamera analog) tetap yang terbaik. tak bisa dikalahkan oleh foto yang diambil dengan kamera digital

  333. 333


  334. 334

    As always.
    Picture perfect memories.
    A single photo itself narrates a long story of life. I have seen lots of beautiful places during my Travel and Tourism courses but I’ve never seen such lovely places the way your photos possess.

  335. 335

    all these are very fantastic
    the beauty of these photos

  336. 336

    Sapam Nandiker

    May 17, 2011 7:06 am

    The B&W pictures are worth more than million words.

  337. 337

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  339. 339

    sunanda haldar

    May 26, 2011 9:28 am

    I m SPEECHLESS. the world u see in whtever angle is just beauuutiful, every moment sharig meanings of human histry. I just fall in LOVE wth life4 once again nd in PHOTOGRAPHY 4 D 1ST TIME.

  340. 340

    Fight For Maria

    June 8, 2011 4:36 am

    very good photos. :)
    I was wondering, You know the one with the cornfield?
    im in a band, and we would really like it to be the background of our album cover?
    its all up to you tho. kind regards. Tom xx

  341. 341

    The “birds” image is by this guy and it is a manip, not a photograph.

  342. 342

    Vanilene de Aro

    June 21, 2011 11:10 pm

    Very nice, I think I’m going back to my photography hobby one of these days…:D

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    Rafal Maleszyk Fine Art Black and White Photography

    July 13, 2011 1:18 pm

    Those are very nice photos. A lot of masterpieces, whoever thinks those photos are not worth to be called art is insane, just try to take some yourself and discover for yourself how hard black and white photography is.
    Fine Art Black and White Photographer

  348. 348

    mes vriment qulle photo franchment super

  349. 349

    Second To Succeed

    July 15, 2011 3:27 pm

    Hi. I thought I would ask a form of a question reguarding Toni Frissell’s picture of the women in the lake. As soon as I saw this picture I knew it had to be used right away. Second to Succeed is my new formed jazz/punk band and it would be an honor to in future cases be able to use this photo for an album. It’s great art and it sends a message of a life that looks as though its about to be given up until a last minute decision comes to mind, that decision is the second chance in life, its the second to succeed.

  350. 350

    These pics are really cool!! Photography is such a wonderful way to express yourself and black and white helps you becuase you have to look dep inside the picture.

  351. 351

    they are wonderful! such beauty

  352. 352

    With regard to “Birds” – Photographer is known – photo itself is a photomanipulation. You may find shot in question under following link:

    (gallery itself: )

    and his homepage:

  353. 353

    just ican say about this pictures are amazing and i love it so much because i love this 2 colors (blak and white) :D
    thank you …..:)

  354. 354

    just ican say about this pictures are amazing and i love it so much because i love this 2 colors (blak and white) :D and i think Tour Eiffel picture the best (thats my mind anyone)
    thank you….:D

  355. 355

    I love this photographs

  356. 356

    black & white shots look great, i also love black & white and nature , so i created a blog those who loves black & white

  357. 357

    black and white the two colors are the real colors of earth start with white and ends with black. great picture

  358. 358

    This is why i love taking pictres.

  359. 359

    I recently bought an antique book and inside of it I found a black & white picture of what looks like a caucasian middle aged gentleman in Japan wearing a komono. The back captions read, “Kawakura, Japan August 1930…Does he look sick?” I found this photograph quite intriguing considering the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor occurred not long after this picture was taken….just wondering if there is anyone out there that is interested in this picture, and can possibly tell me more about it??

  360. 360

    spectacular.. really good work not just about how this photos are amazing in its colour or its subject..but also how smart to inspire us…& yaa black and white are the real colours

  361. 361

    keep it real dude

  362. 362

    You couldnt be more factual

  363. 363

    Duncan Cunningham-reid

    October 23, 2011 3:45 pm

    Wow,there are some grat photographers out there!.Thanx for sharing

  364. 364

    Really nice photos mate :) I am also an amateur black & white photographer. will be happy to have your comments .

  365. 365

    Hey, i don’t know what other people think, but thank you so much for sharing those pictures with me. I think your a wonderfull artist. And your images are so powerfull and moving.
    I’m not much of a photogropher but i stil lwanna say well done and i hope your proud of them because they’re amazing

  366. 366

    Ernesto Sarmiento

    November 4, 2011 1:51 pm

    Un verdadero talento fotografico , realmente exelente

  367. 367

    I love B&W photos. The ones above are great. Could someone help me find a photo I saw in a book 15 years ago. It was a white church in a valley sun lit by a break in the clouds. I thought it was Adams but cannot find it in any of his books. I remember reading the photographer saw it, jumped out of his car, put on red filter, took one photo, than cloud closed up… Thanks

  368. 368

    J’aime le noire et le blanc

  369. 369

    the unknown photographer that captured the man jumping on top of the car, is iranian. i can tell by car number.

  370. 370

    i like your photo. very nice

  371. 371


  372. 372

    thanks for theas biautifull pictures…

  373. 373

    All pics are asom and very nice and meaning full to. I am lovin it to see.

  374. 374

    That was a frankly great blog post.

  375. 375

    This black and white photography is amazing!

  376. 376

    Stunning! Super! Adorable! These photos are very very impressive and I like them very much. Many thanks for the author

  377. 377

    I Love B&W photography. They capture the realness of life in whatever scenario which is portrayed. All these photos brought all different emotions and told many different stories which is credited to each individual who gave us these pictures. Inspiring, gracious and unique. Thank you.

  378. 378

    Wow I work with the youth in south Africa, and some of your images hit home, apart for the beautifully ones there are those that make you think, you have a wonderful gift God bless, pastor K

  379. 379

    These are some great pictures. I enjoyed looking at them and I am even more excited about becoming a photographter.

  380. 380

    Cool! it’s simply mind blowing, breathtaking, and very captivating. I love all the B&W photos here. thanks I ♥ B&W. :D

  381. 381

    i love b&w photograpy

  382. 382

    i’m interesting black and white photos

  383. 383

    The “Birds” picture is by an Argentine photographer Horacio Coppola ;)

  384. 384

    What an amazing collection of black and whites. Some of these I just sat and stared at for awhile. Thanks for pulling these together. Nice job.

  385. 385

    shubhechchha budhathoki

    March 14, 2013 7:25 pm

    black and white never looked so colorful before

  386. 386

    Ramon M. Lindsey

    March 19, 2013 1:43 pm

    Really amazing work done. I love the Candy Cigarette image very much.

  387. 387

    Black and white film photography is an artform unto itself. From the capture of the image to the darkroom, these photographers prove themselves true masters of the art. May they always be with us to dig through the apparent and the superficial.

  388. 388
  389. 389

    Beautiful images, thanks for sharing them, they inspire me !

  390. 390

    These are exquisite images; however, to say this:

    “The photo presented below, although in black and white, is both extremely sharp and clear. To achieve such level of clarity in black and white is extremely hard.”

    No, no, no.. It doesn’t matter whether a photo is in black and white OR color – there’s nothing mysterious about achieving sharpness (and clarity) in an image.

    The photographer makes a decision at every turn – using a black and white film at ISO 100 (*or shooting below) with a good lens, proper exposure and, ahem, focus, achieves these results. There is nothing difficult about it – no more so than using a color film.

  391. 391

    I must disagree with your comment about the sharpness capabilities of B&W photography. Razor sharp images are a only available in B&W. As a photographer of some 45 years, B&W was the norm. You had to have sharp images in B&W or they didn’t work. Even such images of a soft waterfall have a sharp subject matter in the land surrounding them. I have seen much photography out there that passes as art that uses lazy technique. Most young photographers today have never seriously worked in B&W. They use editing tool to remove color and then tweak the image to get what they want. The masters of B&W photography: Ansel Adams, the Weston brothers, Imogene Cunningham to name a few, studied light, the source of all photography, and learned how to use it in it’s given and purest state to create the image they wanted. I honestly feel that before you can be called a serious photographer, you must study and perfect your skills in B&W, otherwise you are just another person taking a snapshot. My opinion and like the saying goes “Opinions are like a**holes, everyone has one”.

  392. 392

    Dear Sir,
    i am a fine art student frm india and also a chef and i have no words to appreciate the photography which i just i have seen in black and white pls accept my sincerely thanks for sharing such wonderful picture on this smashing magazine site, i wanted to share this picture for all frnds and collgs,and all the photography lovers pls allow me to share on my social website..
    thank u again for such beautiful pictures
    Ajay Mahadware

  393. 393

    all the collection and pictures are to good .
    Great work by the photographer :)

  394. 394

    B&W is timeless.

  395. 395

    Masterpiece my ass it’s a piece of shit; all of it, that is.

  396. 396

    Inspire you to do what? Throw up?

  397. 397

    When I think of the word beautiful I think of death and destruction because it’s the only thing that can fix many of those who have acute or very serious problems. That’s beautiful.

  398. 398

    I love these photos. Adam Hinton’s work reminds me of Sterling Wilson’s. Take a look for yourself at

  399. 399

    @Anuradha – Me too ! am only 14 but I have a strong passion for photography and i’d love taking up a course. I just dunno how to go about it

  400. 400

    Anupriya your photos are really beautiful like u. i like it.

  401. 401

    In everything there is a picture, and i do mean everything , for instance water splashed on concrete I look at it an say to myself , there’s a picture there

  402. 402

    @ elrith
    you seem so bitter and frustrated with….”art” or life in general.
    there are so many ways to express yourself through art, whether it be b&w photography or color photography or sculpting small or giant structures. you may not like b&w but that doesnt mean it is horrible, thats just an opinion and not a fact. try taking a few deep breathes and maybe some counseling sessions too. “just my opinion”

  403. 403

    chenesai monera

    May 23, 2010 7:15 am

    c’mon elrith, the reason why you use them in your class is because they are good, you can’t sell what you don’t believe in , LOL was lookin at your comments and you really sound like you hate black and white photography, but believe me there is just something about them, not too busy , liberating and happy !

  404. 404

    Elrith don’t forget to take your pills …

  405. 405

    You’re just a plain downright jerk! Why don’t you just go jump off a bridge b/c we don’t need people like you in the world. Just b/c you can’t create art doesn’t mean that you have to spew your vomit all over the place. Asshole ….

  406. 406

    you are such a limited and boring stubborn man

  407. 407

    Even if you can’t appreciate this beauty, others can so keep your nasty comments to yourself. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  408. 408

    Sad person;and very grammatically challenged. If you cannot see beauty without colour then you really are a very sad person.

  409. 409

    I’m colorblind and i’m a photographer, i think they’re very nice.

  410. 410

    the point of black and white is to see the beauty behind the coloured picture. if u really look at black and white pictures they show emotion and feeling more so than colour. everybody has there own opinion and these pictures are art in one way or another. black and and white sepia, negative, colour no matter wat colour u take a picture in it is art. art can come in many differnt forms and black and white is one of them. so just thin of the inner beauty like a person. as they say dont judge a book by its cover look in the picture to find the real meaning

  411. 411

    and you have the cheapest and worst way of understanding what art is. art can be spelled as “rat”….. but elrith can be spelled as “hitler”. lol. no one likes hitler.

  412. 412

    Brian, I guess that makes you one as well for looking at it then! If you don’t like it, what are you doing here then!?

    Very nice work I think!!

  413. 413

    Nice positive response. Well done.

  414. 414

    ricardo martínez

    May 31, 2010 11:11 am

    Esta seguro que esta tomado clases de arte? no será de plomería?

  415. 415

    just SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no one cares about your pathetic out-take on life. just because you cant find anything beautiful about art doesn’t mean we dont. so get off your sorry butt and get a life and stop putting people who are more cultured than you down.

  416. 416

    Wow, I’ve never seen someone go mental over black and white. You racist Nazi!!!! Let’s see you try to take a picture like the above. Uncultured Swine!

  417. 417

    are you serious elrith ? go slit your wrists man holy shit, showing pictures in color and then in black and white sendsa message, B&W photography is an ART it makes you think of the thoughts behind the picture like the little boy in the third world country, makes you think of what he is going through, his world is being destroyed and is it beautiful ? i definately dont think so. so keep your horrible self pity thought to yourself.

    great pictures by the way

  418. 418

    you guys know that this person is partly right, without destruction and death those pictures wont have the emotional meaning or what ever messages it is trying to convey.

  419. 419

    Elrith shut up, you are so rude

  420. 420

    I have a suggestion: Why don´t you just kill yourself? and rid us from your stupidity. Thank you very much.

  421. 421

    Elrith what the fuck is wrong with you, these photos are really good.

  422. 422

    First off start taking pictures that you can take. Pictures around your home and local environment. Don’t be in a rush. Patience is a photographers best tool. Study other people’s work. Start off with film, it teaches a great discipline. follow your own road and do not be distracted by fads and fancies and what’s “cool”. Be a very harsh critic of your own work. If there is a night-course in film photography near you (I have no idea where you live) go to it. Learn. It’s actually not difficult and will give you a rock-solid grounding. And if you particularly want to do black-and-white photography film knocks spots off digital.

    If you’d like to see some of my work go to

    Good luck,

  423. 423

    Inspires me to want to scissor kick you in the dome for being so shallow. Obviously, Elrith.. You wouldnt know good art if it was stabbed in your retina. So you dont like the medium its in, we are all entitled to our opinions but sometimes you just need to keep your mouth shut and step back and enjoy the picture as itself. If you dont like art why are you taking an art class?

  424. 424

    i so agree with you annie

  425. 425

    Dada then please show us something of your likings.

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