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Beautiful Brochures and Booklets


In corporate design brochures and booklets are a standard tool for promotion and advertising. They are tiny books or magazines which lay around in conference halls, offices and waiting rooms. Sometimes they contain an annual report of the company or showcase the portfolio of an artist. Brochures can also be included in CDs and DVDs; however, usually they are given away as freebies (e.g. they may contain a calendar or some poster inside).

In either case, booklets serve advertising purposes and since they are usually short (max. 25-30 pages) they need to look good and be informative in order to focus users’ attention and effectively convey the message. Unfortunately, only few brochures are indeed designed with close attention to details. However, there are a number of options for creative and appealing booklet and brochure design.

This post showcases beautiful examples of brochure and booklet design. We have tried to include creative, visually appealing and interesting design solutions; the booklets presented below are nice to have in the hand and take with you. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting and unusual for herself or himself.

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Urban Picnic6
Ant and blanket pattern graphics are used to interperet the common picnic in this event brochure for Architecture Week. Using architecture stencils as the basis for the typography, the brochure has contrasting colours which reflect building materials. The choice of colors is impressive and eye-catching: this is what makes a good brochure design. Created by Rob Brearley, RGB design studio.

Booklets - Statistical data7

ALPHA_TXT has developed into Typeface that represents the evolution of the English language. It reflects the way that we communicate due to our global society. ALPHA_TXT reflects this issue by abbreviating individual characters in the English alphabet. It is governed by same rules imposed as SMS messaging on a mobile telephone keypad. Designed by Viv Greywoode.

Booklets - Statistical data9

Booklets - Statistical data10

Booklets - Statistical data11

2008 Calendar12
A pretty colorful calendar concept. Each month color is associated with a month — e.g. blue stands for January and red stands for July. The last page contains contact references to designer’s portfolio. That’s an effective brochure design. Designed by Jonathan Davies.

Booklets - Statistical data13

Booklets - Statistical data14

Booklets - Statistical data15

Booklets - Statistical data16

Premsela Booklets17
Catchy colors meet dark booklet meet beautiful typography meet grids. Appealing editorial design by Robin Uleman.

Booklets - Statistical data18

Booklets - Statistical data19

Capital Jest Booklet20
Well, this is a sexy design. Notice how well tiny square at the right bottom corner of the cover stand for the corporate identity of the company: altough being tiny, they are very distinctive and attractive. Corporate & brand identity by studio FIRMA for company Capital Jets, specialized in business aviation. Included creating logo, full brand identity, web design, copywriting, design of exhibition stands, corporate stuff, booklets, design of corporate cars and airplanes. Designed by Firma.

Booklets - Statistical data21

Booklets - Statistical data22

Booklets - Statistical data23

Avant Garde Gothic Typeface Booklet24
Features 27 pages containing information on Herbert Lubalin, the establishment of the ITC, type-classification, font-weights, ligatures and much more. Designed by Bora Acemi.

Booklets - Statistical data25

Booklets - Statistical data26

Jeannette Weber27
Die anderen – Leben in Marxloh. Minimalism, beautiful information design.

Booklets - Statistical data28

Booklets - Statistical data29

Booklets - Statistical data30

Designed by BaseDesign agency.

Booklets - Statistical data32

Booklets - Statistical data33

Designed by

Booklets - Statistical data35

Booklets - Statistical data36

Kiosk 3737
Designed by Luke Lisi, Ben Suh, Laura Rottinghaus, Tristan Telander and Chi Hiu Yim from the University of Kansas Design Program (thanks, dls).

Booklets - Statistical data38

Booklets - Statistical data39

Restaurants Identity book40
No, it doesn’t really matter what is insde the brochure. The cover is striking and appealing and hence manages to attract readers’ attention. Unfortunately, we do not know how the brochure look like from inside out.

Booklets - Statistical data41

Booklets - Statistical data42

Helvetica 50 project workbook43
Blank workbook designed for Graphic Communication 3rd year Digital Media brief – exhibition design for the 50th birthday of Helvetica. Designed by Breakmould design agency.

Booklets - Statistical data44

Booklets - Statistical data45

Booklets - Statistical data46

This is a brochure/poster for The Silkroad Project. The musical ensemble focuses on creating a flow of connectivity amongst different cultures across the world. This brochure has lines running and connecting through each fold and then folds out into a poster that acts as a calendar. Simple yet beautiful. Designed by Megan Brock.

Booklets - Statistical data48

Booklets - Statistical data49

Car Color Timeline50
The objective behind this piece was to come up with a method to organize information as simple as the color of cars in the most effective and interesting way. Using a timeline system, the structure of Art Center’s Hillside parking lot was organized in step-by-step panels.

The timeline starts with raw data taken from photos and information gathered from each individual car. The data is then broken down into abstract shapes and optical mixing, giving the viewer various choices depending on their personal visual preference. At the end the data is compiled in a fairly generic information graphic. Winner of Adobe Education 2007 Award. Designed by Aaron Kapor.

Booklets - Statistical data51

Booklets - Statistical data52

Original brochure design by a London-based design agency BibliothequeDesign. Take a look at the examples below: the agency combines strong typography with geometric forms and catching colors. And the result is pretty catching as well.

Booklets - Statistical data54

Booklets - Statistical data55

Booklets - Statistical data56

Booklets - Statistical data57

Booklets - Statistical data58

Booklets - Statistical data59

Booklets - Statistical data60

Rizzo + Gobart61
Art Direction for this flyer/poster for the promotion of “Les hyperréalistes en France” exhibition at the Catherine et André Hug Art gallery. Designed by Xavier Encinas.

Booklets - Statistical data62

Booklets - Statistical data63

Booklets - Statistical data64

Booklets - Statistical data65

Sheridan & Co Brochure66
Minimalism meets catchy colors. This is a booklet one would like to take with himself / herself. Designed by Un.titled.

Booklets - Statistical data67

Booklets - Statistical data68

Booklets - Statistical data69

Booklets - Statistical data70

Virtual Water71
Based on the data gathered by Hoeckstra et al. in their study »Water Footprint of Nations« German designer Timm Kekeritz created this double-sided poster and an accompanying brochure. One side visualizes the water footprint of selected nations, emphasizing the im- and export of virtual water. The other side shows the virtual water content of selected foods and commodities.

Booklets - Statistical data72

Booklets - Statistical data73

Booklets - Statistical data74

Booklets - Statistical data75

Alba Product Folder76
This booklet is definitely hard to overlook. Designed by A-Side Studio.

Booklets - Statistical data77

Booklets - Statistical data78

The concept focuses on putting the viewer in the position to imagine their perfect home with no images to cloud the potential buyers mind. Instead this brochure features pop-ups to enforce that living at Altus puts you above everything. The combination of textured paper, pop-ups and horizontal lists of various building and neighbourhood amenities lead to a brochure that genuinely display the uniqueness of the product. Designed by Andrew MacPhee.

Booklets - Statistical data80

Booklets - Statistical data81

Booklets - Statistical data82

Booklets - Statistical data83

Alphabet City 2007
A promotional booklet.

Booklets - Statistical data

Booklets - Statistical data

Booklets - Statistical data

Booklets - Statistical data

Cornwall Film84
Scott Parker Design Limited.

Booklets - Statistical data85

Booklets - Statistical data86

Booklets - Statistical data87

Annual report for Bank of Moscow88
Designed by Danil Kryvoruchko.

Booklets - Statistical data89

Booklets - Statistical data90

Booklets - Statistical data91

Four IV92
Brochures can not only look good: you can use fabric to make the reader feel the high quality of the brochure as well. Example: the AlphabetCity brochure displayed below.

Booklets - Statistical data93

Booklets - Statistical data94

Booklets - Statistical data95

Booklets - Statistical data96

BB/Saunders agency combines a very modern look with creative design solutions. Apparently, the agency loves cirlces, dots and strange geometrics shapes.

Booklets - Statistical data98

Booklets - Statistical data99

Booklets - Statistical data100

Booklets - Statistical data101

We have no idea what this image stands for. But maybe it was the designer’s decision to make us feel like this in this brochure?

Booklets - Statistical data103

Peter&Wendy studio has its own unusual style when it comes to brochure design. The grid in the background and strong, bold typography make the brochure stand out; consequnce: the booklet is distinctive and hard to overlook.

Booklets - Statistical data105

Booklets - Statistical data106

Booklets - Statistical data107

Benance Network Promo108
Booklet containing information and research found during experimentation of Visualising Networks. The aim of the booklet is to promote the benefits of networking in this day and age, from students through to career professionals. The booklet is displayed with the instalation piece and is intended to be taken away with the viewer to keep.

Booklets - Statistical data109

Booklets - Statistical data110

Booklets - Statistical data111

Booklets - Statistical data112

Rizzo + Gobart113
Art Direction for this flyer/poster for the promotion of “Les hyperréalistes en France” exhibition at the Catherine et André Hug Art gallery. Designed by Xavier Encinas.

Booklets - Statistical data114

What difference does it make who’s speaking? This brochure is a compendium of research on four different, but inter-related topics. Notes and essays concerning the ‘designer as author’ debate as well as the current state of art education are intermingled with personal investigation of self and the surrounding student community at MCAD. Unusual treatment of type, unusual booklet.

Booklets - Statistical data116

Booklets - Statistical data117

Booklets - Statistical data118

Verto Booklet119
Classic and traditional brochure design which is often used for interior design promotions. Simple yet beautiful, this bookmarklet perfectly manages to communicate with its target group. Designed by Dmitry Galsan.

Booklets - Statistical data120

Booklets - Statistical data121

Booklets - Statistical data122

In April of 2007, 50 artist bookmakers from Bristol and around the world came together at the Arnolfini art gallery to show and sell their work. Ginger Monkey was asked to create an identity for this event that focused on the artistry and hand crafted techniques used to create the books. He came up with a grungy and dirty result which lets the brochure stand out.

Booklets - Statistical data124

Booklets - Statistical data125

These excerpts show that an annual report doesn’t have to be boring. However, it doesn’t have to be colorful neither. Used properly, black, white and typography can suffice.

Booklets - Statistical data127

Booklets - Statistical data128

Value and Service129
Brochures can be printed not on simple paper, but on other materials. The booklet below shows how geometric shapes can be used to let the brochure not only look, but feel distinctive.

Booklets - Statistical data130

De Facto131
Designed by De Facto.

Booklets - Statistical data132

Booklets - Statistical data133

Booklets - Statistical data134

Booklets - Statistical data135

Booklets - Statistical data136

September Industry137
Strong grid structure meets strong typography.

Booklets - Statistical data138

Nexus Neuronia139
Brochure design doesn’t have to end with the deign inside out.

Booklets - Statistical data140

Booklets - Statistical data141

Booklets - Statistical data142

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No, this is not a booklet design. But if it was a booklet, it would be a damn sexy one.

Booklets - Statistical data

Siggi Oddsson143
Unfortunately, Siggi Oddsson rarely designs brochures. Maybe he should. We would like to have the one with the image below.

Booklets - Statistical data144

The same holds for Sveinn Porri Davíðsson…

Booklets - Statistical data146

Terrace Exhibition Proposal147
This is probably the sexiest form you ever saw. It was created by Ewan Robertson148 of Oscar And Ewan for Terrace Studios, a gallery in Dalston, London. The project includes identity, design and a website.

Booklets - Statistical data149

Rainbow in your hand
That’s creative. Flipbook with 36 black pages. When you flip through the book, a 3D rainbow will appear inside your hand.

Booklets - Statistical data

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