Let There Be Light: Light Paintings and Sculptures


Although light is considered to be rather a practical than an artistic tool, it has some properties which designers can effectively explore in their works. Indeed, light can also be considered as a medium for more powerful and more vivid artistic expression. In fact, many artists and crews make use of it creating quite impressive works of art.

In this episode of our Monday Inspiration series we present 50 beautiful examples of light art — paintings, sculptures, drawings and graffitts which were created using light. At the bottom of this post you will find references to related Flickr pools which contain thousands of further examples of what can be achieved out of creative experiments with light.

Light Paintings and Light Sculptures

Sitooterie II1
The structure is a cube punctured by over 5000 long thin windows that project from all its surfaces and lift it off the ground. As the long thin windows all point at the exact centre of the cube, it only takes a single light source, located at this central point, to send light through every tube, causing the windows to glow orange. A small number of them also project into the cube to form seating. Designed by Heatherwick studio.

Lightning Photography - Heatherwick studio - Sitooterie II2

Lightning Photography - Heatherwick studio - Sitooterie II3

I am on Fire4
Light painting by Benegizer.

Lightning Photography - Nebulous in Blue5

sm_light paint6
Created by Andrew Thomas.

Lightning Photography - sm_light paint scott17

Finding Light8

Lightning Photography - Finding Light - Part 19

feb light graffiti 01110

Lightning Photography - feb light graffiti 01111

Lightning Photography - feb light graffiti 01112

Light Circles13

Lightning Photography - PA278895.JPG14

Perfect Cicle15

Lightning Photography - Human Bulb16

Human Bulb17

Lightning Photography - Human Bulb18

Kevinhooa walks backwards while circling a road flare inside the Oxford tunnel.

Lightning Photography - Human Bulb20

AntiVJ is funky and creative. The team creates visual experiments, installations and live light visuals. Videos are included.

Lightning Photography - AntiVJ is a visual label22

So far away23

Lightning Photography - So far away24

Light architecture by Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke from Hamburg, Germany.

Lightning Photography - Lightmark | Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke | Hamburg | Germany26

Lightning Photography - Lightmark | Cenci Goepel and Jens Warnecke | Hamburg | Germany27

Eric Staller28
Light drawings and light sculptures created by Eric Staller.

Lightning Photography - Eric Staller - light drawings29

Lightning Photography - Eric Staller - light drawings30

Lightning Photography - Eric Staller - light drawings31

Lightning Photography - Eric Staller - light drawings32

Lightning Photography - Eric Staller - light drawings33

By Robin Carpenter.

Lightning Photography - Inhabitat » SPIRALIGHT by Robin Carpenter35

Created by Fesan from Norway.

Lightning Photography - Laser37

Light in the Hall38

Lightning Photography - DSC_012639

Fluorescent Tunnel40

Lightning Photography - [mb] Fluorescent Tunnel 641

Light Painting Humanoids42
Light painting examples by Christopher Hibbert.

Lightning Photography - Learning Light Painting | Abduzeedo - graphic design | design inspiration | design tutorials43

Lightning Photography - Learning Light Painting | Abduzeedo - graphic design | design inspiration | design tutorials44

Dean Chamberlain45

Lightning Photography - Dean Chamberlain46

Lightning Photography - Dean Chamberlain47


Lightning Photography - Abstract on the Behance Network49

Lightning Photography - Abstract on the Behance Network50

Lightning Photography - Abstract on the Behance Network51

My New Camera!52

Lightning Photography - My New Camera!53

Toby Keller54

Lightning Photography -55

Olho – Light Paint com celular e sony!56

Lightning Photography - Olho - Light Paint com celular e sony!57

Fun with light and robots58

Lightning Photography - fun with light and robots59

Lightning Photography - fun with light and robots60

Feb light graffiti61

Lightning Photography - Flickr Photo Download: feb light graffiti 03262

A German design crew which specializes in light graffiti and light drawing.

Lightning Photography - energie in motion on the Behance Network64

Light River65
A light painting by Crystal Chroma.

Lightning Photography - Light River66

Michael Bosanko67
“We Come In Peace”.

Lightning Photography - We Come In Peace68

Lightning Photography - We Come In Peace69

Experiments with Light70

Lightning Photography - experimentos para retrato 0371

Santa’s Reindeer – Light Sculpture72

Lightning Photography - Santa's Reindeer - Light Sculpture73

Abstract light painting74

Lightning Photography - IMG_160175


Lightning Photography - Breakwater77

Neon Coriolis78

Lightning Photography - Neon Coriolis79


Lightning Photography - bow81

Gyrating Quasar82
Photos created by throwing an old camera around various light sources. A camera toss in front of some lovely blue lights.

Lightning Photography - Comes from the earth but does not have the weight of a stone83

UVA and the Light Fantastic84
Some excellent examples of light installations presented by the Creative Review blog.

Lightning Photography - CR Blog » Blog Archive » UVA and the Light Fantastic85

Lightning Photography - CR Blog » Blog Archive » UVA and the Light Fantastic86

Lightning Photography - CR Blog » Blog Archive » UVA and the Light Fantastic87

Working Late88

Lightning Photography - Working Late89

No light art without fireworks, of course… Sky painting at its best.

Lightning Photography - Working Late91

Lightning Photography - Working Late92

Last Click

Sprint flashlight93
Sprint commercial with flashlight animation.


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    I’ve been planning to make a such myself at some time. I was inspired by Pucasso… Tjek it out here:

    It’s funny how soft the curves get in these “paintings”… It’s a must try! Soon!
    Thanks for reminding me, and inspiring me- again!

    I particulary liked the photo with the two persons standing on the bridge and looking down on their reflections. :)

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    Always enjoyed doing this with slow shutter speeds on my camera.

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    I love the exploration of the intersection of art and machines (which is what artbotica is all about)… all art involves the use of technique… this art uses the technology of light as one of its primary techniques. Inspiring indeed.

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    check this out also, made by a design firm in japan. they were the ones that inspired the sprint commercials, but this video is sick. a bit long, but wait till the end where it gets crazy:


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    Lightpainting is really fun!

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    We did this for a contest with the subject “Speed”


    We used a flashlight, a neon and some color filters. Any thoughts ?

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    Not sure if the picture is set to private or not, but we were pretending to act out harry potter using long exposure and glow sticks. facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=2406856288761&set=t.29002775&type=3&theater

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    I love light painting and the work with light.
    i found this: http://www.light-painting.eu

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    This is very trite imagery, with not much of a range of how light can be used in art. I don’t understand why you show so much similar work, and not the broad range of art that works with light that exists. You could show Olafur Eliasson, Jon Sasaki, Andrea Stanislav, and those are my top picks from a 3 minute internet search, there is so much more of a range out there! The James Turrell tunnel at Houston museum is uncredited, which I also have a problem with, crediting is so easy to do, especially today! Articles like this are why the internet can be problematic, bigger (as in, more images) is not necessarily better.


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