70 Beauty-Retouching Photoshop Tutorials


Beauty retouching is probably one of the most popular application areas in which Adobe Photoshop is used extensively. There are two simple reasons for that. First, Photoshop offers a variety of advanced tools to smooth out skin and hair, optimize body proportions and emphasize some beautiful details. And second, if you have some experience with Photoshop it is easy to learn the basics and quickly produce very impressive and beautiful results.

Of course, beauty-retouching is a quite deceptive art. The masters of Photoshop create illusions which are hard to tell apart — unless you have both a genuine photo and the final result in Photoshop and can directly compare them. In fact, every day we consume perfectly retouched stars and models online and offline which just look different in the real life.

Still, it is not the reason to avoid learning advanced Photoshop techniques for beauty-retouching and study examples of how it is done in practice. The list below presents both image-tutorials as well as video-tutorials. Most examples have a before-vs.-after-comparison and you can follow the modifications with Photoshop step-by-step.

You may want to take a look at the further Photoshop tutorials selections we’ve presented earlier:


  • Beautiful Skin4
    Not everyone has beautiful skin but you can make it better – at least in your photographs.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot5

  • Smooth skin6
    How to make a skin like the ones you see in magazines like Playboy.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot7

  • Beauty Retouching8
    Beauty retouching is one of the most demanding parts of photo manipulation. The main trick for your results to be astonishing is patience.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot9

  • Remove Freckles10
    Reduce slight freckles naturally without using the Healing Brush. In this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn how to subtract freckles using a layer.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot11

  • Perfect Skin12
    How you can get rid of all the acne and pimples and blemishes and scars on your face.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot13

  • Skin looking smooth14
    During the course of this Photoshop Lunacore shows you how to make skin look smooth.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot15

  • Makeup makeover16
    How to remove hair in front of someone’s face, retouch skin and apply makeup using Photoshop.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot17

  • Dark skin – bright skin18
    This tutorial shows you how to make a dark skin bright(er).

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot19

  • A chapter of Beauty Retouching20
    A free sample chapter of “Skin”, a Photoshop Retouching Book by Lee Varis about Beauty Retouching.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot21


Body (breasts, bum, figure, etc.)

  • Trimming weight30
    Trimming weight off with the Liquify tool.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot31

  • Digital Nip Tuck32
    Photoshop is probably the cheapest alternative to plastic surgery possible.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot33

  • Digital Nose Job34
    Simple and easy photo editing technique to give someone a digital nose job.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot35

  • Spare Tires36
    In this tutorial we will see how to remove love handles (or the extra fat around the waist).

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot37

  • Smaller Nose38
    This tutorial will walk you through the steps for reducing the size of a nose in a photograph using Photoshop.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot39

  • Bigger Bustline40
    Learn to make a bustline look huge and comically big.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot41

Eyes, mouth and teeth



Complete Workflow

  • Pure perfection
    Spin raw beauty into pure perfection. Very detailed tutorial.
    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot
  • Beautify a Face 116
    This extensive Photoshop tutorial will show you how to beautify a face.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot117

  • Ultimate Makeup118
    A series of steps to improve skin tones, modify shadow and light patterns to increase the impact, and enhance the eyes and hair to create a striking portrait.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot119

Artistic Retouch

  • Phoenix Hair Effect120
    With some simple brushing techniques, and a bit of color tweaking, you can spice up your photos with this flaming hair tutorial.

    Photoshop Tutorial Screenshot121

More beauty


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Dirk Metzmacher is a professional Photoshop trainer and book author with over 10 years of experience. He is also the creative mind behind (Photoshop-Weblog), a blog about techniques, tutorials and resources related to Adobe Photoshop.

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  2. 2

    One thing that I didn’t find in here (at least not directly), that I had to scrounge up tutorials for…is for skin reflections. The flash picked up some oils on the skin and was a big pain to try to fix.

    Still this is a great round up of tutorials.

  3. 3

    again…mine is not in the list …sigh ~

  4. 4

    Not a fan of this collection. Smashing usually puts really inspirational pages together.
    This is rubbish … there’s no beauty in this use of photoshop. It’s not inspirational. Faking the real world isn’t cool.

    @Jak – why do you think Nikki Brown’s comment ‘spoils this’? She’s just stating her opinion. And it’s a very valid one. My opinion, for what it’s worth is that you write like a child :)

  5. 5

    this is the WORST smashing article i have ever seen.

  6. 6

    TJ @ Smartblogtips

    July 15, 2008 8:31 am

    Thank you very much. nice tutorial collections

  7. 7

    i’ll agree that most of these tutorials are used for unethical purposes (creating an unrealistic standard of attractiveness or physique) however I would be a poor designer if I didn’t take away at least some measure of inspiration or photoshop knowledge, whether it be unethical or not. So in terms of this articles ability to impart ideas for projects upon the reader it it successful, at least on me.

  8. 8

    How disgusting. This goes beyond removing some pimples from a wedding picture. This is changing the physical anatomy of a woman so she is barely recognizable.

    @Jak, do you really believe that those models are fat in real life? They’re actually really skinny. Photoshop morphs them into physically impossible waifs.

    What is ugly about having some freckles? Why should we “brighten” a black woman’s skin?

    There are some things that photoshop is useful for. Moving obstructions, changing the lightening, cleaning up red eye. We DON’T need photoshop to beautify people who are already models. I wonder why they even hire models for magazine shoots anymore, you won’t recognize them in the ad

  9. 9

    I’ve got only one word coming into my mind to describe this SM article:

    Brilliant selection, well done.

  10. 10

    Lots to learn from this. Thanks!

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  12. 12

    Hate to say it, but crap like this is totally unethical. The only thing that is slightly interesting is the changing the hair color. And WHY are all of these images of women in pseudo sexual poses? Way to re-enforce stereotypes and marginalize women.

    Niki Brown

    • 13

      @niki brown

      get a grip of yourself, these tutorials are a collection to learn from, the techniques can be applied to emphasize the male body easily, it just so happens that women can have a lot more work done with them (make up etc).

      You must not have noticed the male tutorial subjects either? Get off your high horse.

      @everyone else

      great tuts!

    • 14

      ya! off cause i agree with you.

    • 15

      Do you honestly think you speak for all female? Everyone has the right to CHOOSE what they prefer, and what they like. Stop putting everyone else in your shoes.

      The fact that you are CRYING over ridiculous pictures puts YOU in the stereotype of a useless crying female. If you don’t like this, GO AWAY. But the fact that this is too much for you, and that it destroys your view on females show much… you’ve just shown how incredibly WEAK you are.

      “marginalize women. ”

      I’ve got a new line for you feminists. What are you gonna do about it? They say that guys should not hit girls, but I make acceptions for people like you. Some of my female friends like sexy, some don’t care. But if you EVER interrupted any of us with your “this insults females” I swear I would punch in your face, and I will make sure you are beaten down by males and females.

      Not every female is as weak-minded as you are. And by the way, do you know what most guys do when we find a picture of a muscular guy in his underwear? We don’t cry on how degrading it is. No, we get out of here and never speak about it (gay bashing may or may not occur.)

      Though, what I said is too much for you. That is why you should be punched in your face. You don’t speak for all women, you don’t speak for all humans. Go to hell

    • 16

      Go burn your bra somewhere else.

  13. 17

    Great compilation of PS tuts… So much to learn, so little time.


  14. 18

    Federico Espinosa

    July 15, 2008 5:19 am

    very nice tutorials

  15. 19

    Absoulute must-have bookmark form all artists…
    Gg guys!

  16. 20

    lol there all women

  17. 21

    OMG, this is the best selection ever.
    Well know tricks, and some new ones. You guys rock.
    Put a DONATION button NOW!!!

  18. 22

    Thank you Smashing!

    I have wanted to get my hands on tutorials for some of this stuff for AAAGGGGGEEESSS now! Especially the really heavy stuff like the beauty retouching and the liquify tool!

  19. 23

    Manasa Malipeddi

    July 15, 2008 6:08 am

    Amazing!! I’ve never seen a more comprehensive list! Thanks so much. I’ve been looking for tutorials like these for ages. It couldn’t have come at a better time. I had installed Photoshop CS3 Extended just yesterday.

  20. 24

    Markus of Sweden

    July 15, 2008 6:13 am

    Wow! This is amazing! Thanks!

  21. 25

    very nice collection

  22. 26

    @ Niki Brown: aw, why you got to spoil this, this is just a collection of “tuts”, go and voice your mind-set to the rest of the world! …ads sell, imagine if Bacardi showed a add with FAT ppl drinking rum on a sofa infront of a telly! … it just wont work! ….besides u are most prob more than 150Kg. Get a life!

  23. 27

    wow! very nice tuts to learn! thanks for the great list

  24. 28

    Hey! better photoshop than dangerous plastic surgery. thank you for the collection {:

  25. 29

    What a collection !
    Thanks ;)

  26. 30

    I have to agree with other people’s comments — I found this article to be very offensive and encouraging stereotypes. I realize that people do this stuff for a living, but I’ve always looked to Smashing for inspiration, and this is not it.

    • 31

      So correct me if I’m wrong, but what I perceive you saying is it doesn’t matter what your client thinks or wants. You’re going to tell them, “sorry, you look like shit and there ain’t a thing I can do about it”! I guess being such a naturalist, you think women shouldn’t wear makeup or any other thing that makes them look different than when they wake up in the morning. What a crock! Talk about a bunch of self righteous bullshit.

  27. 33

    To all those complaining: whether or not it is unethical is irrelevant. Photo manipulation is an essential skill for graphic designers. Moreover, the market demands beauty-retouching. If any one designer stops retouching in protest, another designer will gladly do it. Take your activism elsewhere.

  28. 34

    How come all of the women in the before photos look better than the after ones? Especially the main photo from the front page

  29. 35

    I agree with many of the comments above that POSTS LIKE THESE MARGINALIZE WOMEN and make pigs out of men.

    The editors of Smashing seem to spew these stereotypes on women a lot, but I agree with another of the comments above that this is the worst smashing article yet.

  30. 36

    Marek Wojtaszek

    July 15, 2008 10:09 am

    Now that is brilliant. I was just about to look for some professional retouch articles and there You are :)

  31. 37

    I find nothing wrong with doing the kind of retouching that you would do any any situation regardless of subject. For example some skin retouching, hair/eye colour change or say a stray hair or dirt. The whole removing natural lines from faces, complete body modification or removal of depth (shine/shadow) freaks me out. It’s A un-ethical and B plain weird.

    Like I said I have no problem with general fix and finish. Hell I’d remove the telegraph polls from a lovely landscape or mud from a car advert. However are we one step away from composite models? with the legs of one attached to the body of another and so on?

  32. 38

    Wow, at least half of these tutorials deserves a post at photoshopdisasters. Could do with some more work put into actually looking at the outcome of these before posting them.

  33. 39

    Some of these are ok…only two I can say are really great retouchers on here. If you want to check some amazing retouching you should look up Bianca Carosio’s work. I believe one of her links is http://www.modelmayhem.com/photoretoucher

    cool posts, thanks!

  34. 40

    Jehzeel Laurente

    July 15, 2008 12:46 pm

    too many tutorials, but i’m too lazy to learn :D i have to bookmark this and use it till my laziness will vanish… hehe :)

  35. 41

    I am so glad that I don’t have to work for a shiny magazine or stuff where I would have to do this job.

  36. 42

    Here’s some food for thought for those people saying this type of touch-up work degrades women and is unethical.

    I do some photography, and some digital touch-up work. In all instances, the requests for touch-ups have come from the female subject in the photograph.

  37. 43

    Gracias por la tremenda colección, por supuesto he agregado un enlace para difundirla….

    Thank you for the tremendous collection, of course I have added a link to disseminate ….

    [70 Tutoriales para Photoshop, Si lo que querías era Tutoriales para Photoshop…]


  38. 44

    I agree with some other comments that this is the worst article especially many of them just disgusting. Another articles is really worth but this..

  39. 45

    To the activists whining about this article: GMAFB.

    This does not marginalize, trivialize, or objectify women in any way. Get a life.

  40. 46

    My issue with this article is that many of the tutorials are of very low quality, which can only encourage/result in more grotesque retouched photos out there.

    The theme to this article is certainly catering to an acceptable and established part of the Design industry, I have no issue with that … but stick to quality links, SM, don’t drop quality for the sake of quantity.

  41. 47

    TQVM – this is almost the ultimate, just below Worth1000.

  42. 48

    Wowwwwwwwww………..amazing tuts. was searching for this all over the net.

  43. 49

    simply amazing

  44. 50

    Awesome… thanks :)

  45. 51

    GREAT ….tutorials there..nice!!!

  46. 52

    Excellent article, very useful ! (and don’t loose your time with useless comments, they surely must be some students wich have not been working yet…)

  47. 53

    Now thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat’s some thing
    keep smashing the web guys
    love u ;)

  48. 54

    This is amazing !
    you ROCK !

  49. 55

    again a fantastic collection! thanks 1000 times!

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  51. 57

    worst article, unethical.

  52. 58

    Smashing Job!

  53. 59

    Very helpfull for me. Thank’s…

  54. 60

    Wow dude. Photoshop totally ROCKS. Excellent Tutorial indeed.

  55. 61

    You must be ugly… Niki

  56. 62

    I just have to recite what has already been stated: “Moreover, the market demands beauty-retouching. If any one designer stops retouching in protest, another designer will gladly do it. Take your activism elsewhere.”

    So please people, do something about it, don’t just talk. If you want to start something about this, go ahead, but do it elsewhere.

    Also, I must agree that some (not all, many were quite good and efficient) of the links in this post were not of the kind of standard I would have expected coming from this site. There are literally billions of tutorials for photomanipulation in PS, so finding someplace that has some better tutorials than the other site wouldn’t be that much of a hard issue I guess.

  57. 63

    Are these tips intended to be used in Photoshop Elements, CS3 or both/either?

  58. 64

    Thanks very much for these tutorials.

    Whether or not you may think these tutorials are unethical, the fact remains sometimes photos aren’t very flattering. Some people don’t take good photos. If they request something in a photo removed (like red eye) or downplayed (like shine), then I find nothing wrong with that.

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    way to sell out

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    I don’t think anyone’s complaining that photo retouching is a bad thing, but when women are taken for granted as they are in many of these tutorials, that’s wrong.

  61. 67

    crap tutorials on how to make real people look fake as hell. this is the number one problem facing the world of digital photography.

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    hmm…to be honest, most of the “before” portraits look better. particularly, the feature example.

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    Some of these retouchers are really awful, but a few of the tutorials give a good sampling of the basics. But I definitely agree with the other commenters that a few of them could earn a spot on PhotoshopDisasters…

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    But. Seriously. If you’re going to have a career doing this kind of retouching then I’d think seriously about what a messed up world it can contribute too.

    As imperfect human beings do we need to see impossibly perfect stereotypes everywhere we look?

  69. 75

    Are you guys serious? This isn’t the forum to discuss social issues. The techniques here are great. I’d be just as amazed if the artists were making beautiful people look ugly.

    At least its not another wallpaper post.

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    I saw the post mentioned with another retoucher’s work…Bianca Carosio…does she have online tutorials available??? I wonder why her samples weren’t shown here.

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    I’ve never seen tutorials by Bianca..but I can imagine all the people asking her for advice..I check her updates often though!

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    While it might seem unethical to change the look of people, you simply can’t blame the retoucher. Last time I had a guy who wanted to make his face look better for a dating site. Who am I to tell this 24 year old guy not to do it? He has the request, I provide him with a solution. Next time it’s a model or a musician and you expect me to tell them it’s unethical? Most professionals would be without a job and tons of people would complain that they are unable to find a better retoucher other then some 15 year old wannabe photoretoucher in a basement.
    Geesh, in that case it’s unethical to sell guns, prescription drugs, to be a soldier or run MacDonalds… Oh wait, I guess it’s also unethical to talk about it like Smashing Magazine does, right?
    Get real guys…don’t act like a saint….sigh

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    This post couldn’t have come at a better time – I have recently wanted to expand my photoshop knowledge to include the art of beauty retouching and the like; this set of tutorials is absolutely perfect.

    A very thorough post and I thank you greatly! Now.. where do I start! :)

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    Oh dear, another bunch of lefties claiming that this marginalises women. Well, I’m here to learn how to re-touch men too so – I’m helping re-balance the ‘marginalisation’.

    What this does is play on everyones aspirations and issues – that’s what marketing does. And the main (pretty much only) use of the stuff in smashing magazine is for marketing; whose sole purpose is to convince someone to buy something they didn’t think they needed.

    SMashing does a great job of linking and displaying some of the great tips and techniques; it’s not a place for discussing societys ills.

    Great article guys, keep ‘em coming.

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    That one turning the African American lady white is just evil. Just Sad. I suppose its meant to make better right?

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    Just because you can DIY eugenics using Photoshop doesn’t make it okay. Horrible article.

  84. 90

    Ew. Most of the models looked better before the re-touching. They look far too plastic afterwards. I have “fixed” photos before but I would never smooth EVERY “blemish” out and make the person look like a Bratz doll. Remove pimples etc, soften some areas just a little, pop some highlights, and you get a realistic but still beautiful result. If you’re going for a very fantasy look, make it obvious. I think a lot of consumers are getting tired of the overly-photoshopped model.

    And just because a lot of women themselves ask for their photos to be retouched doesn’t make it OK to pretend that this doesn’t have an impact in our society. Sure, this is a design blog not a political or social issues blog, but what we participate in as professionals still contributes to the whole problem.

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    Great set of tutorials, these are pretty basic but are in one place for those that want to get better at retouching photos.

    You need to realize that photo’s need to be retouched, weather Glamour, Mens Health, Car and Track, and even Playboy pictures get retouched on a daily basis and it is done to sell the product weather it be a car, clothing, makeup or even the magazine itself. In my opinion there is nothing erotic with any of the pictures and tutorials you provided although all but one are of women, some are very nice models that you can see in any womans magazine, Glamour, Oprah, redbook, etc.

    The problem is not with pictures getting retouched, or of women, the problem is that the first thought being off the subject of retouching. Why is making a beautiful woman more beautiful wrong, a woman in a bathing suite is just that, a woman in a bathing suite. A pictue of a women enjoying hereself is just that, a woman enjoying herself.

    Stop sitting in judgement people, great tutorials SM

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    These tutorials are sooo american ^-^

  89. 95

    I see that you have featured my website – retouchme
    The best retouching is the kind where you keep it realistic. No horrible blurring of skin and making people look totally fake. The high end images that I work on are photographed on medium format cameras that are around 22 megapixels. These pick up every hair and every blemish. If you looked at a person normally you would not see these fine details, therefore when the images come out of camera they are raw and do need refining. The main thing to remember is keep it looking realistic. Take it to the level of how the model would have looked to the eye on the day.

  90. 96

    Sunflower Maggie

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    please !! leave humans be just humans
    with all their beauties AND imperfections
    why must everything be so perfect ???

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    wow, this article teaches impressionable Photoshop pirates how to perpetuate ideals of impossible beauty. very useful! let’s all contribute to corporate mindf*ck by creating ads that make life seem better than it really is.

    “Moreover, the market demands beauty-retouching.”

    the market demands all sort of disgusting things.

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    For those who think that retouching is no big deal, it does have a cumulative effect: go here and watch both clips on the page for some examples

    For those saying “keep your debates to yourself” – who should we debate retouching with if not the people who actually do retouching? People who aren’t in design, imaging or photo manipulation at all? Or do you just mean that you want to make money without having to think about what contribution you may be making to something some people consider an insidious problem?

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    well.. for those who are against the photo retouching… i just want to say… please be more.. open minded.. being a designer.. it’s one of the skilled required for most of our projects.. yeah understood they are models.. but models have flaws too… skin.. teeth.. hair.. lips.. flabs.. and the likes.. we designers only remove those for different reasons.. by request, for art purposes.. for beautification.. for the sake of the concept and the likes.. and for the plastic thingy look that i read above.. it happens for a reason.. and depends on the retoucher how he/she would like her model to look.. for me thats fine.. but i find it kinda ugly.. i would just let some humanity look into it if i were to do it.. hey.. but it’s not me that is doing the photo… as i said earlier it depends on the retoucher how he/she would do it.. and about the women models are most preferred… well i do most of the time men retouching… cause you know.. men are more rough than women.. meaning.. they don’t actually care for their looks.. so they tend to have more flaws than women.. maybe that’s why women are always considered as models… easy to fix… ^__^.. just keepin’ it real men…

  98. 104

    Gah, everyone whines so much! Wah wah wah wah wah!! Who freakin cares? What..? You guys gunna make the entire industry dissapear from coming on here and bitching and whining about it to people who think youre all wasting their time? Hate to break it to ya that isnt the way the world works. You hoping to guilt some photo retouchers into quitting their jobs? Giving up their career because you say that its “unethical”? Thats a word thats been thrown around a lot but really whats “unethical” about it? Who is it hurting? The models are all willing participants. Very confused about how this practice is considered so wrong :S

    Screw it. Good tuts anyway.

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    great tutorials! It’s just sad that some people find here the forum to complain about other things that aren’t relevant. This is like school – it doesn’t matter that the subject is or not offensive: people want and should learn about it. It’s like saying that the holocaust is terrible, and because of that we won’t “teach about it anymore” – or a proctologist not learning most of his trade because it deals with anus, and that’s, after all, disgusting. This is NOT the place to talk about how you feel about the fashion industry – which, by the way, have been doing this longer than most people here were born, because the market asks for it. Dove came up with a campaign that showed “real beauty”, and had to remove it from most markets, because it hurt sales. Now can you really say with a straight face that the market doesn’t dictate this? also, there’s nothing degrating about wanting to look good – we all do it – even if the end result is questionable. Niki Brown herself has a picture of her with a read hat – I’m sure she wasn’t cold when she took the picture, but she feels/thinks/knows she loogs good wearing it – or “cool”. Whatever the reason is, is purely aesthetic. Say it isn’t so.

  113. 119

    oops – I write too fast sometimes: “… with a RED hat…” “… she LOOKS good..” (before people start attacking the grammar to avoid talking about the issue)

  114. 120

    i think alot of these tuts are quite usefull if you just want to play around. I clicked on “the art of retouching” by Glenn Feron. there is a galery..or portfolio. The pictures are mostly all of women, the pictures objectify women and use very sensual poses to sell technology. They are selling tvs and dvds and they have a half naked woman with her chest popping out with the merchandise?! we are in 2008. this shoudnt be happening. Those pictures totally devalorise women.
    I really dont think what he does is fair or right. Here is the link so you can see for yourself.

  115. 121

    For those having an issue with the concept of photo retouching or image manipulation…..do you also take issue with people buying makeup or enlisting the aid of plastic surgeons?

    The Fashion industry is the driving force and has been around since long before photoshop was ever heard of.

    I don’t see a lot of difference between layering on a ton of makeup to mask perceived imperfections and utilizing photoshop to achieve the same results..except, perhaps, that photoshop is non-destructive and won’t lead to future skin issues or irreparable body modifications.

    I don’t particularly have to agree with the levels of manipulation some people go to (both in photoshop and in the ‘real’ world) but, that doesn’t mean I have the right to impose my views on them.

    Eliminating the cosmeticians won’t ‘correct’ the problem. Nor will flaming threads such as this. The fact remains that there IS a whole industry built up around the perceived ‘perfect’ image. If you wish to change that simple fact then, perhaps direct your energies to the Fashion industry moguls and major makeup manufacturers.

    In the meanwhile, photoshop, used properly can help augment an image and, perhaps, make somebody feel better about themselves for a moment in time…even if they shouldn’t feel badly about their image in the first place.

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    Thanks for this article, it’s great. So great that we’ve made it ‘sticky’ on The Webmaster Forums. Now we don’t have to repeat ourselves, just send people to this article!

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    who is this good for? Is it a compliment to the model (shouldn’t be it’s NOT her picture)? It’s a lie, and everyone is finding out. REally what’s the point. Go paint or draw a beautiful women, instead of tricking ppl. ANYONE ANYONE ANYONE can look perfect with photoshop. look at Lil kim before and after photoshop. Silly..Anyone who uses this crap will regret it once they think it over i’m sure. They will no longer have a picture of themselves at all

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    @Niki Brown: your use of the word “unethical” shows a complete lack of understanding of the word. To compare teaching the use of Photoshop to create digital art to truly unethical acts is ridiculous!

    If you’re trying to make a comment on the retouching industry in general, as opposed to these tutorials, then why don’t you say so?

    On the flip side of that, retouching an image to create an ideal allows more models to get work, so that the ‘evil’ editors of fashion magazines won’t destroy the minds of girls who are ‘too fat’, or ‘too ugly’ to otherwise get work.

    If you were a young girl wanting to take up modelling, would you feel worse getting rejected time after time after time because you’re too fat, or would you feel worse getting jobs, and then having your appearance tweaked?

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    Also, wanted to make a comment on those who apparently have need of complaining that this is “Unethical” etc. I do NOT understand how on earth wanting to look better is unethical. I work in the modeling industry and touch ups are done ALL the time, in fact not one goes into a magazine without first being touched up in some form. What is the BIG DEAL? I am a woman and do not see the connection of what some claim to be “degrading” or whatever. The only trouble I did have was the changing of one’s skin tone, I found the model prior photo of her skin tone to be absolutely BEAUTIFUL thus, I didn’t see a need of changing it but having said that, there are many in this world who obviously would like to see how they may look with a different skin tone. That is their business and their choice. I personally would not choose to do so but everyone has a right to choose what they so desire. Also, keep in mind that it is PRIMARILY the subject of the photo that desires change NOT the photographer, etc. thus none of the women are being belittled, etc. THEY have made the choice to have a flawless photo and in my opinion there is NOTHING wrong with the choice they’ve made. We cannot change the world. Sadly in almost EVERY industry its all about image, nothing we can do to change that!

    Anyway, I appreciate you taking time out to post these tuts, they’ve been EXTREMELY helpful to this beginner ;-)

  134. 140

    Hay Nikki brown > I can understand ur feelings but it’s mad’s world and all are mad to catch woman in any advertisement promotion, tell me honestly, Do u watch TV? lets count it about every 10 nos of TV ad, u should go through 8 ads showing woman face or figure in so many poses, This world now buyers world and (all most) every small or big sellers love to produce their product on air/print with ladies, it’s hard to believe but it’s true.

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    Blah blah blah… some of you people take life way too seriously!
    My neice was attending her prom but has pretty bad acne. For weeks before, she ate right and used all sorts of creams & soaps to keep her skin clear. It was working, but the stress of the evening got to her and she broke out the night before her prom.
    Not to mention there was an idiot photographer who couldn’t even get the lighting right!
    I used these tutorials to neaten up her photo a bit and she was ecstatic.
    By the way, I’m also female and won’t be naive enough to deny that sex sells.
    Grow up people seriously!
    You don’t complain when there’s tutorials on taking a mundame landscape image and converting into something masterful. How is this any different???!?!?!?!??!?!

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    I would like to agree with some of the sentiments of other posters. Un-ethical is banded around without any thought. Photo retouching alone isn’t un-ethical, Retouching news images, changing someones skin from dark to light, improving appearance of youngsters in photo’s is.
    Photoshop seems to be blamed for all societys ills, when in theory its only been around in the industry for no more than 15 -20years. Image manipulation has been around since man first captured the human face and form on stone and later on celluloid.
    You think the classical greek statues were acurate depictions or that roman emperors actually looked like the image on coins?, of course not. The same goes for paintings by most of the masters. Kings and queens and noblemen never looked like their pictures.

    We as humans at an animalistic level like symetrical perfect looking things, it’s in our nature. The same reason why a peahen looks for the brightest, biggest most perfect peacock, it means he’s healthy. We are unfortuately a visual animal and this is a knock on effect of this.
    As someone said before if your going to criticise retouchers then you must also criticise all women who wear make-up, all people who have plastic surgery for beauty purposes or for treating disfigurement, all fashion designers, and all magazine editors.
    Educating teenagers on the subject is the key.

  142. 148

    As a fashion photographer, half of these tutorials are awful and teach bad habits! Please have a thorough read before you post this… none of these effectively answer the question of how to retouch skin. Not even the fashion/beauty industry wants their models’ skin to look this bad!

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    I’m seeing way too much blur going on. The quicker the fix, the worse it looks, a beauty retouch that doesn’t take at the very least an hour or two is going to look pretty awful in print.

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    I found the Vitamin Enhanced Moisturizer from the Made from Earth line is the best for improving skin tone. First, it WORKS! The company says to give it 4 weeks, but in as little as 1 there was a noticable difference in my two brown patches (on the driver’s window-side–sunblock, sunblock, sunblock!).

    Also, I have super-sensitive skin which can’t decide if it’s dry or oily or just going to be both with the beginnings of wrinkles, but this product didn’t clog pores or feel gooey, and it didn’t dry me out or make me red.

    It goes a long way – at first I thought it was expensive for 2 ounces but the jar has lasted me two months! Thats how potent it is – im actually saving money by using this because it replaces the other stuff that runs out so quick.

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    Since you can’t make him look too smooth, because he’ll end up looking gay.

    It’d be nice to see how to photoshop a man’s face with stubble or something.

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    Don’t see how it’s unethical. They’re just pictures. Seriously. Get over yourselves.

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    I am now well into my 50s and I have tried everything on the market, even expensive bleaching creams purchased from my dermatologist. I’ve found that most skin lightening creams–if they work at all–lighten your skin and the scaring in equal proportions, leaving the scars just as prominent as before you started using the product; you look like you’re changing colors and you still have spots.

    What I was looking for was something that would even out my skin tone; leave my skin color as it was but smooth out and/or lighten only the scars so that my face would have the same even coloring all over. Nothing worked, that is until I found Dr Max Powers Scar Serum. I thought it should just be used on scars, but I used it all around my face as my moisturizer. And I am extremely happy with the results!

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    I found this so helpful and my friends -and their partners/spouses- who like me to take their photos are happy too because they bought the software for me and I thought I’d never figure out how to do anything with it. And all this complaining and fake people, fake boobs, fake models–pffft. How about fake singers who win grammys and sell millions?! We’ve had “composite” singers in the music industry since the advent of ProTools. So convincingly real that even a flat singer with a brilliant husband doesn’t know that’s her COMPOSITE pitch and note corrected and perfected studio vocal track playing through the system while her mic is off except for in her earbuds during live gigs! (Soundmen cannot keep secrets, lol.) I think that’s MUCH worse than perfect models being glued together to make perfect composite models. Join the club visual artists!

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    NIKI BROWN, you disgust me, like most feminists. The idea of a female sexualized destroys you so much, that you refer to it as degrading and marginizing. Give me a freaking break.

    How often do you see guys in sexual positions? Oh yeah, that’s right… its barely noticable when it is a guy. Try watching Spongebog, or nickeledeon. The amount of time the camera zooms in on a guy’s butt in kids hows is amazing. But feminists like you and your “marginizing” nonsense.

    Your inability to ignore this only makes females look like the weaker gender. It is girls that get away with so many things that would be considered crimes if a guy did so. If people want to look beautiful, that’s their own business. Don’t bring everyone else to your standards just because you are ugly and your life is miserable.

    And just be lucky you are actually a whining female. Whining guys get beaten up, and that is the only thing keeping you annoying feminists from an ass whooping… your gender.

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    Sorry, but my retoucher Bianca Carosio murders this whole website, with no remorse, on her skills.

    • 195

      ehh…Now looking at that website I’m shocked they haven’t listed it here yet.

  188. 196

    Nothing about Photoshop is right, it gives girls a false image of what they are supposed to look like. When they see beautiful, perfect women they expect that that is what they need to look like. They starve themselves, wear gobs of makeup, all to try and look like these girls. when in reality, THEY DON’T EVEN LOOK LIKE THAT. It’s disgusting to think that models and stars look like the rest of us do, normal, but they can’t let that be shown. They have some pictures of girls who are pretty and skinny anyways, and STILL retouch them to make them smaller. WHY? Normal girls read these, so normal looking girls should be featured in them.

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