Notepad Chaos: A Free WordPress Theme


Over the last years we’ve featured a number of designers and developers who released their work for free — among other things we presented high-quality free fonts, free WordPress themes, free wallpapers and, of course, free icons. You can find many of them in our section Freebies1.

Every release helps to make the Web a nicer place which is why we support designers and challenge them to release something for free in order to be featured on Smashing Magazine. And the results are quite often pretty impressive.

Notepad Chaos: A Free WordPress Theme2

Today we are glad to release Notepad Chaos — a free professional WordPress-theme. The theme has 2 columns, a quite vibrant design including “personal” design elements such as handwritten headings, stick-it-notes, clips and pins. The theme was designed by Evan Eckard3 especially for Smashing Magazine and its readers.

Download the theme for free!

You can use the theme for all your projects for free and without any restrictions. However, it’s forbidden to sell or redistribute the theme without both designer’s and Smashing Magazine’s permission — please link to this article if you would like to spread the word. You may modify the theme as you wish, but if you are planning to release your modification, please ask our permission first.


The theme has been updated to version 1.5. It’s now up-to-date with cleaner code and includes a lot more functionality (gravatars, dynamic sidebars, etc.). You can find the files and demo here9.

Motivation behind the design

Here are some insights about the design process and development from the designer himself.

“I had recently stumbled upon many websites with gorgeous, gigantic, illustrated backgrounds and wanted to try my hand at creating a site that shared that similar element. This theme was an experiment into layering multiple images and having everything line up and flow with the site’s content.

Notebook Chaos10
Among other things, the Notepad Chaos theme has handwritten search box and navigation at the top of the layout.

It was quite a challenge to develop the design after creating it, but in the end it helped me gain more experience in CSS and what we designers can do to try and create sites with plenty of visual depth. On the technical side of things, the theme doesn’t use any plugins or extras, and focuses simply on the design.

Sidebar in the Notepad Chaos is designed as a post-it-note and clipped at the top.

The themes uses a custom field called “thumbnail” where the user can add an image to their post. The instructions are within the readme file along with how to set up the menu links.”

Thank you, Evan. We appreciate your work and your good intentions.

Last but not least…

We are regularly looking for creative designers and artists. You may not know it yet, but we might feature you in one of our upcoming posts.

If you would like to release a high-quality free font, a WordPress-theme, some wallpapers or an icon-set please contact us12 — we would like to support you (both financially and with the broad coverage on Smashing Magazine).

You may be interested in the following free WordPress-themes as well:


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  1. 1

    It doesn’t look like it supports Pages or am I missing something?

  2. 2

    Love it :) Nice attention to detail without feeling too busy.

  3. 3

    Looks a very nice theme, not overly convinced on the background but it does make a change from the popular wooden background for such designs.

  4. 4

    Just a heads up, none of the smashing magazine images are showing up in the rss feed (feedburner version)

  5. 5

    Great looking theme — definitely a lot of interesting details here but it does all tie in together nicely. Well done!

  6. 6

    Very nice, congrats!!

  7. 7

    Beautiful, very inspirational piece of work!

  8. 8

    Looks really cool. Great job!

  9. 9

    Very nice free theme!
    Image problems in the RSS feed though as mentioned above

  10. 10

    OoOo pretty! I love the color scheme… Nice work!!

  11. 11

    Is it just me or is this copy…just slightly different elements and a different background in identical style.
    Yes, it is really nice, I am not denying the skills and the good looks, I just had to say whay I had :).

  12. 12

    @Tristina – you could add pages into the sidebar, no problem. Use the Pages widget, or drop the wp_list_pages template code into your sidebar.php file

    @zhille – it’s not Web Designer Wall – it uses a similar style, but other than that it’s a different theme. Possibly highly inspired by WDW, but yeah, like, show me something that is 100% new and original :)

    Cool theme guys!

  13. 13

    really nice work !!!! there should be more themes like this one !

  14. 14


    WDW didn’t invent the style, it’s nowhere near a copy.

  15. 15

    James De Angelis

    August 20, 2008 3:09 pm

    Very “inspired” by Webdesigner wall…

  16. 16

    adelaide web design

    August 20, 2008 3:31 pm

    very nice ;)
    see our wordpress web design at Duivesteyn Web Consulting

  17. 17

    That’s beautiful… thanks for sharing it

  18. 18

    Webdesigner Wall was one of the many illustration-driven sites that inspired me to create this theme.

  19. 19

    Nice, though a little rough around the edges.

  20. 20

    Max | Design Shard

    August 20, 2008 4:42 pm

    This is so cool, thanks

  21. 21

    ilovecolors design

    August 20, 2008 5:00 pm

    Evan, it’s a really fine theme, maybe it’s the best that has been featured on SM in terms of aesthetics. My only concern is that the date element is not well integrated with the overall design, in the way Latest Posts, blog title and others are. Great work.

  22. 22

    I Love this! Is anyone out there ready to convert it to a blogger theme….?

  23. 23

    Great theme! Reminds me of a little bit.

  24. 24

    very nice theme!!!

    I wish I could desain like you!!!

  25. 25

    August 20, 2008 5:54 pm

    looking nice.thanks for this theme

  26. 26

    I love the design style … Nice work!! :)

  27. 27

    I was just thinking today about setting up a new blog on wordpress, and then I fell upon this! Brilliant design, smashing to the core. Love you guys!

  28. 28

    thanks for sharing! this looks like something i can use and tweak for my needs :) great job :)

  29. 29

    Suspiciously like web designer wall, still looks nice though.

  30. 30

    I love this theme. The only problem I am having is with the link to the archives page. For some reason it keeps linking to the about page. Does anyone know how the correct for the archives?

  31. 31

    Mithun Sreedharan

    August 20, 2008 8:35 pm

    love this one!

  32. 32

    that’s absolutely stunning!
    beautiful work, and thank you so much for making it free!

  33. 33


  34. 34

    Oooh I like this one. Love the style. Thanks for making it free!

  35. 35

    Nice theme

  36. 36

    pages are on footer ;)

  37. 37

    The date is like something from mars ….

  38. 38

    wow. its really cool!

  39. 39

    love the background. the rest could be a little bit ‘cleaner’, though

  40. 40
  41. 41

    Beautiful! looks really nice. And with all the informations like the psd-file i will be able to make it look a little more male. ;-)

  42. 42

    Usualy I don’t even take a glance at these artuicles, cause I donøt need a wordpress-theme. I don’t use it. :)

    But this theme… Oh my Lord. The picture of it on the homepage… I just had to take a look at it. Så vibrant colors and such a wonderfulle pattern… And I must say- Im not dissapointed! It is very, very beautifull! And as much I love the background pattern I thik it would be easy to replace with some of my own work… I just have to publish something that LOOKS original- and would never use this design- even thoug it IS beautifull!

    Only the date-stamps I don’t really like. They kinda stick out of the rest of the design i think.

    But thanks! Perhaps I should make a wordpress-blog of my own??

  43. 43

    Wow, I love this theme! I’m a sucker for notebook-y themes.

  44. 44

    Nice palette.

  45. 45

    I would just like to add a HUGE thank you for sharing the PSD
    This alone gives me so many ideas and helps understand how professional designers work.
    Almost as useful as the beautiful design

  46. 46

    totally agree with Zhille… but nice work anyway…

  47. 47

    Very inspired by and webdesignerwall, but it’s very cool!

  48. 48

    Don’t mean to be rude, but it seems a bit of a poor-mans WDW…

    Good effort though, just seems a little messy and unfinished, try working on the contrast and shading, all seems to be way out.

  49. 49

    really nice work !!!thanks..

  50. 50

    Isn’t ‘About’ a page?

  51. 51

    Pretty, but these kind of designs using photoshop brushes are a bit overdone nowadays!

  52. 52


  53. 53

    all these people moaning about contrast and what not. back up your claims!
    I happen to think Evan has done a great job and looks spot on.
    To much polish would very much detract from the sketchy look of the design. If you don’t like then don’t use it.
    I for one will probably be using this as a bare bones for a theme I might adapt.

    I think the more examples we see in the open of how unique designs are put together the better we will all be at understand how to realise our ideas.
    so giev the guy a break for giving us his hard work for FREE

  54. 54

    Great job on the theme! I’m even convinced to give up the theme of the last three years on my blog and change it to this! It’s perfect for personal blogs.

  55. 55

    Great work!

  56. 56

    @Elisa: I’m sure there would be quite a few people willing to convert this for Blogger, but they would need permission from Smashing Magazine and Evan Eckard first! There are a few similar designs (made for Blogger) available over at though (for free download).

  57. 57

    WOW, is so beautiful!! Thank you!

  58. 58

    wow…. its really nice theme!

  59. 59

    really awesome – home taste – theme

  60. 60

    I’ve installed it into my blog.

  61. 61

    Beautiful, very inspirational piece of work!

  62. 62

    awesome theme!

  63. 63


  64. 64

    Fernanda Prevedello

    August 21, 2008 7:24 am

    Very Nice Theme!

  65. 65

    nice color scheme and attention to detail, but this notepad/paper clip/post it note style is a bit dated IMO

  66. 66

    A very pretty theme!

  67. 67

    really great theme :)

    well done, thx

  68. 68

    looks good but not a editable theme.

  69. 69

    Thanks for the theme, very beautiful.
    Is there any way to add widgets to the sidebar?

  70. 70

    I know it’s been said, but this is a Web Designer Wall’s slightly uglier twin brother.

    I like the background illustration – the colour’s cool and unique – however the rest just doesn’t fly.

    The date tabs look completely out of place. The recent posts looks like its been cut out with the eraser tool. The typography is dull and disengaging. Instead of dropshadows it seems the background’s been erased.

    No depth. Bad Photoshop. Bad design. Good background image (was it stock?).

  71. 71

    Beautiful work there.

  72. 72

    Byron Castillo H.

    August 21, 2008 2:22 pm

    Realmente bello !!!

    es muy buen trabajo, realmente genial.

    alguien podria ayudarme a instalarlo ?

    Gracias !!!

  73. 73

    Use the Pages widget? How? This theme is not widget-aware.

  74. 74

    Beautiful theme! Thanks for sharing.

  75. 75

    I love this theme. It was exactly what i had been looking for! @henry – stuff it. you are wrong. thank you very much. I took it and am using it already!

  76. 76

    @Henry Hoffman – the top of the recent posts was cut out w/ the eraser tool :)

    And yes, the background was erased at certain parts to bring more focus onto the content. I tried a drop shadow and outer glow from the notepad, but that rendered the design way too busy. So in the end, I masked off certain areas of the background.

  77. 77

    This is seriously one of the most beautiful designs I have seen in a very long time. Amazing!!!!

  78. 78


  79. 79

    Lovely. Thanks so much for sharing.

  80. 80

    Looks fine, but is acting a little weird on the top…?

  81. 81

    Oh my Lord! You’re such a sour grape!
    If you can make it better yourself- and still want to give it up for free- DO SO!

    Else: button your tounge!

  82. 82

    I love it ! I love it ! I love it! This is EXACTLY what I was looking for one of my blog.

    This theme is amazing, thank you.

  83. 83

    çok oş bir tema umarım erhan abim bu temayı türkçeleştirir

  84. 84

    @ Sandie Sørensen

    If you feel that people with constructive criticism should ‘button their tongue’, then you are going to have rather dull and unchallenging future.

    I’m sure Evan will take on-board helpful negative comments and use them to his advantage in the future, because that is how you progress in life.

    Secondly, I was also just expressing my opinion, which I am free to do.

  85. 85

    I like the design and the overall metaphor, but I have to replace the background. I don’t care how cliche, the whole wood, desktop background thing is, to me it just completes the metaphor. That being said, I’m having a nightmare of a time changing out the background. The theme relies on a solid color in the background and can’t be easily remixed to use a texture/pattern instead. I’m bummed, but not giving up just yet.

    @Evan: Thanks for the theme, but thank you even more for the valuable lessons I’ve learned.

  86. 86


    I’m looking for a free wordpress theme designer to redesign the theme of my blog. Of course, you’ll could publish them here, in Smashing Magazine :)

    Thank you!


  87. 87

    wow It is very pretty. I like to its color

  88. 88

    Very nice theme, I’d really like to use it, however I have 8 years of posts, some of which contain images. The theme doesn’t allow any images other than the thumnail field to appear. I’ve tried different workarounds and I can’t seem to get them to show (@ max-width to 425)? I’d really like to use the theme, any idea how I can tweak it for my images?

  89. 89

    This is a very cool theme. I’m using it on my site!

    I’ll have to change a few things around, but overall, this is by far one of the nicest looking free themes available.

  90. 90

    Tutorials To Earn

    August 22, 2008 3:47 pm

    Great theme :) I am going to use this on my Personal blog…….

    Thanks a lot to Smashing Mag …

  91. 91

    It’s beautiful. I love it.

    But. And it’s a BIG but.

    No sidebar widget capabilities?
    Limited picture sizes in the posts?

    It’s a beautiful theme, but pretty much unusable for 99% of folks out there that want to use it!

  92. 92

    No sidebar widget capabilities?

    i hope it can include that as well.

    it’s great, thanks evans

  93. 93

    Evan’s own site has the coolest nav bar I’ve seen in a long time. I spent an hour one evening deconstructing it to see how it worked, and if I could replicate it. I believe his site was featured in an earlier Smashing Mag column.

  94. 94

    Wonderful theme. I’m going to use it. I was just wondering what’s the font we used for the handwritting? It’s because my blog doesn’t have an archives page so I wanna change it for another page. Can you tell me please? Thanks in advance

  95. 95

    Hey Need Theme Provided Viia his 1st adsense ready wordpress theme i need the download link of that.will u provide me that

  96. 96

    nice theme. Must visit this site more often

  97. 97

    very good !

  98. 98

    I love this theme and have chosen it for my personal blog. I do miss the widget-ability and will be investigating how to add… my dashboard says there is no sidebar defined on this theme, so I will investigate how to do that also (I’m “novice class” blogger. *grin*)

    Since my blog is a family blog, it is photo-heavy. I have found no problems with either my full sized pics or my thumbnails. It may make a difference that I am using the akWplightbox plugin.

    Great work on the theme. It looks GREAT!

  99. 99

    Thank you Amanda for responding, I’ll have a look at BT too :)

  100. 100

    Whoops! I spoke to soon. It seems that pictures that are too wide for the main column (posts) disappear in my version of IE (I usually use Firefox). I am manually going in and reducing the size of those too-wide pics, but if anyone comes up with a fix, I’d love to know about it.

  101. 101

    I would LOOOOOOOOOVE to use a theme as beautiful as this, but I can’t because it’s not coded to accommodate the built in gallery function of wordpress, i’ve only run across two or three themes that are coded for the gallery, and even they make the pictures small, i have my pictures about 800 px wide, and i usually need a fluid theme, and unfortunately i only have one fluid theme that doesn’t drop the sidebar to show my pics… i should be happy that i have found ONE such theme, but i would love to be able to use themes like yours

  102. 102

    I just want to say 2 word about this theme: KEREN BANGET!! In Indonesian, it means REALLY REALLY REALLY COOL …
    Good job!! I’ll use it for my blog … :)

  103. 103

    hi i really love this theme a lot too… just like comments no. 100, I would love to have the font as well. Because i wanna edit bits and pieces here. Thanks!!

  104. 104

    it reminds me of

    but maybe it just me

  105. 105

    Luis Lobo Borobia

    August 24, 2008 5:55 am

    It is really BEAUTIFUL!
    I love how it looks, very personal, it makes you see that you are really looking at the inner thinkings of the writer.
    Love it.

  106. 106

    Very Beautiful Theme! applied it to Thanks!!!

  107. 107

    woa woa, super excelent, very very nice, thank you so much.

  108. 108

    I added the archives page by using the WP write new page, and then selected the page template for archives. It worked, but the font has no css style applied to it. I’m sure people will be able to sort that out.

    I was wondering though…..

    On the home page allof the post is shown, rather than an intro or excerpt. How can I set that you only see the whole post once you have clicked on it?
    Thanks again :)

  109. 109

    I am trying to set this up, but the Archives page is showing nothing!

    Also, is there any way to get an “Edit” option on each post? (no harm in asking)

    Ingrid Balko

  110. 110

    you have to create a page in WP called Archives and then at the bottom of the write new page, there is a drop down asking for a page template, use the archives template and it should work.

  111. 111

    Thank you! That’s what it needed – saving as a template and it works!

  112. 112

    Any chance of this being converted for Blogger? Love this design, it’s beautiful!

  113. 113

    No worries.

  114. 114


  115. 115

    Nice theme.. thinking of using it in my blog

  116. 116

    Hey thanks everyone for the kind words. This theme was a beast to get into HTML, so my apologies if it’s tough to customize. With so many design elements interacting with one another (and sticking w/ gif files to make the theme multiple browser compatible) when I’d get one piece of the theme working, another would break elsewhere. So the final design is pretty set in stone to get the visual effect.

    Props to dandyman for the awesome variation!

    Also, I keep getting asked about the font… unfortunately, that’s my own scanned handwriting, so no font exists. There are some good alternatives out there though that work awfully well. I’ll post alternatives here as I can find or remember them.

    Parts of the background image was taken from an iStock illustration (which I purchased the extended digital usage rights too) mixed in with multiple hand drawn elements.

    And thanks to Vitaly and Sven for allowing the theme to be free and available!

  117. 117

    breaks in Opera

  118. 118

    I say it : ” I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu” :) Thanks …

  119. 119

    I realize that there really are no original ideas in this world, but a couple of the elements here look an awful lot like my site.

  120. 120

    Blogger version?

  121. 121

    Can someone tell me how you would classify the background design? I’ve seen this style a lot recently, and would like to see more of it, but I’m not sure what to search for. What would you call that kind of design/art?

  122. 122

    This theme is really beautiful! If I had just any reason to open a 2nd blog I`d use this one!

  123. 123

    LOL! totallty rip of Webdesigners Wall… Lame.

  124. 124

    This theme is really cool and i want to use it, thanks a lot man. you’re awesome.

  125. 125

    I don´t get Part III of the Readme…
    What is exactly this custom field and how do I activate it?
    Please help me!

    Beautiful theme btw!

  126. 126

    I love this theme and have converted it for use on my Movable Type blog. It’s taken 3 days to get it all right and I still have some tidying up to do.

    Thank you so much.

  127. 127

    Oh, so great theme!
    Look it very nice, I like it so much, thanks !!!

  128. 128

    Out of all the themes that I have looked at here this one seems to have imagination and personality and there for the only one wroth downloading. You should be proud of the work you do. Please do more like this.

  129. 129

    I loved this theme so much I converted it over to Tumblr for my wife’s site. I changed a couple of things on it so it would work a little better on Tumblr. You did a really great job with the theme! I hope to see more from you.

    Here’s my post about it:

    Here’s my wife’s Tumblr site that is using the theme:

  130. 130


    August 30, 2008 6:02 pm

    very nice. please advise me can this be used offline on my own pc as I am not interested in using php.

  131. 131

    I have requested permission from Evan to distribute this theme as a plugin for Movable Type users and am requesting permission from Smashing Magazine to do so. I have made only slight modifications, which you can see on the test design:

    I couldn’t find any contact link other than this form to request permission to use to redistribute the theme, so I’m hoping you’ll contact me with permission.

    Thanks again,

  132. 132

    This really is a beautiful design. I’m using it for my blog and I wanted to say thank you!

  133. 133

    Very nice, Thank’s!

  134. 134

    I want this widgetized :(

  135. 135
  136. 136

    erm kindergarten question here..

    how am i suppose to install it and make it as my theme?
    and i didnt purchase the custom CSS upgrade.

    a lil help/tutorial here plss

  137. 137

    Really nice layout, but how can i take this txt away from it

    This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

  138. 138

    Nice theme.

  139. 139

    Hello !

    Just to say thank you for this theme, since last week I use it on my blog :



  140. 140

    Just say thank u

  141. 141

    Great, great, great theme. Edited the header and footer to fit my most recent project, The Design Bus. Thank you Evan Eckard!

  142. 142

    Bardzo ładny temat, raczej na pewno go użyję.

  143. 143

    While the post title is being hovered in IE7, thumbnail moves to left.

  144. 144

    I want to add an ad on my “about” page, can you tell me how to do that? I don’t know which file I should edit.

    Also, it’ll be nice if you separate the footer paragraph and “about” page. I want to put different content in my footer and “about”, but right now they are the same!

    Really beautiful and eye-catching layout though. This is definitely love at first sight, I knew I want it the first time I saw it!

  145. 145

    Great theme, thanks.
    I need to change the color from background (#3f808a), and use one image, but still using the image in top (page-back.jpg), but dont know how to make. Can someone help, please. Is very important

  146. 146

    so cool~! I love it~!

  147. 147

    Hi, I reeeaaally like this theme, but I’ve got a problem… I have no clue how to set it up on my blog, just started my own yesterday. Did I miss any instructions??

  148. 148

    hey nice one! im using this now! :D

  149. 149

    Do you have the whole background picture of this theme? I mean a whole one,without the part of the content and sidebar picture upon it.I really like it ,if you have it, can you give it to me?

  150. 150

    this is an awesome theme, thank you so much. I edited the bg to match my theme, all credits to you!

  151. 151
  152. 152

    The font used for this awesome theme It’s called “Jerry’s Handwriting Font”. You can find it here:

  153. 153

    Oh, sorry for my previous comment, but I have been verifying the font used in the template and incledibly “it is really hand made“. Why do I know?? Ok! check the images in the template folder and compare the “E” used in all the images that contains it, and you will see that every “E” is different. So, now you know, type the letters with your own hand, scan it and insert it in the template PSD file.

    Good Luck.

  154. 154

    I saw this theme and try to see if it is a custom theme. Luckily you did put smashing icon on the footer and that is how I know where to find this theme.
    Thanks a lot!

  155. 155

    thank for your kindness
    this theme makes me inspiration

  156. 156

    nice one. really really like it. keep up the good work

  157. 157

    Great work, Congratulations, now you theme arrive to latin America.

  158. 158

    Looking for a widget version….

    And for some reason my Archive does not work…just says “No input file specified”

  159. 159

    Hands down this is a very creative template. My only problem is that there is no way to add pages. Can anyone help me to find a workaround to add pages (doesn’t have to be added to the top navigation). Someone above suggest wp_list_pages() but this only display’s pages does not allow you to create further pages.

  160. 160

    u know what… this is the greatest theme i ever seen in my life. i love it so much!!! TQ… i’ll use it for my blog soon. i’m still building it rite now. will use it tomorrow. insya-allah :)

  161. 161

    My mistake. You can ad pages via the Write> Page in the CP of your WP. Also drop the wp_list_pages template code into your sidebar.php file so you can access these pages.

    Once again great template!!!

  162. 162

    Hi, can anyone tell me if this theme will be updated to support widgets??

  163. 163

    nice theme…im still newbie here..can i ask a question..
    what is PSD sources is all about?? is it the plugin for wp?

  164. 164

    All i can say is……..AWESOME!

  165. 165

    This is a fabulous theme. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to add pages to the sidebar.

    tlukem wrote: “ad pages via the Write> Page in the CP of your WP. Also drop the wp_list_pages template code into your sidebar.php file so you can access these pages.”

    Can you, or someone explain this more fully?

    I love this theme!

  166. 166

    How someone could help me, I want to edit something specific. I would like to know where publishers to remove the contour of the links and change the colors of the link.

  167. 167

    Hello there. I use this wonderful theme in my personal blog but I can’t make work pages and archives. Anyone can help me please? romeosantos612[] Btw congratulations for this awesome skin. Saludos from Chile!

  168. 168

    good colors

  169. 169

    Wow, what an incredible theme! Really took the cake for me here.

    A question: How do I get the posts to show the poster’s name?

  170. 170

    Very beautiful. I like it. Thanks.
    It’s simple and suitable for diary contents.

  171. 171




































































  172. 172

    Truly gorgeous theme. Congratulations Evan, you’re a gifted designer!

  173. 173

    nice i will check

  174. 174

    This is a beautiful design, color scheme and concept. Thank you for releasing the .psd. It has inspired me to teach myself how to design and code themes for WP for my own websites.

    To everyone who compares this to WDW – newsflash… WHO CARES? Just because this theme has artwork coming out of the header as an illustrative design, that somehow devalues the coding, the design and color scheme itself and the art? Not at all.

    There are many ways to tell the artist’s story. This is one of them. You can’t please everyone… so if you don’t like it… don’t use it.

    Again, thank you for the time and effort in your creation of this theme.

  175. 175

    Awesome template!! Congratulations!!

  176. 176

    Just wanted to say this is an awesome looking theme. Nicely done!

  177. 177

    Gracias Evan, un saludo desde Chile
    Te pasaste, una plantilla hermosa, Felicitaciones

    Very beautiful theme. Congratulations Evan!!


  178. 178

    It’s not that hard to make this theme – or any them – widget ready. You just need to modify the sidebar.php code to make it dynamic. Just do a quick search on and you’ll find everything that you need.

  179. 179

    Smashing… was looking for a new theme after ages and was absolutely thrilled to see this one thanks a ton!

  180. 180

    Bahut hi achha Design hai. I like very much.
    And thanks for developing this themes…

  181. 181

    I know this is an older article, but has anyone tried this in FireFox? I loaded the theme and the sidebar is all jacky on the home page. Individual posts look fine, but the home page has the sidebar info under all the front posts. (and therefor the posts are without the post style applied ) I’m going to try and look and see if I can find the problem, but this is my weak area (coding).. Any ideas out there?

    On another note, thank you Evan—> this is an awesome theme .. and inspiring.

  182. 182

    Hey- for anyone reading this.. my last post was my error. The theme looks purdy! in FireFox. I had coded a post incorrectly that thru all themes off. Disregard my FF post above.

    and thanks again Evan

  183. 183

    eye-candy layout, nice! can i use this one? i’ll still figure out how to customized though, but thanks! :)

  184. 184

    This is my all time favorite theme. I’m using it now. Thanks for such a great gift. I’ll be checking back often.

  185. 185

    Thanks for offering this awesome theme! I’ve modified it for my needs and design for my website:

    This theme has inspired me to work on designing my own themes from scratch in WordPress.

    BIG thanks!

  186. 186


  187. 187

    anybody can help me?
    try to use it, but
    “notepad-chaos/header.php on line 2″
    this line contain <html xmlns=”” >
    Thanks, Kir

  188. 188

    and php with language_attributes()

  189. 189

    i love this theme, so beautiful….great work!!

  190. 190

    thanks yo……….

  191. 191

    hmm, i’m sorry, but it doesn’t work for me …
    after i did install the theme, idid get this alert:
    “Fatal error: Call to undefined function language_attributes() in …/wordpress/wp-content/themes/notepad-chaos/header.php on line 2″
    Does anyone know, what’s to change? i do use WP 2.0

  192. 192

    the same problem.( can’t understand.

  193. 193

    @ Kir :
    change line 2 within the „header.php“ it with:
    //html xmlns="" lang="de" xml:lang="de"//
    ( // means ) and choose your language-attribute like „en“

    But – if this problem is gone afterwords … possibly the real problem should not!
    for me the theme will not work, just a disfunctionally „picture“ will appear … without any links, stuff etc. i think, i have to upgrade my WP first ;-(

  194. 194

    Hey, i’m a 15-year-old free-time designer from Germany… :)
    Am I allowed to use parts of the .psd file for my personal, non-wordpress blob & portfolio?

  195. 195

    ps: i did it! Upgrade to WP 2.3.6! Now it works fine! ;-)

  196. 196

    ähm: i meant upgrade to WP 2.6.3! ;-)

    and THANKS a lot for this exciting work!

  197. 197

    Such a beautiful theme !!!!

    I like it ! I want it ! I download it ! I got it !

  198. 198

    A very beautiful notepad theme! I absolutely love the colors and the pattern.

  199. 199

    It’s a great job ! I use it to an adaptation for Dotclear ( … [pub] Dotclear possesses a rich functionality that makes it a high quality publishing tool, equaling and even outperforming other similar tools in some aspects. Beyond the core functionality, Dotclear is designed to provide the user with the most comfortable experience. [/pub] Thanks a lot for this theme !

  200. 200

    The menu-holder where the home, about ,achive buttons don’t work properly it just links back to home page!
    How can I change this?

    Good theme

  201. 201

    Congratulations, your design is so beautiful, and is the best that i´ve never seen in wordpress.

  202. 202

    How do you add widgets to the theme?

  203. 203
  204. 204

    Looks great but doesn’t work in Firefox or IE7

  205. 205

    Hi all!
    How can we make it widget ready? Im not skilled in this, but maybe all together we can do something!

  206. 206

    smashing! id love to use this theme… this very beautiful theme… it’s really… [breathtaking]… lolz…

  207. 207

    is there a version for the free non-hosting wordpress???

  208. 208
  209. 209

    How do i modify this to make this widget ready?

  210. 210

    Anyone know the font used in this theme so that I can modify the Category headings?

  211. 211

    nice layout..
    but how 2 change link at HOME, ABOUT and ARCHIVES?

  212. 212

    I’ve just installed this for my sisters WP blog and everything is fine, save for how I might populate the Archives page. Is there some kind of plugin she should have? I edited the php file and the page displays fine, but there is no content.

    Gorgeous theme! Thx

  213. 213


    I’m using this as the template of my personal blog. Problem is, Archives link, when clicked is not working.

    I followed the step. Go to WP Write new page, title=archives, page template=archives, but it’s going to “About” page.

    I noticed that the code behind the archives link is


    I found that on the navigation.php. Why does it have the same page id as About page which is “/?page_id=2″ as well.

    Is this some sort of a coding mistake? Should I edit anything on the navigation.php to make it work?


  214. 214

    This template does NOT validate under 13 XHTML Errors. Please look at

  215. 215

    I think this is a beautiful theme & have downloaded it, although I am technically challenged & may not be able to use it! Amazing to find such wonderful artwork for free! Thank you :-)

  216. 216

    very good job!

  217. 217

    i’t a very nice theme but how can i set up widget?

  218. 218

    How do I setup the Widgets.. The sidebar is not working

  219. 219

    Thank you very much for your template. I’m using it now for my blog.

  220. 220

    Thanks, It’s a Greate theme. I’m using, too.
    and do you have any idea to update this theme for wordpress 2.7?

    I want to support threaded comments. :( but, I can’t do that…

  221. 221

    really great i got that what i need thanks a lot buddy thanks

  222. 222

    Anyone been able to get the sidebar to recognize widgets? It’s the only downfall of this gorgeous piece of work.


  223. 223

    Thank you for this wonderful theme and I have a couple of doubts to ask before i use this. How do you place a page as the home page rather than the posts. I have selected page in reading settings and my settings are ok. but the theme doesn’t recognize that. Also tell me how can i stretch the content and sidebar a little bit more and lessen the margins. My site is . I would really appreciate your help

  224. 224

    thanks ..^^
    happy new year!!

  225. 225

    Thanks vm for this theme & Happy new year.

  226. 226

    Happy new year.

  227. 227

    The theme is very pretty. =)

    And people, having a second opinion is not a bad thing. It helps people improve their layouts but there is no need for comment after another stating that this layout looks oddly like layout. If you have something negative to say, such as this layout is a ‘rip-off” that is not constructive criticism at all.

    And he is providing this layout for FREE.

  228. 228
  229. 229

    Wow niche template, thanks very much!

  230. 230

    Can the sidebar be widgetized? How? Help plz!
    very nice theme. just cant use due to it not being widgetized. So can anyone help?

  231. 231

    very beautiful,good work,i like it!
    Happy new year!

  232. 232

    This is beautiful. Very nice job.

  233. 233

    It doesn’t look like any of the preview or download links work anymore. Which sucks, ’cause it looks like any awesome layout

  234. 234

    im using this now and I was able to widgetize it, im so not happy with the outcome though coz i’m really having a hard time making the widgets in order. “recent posts” appears to be the first on the list.. :-( can anyone help me?

  235. 235

    I love the look of this theme, but my control panel says that it is not ‘widget aware’. Am I doing something wrong, or does it not use widgets?

  236. 236

    First, thank you for the wonderful theme. I’m using on my WordPress Mu site. Two member bloggers are using it.

    Here is the problem: I’m using BuddyPress on the site, and it’s supposed to generate an admin bar that lets the blog’s owner get access to profile and messaging features. But it’s just now showing up on this theme.

    Any advice?

  237. 237

    apik tenan theme iki….
    very nice theme…
    ma ahsana hadza theme…

    cilacap zone

  238. 238

    Wow. Nice theme. :D

    I’ll be using it in our project blog. :D Thanks for sharing such an awesome theme! I’ll say more after I actually install it in our blog. :)

  239. 239

    I’ll add my ‘job well done’! to everyone’s comments too. I’ve loved it, used it and I’ll still working on my site with this template. I had no idea so many others were using this too.

    I’ll love some feedback on using the Blog pages and how to change the handwritten parts. This is my first website and I think I’m doing pretty good with such a complex template. Any help would be appreciated though! Susanne from Aussieland!

  240. 240

    I’m trying to use this awesome theme in either typepad or blogger, but am having no luck. Yes, I know that it is a WP theme, but have seen it used several times on blogger. How difficult is it to use it in something other than WP? Any help is appreciated!

  241. 241

    Hi, has anybody a source where to get this theme widgetready?
    I tried to modify it as the wordpress help said, but I failed :-(

  242. 242

    Each time when I see something similar, it’s intercepts my breath literally! Very beautifull, new, somewhere even witty. Remarkably!

  243. 243

    it show delicious wordpress template.

    i very like it for diary of my blog

  244. 244

    …being a novice designer myself, layouts such as these give me inspiration and drive to where i’d like to be but also gives me a bench mark as to where i am in the field! constructive criticism is always welcome as a designer but i wonder what the work is like of some of the more negative responses? i wonder if are they’re “avant-garde” or continually breaking new ground and pushing the boundaries of web deign? how many completely “original” designs are out there nowadays anyway? many layouts are a combination of ideas and themes of other great work that’s out there with a personal spin added! i think it’s very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, even if loosely based on wdw! i had a very similar idea as a layout and will definitely take a look at how it’s constructed to help me learn the business! keep up the good work mate! top notch stuff and i say bollocks to all the negativity!


  245. 245

    verry-veryy goodd.. may i change the code please

  246. 246

    Some one had a lot of free time & a flair for hard work.

  247. 247

    it is really nice theme

  248. 248

    Great theme, thanks for sharing this. I’ve modified it a little to use in my blog. :)

    • 249

      Hi I dont know why but I couldn’t download this theme. Would u mind to help me pls?
      Many thanks

  249. 250

    Beautiful! However,

    It doesn’t work when I install it! No preview, just blank gray. I have re-downloaded, reinstalled 3 times. I even downloaded some other themes and they work!

    Im on WP 2.7.

    Any ideas?

  250. 251

    The issue with the theme not working was due to permissions. I chmodded the folder to 777 and all works like a charm.

  251. 252

    NICEE !!
    thanks a lot

  252. 253
  253. 254

    Gosh! your template is really great, congratulations.


  254. 255

    Hello can you help me?
    I had this template in my blogger and was WONDERFULL I love the template, but since 3 days ago something hapened because there is a lot of links and images from a photobucket and I had to change the blog. Know I have horrible template because when I put the template again comes this message :

    Confirme a exclusão dos itens a seguir. Toda a configuração dos itens será perdida.

    * HTML5
    * Text2
    * HTML3
    * TextList1
    * TextList2
    * HTML2
    * HTML4
    * Text3

    Is possible for you to help me?
    Thank you

  255. 256

    Could someone help me ? I downloaded the package but I can’t open it, could someone send me the HTML code ?
    Thank’s !

  256. 257


    how can i put it in my free worspress

  257. 258


    first your Layout ist awesome. I’m using the Blogger-Version from

    But I have the same problem as Lilith, with the photobucket-images instead of the original images.
    Can you help?

  258. 259

    YAN: I can send you by mail if you want, send me your mail

  259. 260

    Hi, just wanted to say thank you to all the people who left comments as to how to fix the Archives link so it would link to the archives page. I’ve been wondering how to do that, and now I have a fully functioning (albeit a little ugly!) archives page. :)

  260. 261

    nice theme.

  261. 262

    Hey All – I’m working on the next version of this theme for WordPress. There’s been a huge demand for an update, so I’m going to go ahead and make time to revamp some parts. Look for dynamic sidebars, advertising space, better page navigation, and any other bells & whistles I can come up with.

    I’ll be forwarding the new files over to Smashing when ready. Thank you all so much for the theme popularity, and please feel free to comment with any additions/requests at my site

    Thanks all!

    • 263

      Have you done your work? I would really like to see what you changed ;-) Looking forward to it.

  262. 264

    can this theme be made into a plugin for “elgg”? i really like it!

  263. 265

    I would like to know if this theme is “widget ready”. I am new to configuring wordpress templates. I wanted to add some RSS feeds on the right and I am not sure how to do that without going to the “widgets” section and adding the feature there. I believe this template does not have right sidebar to add/modify/move widgets on the right??? Correct me if I am wrong.

    – Humble Inquiry

  264. 266


  265. 267

    brilliant, i love it … but my problem is that i’m under DRUPAL : any plan to port it to drupal 6 or 5 ? Does any one know any similar Drupal theme ? I’d really love to have it but i’m not good enough at theming to startch from scratch.
    Please let me know.

  266. 268

    The theme was a little difficult to customize, but we found our way around it.

    We changed the background colors a bit as well, to make it more neutral. You can check out the customized version here:


    • 269

      Hi can you tell me how you changed the background color on the notepad chaos theme? Please give me steps if possible


  267. 270

    Hi All, how to upload this theme into word press? thanks =)

  268. 271


    May 18, 2009 8:53 am

    Very Nice thanks :)

  269. 272

    wow cool I use it for my blog

  270. 273

    I adore this theme. Thanks.

  271. 274

    I think these guys called it their own. Interesting…..

    BTW, i really love this theme!!

  272. 275

    süper bir template çoook güzel tşk….

  273. 276

    When inserting a picture, it doesn’t recognize left, center or right align with word wrap. Anyone know how to fix this?

  274. 277

    tx very much

  275. 278

    Hey! Great Theme! but anyone have any fix for “IE7″ alignment problem?

  276. 279
  277. 280

    Awesome theme… good job

  278. 281

    Looks really cool. Excellentt job!

  279. 282

    Marielle Garcia

    June 25, 2009 4:08 am

    Hi. Could you do a widgetized version of this??

  280. 283
  281. 284

    First off, I love this theme! I have tried to download it and upload it onto my blog, but for some reason it isn’t showing up in my available WP Themes… I am wondering if there are any ‘hints’ that I am missing, or if the theme only works with certain versions of WordPress.

    Any and all help is appreciated!

  282. 285

    I have my movies blog already several months with this template, the only version I am aware of and I have gone through all this thread and still could not get an answer on:
    1. How do I make this version theme, that I like a lot, more flexible so I can use widgets, plugins, etc,…
    2. I have red that the new version is coming up and supporting this elementary stuff, Does anybody knows if is has already been released? where? = Location? I really dont want to change this template but it I need also functionality.

    Thanks everyone for answering. :)

  283. 286

    this is brilliant! really adorable

  284. 287

    OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I DID IT I DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID ITI DID IT :) :) :) :D :D :D GUYS I MADE IT YEAAAHHHH!!!!!! ok i didn’t do it with the last link i gave…. but with something really EASY so EASY the logic bit me :)… ok this is what i did… i have a lot of themes of WordPress and i was playing with the codes of FUNCTION.PHP and the SIDEBAR.PHP for this theme. i was really disappointed because it wasn’t working the widget fix.. then i just drag and drop to the theme folder the file function.php and the sidebar.php FROM ANOTHER THEME.. then i refreshed the blog and there it was,,, the widgets :)

    u can see my blog with the widgets.

    if you need more help just email me ;)

    hugs n kisses from puerto rico :) remember Apple Rules!!!! XD

  285. 288

    Nice theme, I’ve try it, I just wish it could enable the gravatar icon view on the commenting section… :D

  286. 289

    The work is incredible, wonderful, thanks for sharing with us this theme!
    I just change some minor things to adjust to that I need in my blog, but your theme is perfect! Beautiful! Beautiful!

  287. 290

    love it.. applied to my new webbie..modified it abit… but i’m having problems on the background color.. and also.. the alignment of the footer… arggh….
    looks ok on windows.. but if u open my webbie with MAC.. OMG.. u could see the color difference… it’s soo obvious…..

    will try again… will try again…

  288. 291

    Notepad Chaos has been updated. Feel free to download here:

  289. 292

    Complete novice here…new to wordpress and adore this theme!!! Great for my classes…please tell me how to upload…not really clear on the instructions provided.


  290. 293

    Hi, I’m new to WordPress, so I apologize if this is a dumb question, but…does this theme that supports sidebar widgets?

  291. 294

    It doesn’t look like it supports widgets :(

  292. 295

    303 comments and nobody seems to notice, that the style.css contains an error everywhere where serif fonts are used. there’s no “s” in the “serif” definition :) great theme anyway!

  293. 296

    LOVE this theme. Love it!

    But I’m having problems with the latest 1.5 version that I’ve downloaded. My Archives page now contains my About Me information.

    It is widget-aware now but they are not formatted to match the rest of the graphics of the theme so they look out of place.

    Also, the tab at the bottom titled What Is This Place also pulls my About Me info as well. How do I edit that info???
    Thanks for any help you can offer!


  294. 297

    I have downloaded the theme and trying to activate. I am getting gray blank page and after that, if I activate the theme then white blank page is coming. I am using WP 2.6.3. Any Idea

  295. 298

    Theme “notepad-chaos-version-2-0″ not working with WP 2.6.3. Any one faced same problem. Please guide me if any fix is there.

  296. 299

    Love this theme but need one thing and have no idea on how to do it. I want to change the page background to a different color I tried using plugin in WP but it does not change the entire background. Im new to this so please if someone know how to change the background color please give me a step by step.

    Thanks You

  297. 300

    How did you change the background and the tabs to spanish?

  298. 301

    love love love this theme!!!

    but am new to WP ( using .com) and have no idea how to get this as the theme on my blog…can anyone help??? please!

  299. 302

    so cute theme…can i get one??

  300. 303

    Jérémy Wanderscheid

    December 6, 2009 2:34 am


    I’m currently working on a french translation of this great theme, I will probably add some functions like dynamic sidebar.

    My problem is the graphic files used for sidebar title, if I want to translated them I need to have the source files of these images to do a good and beautiful job. If someone can provide me these files I think my translated theme will be better.

    Thanks in advance

  301. 304

    Great theme. only problem is when viewing with Internet Explorer 6. The yellow post-it for Recent Posts is broken. The top part of the Post-it displays correctly (with Recent Posts text), then there is a large gap, the length of Pages and Categories in column 2, before the bottom part of Recent Posts displays (containing links to posts) this looks bad.
    See it here:
    Can anyone help please?

    • 305

      Bart Bruijnesteijn

      February 19, 2010 1:11 am

      You should loose IE6, it gives problems with a lot of websites as it doesn’t adhere to standards, I know from professional experiences working with big corporate websites. If you want to stick with IE, go for the more recenter versions. But I should also consider better alternatives like Firefox

  302. 306

    Any idea how to change the number of recent posts that show up on the yellow post it on the side?

  303. 307

    has this site asked for permission to modify? I can not find information

  304. 308

    umm i new to this and i have this wordpress account and i want this theme i just dont know how to put it there i download it already but the rest im clueless and i really want this theme

  305. 309

    je le met tout de suite sur mon site
    I’m french
    I immediately put it on my site (roughly)

  306. 310

    Me encanta (i love it) felicitaciones!! (congrats!) fué el que más me gustó de 100 opciones. (it´s the best of 100 options i found in the internet)
    bye bye people

  307. 311

    I am using this theme now! Thanks!
    Sorry for the noob question… How do i remove the footer that says:
    What is this place? This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You can create as many pages like this one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

  308. 312

    Bettina From Denmark

    May 6, 2010 4:00 am

    I really would like to have this theme too but I can´t make it right. Could one off you send me the code that I could copy and paste ???? Please.

  309. 313

    one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

  310. 314

    a nice theme, looking at the files now!

  311. 315

    Awesome Them….good work…

  312. 316

    nice theme ,so great

  313. 317

    Love the theme… but I’m unable to get the “more” feature to work.

    I’ve even downloaded a plugin called Evermore and it also does not work with the theme.

    I’ve looked at it the Preview and Publish mode and neither have this feature working.

    Please advise.

  314. 318

    Forgot to give you the details of my computer setup:
    Am running WinXP Home edition
    Computer is a Dell
    Browser is FireFox

    I’ve tried publishing the post and still the More feature isn’t working.

    Please advise.

  315. 319

    This theme definitely rocks but I’m wondering how to change the ‘About’ and ‘Archives’ buttons. What’s the name of the font you used ’cause I can’t find it.

    • 320

      Talian is a 3-column, wiegdt-ready, green-and-black theme optimized for SEO and adsense readiness. (No Ratings Yet) Loading Sphere: Related Content

  316. 321

    Its pretty good

  317. 322

    thank u so much
    nice site

  318. 323

    Is Notepad Chaos widget ready?

    It’s a very cool theme, but I can’t seem to find that bit of information.

    Thanks in advance!

  319. 324

    thanks a lot

  320. 325

    Hi there
    Just wondering once I download the psd files and alter in photoshop, how do I get the changes back to html, or to whatever file necessary? Then do I need to upload to? So it shows on my blog?
    Thanking you!!!

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