45 Beautiful Motion Blur Photos


Photos taken with a camera do not represent a single moment of time. Due to technological constraints these shots stand for some scene over a brief period of time. This time frame depends on the camera’s shutter speed. In motion blur, any object moving with respect to the camera will look blurred or smeared along the direction of relative motion.

Motion blur is frequently used to show a sense of speed. You can achieve this effect in a usual scene using slow shutter speeds. You may want to take a look at resources provided in the end of the article — they show how one can add the motion blur effect in photos.

This article presents 45 beautiful examples of motion blur in photography. This showcase isn’t supposed to be the ultimate and complete selection of motion blur images — it is supposed to provide you with some inspiration of what can be done with motion blur. All pictures are linked to the author’s pages. You may want to explore further works of the photographers we’ve featured below.

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Last Click

The picture presented below is not motion blur, yet it somehow fits to the post. The picture is titled “Meaning of Life”43.

Motion Blur44

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  1. 1

    Yep, boy with tands and dog are very expressive.

  2. 2

    Very nice collection! I particularly like the rocket launch and the ones involving traffic.

  3. 3

    Very nice post, love the rocket launch one

  4. 4

    Some excellent photos…..especially Ghost Train and Bisecting the Moonrise.

    motionblur. ;)

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    yay, nice one

  6. 6

    Excellent collection :D

  7. 7

    Motion blurs are a great effect, especially in live music photography.

    some examples of motion blurs in some photos i’ve taken.

    - Ian, Vanity Design Studios.

  8. 8

    nice post !

    shows you how much can really be done by using motion blur… keep up the great articles !!

  9. 9
  10. 10

    Didn’t really see anything here up to the usual Smashing mag standard. This is all very predictable stuff. Found this Photographer tho who sems to really get motion blur ;


  11. 11

    The last one is depth of field, not motion blur.

  12. 12

    honestly, i did expect to be impressed or even moved by the pictures….but wow…these are just brilliant…much respect to the original artists…and of course you for sharing this great find.

  13. 13

    Nice… hows about a posting about Government web design standards? Lot of people would love something on that.

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    Nice post, very inspirational!

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      you fuckin neematoad, your lucky i dont send u back to the stone ages, I oughta break your back and shove a sharp, microwave oven up your tight ass, ima loosen you up nigga

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    Unbelievable collection!


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    Impressive pictures. Nice!

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    insane :-) I love them !

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  19. 21

    just what i needed on a rainy sunday. thanks!

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    awesome collection

  21. 24

    sorry i have write bad the code :-)

  22. 26

    Good post
    Some of them are really inspirational,

    hmm… I dint see any motion blur in the last one

  23. 28

    beautiful,, very immpresive..

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    lovely :)

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    A great list and some beautiful and creative photos. Thanks!

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  27. 32

    beautiful…i like the one involves water and light effects…

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    thats awsome…. good work!

  29. 34

    Many of these photographs are copyrighted and do not allow you to reproduce them here, particularly when SM is heavily pushing advertising and generating revenue from this type of content. Unless SM is rewarding the artists who spent time creating these works…which I’m sure it’s not.

    Eye candy is money, you’re all hooked on eye candy, SM is filling its pockets thanks to you :)

  30. 35

    Justin (www.DotNetMushroom.com)

    August 25, 2008 1:04 am

    Simply Impressive ! Normally I comment on a particular thing that I like / don’t like but this time I am literally stuck for words. The only words that come to mind are : amazing, wonderful, brilliant ! A truly inspirational post indeed !


  31. 36

    That dog is hilarious. :D

  32. 37

    Most of the photos aren’t technically “motion blur” but time-lapse captures. Two different things.

  33. 38

    Gr8 Collection of pics really inspiring!!

  34. 39

    Such amazing and varied subjects this is one of the best collections I have seen in a while.


  35. 40

    Gomi – Time-lapse photography is when many pictures of a scene are taken at regular intervals, usually over an extended period of time. Think pictures of a plant growing, and the shots composited into a movie showing the plant’s growth over several days/weeks.

    But some of the material here is low quality/irrelevant/photoshopped – the author of the post has opted for quantity over quality.

    The picture of the shark and fish has no motion blur, and the motorbike & gun photos look very photoshopped.

    All but about 3 of the photos are from flickr – must have been such hard work to go to flickr and search for “motion blur”. Sorry, but this is a very low quality & lazy ‘article’.

    • 41

      Do you happend to know the three methods to control motion in an image? How they work? And why I would use these in various areas of photography ?

  36. 42

    Good Work. Reuters is the best

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    I can feel the smashing,

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    Amazing motions, would been great if it was in a large size! it wont fit my 24″ iMac screen.

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    I loved the rocket one. =3

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    Pretty weak post.

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    That swing ride picture reminds me of the cover of DMB – “Under the Table and Dreaming”
    DMB CD Cover

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    beautiful pictures! yea the dog’s awesome

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    Nice article. Good way to start a Monday.

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    Aww really nice!
    I’d buy a photocamera only to go around and play with these amazing effects… If only i weren’t so lazy. :)

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    I should put up a pic of what a dog’s eye looks like after it’s been hit with a pebble at 50mph. Gross and badbadbad.

    One word- Doggles!

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    reminds me of slow motion cameras

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    I loved the one with the rocks!


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    Thanks SmashingMagazine … I m glad that my website is been a part of SM Content !

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    Wirklich tolle Bilder mit Langzeitbelichtung.


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    wow… amazing

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    re motorcycle pic: interesting how you can see the knobs on the tires but the back ground is blurred – that would have to be one very fast zoom to blur the background and capture the tire.

    Agreed: photoshop

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    Quite a load of awesome.

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    splendide !!

    Nacene en Chine

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    Really enjoyed them. Awesome.

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    one word “COOL”

    i really liked the picture of the dog and cityscapes

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    cool pics

    i really liked the picture of the dog and cityscape

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    Wow! A lot of these pictures are Really incredible!!

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  65. 73

    Make Design, Not War

    August 28, 2008 10:25 am

    nice! reminds me of this shot I took a while back with my younger brother and a beer bottle Breath of Fire. Thanks for sharing this set. Inspirational as always :)MakeDesign,NotWar

  66. 74

    There is no motion blur on 13th photo

  67. 75

    He`s got madskills, what software did he use and camera ?

  68. 76

    Breathtakingphotos.....Sean Gloster

    August 28, 2008 8:33 pm

    I enjoy the photos. I do agree with one photographer that you should ask before using OUR photos. I only found out because the “Meaning of Life” spiked in views. That being said. Thanks. And Wow! There are some nasty people in this world. Makes me at times want to be surrounded by barbwire to protect me from them. Breathtakingphotos…..Sean Gloster

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    I really enjoy this collection, anybody can post some other categories which has excellent collection.

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    thats gr8 !!

    i really liked them !!

  71. 79

    Great work, except the ones ‘photoshoped’ pic, THE MOTORBIKE.
    Filters > Blur > Radial Blur > Zoom
    Gran trabajo, a excepción de la foto ‘photoshopeada’, LA MOTO.
    Filtros > Desenfoque > Radial > Zoom

  72. 80


    August 30, 2008 3:22 pm

    Very impressive! Thank you for sharing!

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    Pramathesh Borkotoky

    August 31, 2008 3:55 am

    Simply Wow

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    Inspiring collection indeed. Great works!

    Can I humbly link some shots of mine? :)

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    how teh fack, did that guy take the picture holding on to that kid WHEN
    he was holding on to it with two hands?

    i say third hand-itus.

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    ( O.o)y-~~To much good photographers. I’m jalous!

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    Im working on it :)

  81. 89

    While I appreciate that one of my photos was blogged here; however, many of those photos above picked from various Flickr photostreams are copyright photos. For those copyright photos, I do agree that the editor(s) should have the courtesy to ask the original photographer(s) for permission before republishing their content else where. I was never asked, but if I was, I would have said yes. It’s just common courtesy.

  82. 90

    Really amazing!

  83. 91

    smashingmagazine you are the best.
    i send this page to more than 1000 people.
    and this is my site: Beautiful Pictures

  84. 92

    Very cool site, my site.

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    pls send buautiful phos & links

  86. 94

    Can somebody kindly explain to me how the mud slide picture was taken? Is this panning? How do I create such an effect?

  87. 95

    Steve In Denver Colorado USA

    October 11, 2008 5:09 pm

    Hi, wow!
    I love these shots. I want to learn how to take that sort of thing with my new camera. Thanks for posting these photos.

  88. 96
  89. 97

    interesting picture it very niceeeeeeeeee…

  90. 98
  91. 99

    very-very prestigious, thanks

  92. 100

    nice selection of photos!!! I am very excited to go out and play a bit with my camera now!! :D

  93. 101

    very very good stuff, this.

  94. 102

    I have to agree that there are a few obviously PS’d images. The Motorbike image is a classic beginner PS attempt. The zoom lines lead into the helmet and all into the bike period. A zoomed exposure (in or out) would not look like this when the bike is moving at the rate it is.
    How would you get the shutter speed to be so long in the light conditions and zoom for that length effect? I also completely agree with others regarding usage. Please ask permission.
    Lastly on a light note: Where do you draw the line on shutter speed when you call it Motion Blur or Timed Exposure? Responses?

  95. 103

    Regarding use of Rick Post’s (aka CapturedLight on Flickr) image. Technically SM hasn’t seemed to have copied your image, merely embedded a link to your publicly displayed image.

    It’s a great image and I understand your disappointment, but if you don’t want to risk others exploiting your prized images, you shouldn’t have them on Flickr in the first place.

    Rather, a Flash based online gallery is your safest bet.

    On the other hand, you are receiving kudos just by your image being here, so maybe that’s not a bad trade off.

    I came to this link via a newsletter from http://www.photojojo.com, which a has a pretty huge following, so expect more clicks coming your way. Good Luck.

  96. 104

    Nice Posting on Motion Blur . !!!

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    so cool these pics r so cute :)
    like me

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    wonderful images..I like..

  99. 108

    wow this pictures are amazing!
    would you mind making a little time and maybe telling the names of the people who toke those motion blurs?

  100. 109


  101. 110

    Incredible… yea, I don’t see any motion blur on the last one. I’m a rookie photographer and I can’t wait til I manage to know how to do those things.

    Great Job!

  102. 111

    And they say taking a blurry picture is a bad thing ….. Amazing, and visually stunning…

    Mike Kelly

  103. 112

    Es increible lo que se puede lograr con una camara fotografica, (bueno no solo con la camara) tambien con la creatividad. Exelente muy inspiradoras

  104. 113

    Awsome selection!

  105. 114

    Amazing Homi u got my Heart

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    Nice! I’ve played around with blur photo myself…a little less representational than most of what is here.


  107. 116
    • 117

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      FUCKIN WHOREEE….. or SLUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    I really falled in love with your fhotos!!!
    Saludos desde México.

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    Willy Yanto Wijaya

    February 24, 2009 9:43 pm


    Willy Yanto Wijaya

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    These scenes are very much inspired me .

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    wow nice pics

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    i like blur…

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    wow!……what a wonderful amazing pictures!

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    Love the dice. Awesome shot

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    very nice ;;;;;cool effect ;;; i love the effect of 1st,14st and 16

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    these all suck nastay bawlz.

  120. 131

    Some great photos!

    but what would be even more useful is to know what cameras were used to take these photos and what settings were used? So that we can actually learn how to take shots like this.

    Thanks smashing mag as always. Keep up the good work!

  121. 132

    Newbie question: How were these pictures created? Is it a matter of shutter speed?

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    the pics are amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    they where soooooooooo koooool!………………the best best best eva

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    nice. i love those ones

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    Excelent, good examples of talent talent behind the camera.

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    … and that’s what I call smashingphotos.com! ;)

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    i like very much……
    there are really beautiful…..

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    unbelivable i seen this only in dream good very very nice

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    Can someone kindly explain to me what are the methods to control motion in an image? How they work? And why I would use these in various areas of photography ?

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    great post. i love this. keep posting please… from submitlinks.biz

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    omg the one with the dice was amazing! I’m only 16 but i’m also a very avid photographer and to see pictures like these only makes me want to be that much better!

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    i think i love it

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  134. 146

    Its really wonderful pictures amazing.

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    Mind blowing !!!! i am almost in faint

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    Loooooooved it!

    Extremely inspirational. I take a lot of motion blur photos, a lot of which include lights and the city. This has given me some interesting ideas for the near future.

    Thanks heaps, this rocks!

    Catherine, 12 years old, attends photography class.

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  138. 150

    pic’s wer amazing dude!!

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    Awesome Pic

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    amazing pictures! WOW!

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    I have a weakness for motion blur. It’s somehow very very pleasing to my eye, and mind.

    I also must say that the photograph of the dog (the 19th photograph?) looks very reminiscent of Falkor from the movie The NeverEnding Story (1984).

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    breathtakingly great! Thanks for the share.

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    hi this is cool howd ya do this with these picture

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    heheehe :v

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