35 Beautiful Examples Of Rain Photography


Most photographers do not feel comfortable in taking photographs in bad weather. Yet bad weather sometimes presents the perfect opportunity to get most out of our skills. In particular, in the beginning of autumn rain can provide the perfect opportunity to capture wonderful photos.

Shooting in rain produces dramatic atmosphere and soft romantic scenes. Whether you are after lightning strikes or water drops, alone the incredible cloud formations can produce quite exciting and impressive photos. Reflections can occasionally produce mirrors or blurs of dancing colors, making the photography in rain beautiful and unpredictable.

Below we present over 35 beautiful examples of rain photography. This post is supposed to provide you with some inspiration for rainy motifs and is not supposed to be the ultimate collection of best photographs. There are definitely thousands of beautiful “rainy” photos &ndsash; feel free to share links to them in comments to this post!

All photos are linked and lead to the sources from which they were taken. Please feel free to explore further works of these photographers on their Flickr collections or their personal sites.

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Rain Photography

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Tim Hearud11







Red Tips18


lightning over the capital city20

J Rutledge21

Beautiful Night In Rome22



Victor Eredel25


Ben Visbeek27


Agnieszka Borkowska29




Artem Tschaikowsky33





Rainbow and Lightning38

Time Magazine39


Curtis Forrester41




Yauheni Attsetski45


Séverine Cousot aka Sey47



It's still sunny at the lake...50


silent conversation with the sky52

Ahmed Zahid53



After The Rain56

Hau Si Yuan Julian57


Borbély Márk59

Before the storm60




Northsea sunset64




silent conversation68


Cloud attack70





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Vailancio Rodrigues is a web ninja who bakes semantic muffins. Apart from that he is also interested in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Photography and knows little bit of Physics due to his college education . He is from Goa - a beautiful tropical paradise in India.


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  1. 1

    Absolutely Beautiful, Nothing relaxes and calms me like a rainstorm.

  2. 2

    An excellent collection of photos! I really love the last one as well – such an amazing scene. (I’m also a particular fan of 6, 13, 19, and 22. ^^)

    However, I have to ask – why did a photo of the Aurora Borealis make it into “Rain Photography”? (The ground is wet, sure. But I’m guessing that’s more to do with the fact that it looks like tide pools!)

    All around though, a really inspirational photo set! Thanks for sharing these with us!

  3. 3

    Gill (www.gillandco.com)

    September 7, 2008 11:10 pm

    Man oh Man – what a way to wake up on a Monday! Lovely theme – fantastic pictures. Another photographer who is very comfortable in the skin is Steve McCurry – His monsoon collection is to die for.

    Keep on Keepin!


  4. 4

    Hey they’re beautiful photos, thanks for sharing them. I love the macro ones best, everything is just a different world up close.

  5. 6

    rain is about the relationship to nature. nature is beautiful :)

  6. 7

    stunning collection ^^

  7. 8

    Terrific color!

  8. 9

    Woah, those are amazing! The last one makes you go aww.

  9. 10

    Seriously beautiful collection!

  10. 11

    Very good! On in an instant classic

  11. 12

    Lipton of Starfeeder

    September 7, 2008 7:27 pm

    Wow is all I can say… beautiful and inspiring

  12. 14

    Wow…absolutely amazing pics…

  13. 15

    Classic Collection. Black & White images are making more impressions

  14. 16

    This is an amazing batch, I especially love the last one.

  15. 17

    superb collection. makes me admire to be a better photographer.

  16. 18

    beautiful shots! i loved the last one too – the one with the rain bucketing out of the sky into the ocean in just one part was pretty impressive too – and the reflection in the puddle,all were pretty amazing

  17. 19

    Muhammad Shahid Akram

    September 7, 2008 8:54 pm

    i love them all, totally mind blowing collection

  18. 20

    Wow…absolutely amazing pics…

  19. 21

    Woow.. Its raining !

    Now I remember an Indian photographer ‘Victor George’. Who killed by rain while shooting an accident

  20. 23

    Wow really nice collection…. thnx SM 4 this stunning list

  21. 25

    Great photos!

  22. 26

    Very nice collection. This is my rain favorite: http://www.flickr.com/photos/quizz/2100018787/

  23. 27

    great collection!
    images are blissful and wretched at the same time.

  24. 28

    I like the one with the photographer standing in the lake most. It is an amazing example of photographic skills. On my own blog I recommend this rain photo: http://shun.aminus3.com/image/2008-07-19.html

  25. 29

    Beautiful! :)

    The photographer in the lake is the best one for me!

  26. 30

    Number 6 – its my Photo!

    You should ask my permission to addition of my photo ….

  27. 32
  28. 33

    really awesome!!!

  29. 34

    Nice collection of stolen images. No attempt to credit the original photogs. Wanker.

  30. 35

    really awesome..simply superbbb

  31. 36

    Great photographs! Rain photography is a very interesting and oft neglected niche.

  32. 37


  33. 38

    Simply beautiful.

  34. 39

    Very nice collection. Thansks.
    Site: http://www.desigart.com

  35. 40

    Very nice collection.

  36. 41

    These photos are amazing!

  37. 42

    I think I found my new desktop image :)

  38. 43

    cheap sentimental bullshit photography – yawn.

  39. 44

    Wow, really great pictures. I have to try shooting in the rain, too!

  40. 45

    Beautiful collection.
    Need some for my desktop.

  41. 46

    They are beautiful but only a few actually had rain in them. I was hoping for more photographs involving rain and not just photographs of clouds and waterdrops. They are really beautiful though!

  42. 47

    Ronald (naldzgraphics.com)

    September 8, 2008 5:51 am

    great images.although some of them looks like not raining.

  43. 48

    We are sick of rain here in UK but these pictures are very pretty!

  44. 49

    Hey one of my photos is here, sweet.

  45. 50

    Excellent pictures

  46. 51

    I’m from the UK. Can we have some sunshine pics please.

  47. 52

    Dreamer-Soul, it would be posible to have that nice piece of work you have made, in hi resolution?

  48. 53

    Incredible shots! i fell in love with the first shot <3
    thank you so much for sharing !

  49. 54

    Wonderful! Very, very, very beautiful!

  50. 55

    Amazing pictures, I love especially the one with the girl in the water taking a photo under an umbrella and her red raincoat. The one with the 3 paper boats is great too. A very nice collection, as usual!

  51. 56

    very nice.. dreamy even. thx for the inspiration

  52. 57

    so beautiful
    Very nice collection.

  53. 58

    Love the photos again!
    Thanks for these!

  54. 59


  55. 60


    September 8, 2008 12:34 pm

    really nice pics and also great end of the post with Smashing kiss.

  56. 61

    amazing shots

  57. 62

    It is always a good idea to ask permission to post other people’s work before you go ahead and post them up somewhere else. I don’t mind my photo being up here, but considering it is a protected photo (protected by creative commons license), you have gone and copied the photo and hosted it on your own server. Where is the professionalism?? Do you not practice what you preach??

    I appreciate the linkback, but some credit to go alongside my photo would also be nice. Please.

  58. 63

    Extremely shallow / useless article. C’mon SM, you guys always bring it? WTF is this?!

  59. 64

    hey !! you use one of my pictures without permission. It is a violation of the copiright. You steal my picture, you are fucking thieves.

  60. 65

    Wow. Those are all amazing. Such gorgeous shots!

  61. 66
  62. 67

    Those pictures are so beautiful….

  63. 68

    Thank you 4 the Post


  64. 69

    3rd from the last is my photo. the author didn’t take permission before posting it here.

  65. 70

    3rd from the last is my photo, taken from my flickr album. The author didn’t ask for my permission before posting it here.

  66. 71

    I could take better pictures than these ;-)

    Well, maybe. If I could take pictures at all….

    These are quite nice!

  67. 72

    Maybe we should ask everyone if we could post stuff before it goes on Digg, too.

    • 73

      i want to take u r photo what ever put it above if u will give a permission i can taken it and put it into my face book that photo was marvelous.

  68. 74
  69. 75

    My photograph Blue Rain has been used without my permission, this image is subject to my copyright. I am still waiting for a reply to my e-mail requesting royalties or the image removed. The link to pixdaus who stole the image have now removed it. All my photographs are for sale in my Redbubble portfolio, user name Paul Gibbons (spottydog06 ).

  70. 76

    Justin (www.DotNetMushroom.com)

    September 8, 2008 11:20 pm

    An amazing collection indeed. However, after reading some of the posts here about how some of the photographers’ work has been used without permission it kind of raised a bit my eyebrows. Whilst smashing magazine is showing us a collection of some of the best work, it is unfair on the artists / photographers that they are not credited for their work. I can only imagine the hours it takes and the amount of photos one has to take before coming up with one of the photos in this collection. So my advice is – Smashing Magazine: thanks for the photos and the superb collections but please credit the photographers, Photographers / Artists: Continue to inspire us and keep up the good work !


  71. 77

    Thumbs up for most of the images with the people in it. Thumbs down on the high saturation – high contrast – HDR images. In ten years that style is going to look like sequined bell bottoms to us.


  72. 78

    Speaking about rain photography, there is also this ;) :

  73. 79

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    September 9, 2008 1:48 am

    @all: we’ll definitely credit photographers and artists back in our posts in the future. Sorry for inconvenience, guys.

  74. 80

    great collection!

  75. 81

    Smashing staff: These are great photos, but it’s clear the photographers are upset that they haven’t been credited. Instead of saying ” you’ll do it in the future,” why not credit those whose work is in this post? Let it start here…

    Since you’re typically on the ball with crediting designers, I’m a bit surprised about this one.

  76. 82

    Marco Nedermeijer

    September 9, 2008 8:53 am

    These are really good ! Very inspirational.

    this is my personal favorite rain photo

  77. 83

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    September 9, 2008 9:40 am

    @metrocake: we have contacted the person who has prepared this post – it will be updated as soon as possible!

  78. 84

    I love those shots! My photoblog kindly take a look at it also. Thanks

  79. 85
    • 86

      Hi, i have seen all the photographs, Just one word to justify the way they are taken or Shoted, It;s really Amazing all are, but one or two are beyond the ultimate. nice work

  80. 87

    so beautiful~

  81. 88

    very inspiring.. thank you :)

  82. 89

    It is really fantastic

  83. 90

    Really beautiful photos.

  84. 91

    kheyli ghashang hastan cool:D

  85. 92
  86. 93

    Wiber - El Salvador

    September 10, 2008 1:12 pm

    Maravillosa colección.

  87. 94

    nice shot…a few photos are awesome…is it realy real picture without manipulated effect? or these pictures had remanipulated before showoff :D

  88. 95


  89. 96

    Take My Photograph

    September 11, 2008 4:28 am

    Hi awesome photographs love what you have done, its a great inspiration for my own work

  90. 97

    Take My Photograph

    September 11, 2008 4:29 am

    Hi awesome photographs love what you have done, its a great inspiration for my own work…

  91. 98

    Dwayne.D.C.Tucker II

    September 11, 2008 10:26 am

    Nicee!!! I love this post absolutely beautiful photographs.

    Dwayne.D.C.Tucker II
    Nassau, Bahamas

  92. 99

    wonderful photos. I love rainy days! definitely inspirational too.

  93. 100

    beautiful! and inspiring.

  94. 101

    محمد حسن حکمی

    September 12, 2008 2:49 am

    These are all wery excellent and pretty. at least one of them always remember us GOD`s power.

  95. 102

    hi this was great proffessional inspiring . tnx a lot .

  96. 103

    So really nice

  97. 104


  98. 105

    Nature is Wonderfoul

  99. 106
  100. 107

    Carlos Valcarcel Gay

    September 17, 2008 2:20 pm

    Son increibles.

  101. 108

    I need the umbrella option to hang out in the rain w/camera.
    Then there are the ones where color is added to a single object in a black & white image, very cool.

  102. 109

    me gustaron mucho estas fotos, hay que felicitar al autor de ellas DIOS.-

  103. 110

    Hi webmaster!

  104. 111

    it’s Tim Heraud, not Tim Hearud.

  105. 112

    Awesome collection.

  106. 113

    That Was Fantastic!

  107. 114

    when it ranis the angels are playing with water….
    so fantastic!

  108. 115


    September 29, 2008 11:03 pm


  109. 116

    This is quite an impressive collection.

    Great way to start the day :)


  110. 117


  111. 118

    Beautiful. Winter is also a great time to shoot.

  112. 119

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  113. 120

    Great photos, especially like the aireal one with the rainbow. Here is a 360 panorama of a thunderstorm over Perth from Rottnest Island in which Perth has vanished beneath the storm clouds. And another from Anna Bay in Western Australia.

  114. 121

    love the image…kiss….and her passion and her ecstacy in rain

  115. 122

    your article uses “beautiful” in the article title, but the link uses “brilliant”.
    nice one.

  116. 123

    WOW!.. Beautiful indeed….
    any ideas where to find tutorials to do photo effects or enhance photos like these guys have done?

  117. 124

    Beautiful pictures, really. Give credit where credit is due. These artists have worked hard to show us things we may never have seen if not for thier eye for the special times in life. Keep up the great examples of these artists work, and credit them when you show their work. I would think that if someone liked a photo enough to want a copy they could then continue on to the artist website and purchase the item. This site is giving them free advertising of their work, giving us all the chance to see and admire what they can do. I read some of these photos are for sale at another website. ‘Well there you go just add a link to the website where they can be purchased and everyone should be happy. I think there has been some great work done here so take advantge of the situation and work it out between all the involved parties. It would be a shame if this causes some work not to shown.

  118. 125

    Sortins Technologies

    October 20, 2008 12:31 am

    superb collections

  119. 126

    awesome pics..esp Dreamer Soul and Agnieszka Borkowska.

  120. 127

    Instead of “crediting photographers” in the future, why don’t you ask their permission in the future? As an editorial team, and I presume that Vailancio Rodrigues is a writer of some degree, would you not consider it plagiarism if someone just took your work, without your permission and then made money off of your work through advertising on their site? If a photographer contacts you respectfully requesting their creative property be removed, then you are legally required to do so.

  121. 128

    Greatest Hits Beautiful Pictures

  122. 129

    great photography. This one’s nice too http://www.flickr.com/photos/bokatamz

  123. 130

    Wow! You know, these really are amazing.. :o

  124. 131

    It makes me remember one day in a beutiful place with an amazing guy.

  125. 132

    Thats wat i call photography .. Stunning collection ..

  126. 133

    I’m inspired to take up photography… very awesome and amazing shots!

    Thank you for the collection.

  127. 134

    wow kissing under the rain its very lovelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  128. 135

    Really cool stuff!

  129. 136

    omg these are sooo amazing!!! I WISH I HAD THESE SKILLS
    i really like the one with the lady bug and the boy and girl kissing. it was romantic!!

  130. 137

    Dreamer-Soul is very nice :)

  131. 138

    the pics are amazing sooooooooooooo beautiful.
    I Love rain

  132. 139

    I loved Dreamer-Soul’s photo (#6).
    Others also amazing.

  133. 140

    fabulous pictures Really i lov it……………………………….

  134. 141

    Awesome! amazing pictures!!!!

  135. 142

    huts i am mongolia haha huts

  136. 143
  137. 144



  138. 145


  139. 146

    Smp|yy Gorgeos piks!.

  140. 147

    Wow! Brilliant, so inspiring.

  141. 148

    The peektuwes were absowutly pwecious

  142. 149

    Absolutely stunning I agree with a previous viewer – wish I had those skills!!!!!

  143. 150

    nice pictures,i liked maria souh pic thank u for this geniosity

  144. 151

    Hey .. those were amazing ones.. really loving them . all.
    I also hav a few Rain pics. u d love. Can i contribute..?

  145. 152

    Muy hermosas fotos , la emocion de la escena , estuvo muy vivida en esas fotos. El grado de luz en el diafragma justo y la ocasion perfecta , mis felicitaciones

  146. 153

    I’ve also selected some great photos about rain, please check it out

  147. 154

    amazing! great!!!

  148. 155

    thankyou for shareing your beauty you captured.addicted to rain,allergic also.arthritis an such…..guess it is a love hate romance! thx again

  149. 156

    whavoooooooooooooooo very beutiful cooling seens i like each one.

  150. 157

    awww those pictures are amazing <3

  151. 158

    Vailancio Rodrigues

    April 11, 2009 11:16 pm

    Thanks for all your comments.
    I want put some focus on plagiarism. We have and will be crediting all the photographer in the future. If there is any legal issue regarding copyright we can sort it out. We just want to help talented artists, designer and photographer to showcase their work around the world through Smashing Magazine. It is a good opportunity to expose your talent. So don`t forget that it does not harm you in any case or if it does please feel free to contact us. Also lot of hard work and time goes into preparing this kind of posts. We walk through every part of web to find the best and you must be knowing how big is the web. It takes us lot of time to compare and choose the best photo from thousands of photos.

  152. 159

    Очень классно! Зачет)))

  153. 160

    Really beautiful and awesome!

  154. 161

    rerefghsfg sd gsd hds fdgs sd g

  155. 162

    André Villeneuve

    May 21, 2009 6:43 am

    Great !

  156. 163


  157. 164

    Karl Francisco Fernandes

    May 29, 2009 10:23 am

    Hugely inspiring… Maybe I’ll try something like this during these monsoons…

  158. 165

    It’s Wonderful……….

  159. 166

    oOoOoOo … absolutely gorgoes !!!!!!

  160. 167

    I am so glad I found this page. These photos are great and so inspiring.

  161. 168

    its awesome,, i mean its betond imagination,, cooollllll n eye soothing pix ,, i was feeling romantic while watching these marvoulous pixxxxx

  162. 169

    Hi i like it all pic’s

    pic’s is so beautiful……………

  163. 170

    Sisira Jayawardene

    June 21, 2009 2:56 pm

    It is a real fantastic photo collection and I really seen the natural wonder of the nature and true creativity of the artists.

  164. 171

    Wedding Photography Lancashire

    July 2, 2009 1:03 am

    Absolutely fantastic collection of images, being from the UK we have more than our fair share of rain, these images are inspiring.

    Obviously I find my job as a Wedding Photographer a little easier without rain however its great to see a more positive side.

    Cheers, Geoff

  165. 172

    Tejendra Shandilya

    July 3, 2009 4:21 am

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