Smashing Magazine’s 2nd Anniversary


It happened again. Today, Smashing Magazine celebrates its second birthday. We are two years old now and we are proud of what we have achieved over these years. To celebrate our anniversary, we could do any number of things. For instance, we could organize a huge giveaway—as we did one year ago1—but, of course, bigger and more overwhelming. However, we won’t do that; after all, we’re giving away stuff every week and we have many contests where our readers can win truly smashing prizes. (New contests are already on their way.)

Instead, we could share some insight about the highlights of Smashing Magazine over the last 12 months: an exploding number of page views, hundreds of thousands of backlinks, numerous testimonials and rewarding ad revenues. But we would probably sound like show-offs and we can’t afford to do that; after all, we have only published 301 posts so far.

Another possibility would be to discuss our plans for the future. What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s in the works? We could even share some top-secret information about the planned Smashing Book Series or new Smashing Forum. However, we won’t do that, because nobody can predict how successful those will really be.

Hence, the only remaining thing for us—Vitaly, Sven, the writers and other creative, hard-working minds of the Smashing Magazine team—to do is express our sincere gratitude to each of our readers for an absolutely smashing year. Without you—each and every one of you—our small magazine could not exist and definitely could not become what it has become today.


Comment and Win an Exclusive Poster!

Still, we do have a small surprise for you: a handful of exclusive Smashing Magazine posters, designed by the well-known, talented artist James White3. You can preview the poster here4 or read the Making Of5.

We are giving away 8 exclusive printed Smashing Anniversary posters, shining like gold in A3 format. Only 11 posters have been printed worldwide. If you want to win one of them, just write some kind words and congratulations in a comment to this post.

The winners will be determined randomly among all valid comments (spam and ad links do not count). Don’t forget to provide a valid email address in the input field, otherwise we won’t be able to notify you.

Thank you, folks! We really appreciate your support.



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  1. 1

    2 Years is a long time! I’ve been reading your articles for some time just haven’t commented yet… but that poster is gorgeous!

    I love this site.

  2. 752

    It is interesting that the two years old “baby” does such a perfect job. I can not wait it will be three years old. Happy birthday Smashing Magazine

  3. 1503

    Congrats to SM. One of the best inspirational/resource sites around. Thanks!

  4. 2254

    Happy 2nd Anniversary!!

    I haven’t been here these 2 years, but will be for the next! :P

    Long live ‘Smashing Magazine’ !!!

  5. 3005

    Hey Smashing Magazine! Congrats on reaching the tender young age of 2! I’m sure everyone will echo the same comments, but your mag has provided countless posts providing so much help & inspiration! I Just wish you gave us more tutorials!

    Thanks again, and Happy Birthday!

    MrQwest (

  6. 3756

    Congratulations! Your Mag is one of the three blogs I read regularly…

  7. 4507

    Bravo Smashing Magazine! You guys deserve to have a right knees up with all the work you put in providing such great resources. Make sure you have a beer for me ;).


  8. 5258

    Happy Birthday!

  9. 6009


  10. 6760

    Congratulations! Sorry, submitted twice… ;-)

  11. 7511

    Happy B-Day to yoooooouuuuuu, Happy B-Day tooooooo yooooooouuuu, ….

  12. 8262

    Congratulations!!! Thanks a lot !!

  13. 9013

    ! Feliz Cumpleaños! :D

  14. 9764

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    I love you I love you!!!
    Happy Birthday to you!

    I love you Smash!

  15. 10515

    Wow 2 years, and you have made such a great site. With so many vissits. Thats very good… I Check SM every day, and love every single entry. Thanks for this site, and I hope it would continue as now the next many years.


  16. 11266

    Congratz! Wow, i never knew you were going strong for two years… it’s a great achievement. Well done!!

  17. 12017

    I’m reading Smashing Magazine each day and checking for news and updates. The one of the best websites around, I frequently visit.
    The audience is watching for another year full of interesting posts, news, tips and tricks. And of course the great freebies!

  18. 12768

    Love your work.

  19. 13519

    It’s the first thing in the morning, the perfect afternoon break and gives me sweet designer dreams. Congratulations (twice). Love it a lot

  20. 14270

    HAPPY HAPPY to my favourite design-related & most-visited website EVER! :-) Looking forward to the next 2 smashing years.

  21. 15021

    Congratulations on your 2nd anniversary!

  22. 15772
  23. 16523

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine. It was always a pleasure to read your articles and I hope to read many more interesting articles.

  24. 17274

    Fantastic poster! Fantastic site! Keep up the Fantastic work you guys are doing!
    Allet Jute ooch zum Jeburtstach!

  25. 18025

    Congratulations and Thank you very much!!!

  26. 18776

    Thanks a lot and congratulations!

  27. 19527

    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday to you.
    Happy birthday dear Smashing …
    Happy birthday to you.

    keep whit the good job for unless 1000 years :)

  28. 20278

    wow! 2 years na, VIVA! and MABUHAY! to all people of Smashing Magazine, you inspired me a lot guys! and Gooooood jooooob!

    from the tropical island of Philippines,

  29. 21029

    Well done and congratulations on your second successful year and thanks for the freebies. Smashing!

  30. 21780

    Two years of great job!

  31. 22531

    I am suprised knowing that smashing magazine is only 2 years old. previously I thought this solid and lovely magazine has been exist since 5 or 6 years ago.

    everyday i look to my rss feed for new articles from smashing magazine. what a great effort done by the editorial team to bring quality & inspiring articles almost everyday.

    two thumbs up for all the crew of smashing magazine. happy smashing birthday and keep up the good work.

  32. 23282

    Two years… a long time, Congratulations!

  33. 24033

    I’ve been coming here for almost 2 years and only one other website has kept me coming back for such a long period of time ( A huge congrats for keeping my interest going :-)

  34. 24784

    Congratulations! Im impressed that you could build up such a nice und popular Blog in just 2 years, keep up this good work! :)

  35. 25535

    Fantastic job!

  36. 26286

    I didn’t comment the other time you did something like this because I wouldn’t win anyway. Guess what: I didn’t win. Now maybe I’ll win?

    Anyway, smashing magazine is a great website. ;)

  37. 27037

    Well done for the 2 years, I’ve been viewing the site since I graduated and its ben a great source of inspiration for my work. Keep up the good work.

  38. 27788

    Congrats! Keep smashing!

  39. 28539

    Nice one!

    You guys have helped me so much over the last 2 years, with your help I’ve managed to improve my skills, leave my existing job and start my own design company…. and things are actually going well.

    Trying not to sound too emotional, but you really have changed my life around.

    Thanks again, looking forward to many more years.

  40. 29290

    Many congratulations! The poser looks great, on a side note – hooray for A3!

  41. 30041

    Congradulations guys, you are my favourits RSS and a joy to glance through. I hope the next year is as successful as this one.

    …and what a cool poster!

  42. 30792

    Another year to go :)

  43. 31543

    Paljon onnea !! Happy Birthday !!

  44. 32294

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!!! Wow time surely passes by really fast when you’re enjoying. In my case, I’ve been enjoying the articles published here at Smashing Magazine and I’m surprised to know that it’s been 2 years already! Really good work in providing us with the most important articles and aggregates of really useful stuff from all the cool websites around the world.

    More power to Smashing Magazine!!!

  45. 33045

    goo goo! gaa gaa! you’ve pooed your pants again haven’t you?

    Happy Birthday! Now go and brush your teeth and get to bed.

  46. 33796

    Congratulations! Keep Smashing the community!

  47. 34547

    ferdinand | fudgegraphics

    September 9, 2008 1:53 am

    happy smashing birthday. I would love to win the poster. It looks ace!

  48. 35298

    Congrats Smashing, it has been 2 great years! Keep it up!

  49. 36049

    Congrats smashing mag!

  50. 36800

    Congratulations, great work lads!


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