Smashing Magazine’s 2nd Anniversary


It happened again. Today, Smashing Magazine celebrates its second birthday. We are two years old now and we are proud of what we have achieved over these years. To celebrate our anniversary, we could do any number of things. For instance, we could organize a huge giveaway—as we did one year ago1—but, of course, bigger and more overwhelming. However, we won’t do that; after all, we’re giving away stuff every week and we have many contests where our readers can win truly smashing prizes. (New contests are already on their way.)

Instead, we could share some insight about the highlights of Smashing Magazine over the last 12 months: an exploding number of page views, hundreds of thousands of backlinks, numerous testimonials and rewarding ad revenues. But we would probably sound like show-offs and we can’t afford to do that; after all, we have only published 301 posts so far.

Another possibility would be to discuss our plans for the future. What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s in the works? We could even share some top-secret information about the planned Smashing Book Series or new Smashing Forum. However, we won’t do that, because nobody can predict how successful those will really be.

Hence, the only remaining thing for us—Vitaly, Sven, the writers and other creative, hard-working minds of the Smashing Magazine team—to do is express our sincere gratitude to each of our readers for an absolutely smashing year. Without you—each and every one of you—our small magazine could not exist and definitely could not become what it has become today.


Comment and Win an Exclusive Poster!

Still, we do have a small surprise for you: a handful of exclusive Smashing Magazine posters, designed by the well-known, talented artist James White3. You can preview the poster here4 or read the Making Of5.

We are giving away 8 exclusive printed Smashing Anniversary posters, shining like gold in A3 format. Only 11 posters have been printed worldwide. If you want to win one of them, just write some kind words and congratulations in a comment to this post.

The winners will be determined randomly among all valid comments (spam and ad links do not count). Don’t forget to provide a valid email address in the input field, otherwise we won’t be able to notify you.

Thank you, folks! We really appreciate your support.



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Co-Founder and former CEO of Smashing Magazine. Sven is now writing Science Fiction Stories and looking for a publisher ...

  1. 1

    Congrats guys!

  2. 802

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine!!!
    Keep Smashing Inspiration!!!
    Great Job!!!

  3. 1603

    Happy Birthday! May all our wishes for more informative posts from SM will go on and on.


  4. 2404

    Nice work Smashing, a constant source of inspiration.

  5. 3205

    Happy Birthday from Germany!

  6. 4006

    Great, Keep smashing inthe coming years too.
    my Best Wishes to the entire team.

  7. 4807

    Its party time…its been a gr8 site for getting inspiration.I’m a desiner,whenever my mind is blocked of ideas i check this websiteto refresh myself.So far i have always got new ideas when i visited this site.I hope this site should get more & more of b’days..i salute your team for the good content they give…keep up your good work…happy birthday!!!

  8. 5608

    felicitations !
    i hope to read you more and more and more and more and more …

    nicolas, from France

  9. 6409

    Greetings from Portugal!

  10. 7210

    Happy Birthday Smashing! You did so much in 2 years…
    You are in my Google Reader.

  11. 8011

    Hi Smashing! Felicidades! I wait more good posts come this new year!

  12. 8812

    Moritz Feierabend

    September 9, 2008 2:09 am

    Happy Birthday !!!

  13. 9613

    Here’s your comment. ^__^

  14. 10414

    one of the best design blog on the web

  15. 11215

    I know smashing magazine since 3 months, but I really appreciate the site. It is in my daily read feeds

  16. 12016

    Congtratulations! You’re one of few blogs I visit every day – I think it means something! :)
    Keep on doing the good job!

  17. 12817

    Congratulations. Found your website during a research session a few months ago.. since then im in love ;)

  18. 13618

    Top stuff guys and gals – keep it coming!

  19. 14419

    WOW, Happy Second One!!

  20. 15220

    Congrats on the 2nd year of existence Smashers :)

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us in year numero 3!

  21. 16021

    Thank you Smashing Magazine fpr two years of outstanding reporting! You are one of the only 4 blogs that constantly stay in my rss-feeds ;)

    Happy Birthday!

  22. 16822


    Hope to be as creative as always next year.

  23. 17623

    Up the Irons ;D


  24. 18424

    Congratulations & Happy Birthday!
    So young but so BIG! That’s really smashing!!
    Hope you become very old ;-)

  25. 19225

    gratz!!! and happy birthday!

  26. 20026

    Congratulations guys :)

  27. 20827

    Congratulations!!! Keep up the high quality posts!
    Very funny that i have the same birthday as Smashing Magazine lol

  28. 21628

    … and on to a 3rd super smashing year

  29. 22429

    Congrats SM on the 2nd anivers, wish you guys many more wonderful anivers!

  30. 23230

    Congratulations, keep up the great work!

  31. 24031

    awesome magazine! and happy birthday Smash!

  32. 24832

    Great work always
    loads of year to smash me always
    God bless awesome efforts. :)

  33. 25633

    Tjena(“hi” in swedish) guys,
    I’ve been following you since you came to the scene. Surfing on smashing for at least an hour daily has been on of my regular activities. by doing this, I’ve learnt a lot from you and of course your great articles have inspired me more than all other design site I follow on the net.

    Congrats guys and hope that you’ll keep rocking as you’re used to.

  34. 26434

    Congratulations for the great work!!!
    Keep up that way!

  35. 27235

    Happy Birthday from Getafe (Madrid). Thanks for the inspitation!

  36. 28036

    Congratualtion!! Smashing Magazine, I hope you guys can do more high quality posts. All i want to say is “Happy Anniversary!!”…

  37. 28837

    amazing sit, keep up the good work!

  38. 29638

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazin!

  39. 30439

    Ha, even now i promote smashing magazine towards all my friends. Everybody should know how awesome you guys are

  40. 31240

    amazing site & work. Keep up the good work

  41. 32041

    Congratulations SM – thanks for all the help over these two years!

  42. 32842

    Hapy B-Day, and im only saying this to get this cool poster ;)

  43. 33643

    Happy Birthday! Have a Smashing party!

  44. 34444

    Congratulations, keep up the good work :)

  45. 35245

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  46. 36046

    congrads :) keep up the great work

  47. 36847

    happy birthday

  48. 37648

    very very happy Anniversary

    smashing magazine hip hip hurry smashing magazine hip hip hurry

  49. 38449

    jean-marc ryckebusch

    September 9, 2008 2:52 am

    joyeux anniversaire!!!

  50. 39250

    Me like SMASHING MAGAZINE… a lot! Happy birthday!


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