Smashing Magazine’s 2nd Anniversary


It happened again. Today, Smashing Magazine celebrates its second birthday. We are two years old now and we are proud of what we have achieved over these years. To celebrate our anniversary, we could do any number of things. For instance, we could organize a huge giveaway—as we did one year ago1—but, of course, bigger and more overwhelming. However, we won’t do that; after all, we’re giving away stuff every week and we have many contests where our readers can win truly smashing prizes. (New contests are already on their way.)

Instead, we could share some insight about the highlights of Smashing Magazine over the last 12 months: an exploding number of page views, hundreds of thousands of backlinks, numerous testimonials and rewarding ad revenues. But we would probably sound like show-offs and we can’t afford to do that; after all, we have only published 301 posts so far.

Another possibility would be to discuss our plans for the future. What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s in the works? We could even share some top-secret information about the planned Smashing Book Series or new Smashing Forum. However, we won’t do that, because nobody can predict how successful those will really be.

Hence, the only remaining thing for us—Vitaly, Sven, the writers and other creative, hard-working minds of the Smashing Magazine team—to do is express our sincere gratitude to each of our readers for an absolutely smashing year. Without you—each and every one of you—our small magazine could not exist and definitely could not become what it has become today.


Comment and Win an Exclusive Poster!

Still, we do have a small surprise for you: a handful of exclusive Smashing Magazine posters, designed by the well-known, talented artist James White3. You can preview the poster here4 or read the Making Of5.

We are giving away 8 exclusive printed Smashing Anniversary posters, shining like gold in A3 format. Only 11 posters have been printed worldwide. If you want to win one of them, just write some kind words and congratulations in a comment to this post.

The winners will be determined randomly among all valid comments (spam and ad links do not count). Don’t forget to provide a valid email address in the input field, otherwise we won’t be able to notify you.

Thank you, folks! We really appreciate your support.



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Co-Founder and former CEO of Smashing Magazine. Sven is now writing Science Fiction Stories and looking for a publisher ...

  1. 1

    Happy birthday!

  2. 852

    Congratulations. The contents of yours are smashing me. I have read smashing magazine below one year, but the impact it feels like 10 years! Again. Congratulation and Success to you in the next year. – From Indonesia.

  3. 1703

    Congrats! Smashing Magazine is a great resource.

  4. 2554

    Massive congrats. As most blog owners will know – the job of continually producing regular, topical and interesting content is the Holy Grail of blogging and no mean feat. You guys continually deliver on all these fronts and thus deserve your place in so many thousands of bookmarks and RSS feeds – keep up the great work!

  5. 3405

    Smashing birthday!

  6. 4256

    Giuseppe Grammatico

    September 9, 2008 2:58 am

    i discover you only a couple of months ago and since there smashingmagazine is a daily site to visit.

    I love the way and quality of infos you spread around the web. Thanks
    bye bye


  7. 5107

    Kenneth Ballenegger

    September 9, 2008 2:59 am

    Wow! Congrats and Superb Poster!

  8. 5958

    Fantastic magazine; really enjoyable to read…
    …but please can you stop describing everything as “BEAUTIFUL”!!!!!!!!

  9. 6809

    Douglas Lambert Oliveira

    September 9, 2008 2:59 am

    Congratulations! What a smashing magazine!

  10. 7660

    Quality stuff day after day.
    Happy birthday smashingmagazine!

  11. 8511

    woooot, woooot!!!
    congratulations to Smashing Magazine!
    wishing u many , many more “Smashing Years” to come!

  12. 9362

    Congratulations! Great poster by the way!

    Keep up to amazing work!

  13. 10213

    Hands down the best and my favorite design publication on the web! 2 years and many more to come!


  14. 11064

    gratulujem [congratulations! from Slovakia with love]

  15. 11915

    Smashing as usual. Keep it up. Keeps me up.

  16. 12766

    Congrats, one of the few sites i visit every day without fail…

  17. 13617

    Happy Birthday :D
    WONDERFUL Website

  18. 14468

    Congratulations, big ups from Holland! Every day I’m looking forward to another smashing post!

    Keep it up, let’s do it one more year!

  19. 15319

    As Austin Powers would say – Smashing Baby! :D
    Happy birthday!

  20. 16170

    Happy Birthday! I love the poster ;D

  21. 17021

    where’s the cake? :-D

    thank you Smashing magazine!

    i got a lot of inspiration from the posts!!

    good luck with getting better after 2 great years! looks hard to beat yourself :-)

  22. 17872

    Congrats! I hope you’ll stick around for a looooong time, I wouldn’t know what to do without you! ;)

  23. 18723

    Thanks for providing us good quality posts! congratulations!

    Greetings, Roland

  24. 19574

    Congratulations!!! Happy birthday.

  25. 20425

    CIAO from ITALY by an addicted reader XD !

    Happy Birthday SM!

  26. 21276

    You do an excellent work, and there are hardly articles that aren’t useful to me. Keep going!
    Greetings from Luxembourg

  27. 22127

    Congrats smashing magazine!
    Happy 2nd anniversary :)

  28. 22978

    Ciao from ITALY by an addicted reader! XD

    Happy Birthday SM! We love You !

  29. 23829

    Guilherme "Billie" Moreira

    September 9, 2008 3:20 am

    Hey dudes…
    Congratulations, keep the good work, smashing our lives with your supercool articles , tutorials and references.
    For me, the blogsphere is divided in two parts. Before Smashing Magazine and After Smashing Magazine.


  30. 24680

    Congrats! I hope you carry on for many more years to come!

  31. 25531

    Congratulations from Germany! :) Happy 2nd anniversary!

  32. 26382

    Wait a sec, 8th September! That was my 30th birthday yesterday :D I guess all the cool people are Virgos after all ;)

  33. 27233

    Gtraz guys! Keep up the good work.

  34. 28084

    Congratulations ! 2 years old… Nice baby !

  35. 28935

    Keep the good stuff coming ;) Congrats!!!

  36. 29786

    Congratulations! You guys rock! Steady flow of really high quality inspiration. Keep it up!

  37. 30637

    I could write a post to congrat Smashing Magazine for his 2 years and for the stunning tutorials and freebies we get. I could but i wont do that, because i live in Portugal, and the mail expenses are a problem…

  38. 31488

    Congraturlations !

    With all the brilliant posts that you already wrote … I am sure you will keep on building your reputation and commitment !

    Rock on !

  39. 32339

    Happy Birthday!….you demonstrated us that you are an important inspirational tool for all designers (wanna-bes, beginners, pros, etc). Good luck in want you do….don’t even think about stopping >:D<

  40. 33190

    Congratulations, keep up the great work.

  41. 34041

    warm wishes for your 2 Birthday, many more happy returns of the day ………….

  42. 34892

    What I can say that the 888 comments have already said before ? One thing, see you in 10 years (yes 10) to know how Smashing Magazine will have changed !

    Happy Birthday !

  43. 35743

    congratulations for 2 years of hitting us with such fine inspiration!
    keep it coming. loving my daily dose.

  44. 36594

    Happy Birthday! Keep smashing stuff. ;)

  45. 37445

    your had created one of my favorite websites and i’m glad to see that your still on work.
    your stories are a great inspiration of my daily work.
    thank you!
    i hope this site will be as good as the last two years and i wish you the best.
    best regards jörn

  46. 38296

    francesco colella

    September 9, 2008 3:42 am

    have a happy smashing birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. 39147
  48. 39998

    Congratulations!! I really enjoy reading you this months (I don’t read you from the beginning).

    Your resources are amazing, continue like this!



  49. 40849

    Congratulations to everyone at Smashing Magazine. I discovered the site about a year ago and am so pleased I did. A quick look at my saved posts in Delicious shows a ridiculously high number of posts by you guys! Quality stuff.


  50. 41700

    My favorite RSS feed. Keep it up!


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