Smashing Magazine’s 2nd Anniversary


It happened again. Today, Smashing Magazine celebrates its second birthday. We are two years old now and we are proud of what we have achieved over these years. To celebrate our anniversary, we could do any number of things. For instance, we could organize a huge giveaway—as we did one year ago1—but, of course, bigger and more overwhelming. However, we won’t do that; after all, we’re giving away stuff every week and we have many contests where our readers can win truly smashing prizes. (New contests are already on their way.)

Instead, we could share some insight about the highlights of Smashing Magazine over the last 12 months: an exploding number of page views, hundreds of thousands of backlinks, numerous testimonials and rewarding ad revenues. But we would probably sound like show-offs and we can’t afford to do that; after all, we have only published 301 posts so far.

Another possibility would be to discuss our plans for the future. What’s happening behind the scenes? What’s in the works? We could even share some top-secret information about the planned Smashing Book Series or new Smashing Forum. However, we won’t do that, because nobody can predict how successful those will really be.

Hence, the only remaining thing for us—Vitaly, Sven, the writers and other creative, hard-working minds of the Smashing Magazine team—to do is express our sincere gratitude to each of our readers for an absolutely smashing year. Without you—each and every one of you—our small magazine could not exist and definitely could not become what it has become today.


Comment and Win an Exclusive Poster!

Still, we do have a small surprise for you: a handful of exclusive Smashing Magazine posters, designed by the well-known, talented artist James White3. You can preview the poster here4 or read the Making Of5.

We are giving away 8 exclusive printed Smashing Anniversary posters, shining like gold in A3 format. Only 11 posters have been printed worldwide. If you want to win one of them, just write some kind words and congratulations in a comment to this post.

The winners will be determined randomly among all valid comments (spam and ad links do not count). Don’t forget to provide a valid email address in the input field, otherwise we won’t be able to notify you.

Thank you, folks! We really appreciate your support.



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  1. 1

    A fabulous 2 informative years! Thanx for al those incredible articles here! And we hope to see many years incredible articles again!

  2. 102

    top site! well done :D

  3. 203

    I think he forgot! I really do. I think he just remembered that it turned 2 during the day today.

  4. 304
  5. 405

    Congrats & Best wishes guys ! Keep on :)

  6. 506

    Congratulations on making it this far!

  7. 607

    Congratulations! =) Don’t stop posting smashing articles!

  8. 708

    I read this mag everyday, i have the rss subscription.

    Its pretty much my bible.

  9. 809
  10. 910

    i’ve been visiting smashing magazine daily since i first discovered it a few months ago… you guys are awesome! here is to another 2 years of great articles!

  11. 1011

    Love the site. Keep it up. Thank you!

  12. 1112

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine.

    Best Wishes.

  13. 1213

    Congratulations on TWO FABULOUS YEARS!!!

  14. 1314

    Wow – it’s already been 2 years? They went by FAST. Congrats! I know this site will be successful in the many years to come.

  15. 1415

    Congratulations for 730 smashing days!

  16. 1516


  17. 1617

    Congratulations Smashing Magazine… you’re the best !

  18. 1718

    Great resource, I’m so glad i found you guys a few months back! Congrats, keep up the good work!

  19. 1819

    I love this site.
    The End.

  20. 1920

    happy births day!!!

  21. 2021

    Charlotte Spencer

    September 8, 2008 3:04 pm

    Whilst I haven’t been viewing this site as long as other have I’ve read all of this site and I know that what you have here is firm, undoubtable success. Keep going and you’ll have even more success and can buy yourself a nice golden dubloon. I look forward to your future posts and fun things, happy birthday baby smashing!

    Charlotte Spencer.

  22. 2122

    SM has been an essential resource for for two smashing years! Congrats!

  23. 2223

    Congrats and rock on thru the years to come!

  24. 2324

    Happy birthday!!!:)

  25. 2425

    i love this site, and i have read almost all its articles,thanks for all, and happy birthday!.

  26. 2526

    I really appreciate your work, guys!
    Everyday, you make the web much more interesting for me and i want to thank you guys just for doing it free to read!
    I’d also like to win one of the f’ckin great posters!
    Thanx guys, cheers for some more smashing years!

  27. 2627

    Yeah I wish you all the best for the years to come, sometimes I wonder how you find all the great designs and photographs that you showcase. Happy 2nd Birthday Smashing Mag!

  28. 2728

    Hey Guys, Congrats. I dont really need the poster but anyways keep up with the good work and if possible surprise me even more

  29. 2829

    Sweet, I love this site.

  30. 2930

    Congratulations ;) You are the best online Magazine i ever know..

  31. 3031

    Well done guys! No day without your articles! Keep it up.

  32. 3132
  33. 3233

    Thanks for creating such a great, informative site. Everyday there is something new and exciting to read about and get idea from. I’ve used many of your articles for my own projects and they are better for it.

    Keep up the good work, and here’s to two more years.

  34. 3334

    Happy Birthday Smashing Magazine! Such an awesome site, I’m so glad I stumbled onto this site. It has really opened my eyes in web design, and helped me develop some strong techniques. Thanks ever so much

  35. 3435

    Congratulations and thanks for your work!

  36. 3536

    ¡Happy Birthday! ¡Feliz Cumpleaños!

    Each post in Smashing Magazine is a must to have in favorite bookmarks.

    Long life for this magazine.

  37. 3637

    Robert Kuykendall

    September 8, 2008 3:15 pm

    Congratulations to my absolute favorite web dev blog!
    ( after the great ALA obviously, lets not be crazy ).

  38. 3738

    2 great years :) happy bday!

  39. 3839

    Congratulations for two years of great content.Long life to Smashing Magazine!

  40. 3940

    Happy 2nd Anniversary! Your one of my favorite design blog.. :D

  41. 4041

    big congrats n keep up the good work – u guys r life savers some times!

  42. 4142

    Congratulations and thank you for all your great work,
    it’s truly appreciated!

  43. 4243

    Happy Bday!!

  44. 4344

    Congratulations guy, I have been a reader since the early days, great to see how big this place got.

  45. 4445

    najlepsze życzenia

  46. 4546

    Happy B-day Smashing! You always have me checking back to see what the latest updates, styles, and freebies are…

  47. 4647

    congratulations ! félicitations ! bravo !
    I read your articles from Belgium ! I like your site ! Continue ! It’s perfect !

  48. 4748

    Ezequiel Lancelotti

    September 8, 2008 3:23 pm

    Congrats from Argentina. Great blog, great work, great stuff!!!

  49. 4849

    Congratulations and happy birthday Smashing Magazine! And here’s to another Smashing year to come.

  50. 4950

    Huge congrats on your 2nd Anniversary! I hope for many to follow… I enjoy the site very much!


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