Tribute To Graffiti: 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks


Street culture and graffiti are well-known for being provocative, appealing, bold and uncompromising. Originally used by gangs to mark their territory in some urban area, graffitis have now become a rich medium for unrestricted expression of ideas and statements. In fact, creative designers and artists across the globe use this form of art to deliver their message and showcase their work.

Probably the most prominent graffiti artist is Banksy1, a famous pseudo-anonymous British artist whose works focus on topics such as politics, culture, and ethics. His art has appeared in cities around the world; it’s worth mentioning that Banksy does not sell photos of street graffiti or mount exhibitions of screenprints in commercial galleries. You can explore Banksy’s works in the Time’s slideshow The World According To Banksy2. However, many different artists explore graffiti in a variety of ways.

In this episode of Monday Inspiration series we are presenting a tribute to street art and graffiti — over 50 examples of beautiful and impressive graffiti artworks. Hopefully everybody will find some inspiration at least in some of the works showcased below. Feel free to explore the works of artists by following the links to their sites.

Graffiti Art





Deuce 77









Marquis Lewis16


Retna Saber Revok SeventhLetter18


Mr Mucho20




Wall Spankers Project24
Our goal is to bring together international artists and designers in a collaborative, sharing environment. The website serves as an online gallery showcasing the artists involved in the sticker swap. Currently 4 issues are released.







Lady Pink: Sandra Fabara30
Lady Pink is a legend. In the 1980s she made a name for herself as one of the only females capable of competing with men in the graffiti subculture.

Lady Pink: Sandra Fabara31

Xenz: Graeme Brusby32










Vancouver Street Art42





Collective Graffiti, Chiado, Lisbon47






Lois In Wonderland53








Newfie Bullet61




Newfie Bullet65



Stuart Herbert68







Akbar Simonse75










Guy Fawkes85


Allan Dalla








Laughing Squid94


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  1. 1

    Thanks for the link to the article at Designflavr.

    We also have a collection of unique Melbourne Street Art

  2. 2

    thanks for these sm…i really loved some of ‘em…

  3. 3

    nice post, but where are the REAL legends??? can2, daim…etc.

    they are the real oldschool m’fakaz in this business.

  4. 4

    I really love the drain bunny, cute.

  5. 5

    wt a surprise show, I love it

  6. 6

    If you all like this post- make sure to check out – It’s a celebration of street art and documents street art world wide.

  7. 7

    the “unknown” artist is flickr. com/ photos/ gaiastreetart/

  8. 8

    Great list by my all time favourite was not on that list….

    Here he is, Mode2 –

  9. 9

    What about Keith Haring?

  10. 10

    good one

  11. 11

    primero!!! n___n


    i must not copy what i see on the simpsons jajaja XD

  12. 13


    here’s some awesome graffiti / street art, from my home town (Southern Most City in the World), Dunedin New Zealand.

  13. 14

    Awesome and Inspirational, I’ve been waiting for a graff article for a while!

    Thanks SMasH

  14. 16

    I love the fact that the title is 50 Beautiful Graffiti Artworks and not ’50 most beautiful’ which you guys featured earlier on some other articles that i found were very subjectives. What a way to start my monday. SMASHING!

  15. 17

    Nice post, thanks for sharing. I had seen a few before but most were new and some were amazing. Thumbs up NOT because you asked at the top of the page but because it was a good post (ie: no need to ask upfront).

  16. 18

    Awesome pictures! I like it! wow!

  17. 19

    Great Artwork… Keep it up SM!!!

    • 20

      puedes darme una letras graffity para mi es q qiero una letra mara tela de alianza lima

  18. 21

    50 entries and nothing about mode2 or daim you must be kidding me!?!

  19. 22

    Cum* nice stuff from Belgium.
    If you walk in Ghent (BE) you can see some of the work “Cum In The Streets” on several buildings.

  20. 23

    Actually the one with two bottles attributed to Kekko73 (that in this case is just the photographer) is from Bros, a well-known italian writer. Source goes to

  21. 24

    banksy and obey are not the same person…

  22. 25

    Skvělé! Jde o opravdu pěkné kousky. Grafiti mi svým způsobem ani nevadí, pokud jsou legální a neničí majetky.

  23. 26

    Awesome set! A lot of inspiration for web designs here too! Did I see a photoshopped one in there?

  24. 27

    Inspiring as hell.

  25. 28

    great post.
    Growing up in NYC, I have always been a fan of graffiti and found it to be an artform that taps in to the social heart of inner cities.
    Its kind of like the Mayans or Egyptians that left their stories on walls and stone.

  26. 29

    umm, you can correct me if i’m wrong; but i’m pretty sure banksy and obey are the same person. but other than that, great collection.

  27. 31

    Absolutely wonderful article !

  28. 32

    Great collection guys, very interesting!
    Thank you.

  29. 33

    Really good and inspirational stuff here.. great!

  30. 34

    Great collection! Really awesome!

  31. 35

    very good

  32. 36

    Bookmarked to send around anytime idiots say graffiti is vandalism and not art.

  33. 37

    Ok where you listing the Artist or the person who took the photo. The top photograph is from a Birmingham Graffiti Artist Spider i think. oh the location is Walsall Skate Park.


  34. 38

    the first picture is sadly no longer existing. it was on the skate park in walsall (about 3 miles away from where i am) but the skate ark was recently knocked down to make way for a big apartment building. always enjoyed looking at it though… shame it had to go :(

  35. 39

    They are so beautiful my head is spinning. Really.

  36. 40

    This is art! Great job.

  37. 41

    You’ve left out some greats: Twist, Cope2, Seen, Os Gemeos, I could go on. Do your homework!

  38. 42

    Hey awesome article to come in to work and read for the cloudy Monday morning here in San Diego. Very talented individuals you chose to showcase here. Cities should support graffiti art such as this because it helps with the arts and culture and is a true representation of the public’s feelings, not some authorized piece by a committee of out of touch politicians.

    On that note I wanted to let you all see something I just found out about last week. Its great inspiration for web developers and artists a like. Graffiti Archaeology. This guy put together a flash piece to show how certain graffiti hot spots change over time. Such an amazing idea.

    Thanks again for the great inspirational start to the week. You all rock.

  39. 43
  40. 44

    fantastic art of Marco

  41. 45

    I did my art exam about Banksy, some of his work is fantastic!

  42. 46


  43. 47

    that is some pretty impressive artwork, i love the sewer drain ones.

  44. 48

    Sory, but there is Daim ?

  45. 49

    Nice collection.
    While visiting Cuba last year I found this wonderful piece of art in Centro Habana:
    O Silêncio de Musica
    It is made by the well-known “Os Gemeos” (the twins) from Brazil.

  46. 50

    LOL, the smoking and the bunny manhole covers are totally awesome. Cool stuff.

  47. 51

    Great scetched wall art!!

  48. 52

    the -Unknown- artist you listed is Gaia —

    Also, I liked the selection overall, but I echo the other commentors… no Diam! There is a great amount of beautiful graffiti that doesn’t get photographed and uploaded to flickr… all the more reason to get out there and find that great art!

  49. 53

    Hey i just wanted to say that this is some of the coolest art work i’ve seen lately. really cool

  50. 54

    what about Bumblebee?

  51. 55
  52. 56


    if there is nothing about “the twins”, feio, speto, nunca e nina… the brazilian most “mutherfuckers” in graffit art… isn’t the 50 most beautifull graffit in the word…

    sorry the others… but the brazilian street artists are the best

  53. 57

    Great graffitties!

  54. 58

    obey’s official site is

  55. 59

    banksy is bad ass

  56. 60

    banksy and obey are not the same person, and banksy has had many commercial exibitions in london uk, and huge rage of books on the market.

  57. 61

    I see no DAIM, why is that? He is the best graffiti artist I know of.

  58. 62

    At least this has given other artists the exposure they should get,also those out there with a real interest in this art form will no doubt be scurrying off and searching Daim(and other unmentioned artists)on the web.
    This is an awesome collection by the way,all of these particular pieces are stunning,some thought provoking,others wickedly comical and all beautifully executed works of true art.

  59. 63

    The abundance of “Graffiti Art” or “Street Art” was one of the reason I stopped writing. Most of this list is either ugly, poorly executed or unoriginal.

    Graffiti in itself can be awesome. You just need to dig a little deeper than this superficial crust.

    I suggest you google these names for really advanced stuff : RCB, Chintz, Egs, Pum, Cliff Barnes. Go on, they will blow your mind.

  60. 64

    French guys Mode2 and 123Klan (Scien & Klor) should be in this list too…
    Anyway too many amazing graffiti artists on earth to make a list that pleases everyone!

  61. 65

    Obey is not even a person, it’s a brand. All the Obey artwork is done by Shepherd Fairey

  62. 66

    the “obey” picture is OBVIOUSLY stuck onto the wall.. you can see the creases!!

  63. 67

    Very nice set in general, thank you for posting. :)

  64. 68

    go watch “wild style” if you like this sort of thing:

  65. 69

    I am not sure if it’s already noted: different from what is mentioned the image of Guy Fawkes is made by an oldskool Legend named ZEDZ (INC – The Netherlands)

  66. 70


    September 16, 2008 4:36 am

    HEY!!!! why did you stop the full feed? give tit bacccckk

  67. 71

    I recently watched an awesome movie called ‘Bomb It!’ which covers the history as well as the international scene of graffiti art.

    I highly, highly recommend it:

    I also scored a wicked Gelaskin at the screening :)

  68. 72

    Interesting idea for an inspirational list.
    Whether all of these (the majority) of the walls could be classified as graffiti is up for debate, of course. But I think that’s pretty irrelevant in this context.
    Good that you’ve listed some old school heroes/bombers. Of course you can’t list every great writer ever to bomb this planet.

    Shame not all pieces are properly attributed though.

    @Starre Vartan
    Don’cha worry, most real writers don’t care too much what people say. And a lot are quite happy with the vandal tag ;)

  69. 73

    there is so much more banksy stuff which you could have put in there. and better stuff than you have put in by him.

  70. 74

    Omg! It’s fuckin good!

  71. 75

    what about blu and jr?

  72. 76

    you left out Dondi? Where is Tats cru from nyc? And i agree with some previous comments… people like Daim and 123Klan deserve to be here too…

  73. 77

    Good job and people seem to just love complaining.

    *The two flicks you have under Saber are not from him. I believe the first might be Ewso and the second one is Sever.

  74. 78

    The unknown wheat pasting is Gaia in NY…

  75. 79

    That is the sort of art more cityscapes need.

  76. 80

    Wonderful article! Thank you.

  77. 81

    Nice stuff, but in no way is that classified as graffiti, that’s all “Street art, Stencil art, and Illustration art”.

  78. 82

    This is such an amazing collection of street art/ graff. It def. makes it noticeable the influence street art has on the design world…. there’s many instances street artists develop into designers as well and carry their influences into the corporate world.

  79. 83

    this recopilation is shit! go and take a look fo’da streets and you will see a lot of more fresh stuff than on this blog. sucks!

  80. 84

    I miss pretty much “El niño de las pinturas”…a genius from Granada:

    Bar Candela
    Pippi Långstrump
    Changing Questions
    Bem Bem Bem…

    and many more in flickr…remember… EL niño de las pinturas

  81. 85

    Just amazing! The art quality are awesome, some one them I can’t believe it’s on street…

  82. 86

    Lady Pink also recently did a street art event in Upstate NY called: Electric Windows (which just won the 2008 Dutchess County Executive’s Arts Award for “Art in Public Places”.
    Upso, Lady Pink, Cycle, Elbow Toe, Ripo and others participated.

  83. 87

    The world’s biggest graffiti (90m x 5m!), Cracow, Poland:,35823,4150804.html?i=2

    This graffiti shows story of a royal city, Cracow.

  84. 88


  85. 89

    Great article! Bansky is the best :)
    Other links:
    Street art
    Milan, Italy – my city
    Street art 2

  86. 90

    These are great. I love the color in Stuart Herbert’s design. It’s sharp but has a smooth flow to it. The simplicity of the Cloud -TA design is nice too.

  87. 91

    Unless he’s changed it recently… “duece 7″ is called “27”
    To the person who posted that Obey (Shepard Fairey, USA) and Banksy (UK) are the same person, people… you are sorely mistaken.

    bravo for sharing…

  88. 92

    The 6th from the top – the UNKNOWN one is by an NYC artist name “GAIA”.

    Probably should update that gangstar.

  89. 93

    Banksy is the best.!!

  90. 94

    The “SABER” one is wrong. The pictures show the work of SEVER [also from msk/awr/tsl], not SABER…

  91. 95

    The girl tugging the AT-AT is by Eelus.

    And Christ, do you really think in 50 pictures he could have made all of you happy. Nice selection of pics OP.

    For more check out my pics of around London mainly, but also other parts of the UK (Over 130 DIFFERENT Banksy pieces for all you people who think his sh*t dont stink :)

    General ones here. . . .

  92. 96

    Guy Fawkes is the photographer Zedz is the artist!!

  93. 97

    the “unknown” wheatpaste of the girl is a piece by my cousin in NY

  94. 98

    Valla süper olmuş.

  95. 99

    it’s fantastic collection. Great!

  96. 100

    Some of these are amazing, but more than half of these suck shit.

  97. 101

    the piece of the little girl with the halo- it’s made out of paper and it’s by a lady named swoon

    the 11th one from the top

  98. 102

    Although I think they are all (mostly) accomplished artists, they should all be stood up against their respective walls and shot. How dare they impose their art on us. All graffiti is pretentious, contrived and unwelcome by society as a whole.A building’s facade is what it is. If they don’t like it then tough. Maybe I should go and defecate on their front doorstep because I don’t like the smell of their house.

  99. 103

    hi great picssss

    but I would like to add some information.

    This graffiti is “drew” of granada (spain)

    having a good day

  100. 104

    By the way the “unknown” that goes with girls face is by artist “Swoon”. I’m almost sure of it. She’s based in NY.

  101. 105

    The 2nd xens piece, I watched him paint it, it was amazing to watch.

  102. 106

    jojo!! la Cagaron ESTOS PUTOS CABRONES, las imagenes… alucinantes, gracias a quienes nos llevan a otro mundo con su arte!! estoy exitaDO…

  103. 107

    Optimus Prime’s hands are blue, not red.

  104. 108

    Nice collection! Love the star wars one

  105. 109

    That’s Sever not Saber.

    Even though Saber’s roller piece from SD should be in here too.

  106. 110

    very cool

  107. 111

    It’s beautiful until someone paints it on the side of YOUR house or in your neighborhood.
    If it’s so beautiful, put it on canvas and sell it.

  108. 112

    the first piece by Stuart Herbert (bright colours on the dark background) is actually a piece by a Welsh artist know as sadsak,hes brilliant,take a look at his stuff at :

    secondly,obey(sheppards fairy) and banksy could easily be the same person seeing as banksy identity is hidden,and most information on him (such as being a Bristolian) could easily be fake,with not objective source whos to say! (personally i dont think they are,but their central themes and ideas are strikingly similar in some respects so its not that obscure an idea.

    and for those that have posted hate against graffiti (vandalism and graffiti are no the same thing,graffiti is a typographical art form,vandalism is damage of public property,2 very different things), i think youve missed the point one of our human rights is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, and the governments bad attitude towards graffiti in most countries raises a valid point,personally i dont like like tagging and bombing,but one thing i hate more is waking up to a dull grey city every day,and attempts at brightening it up are more than welcome to me,there are certainly more options and alternatives that could be taken towards graffiti (and vandalism of artistic form), why not have more legal places,in wales the legal places that are here are overrun with graffiti artists asking for more space because they dont want to do illegal work,why not listen people?

  109. 113

    This is why I hate tagging so much…. if you want to leave a mark, make it memorable and interesting!

  110. 114

    Lol…. I see that starwars “grafitti” everyday… I thought it was just a commish mural…. we have alot of those around town… >> now there’s a Giant tree on a building down the road. Its cool looking!

  111. 115

    You should know this guy ;)

  112. 116

    As with most of these “best of graffiti” blog posts, the majority of pictures and artists promoted here are NOT graffiti. What you really want to say is “street art”. As someone mentioned in a previous comment, graffiti is a TYPOGRAPHICAL art form that emphasizes stylized roman lettering above all else. Another bit of misinformation here is that graffiti started with territorial gang markings. No it didn’t. A sort of anonymous fame has always been the driving force behind the “graffiti” you’re referring to, which started in Philly and New York in the 60’s and 70’s. Many true graffiti artists wouldn’t take a second look at most of the stuff you’ve posted here if they saw it in real life, because it’s not graffiti. For instance, most writers don’t like banksy, who the public embraces for his artsy social commentary or whatever. These “best of ‘graffiti” blog posts do the opposite of their intention, which i presume to be an effort to raise ‘awareness’ of graffiti as a legitimate art form. These posts only reinforce the idea that this street art stuff is the ‘good’ graffiti (the stuff thats pretty to look at for people who don’t understand it), but those tags on the side of your office are bad and should be condemned. I’d rater see your, and my, office, house and city streets completely covered with handstyles and two-color throw-ups than this art-school-trying-to-acquire-street-cred nonsense ignorant people take for graffiti. Just because it’s on the street and not in a gallery doen’t make it graffiti.

  113. 117

    Sebastian Santander Lazo

    September 28, 2008 6:09 pm

    SO fuckin Beautiful, mi art ist not compare, i do kindergarden draw,
    Saludos de Chile

  114. 118

    just a reply to jackson (comment 110) banksy is no longer an unknown, he is a millionaire, in fact even one of his close friends from back in the day sold his van (adorned with banksy art on all panels) and set up his whole family.
    to “real writer” i do have respect for some that tag, either those impossible to get to spots (extreme tagging) or those that make a nice looking tag, but lets face it when your on the train and you see the same tag over and over and put over some nice looking street art or whatever it gets real old real quick. and while you may technically be right about graf being only typographical language is an evolving thing and the term graffiti is commonly used to describe street art and as such its official meaning will change to reflect this unless we stop using it in this way – we meaning everyone except you since we are the majority and we own the english language (i so hope your going to point out graffiti is a latin word and as such part of a dead language, cause while technically true this would mean that english has no words since it is a mish mash of other languages)

  115. 119

    I’m agree with you PAK, “El niño de las pinturas” (he sign as “Sex”) is really a genius.
    Visit his work on Flickr Flickr or in his Official Web Site Official Web Site.

    Greetings from Granada.

  116. 120

    Alex Pardee is missing here.

  117. 121

    tristan savatier

    October 1, 2008 2:04 am

    please remove my photos (Loupiote) from your blog.

    those photos are copyrighted and i do not authorize their use on any blog with advertising.


  118. 122 I have a few graffiti posted of what i have found in Hemet, ca. i love graffiti yes i call it that.. does it really matter if i call it STREET ART? I know its art. and so do you. so I will call it graffiti and not be PC.. BY THE WAY this article is awesome!

  119. 123

    it sucks, a waste of time

  120. 124

    El de “Marco” esta demasiado brutalll…

    (EN) “Marco” it’s the most AWESOME…

    En Caracas (Venezuela) tambien hay varios demasiado buenos…

    (EN) In Caracas (Venezuela), there is also very good..

    SALUDOS de Venezuela

  121. 125

    Dont forget about Craola…

    Craola Artist Spotlight

  122. 126

    With the exception of a few most of those were Legals, Which other than being on the street does not make them street art. Alot of those pictures make me sick because they are painted by yuppie beatniks who have some half baked reason for wanting to express themselves and choose to mooch off the graffiti culture to get there. for those of you who want real street art go to youtube and search Above1, Doug, or any Stompdown video. Peace. Dose, KSB BPB repin the midwest

  123. 127

    >> “vandalism and graffiti are no the same thing,graffiti is a typographical art form,
    >> vandalism is damage of public property,2 very different things”

    Correction; vandalism is damage of PROPERTY, whether public or private.
    To deface a surface against the owner’s wishes IS vandalism. Calling it an “art form” does not get you off the hook.

    >> “one of our human rights is FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION”

    And another of our human rights is to possess a thing without anonymous strangers secretly spraying paint on it.

  124. 128

    Excellent Arts..

  125. 129

    Not one mention of Vancouver Street Art’s blatant rip-off (not to mention copyright infringement) of Roy Lichtenstein’s comic book artwork ( )? Being a copycat is lame enough…being a crappy copycat is blasphemy.

  126. 130

    very good this gallery!
    has a selection of typography and graffiti here:

  127. 131

    Any who know what does “PAK” stand for? Have seen it everywhere but no explanation as to what it means.

  128. 132

    @Manup: if you see it often, it can either be the name of an artist or the name of the crew (group/team) this artist is a part of.

  129. 133

    Theres just one problem with the list. Most of these are not graffiti. They are mostly legal street art. These have little to nothing to do with graffiti.

  130. 134

    These are gorgeous. I wish there was graffiti like this closer to me, I miss seeing amazing pieces like this in person.

  131. 135

    the “unknown” above has been variously attributed. As it is a paste-up drawn with a very distinctive hand, my guess would be to attribute this one to Swoon or someone very much emulating her style.
    Like street art? Take a glance at juxtapoz mag. Even the mainstream print media is catching on to the low brow aesthetic. Witness recent major section or cover art by Gary Taxali in the Sunday NYT and on the cover of Newsweek.
    Bring on the Baseman, I say.

  132. 136

    i really liked it

  133. 137

    Yes. The K.E.L.P picture is a painting in Santiago from graffiti writers: Cekis and Ayslap (both from Chile). is a latinamerica-based webportal which showcases only the crème de la crème on urban art. It´s slogan is “graffiti meets design”.

    We invite you to visit it to get to enjoy, explore this amazing world of graffiti style.


  134. 138

    What can i say? The art work is freaking dope!It’s 2009 and looking at all this masterpieces is really inspiring. How i wish i was somewhere nearby to witness the artist at work. It’s a new year and i want to do something out of my normal league. I saw this job posting

  135. 139

    ***Alot of the flickr links are not credited correctly. They are for the photographer’s username and not the actual artist.***

  136. 140

    There are some Bad-A drawings up there, man! Makes me want to Tag again.

    Newfie Bullet and Lady Pink’s Lettering is just sick.

  137. 141

    Great collection of pieces… I used it as inspiration for my site !… Thanks you !

  138. 142

    where is DAIM? He’s the best for me. Banksy is too commercial, everybody talks about him, but so many other artists got actualy better skills…. good list anyway.

  139. 144

    i wish your tatoo on my back!

  140. 145

    There’s a great Danish graffiti artist called ‘Husk Mit Navn’ (Remember My Name), he has been beautifying the streets of Copenhagen for many years now.

  141. 146

    extremely amazing

  142. 147

    tank you,they are cool

  143. 148

    Not so quick! There are people who have been missed and should have well replaced some people on the list.

  144. 149

    I have photographed a very nice collection of graffiti and street art.
    You can view them here



  145. 150

    Does anyone know AMAZING graffiti artists in San Diego?

  146. 151




  147. 152


  148. 153

    That is a great collection. Did you know that some of the street artists you featured are from Bristol, Banksy being one and the other Xenz (Graeme Brusby) lived in Bristol for nine years. The Bristol graffiti and street art scene is really strong, I’ve recently put together a collection of photos from Bristol which you might find interesting.

  149. 154

    wowwww, very nice

  150. 155

    excellent gallery

  151. 156

    Reaal Neat, My Fav is Banksy, Love the rat painting on fox…Haha!

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    Uh, you forgot one of the masters, Daim! Still, good gallery. Hopefully my work will be here one day.

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    And this amazing wall animation by the very talented BLU

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  159. 164

    This article have many information problems.
    First, many of them are “street art” works, and not GRAFFITI work.
    Some pictures are credited to the photographer, and not the graffiti artist! With the link right by its side!
    Please search more about Graffiti, and the creators of what you are posting here.

  160. 165

    Great artwork and photography to both . I am doing a piece on graphite clean up with good and unusual art . I am james_svendsen . If you send me some with a website I can send you what i have found .

  161. 166

    Nice! I liked 6emeia’s ones!

  162. 167

    Graffiti = letters. This is (mostly) not graffiti

  163. 168

    Very cool character pieces and tags! I admit, I really do miss seeing Daim here too… I have been learning how to graffiti, and found a cool resource that recommended me here:
    They have some sweet tutorials for getting started with graffiti!

  164. 169

    Loved the pieces but I don’t think I saw any Philly writers…too bad! PASTOR, MEND and DAN1 are some of philly’s super writers.

  165. 170

    I have a book called ‘graffiti world’ and another called ‘graffiti women’
    it really, honestly, makes me want to get the hell out of America and start doing this kind of art.

  166. 171

    the unknown artist that you displayed is “gaia” also you had a piece labeled with “saber” when it was in fact “ruets and rime” and “sever”…caught you sleeping : )

  167. 172

    Hardly any of the photos identify the artists proper. A lot of the tags are wrong, attribute the work to the photographer, use generic terms or simply are not there at all. Doesn’t that bother anyone?
    …would be cool and well worth the effort to get it all straight, no?

  168. 173

    u forgot the best in the game: daim

  169. 174

    “Originally used by gangs to mark their territory in some urban area,”

    This my friend, is a bunch of horse shit. Do your research.

  170. 175

    Word up to Deuce 7 holdin’ it down for Minneapolis.

  171. 176

    “Marquis Lewis” is NOT who painted that. That’s The Mac (El Mac from Phoenix and El Rey. Wrong wrong wrong. Give due credit!

  172. 177


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    If you enjoyed this graffiti you should check out this piece.

    …probably one of my favorites

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    stack >

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    solo digo soy guapisimos!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey the entry named “Kekko73″ is wrong. I mean, ok the photo came from kekko’s photostream, but the artist is BROS, a Milan based artist. cheers

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    Nice Job I like it lot but reminds me of the kkk also i think the world needs more of this, my favorite is the guy thats smoking and its on the side walk nice work keep it up :) :)

  186. 191

    Matthew Hewison & Rebecca Easton

    March 15, 2010 11:53 am

    Very good designs, we especialy liked:

    . Seetwist
    . Lady Pink: Sandra Fabara
    . The 2 wall spanker projects
    . Mrzer
    . 6emeia
    and Jakedobkin

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    There is a lot of creativity in this world. It’s too bad that cities don’t use more of these artists to paint over existing eyesores.

    Ben Koshkin

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    it add a certain flare and depth to a plain wall

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    Great 3D paintings – in italian “madonnari”

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    My art works :

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    I really enjoyed the work of 6emeia..

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    well. that’s a really unsorted random list. this way some of the artworks are out of context. credits are not correct (photographer VS artist).

    by the way: we run a big graffiti photo sharing community:

  200. 205

    A nice snapshot but have to agree with Esher and a few others about the randomness of the list, but I guess you’re limited to who you can feature in a small space, and someone’s always gonna miss out. Good effort though – sequel sometime?

    I run a blog for those readers who may be keen to see more of what’s going on in the London graffiti scene:

  201. 206
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    January 18, 2011 10:12 am

    Thanks so much for making my Day! Always been a fan of Graffiti, This is some amazing work!

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    BTW: read some of the tutorials great magazine keep it up.

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  213. 219

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    It’s onerous to find educated individuals on this subject, but you sound like you already know what you’re speaking about! Thanks

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    i will not copy what i c on simsons
    i will not copy what i c on simsons

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    May 5, 2011 4:47 am

    wow, this site rocked me!!

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  222. 228

    Thank you so much for posting these. You represented a LOT of beautiful and unique styles. I see commenters mentioning omitted artists like Daim…I love Daim’s art, too, but I understand it’s impossible to fit every artist. How did you all decide to choose these photos? :)

  223. 229

    Dude, these people are CRAZY talented. I’m not even kidding i was totally blown away and still am! i can draw really good and people say im so good i should become a professional artist and design t-shirts and stuff like that and if i practiced and studied what these people do, i could definetly accomplish drawings like this. People just do this without even thinking about it. I’m only 15 but i can do it with art supplies, a piece of concrete and imagination.

  224. 230

    Absolutely brilliant!!!
    Real talent and real artists!
    I would love so much to be able to share this page on facebook, but i don’t see any option for that. Please let me know if I can do so.

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    Hi i am aidee ocampo i am a student at valley high school i seen your work online and i would like to say that i love your work its gorges and bueatiful and i would love for you to come one day to our school and draw i would love that but thats if you can.I am aidee ocampo at valley high school and i am in 9th grade hope you get to read this and i dont have an email. i have my myspace email so i hope you write back(:

  230. 236

    First off you guys have no idea what you’re talking about. Graffiti did NOT orifinate from gangs. Graffiti came about from the experimentation of two Philidelphia kids that practiced writing their names on the walls in the early seventies. then, the famous “taki 183″ took it to a whole new level, advancing the system and handstyle of tagging until newspapers noticed him and wrote an article about his work. once this interview was puplished, graffiti migrated to new york and took root, as kids wrote their names everywhere in their own unique style to become heroes in their own communities. THAT’S how it started. not when some little bitches decided to throw up their gang name. why don’t you do a little research before you say stupid shit like that.

  231. 237

    WoW this really changed my view 2 graffiti it is so beautiful nd emotional I love it

  232. 238

    U gat da real thang. Hope 2 get some tips from u

  233. 239

    I’m a massive fan of street art (I’ve even written an article about it: Banksy’s Graffiti Art). I just love the way that political messages are woven into some pieces. I guess that’s why I’m such a fan of Banksy.

  234. 240

    I am not a graffiti artist myself, but however I do support the art of graffiti to certain extents and I am writing an essay on it as well. These graffiti tags are great!

  235. 241

    There is an awesome ibook about the history of New York City Subway Graffiti. Check it out here:

  236. 242

    Hello everyone I’m a graffiti artist out of Fresno ca. After looking at the pictures and reading the comments it makes me happy to do what I do so thanks to everyone for your support


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