50 Excellent AJAX Tutorials


AJAX provides Web developers with plenty of opportunities to enhance the user experience and improve the performance of their websites. There are countless ways that AJAX can be used, and fortunately there are plenty of good and useful AJAX tutorials out there to help you with your own implementation.

This post serves as a collection of useful tutorials on working with AJAX in a wide variety of ways. You’ll find tutorials on working with forms, building shopping carts, creating chat features, working with log-ins and usernames and much more.

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Useful AJAX Tutorials

Build an AJAX-Powered Shopping Cart5
NETTUTS shows us how to build an AJAX-powered shopping cart using PHP, jQuery and some plug-ins.


AJAX Username Availability Checker Using MooTools 1.27
When allowing a user to register a username, you can use AJAX with MooTools to let them check the availability of the username being submitted.


Introduction to AJAX Calls Using jQuery and PHP9
If you’re not familiar with using AJAX calls with jQuery and PHP, this is a good starting point.


AJAX and XML: AJAX for Tables11
IBM.com has a lot of useful articles on using AJAX. This one shows how to create tabs and tables.


AJAX and XML: AJAX for Chat13
Learn how to create a simple chat box for a website.


Creating a Dynamic Poll with jQuery and PHP15
This poll is created with PHP, XHTML and jQuery. AJAX effects are used to eliminate the need for a page refresh when the poll is submitted.


RSS AJAX JavaScript Ticker17
This AJAX ticker may be useful for displaying news headlines or similar content to visitors.


Building Your First AJAX Application with PHP19
An introductory post for getting started with AJAX.


Taking AJAX Further with PHP21
Following up on the preceding introduction, this post goes a bit further.


jQuery/JavaScript – Customizable AJAX Pagination23
AJAX can also be used to improve the pagination of a website.


One Form, Many Uses – Server-Side jQuery with Jaxer25
AJAX can help you get more use out of one form rather than create multiple forms.


How to Call Server-Side Function from Client-Side Code Using PageMethods in ASP.NET AJAX27
This post shows a work-around for calling server-side functions from the client side.


Developing Portlets Using JSF, AJAX, and Seam – Part 129, Part 230, and Part 331
An in-depth three-part series to help you create portals.


AJAX Forms with jQuery33
Trevor Davis shows how to create a form that will check an email address for validity, makes sure there are no blank fields and display an error if something isn’t right or complete.


Easily Build Powerful Client-Side AJAX Paging Using jQuery35
This is another useful tutorial on improving pagination with AJAX.


Use jQuery and ASP.NET AJAX to Build a Client-Side Repeater37
This tutorial shows how to improve user experience and reduce server load by using a client-side repeater.


Develop AJAX Applications Like the Pros – Part 1: Using the Prototype JavaScript Library and Script.aculo.us39
The first part of this three-part series includes an introduction to the Prototype JavaScript library.


Develop AJAX Applications Like the Pros – Part 2: Using the Prototype JavaScript Framework and Script.aculo.us41
The second of the three parts moves on to the Scriptaculous library.

Develop AJAX Applications Like the Pros – Part 3: Use DWR, Java, and the Dojo Toolkit to Integrate Java and JavaScript42
The third and final part takes you through the process of setting up a message board.

PHP Components: Autosuggest43
Using PHP and AJAX, you can add an autosuggest feature to a search box.


AutoCompleter Tutorial45
This tutorial produces a result similar to the preceding tutorial.


A Dynamic AJAX Table Example Using Dojo and RESTful Web Services on Glassfish47
This tutorial takes you through the process of creating a dynamic table as you would see on a travel-booking website.


AJAX Overhaul – Part 1: Retro Fit Existing Sites with AJAX and jQuery49
Have an existing website that needs some enhancements? This tutorial series takes you through the process.


AJAX Overhaul – Part 2: Retro Fit Existing Sites with jQuery, AJAX, Tooltips, and Lightboxes51
The second part of this series takes you further through the process of improving a shopping website with tooltips and lightboxes.


AJAX Overhaul – Part 3: Retro Fit Existing Sites with jQuery, AJAX Tabs, and Photo Carousels53
The third part of the series adds some nice AJAX effects with tabs and carousels.


AJAX Overhaul – Part 4: Retro Fit Existing Sites with jQuery and AJAX Forms55
The final part of the series looks at enhancing the purchase form.


Auto Populating Select Boxes Using jQuery and AJAX57
Learn how to allow users to choose a top-level category in a select box that will trigger the subcategory box to autopopulate.


Using AJAX to Validate Forms59
Use PHP and jQuery with some AJAX to create a form that validates the data entered.


Easy AJAX with jQuery61
This tutorial includes some introductory information on AJAX and jQuery and will help you get started.


Quick and Dirty AJAX63 (video)
This brief video tutorial shows some ways to improve the functionality of a website with jQuery and AJAX.


Load Content While Scrolling with jQuery65
This tutorial creates a scrolling effect similar to DZone66’s.


Wicket – Updating ListViews Using an AjaxLink68
Create a table that will update without a full page refresh when a link is clicked.


AJAX for Evil: Spyjax70
A look at the dark side of AJAX: viewing browsing habits.


How to Integrate Google Calendar in Your Website Using AJAX72
Calendars have a great use in a number of websites.


Edit in Place with AJAX Using jQuery JavaScript Library74
Allow a visitor to edit the HTML of a page they are visiting.

Creating an AJAX Rating Widget75
Create a rating widget that allows visitors to rate an item with stars or some other measurement.


Use AJAX and PHP to Build Your Mailing List77
Allow visitors to subscribe to a mailing list without a page refresh.


Nice AJAX Effect for Message Box Using MooTools79
Use this AJAX effect to give visitors a message based on some action.


Build an AJAX Dropdown Menu81
This is a fairly simple tutorial on creating a drop-down menu.

Making AJAX Work with Screen Readers82
For accessibility purposes, this article covers how AJAX effects can affect users of screen readers.


How to Load In and Animate Content with jQuery84
Another NETTUTS tutorial for enhancing a website with jQuery and AJAX.


Continuous Pagination86
Another look at the subject of pagination by demonstrating continuous pagination, in which the user keeps scrolling down rather than going to another page.


Making Element Selection and AJAX simple with DOMAssistant88
A tutorial to get you started with the DOMAssistant JavaScript library.


Slider Using PHP, AJAX, and JavaScript90
Create a nice slider using PHP, JavaScript and AJAX.

ASP.NET AJAX Calendar Extender91
Seven different tips and tricks for working with this calendar extender.

Log-in/Sign-up Screen Using AJAX Modal Pop-up Extender92
This is a quick look at creating log-in and sign-up forms.


Dealing with Large Data in AJAX94
Get your AJAX application to meet your data requirements.

Creating a Gmail-Like AJAX Status Display95
Use Prototype and AJAX to create this status display.


Creating an AJAX-Enabled Calendar Control97
Another tutorial that focuses on enhancing calendars with AJAX effects.


JavaScript Error Publishing using ASP.NET AJAX99
Use AJAX to display errors in code.




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