35 Phenomenal Fractal Art Pictures


In the realm of digital art, so many wonderful and playful genres exist that stimulate the imagination, but so few do it with the intricate style of fractal art. Fractal art is achieved through the mathematical calculations of fractal objects being visually displayed, with the use of self-similar transforms that are generated and manipulated with different assigned geometric properties to produce multiple variations of the shape in continually reducing patterns. Sounds extremely technical and not that artistic, true, but these equations create some of the most mesmerizing and inspiring artwork to emerge from the digital art arena.

In this edition of our Monday Inspiration series, we look at awe-inspiring examples of the dynamic digital art sensation that is fractal art with 50 Phenomenal Fractal Art Renders. Setting across the vast sea of cyberspace to find these works was such an amazing task as so many fantastic pieces surfaced. Here are scaled-down versions of some of the most breathtaking ones that were uncovered, though the full-sized versions (linked through the image) offer a much more spectacular view of these mathematical masterpieces.

35 Beautiful Fractal Art Pictures Link

A Colorful Circle1
The play of colors is remarkable.

Fractal Screenshot2

Dot Dot Dot3
Created by Lynn ON VACATION (Gracie’s mom)4.

Fractal Screenshot5

Ring of fire6
Created by Carl Jones7.

Fractal Screenshot8

Experiment 109 – Fractals9
Created by Lynn ON VACATION10.

Fractal Screenshot11

I sleep only to dream of you12
Created by longan drink13.

Fractal Screenshot14

Water Lilies15
These fractal flames were created by Roger Johnston and are an “extension of the iterated function system class of fractals”.

Fractal Screenshot16

Dec 31 Apophysis 117
Julian Bilateral.

Fractal Screenshot18

Fractal Screenshot19

Fractal Screenshot20

Fractal Screenshot21

Fractal Screenshot22

Quantum Fabric23
A pure fractal flame by Cory Ench.

Fractal Screenshot24

An abstract piece of art by mailart-org.

Fractal Screenshot26

Grape Jelly Nebula27

Fractal Screenshot28

A swirly beauty.

Fractal Screenshot30



Peter Sdobnov’s3733
Treasure in 3D

Treasure in 3D34

Keith Mackay’s35

Butterflies 236

Peter Sdobnov’s3733


The Human Abstract

The Human Abstract40

Eye of the storm41
The infinity strikes again.

Fractal Screenshot42

Chaotic Love

Chaotic Love44

The Awakening III – Rebirth

The Awakening III Rebirth46

Micheal Faber’s47
Counter Spin III

Counter Spin III48

Subtle Masking

Subtle Masking50

Tales from the Trip

Tales from the Trip52

Chris Martin’s5753
Gift Box Marble – Festive Spirit

Gift Box Marble Festive Spirit54

Katryna Wade’s55
Phoenix Heart Be Reborn

Phoenix Heart Be Reborn56

Chris Martin’s5753
Strawberry Fields Forever

Strawberry Fields Forever58

Dirk Monteny’s59
Cubik Olympic

Cubik Olympic60

Curling Conks

Curling Conks62



The Icon of Hecate

The Icon of Hecate66

Morgan Chase’s67
Cosmic Carnival

Cosmic Carnival68

UF 109 Project Purple Parasite

UF-109 Project Purple Parasite70

Polka Dot Explosion

Polka Dot Explosion72

Last Click Link


The last click goes out to a spectacular example of artistic will and ingenuity as demonstrated by Ramiro Perez74 in a stunning work produced with the fractal program that he himself created. His desire to create such phenomenal work is alone inspiration enough, but throw in his incredible artwork, and he’s practically unstoppable.

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Footnotes Link

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Rob Bowen is a staff writer for Web Hosting Geeks and Top Web Hosting, a longtime freelance designer, and burgeoning videographer and filmmaker whose creative voice and works can be heard and found around the web.

  1. 1

    :/ bth I dislike fractals but nice collection

  2. 2

    cool! amazing and incredible!

  3. 3

    Woah dude.

  4. 4

    It’s beyond me how anyone could not like fractals.

    I think Manas Dichow needs a special mention here;
    IMHO his fractals on Flickr are leagues above the others.

    Alice Kelley is pretty cool too. http://www.fractalus.com/cheshirecat/index.html

  5. 5

    looks good. thanks for this


  6. 6

    Some fractal make me dizzy. anyway, nice collection, some’re really awesome..

  7. 7
  8. 8

    Breathtakingly amazing renders!
    Congrats to all the artists @ to Robert for bringing them to our attention! WOW & thanks

  9. 9

    Wow, fractals sure look different than when I was a kid! (Remember Fractint on a 486?)

    Great pics. Thanks for sharing.

  10. 10

    ultimate collection!!

  11. 11

    some of these look like the visualizations from winamp, cool nonetheless

  12. 12

    Could you post a fractal tutorial sometime

  13. 13


    some of these pics are from the generated fractals from this screensaver.

    just download the packs install, and stare at your screen for an hour!

  14. 14

    Great stuff. Very artistic.

  15. 15

    woah indeed. i like ring of fire the best!

  16. 16

    Cool impressive list!

    I love to create some generative art too.

  17. 17


    October 17, 2008 7:03 pm

    Most of them really beautiful, Gonna download some of them and use as wallpaper

  18. 18

    I’ve allways been intrigued by fractals, but many of those are something else.
    When people start to make 3d renderings of fractal structures, and apply depth of field to fractal depths, we get some very interesting results.

    great stuff!

  19. 19

    Simply dizzy making and amazing.

    Use to be busy making them myself with simple code back in the days….

  20. 20

    so glamourous!

  21. 21

    I love what you do reminds me of finger painting when I was a child.

  22. 22

    really Excellent Collection of design

  23. 23

    Nothing spectacular about any of these. Quite boring, actually.

  24. 24

    aa there some fractals amazing on this collection, but other are poor :D

  25. 25

    Nah…. Fractals…. not my thing!

  26. 26

    Very cool!

  27. 27

    hmmm… I haven´t been taking notice of fractals recently – fractal art has come a long way since the mandelbrot spirals I used to create on my old PowerMac.

  28. 28

    nice i really love fractals!! love it!

  29. 29

    Quantum Fabric is awesome. Though I don’t really like fractals.

  30. 30

    Cool fractals, love them all!

  31. 31


  32. 32

    Sadly, another poorly researched article on fractal art. Amateurish showcase at best for the most part.

  33. 33

    You can play around with the Mandelbrot fractal online with this Flash Mandelbrot Explorer. You can also download the source code too if you want to see how it works.

  34. 34

    I don’t like fractal arts.. thumbs down for this post :-(

  35. 35

    I love the “Waterlillies”. Nice use of color.

  36. 36

    I love fractal so much!

  37. 37

    Muito bom é pouco trabalho fantastico……………..

  38. 38

    Thanks for the comments and the feedback. Some of these are new to me, and I think show a nice balance of basic to more in-depth renders. It creates a sort of spectrum, if you will, and if you won’t…I’ve got nothing.

    Glad you like it, those who do. Sorry, those who don’t. Big shout out to the artists for creating such colorful and inspiring works!

  39. 39

    Thank you Robert for feature my “Alien Sphere” fractal in this great image gallery.

  40. 40

    Friggin dope, really like the cubic olympic.

  41. 41

    Thank You
    very good

  42. 42

    Well, everyone has their own tastes, but I agree with the comment or rather question “How can someone not like fractals”? They may be manufactured, but the sheer beauty and variety of them can challenge ones’ imagination endlessly. These are stunning.

  43. 43

    Will be the art for the future.

  44. 44

    most beautiful…..stuning..(smile)

  45. 45

    Stumbled on this about a year after the fact, but I wanted to thank you for including my fractal here. I wondered where all those hits were coming from, I guess now I know! =) Some of my favorite artists are included here, and it’s rather a thrill to see myself alongside them. =D

  46. 46

    We’ve published a gallery with fractal wallpapers in momoriam to Benoit Mandelbrot http://download.chip.eu/en/Mandelbrot_7916955.html?tab=5

  47. 47

    Art is imagination transform to image that can be see by others. what ever it call is awesome cause it came in various, special and original. Let us appreciate them. it all cool!!. i love them

  48. 48

    Oh….I was researching this for academical reasons and it is quite confusing to me…..because perhaps I am not a native…..

    Anyway, it is amazing; like making arts with math!!!

  49. 49

    For more fractal images, check out the Fractal Science Kit gallery at: http://www.fractalsciencekit.com/gallery/gallery.htm

  50. 50

    Fractal art is awesome iv always liked looking at the fractal animals there really cool! :)


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