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Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of: Part 2


It’s been about 7 months since the original Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of1 was published, and in that time there have been many more noteworthy tutorials released. With all of that new content , it’s only appropriate to put out a second edition of the best Illustrator tutorials. In this post you’ll find some basic tutorials on getting started with certain aspects of Illustrator and some of its specific tools. You’ll also find more advanced tutorials that deal with all of the potential that Illustrator brings to graphic design.

Many of these tutorials have been developed by some of the best in the business, so you’re sure to find plenty of new techniques and tricks to take your graphic design skills to a new level.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials – Best Of Link

A Comprehensive Guide: Illustrator’s Paintbrush Tool and Brush Panel2
Probably the most comprehensive tutorial or article on this subject. Everyone can learn something here that will improve their skills with brushes, and it’s especially useful for beginners with Illustrator.

paintbrush guide3

Illustrator’s Pen Tool: The Comprehensive Guide4
Another extensive guide from VECTORTUTS. This one leads you through a series of exercises that will quickly develop your skills with the pen tool. Again, an excellent resource for beginners and for those who just want to improve their work with the pen tool.

pen tool guide5

An Intro to the Mesh Tool6
Gradient meshes have a lot of power and potential in Illustrator, but you have to know how to use them. This tutorial is a good starting point if you haven’t worked with them before or if you are looking for a refresher.

mesh tool7

Create a Cute Vector Monster from a Pencil Sketch8
Illustrated characters are obviously a popular trend right now in Web design. Let Chris Spooner show you the process used to create this vector monster from sketch to Illustrator.

vector monster9

Geometric Patterns in Illustrator10
Patterns have plenty of use in Web design, and in this tutorial Veerle takes us through the process of creating one using a hexagonal shape.

geometric patterns11

Trendy Geometric Lines Tutorial12
This tutorial uses Photoshop to add finishing touches to work done in Illustrator. It’s easy to find a use for these techniques in wallpaper design or creating background images for websites.

trendy lines13

BMX Illustration14
If you’ve got a lot of time on your hands and want detailed design and Illustration tutorials, IllustrationClass is the place to go. The tutorials are available as Zip downloads. The approximate time for this tutorial is 18 hours. There are over 50 images included and the notes are seven pages long.


Symmetrical Illustration: Thug Bunny16
Another detailed tutorial from IllustrationClass. This one again takes you through the whole process from sketch to finished artwork, this time to create a cartoon thug bunny.

thug bunny17

How to Create an Open Book with Illustrator’s 3D Extrude & Bevel Tool18
Learn how to create an impressive-looking book with some handy Illustrator tools.

open book19

Blueprint Style Text in Adobe Illustrator20
A text effect that’s surprisingly not as complicated as it looks. The end result is a text logo that resembles a blueprint.

blueprint text21

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Green Type Treatment22
This is one of the more useful text tutorials on Illustrator. It will teach you techniques that are especially effective for logo design and creating website headers.

green type23

Type on a Path Options24
In this tutorial you’ll get a quick look at the potential of using type on a path. You’ll see examples of several different useful effects, with explanations of each.

type on a path25

Create Your Own Vector Cartoon Character26
Starting with a sketch, Chris Spooner will lead you through the process of creating a fun cartoon character. Chris makes it look simple to design vector characters like this one.

vector cartoon27

Create a Blissful Vector Scene28
In this tutorial you’ll work through this design of the land, sky and clouds and the colorful flowers that brighten up the scene.

vector scene29

Create Abstract Backgrounds30
Experimenting with creating backgrounds is an effective way to master the tools of Illustrator and enhance your skills. This tutorial leads you through some experimentation, and of course there is plenty of opportunity here to go off on your own and be creative.

abstract backgrounds31

Recolor Artwork Using Illustrator’s LiveColor32
A helpful tutorial from Veerle that will have you recoloring your work with ease. Veerle takes you through all the necessary steps to use a feature of Illustrator that can be intimidating.

live color33

Extract Paths from Mesh Shapes34
This is a quick, brief tutorial, but if you’ve been frustrated trying to edit meshes, this will help you convert them back to paths to make editing much easier.

extract paths35

Wrapping Text Around an Image in Illustrator36
Particularly useful if you’re using Illustrator for page layout design, this tutorial will help you create a very professional look.

wrap text37

Create a Spiral Ornament Symbol in Illustrator38
Spirals and curls can add a lot of artistic character to a design, and here you’ll learn to create attractive spirals with some of the basic Illustrator tools.

spiral ornament39

How to Draw Your Own Vector Wings40
Starting with a photo of a single feather, this tutorial will lead you through the process of creating a nice set of vector wings to use in your own graphic design work.

vector wings41

Create a Rotatable Globe in Adobe Illustrator42
You’ll learn some more about working with 3D images in this tutorial. The end result is an impressive and realistic globe.

3D globe43

Create a Stunning Undersea Painting Using Vector Packs44
Go Media’s vector packs are well known in the industry, and this tutorial takes you through a very detailed process of using the contents of the vector pack to create something special.

undersea painting45

A Pseudo-Sugar Skull: From Start to Finish46
Go Media puts out another complete tutorial that takes you the whole way through the process of sketching this skull and creating the finished piece in Illustrator.


Create a Four-Leaf Clover48
Starting with some basic shapes and mixing in some nice use of gradients, you can create a well-designed four-leaf clover relatively quickly.

four leaf clover49

Create a Sidekick LX Styled Vector Illustration50
There are all kinds of Photoshop tutorials for creating mobile phones, but not nearly as many for Illustrator. This tutorial starts with a JPEG of the sidekick and works through the process of creating a realistic vector version of it.

sidekick LX vector51

Create an Envelope Icon with a Satin Feel52
This is a detailed tutorial with plenty of screenshots to lead you through the process of creating an attractive envelope icon, which of course has plenty of practical usage possibilities.

envelope icon53

Creating a Cool Water Effect54
There are a number of Photoshop tutorials on creating similar water drop effects, but this is a nice one for Illustrator. You’ll create the background and style the text to complete the look.

cool water55

How to Create a Vector Safari Compass in Illustrator56
Design a highly detailed compass that makes nice use of a vector world map as the subtle background of the compass face.

safari compass57

An Expressive Shining Eye Tutorial: Parts 158 and 259
An excellent two-part series starting with the pen tool and ending with the finishing touches to the eye. Recreating the look of an eye is not that simple, but this tutorial will show how it’s done.

shining eye60

Working with Illustrator “Art” Brushes: Options and Adjustments61
Learn more about one of the four types of Illustrator brushes. It’s mostly a post that leads you through some experimentation that will help you understand more about how art brushes work.

art brushes62

Command Shape in Illustrator63
Learn how to recreate the Apple command key icon. This is an informative tutorial on working with shapes, even if you are setting out to create a different end result than the command key shape.

command shape64

Using Illustrator’s Mesh Tool as Nature Intended65
In this tutorial you’ll take a basic leaf and give it some added character using the mesh tool. It’s only a seven-step process, and there’s room for some experimentation as far as how the end result looks.

mesh tool66

Using the Symbol Tools67
This is part of a 30-day series on learning Illustrator68 (definitely worth checking out, especially for those who are new to Illustrator). By understanding symbols you can create images like this one quickly by reusing the symbol.

symbol tools69

Illustrator Tutorial: Disco Ball70
A fun tutorial on working with symbols and the 3D effects of Illustrator. This is a fairly quick tutorial, with not a lot of steps to create the ball itself.

disco ball71

Vector Freebie and Micro Tutorial: Seamless Swirls72
Although it’s called a “micro-tutorial,” there is still plenty to learn here, and the freebie is nice too. With this free pack of swirls, you’ll be led through the detailed process of creating this seamless image.

seamless swirls73

Illustrator Tutorial: Surprise Gift74
If you’re looking for a tutorial in which you’ll get to work with a number of different tools, this is a good option.

surprise gift75

Creating Halftone Effects76
A popular trick with Photoshop users, creating a halftone is also possible with Illustrator CS3.

halftone effects77

Crazy Cool Vectors in Illustrator and Photoshop78
This tutorial starts in Illustrator to create the basic colored disk and then moves to Photoshop for some layer effects and brush work.

cool vectors79

Swirl Mania in Illustrator and Photoshop80
Although this tutorial also uses Photoshop, the bulk of the work to create the swirls is done in Illustrator; Photoshop is used more for finishing touches.

swirl mania81

How to Draw Simple Flowers82
Using the pen tool, you can create the outline of the flowers and gradients to add the color. As it says, it’s a simple end result, but a nice skill to have nonetheless.

simple flowers83

Design Gift Boxes Using Illustrator’s 3D Tools84
The 3D tools of Illustrator have made a few appearances on this list, mostly because they give the user so much potential with surprising ease. The end result of this tutorial is a beautiful festive design.

gift boxes85

Envelope Distortion in Illustrator86
Learn more about distortion and how you can use it to improve your work and explore creatively during the design process.


Background Designs88
This video tutorial from Layers Magazine shows you how to use the live trace effect to convert a stock image into an effective website background.

background designs89

Creating Silhouettes in Adobe Illustrator90
Using a simple photograph, you can create a useful silhouette by tracing and cleaning it up.

creating silhouettes91

Create Non-Raster Drop Shadows in Illustrator92
Here you’ll go through some well-detailed steps to create drop shadows with a few different approaches.

drop shadows93

Create a Vector Home Cinema Design94
Go step by step through the process of creating a flat-screen TV, speakers and stands, all with attractive shadows and polish.

home cinema95

How to Make a Vector Pattern Brush96
By creating a brush that can be used for seamless patterns, you open up a lot of opportunities for creativity. This tutorial takes you through the steps of setting up the brush and making sure that there are no seams.

pattern brush97

Adobe Illustrator Shortcuts98
This is not so much a tutorial as it is a productivity post. Increasing efficiency and streamlining processes is always a good thing, and this post will give you plenty of practical shortcuts.

Ai shortcuts99

A Time to Shine100
Learn to create some shapes, give them depth with gradients and drop shadows, use opacity and wind up with a shiny logo or text.


Tug and Twirl Text in Illustrator102
In this tutorial you’ll take simple text and spice it up by rearranging and resizing, and then use the pen tool to create some artistic tails and swirls.

tug text103

Transform a Busy Photo into a Strong Silhouette104
This tutorial uses the pen tool to trace part of a photo to create the silhouette. At the end it offers the option to go one step further in Photoshop and create a different effect by filling the silhouette with a texture.


For additional Adobe Illustrator tutorials: Link


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