The Ultimate Collection Of Useful Photoshop Actions


Saving repetitive tasks as Photoshop actions can save you a lot of time, allowing you to automate your work and improve workflow efficiency. A Photoshop action is a recording of a sequence of commands and operations that you can save and access later on.

We’ve searched for the best downloadable Photoshop actions that can help you improve your workflow and perform complex techniques with the push of a button. In this collection, you’ll find more than 350 free hand-picked Photoshop actions that you can use to speed up your graphics creation.

Note: It’s important to check the license of each action set you download and use.

Quick Introduction to Photoshop Actions

For those unfamiliar with Photoshop actions, they’re simply pre-recorded tasks that you can save and reuse anytime. Photoshop actions commonly have an .atn file extension. Installing a Photoshop action for more recent versions of Photoshop is easy: simply drag the .atn file onto the Actions palette or place it directly inside your Adobe PhotoshopPresetsPhotoshop Actions folder. For a more comprehensive discussion of Photoshop actions, check out this complete guide to Photoshop actions.

Image Effects and Graphic Creation Actions

Cross-processing ATN1
Simulate the Cross-processing2 (Xpro) photography technique using this Photoshop action.

Cross-processing ATN screen shot.3
1 actionDownload4

Give your images a “Lomo” look and feel with this excellent Photoshop action.

Lomo screen shot.6
1 actionDownload7

Lomo Cross-processing8
This Photoshop action is a combination of two popular photography effects: Lomo and Cross-processing.

Lomo Cross-processing screen shot.9
1 actionDownload10

Polaroid Generator11
Automatically frame an image in a Polaroid border with this set of Photoshop actions.

Polaroid Generator screen shot.12
5 actions Download13

Hand-Colored Vintage Photo14
This is a handy Photoshop action set for giving images aged, dirty effects.

Hand-colored Vintage Photo screen shot.
4 actionsDownload15

Aly’s Vintage action set is a nice collection of six vintage image effects that you can use on modern digital photos.

Vintage screen shot.17
6 ActionsDownload18

Vintage Wash19
Give your images an old, vintage effect with this set of ten different actions.

Vintage Wash screen shot.20
10 actionsDownload21

Old Parchment22
Easily create aged paper with this free Photoshop action.

Old Parchment screen shot.23
1 actionDownload24

Simple Stamp Generator25
Automatically create a stamp graphic with this action.

Simple Stamp Generator screen shot.26
1 actionDownload27

Pseudo HDR28
Mimic the “HDR” photo effect without having to use multiple exposures of the subject.

Pseudo HDR screen shot.29
1 actionDownload30

HDR For Dummies31
Here’s another easy-to-use Photoshop action set for giving photos the “HDR” effect.

HDR For Dummies screen shot.32
3 actionsDownload33

IR Actions
Give your photos the popular infrared effect using Dave’s IR Photoshop action.

IR Actions screen shot.
1 actionDownload34

IR Effect35
Here is another method for faking the infrared photographic effect using a Photoshop action.

IR Effect screen shot.36
1 actionDownload37

Photo Effect Action38
This Photoshop action can be used for grunge designs.

Photo Effect Action screen shot.39
1 action Download40

Comics Photoshop Action41
Give your image a comic book look and feel using this Photoshop action.

Comics Photoshop Action screen shot.42
1 action Download43

Retro Love44
Achieve a retro-colored image effect using the Retro Love action.

Retro Love screen shot.45
1 actionDownload46

Soften Skin Effect47
Smoothen skin and remove blemishes with the Soften Skin Effect action.

Soften Skin Effect screen shot.48
1 actionDownload49

Burnt Edges Vignette50
This action gives your photos burnt and high-key effects (available for low- and high-resolution images, see the “Try Me”-section).

Burnt Edges Vignette screen shot.51
4 actionsDownload site, check the “Try Me”-section52

Edge Effects53
This set of actions allows you to give your images different types of edge effects.

Edge Effects screen shot.54
8 actionsDownload55

B & Big Picture56
Create a three-dimensional collage effect using one source image with the B & Big Picture action.

B & Big Picture screen shot.57
4 actions – Download

Photo Enhancement and Processing Actions

Black and White Photoshop Actions58
This is a set of useful actions for processing black and white images.

Black and White PS Actions screen shot.59
8 actionsDownload60

TLR B&W Toning61
TLR B&W Toning is a large action set for enhancing and processing black and white images.

TLR B&W Toning screen shot.62
30 actionsDownload63

Photoshop Postwork Actions64
Here is a ton of excellent post-work Photoshop actions.

Photoshop Postwork Actions screen shot.65
25 actionsDownload66

TLR Sharpening Toolkit67
This is a useful Photoshop action pack for sharpening RGB, CMYK and monochrome photos.

TLR Sharpening Toolkit screen shot.68
33 actionsDownload69

TLR Tone Enhance70
Enhance the tone and color of your images using this Photoshop action set.

TLR Tone Enhance screen shot.71
30 actionsDownload72

Color Enhancing Actions73
Here is a variety of actions, such as “colorboost,” “softlight,” and “contrastboost.”

Color Enhancing Actions screen shot.74
10 actionsDownload75

Photoshop Color Actions76
A nice collection of color actions to process and enhance your photographs.

Photoshop Color Actions screen shot.77
10 actionsDownload78

Cross Coloring Tools79
Here is a set of actions for dark, mid-range, and light cross-coloring of image tone.

Cross Coloring Tools screen shot.80
4 actionsDownload81

Image Enhancing PS Actions82
These are ten brilliant image-enhancing Photoshop actions.

Image Enhancing PS Actions screen shot.83
10 actionsDownload84

Watermark Photoshop Action85
Automate the watermarking of your images with this set of Photoshop actions.

Watermark Photoshop Action screen shot.86
9 actionsDownload87

Photographers Toolkit88
A wonderful set of actions for photographers to enhance photos.

Photographers Toolkit screen shot.89
9 actionsDownload90

Assorted Sets of Actions

Photoshop Actions – 5391
This is the 53rd set of Photoshop actions by =night-fate92 of deviantART.

Photoshop Actions - 53 screen shot.93
9 actionsDownload94

Productions Action95
This is a set of useful actions that will simplify your workflow for common Photoshop tasks.

Productions Action screen shot.96
20 actions Download97

Photoshop Automator Actions98
This is one of the biggest sets of useful actions to cut down on repetitive tasks such as watermarking images, scaling images, and fitting images in the canvas. You need to register before being able to download the set.
90 actionsDownload99

Photography Action Set100
This is an excellent collection of popular photo effects, such as HDR, Lomo, Velvia, Xpro and more.

Photography Action Set screen shot.101
8 actionsDownload102

Rather Large Set of Actions103
This is a large collection of useful Photoshop actions.

Rather Large Set of Actions screen shot.104
40 actionsDownload105

Photoshop Actions – 62106
Another beautiful set of assorted Photoshop actions by =night-fate.

Photoshop Actions - 62 screen shot.107
8 actionsDownload108


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    even generating traffic with other people afford is pretty something. but giving the possibillity to a direct download, instead of just a link to the artists page is in fact uncrediting artists.

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    One think people need to realize, however is they are not auto-amazing-picture actions. Yes, the creative color can add a lot of interest to your image. However, a lot of these actions induce haloing, chromatic/luminosity noise, and loss of detail in your picture. These actions are best used in conjuction with elements of the original image. Careful masking and layer blending will help you make the most out of these actions.

    Also, try combining actions. ie If you really like the way the yellows come out in one version, blend those into a purple version you made with a different action.

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