Photoshop Tutorials To Improve Your Modeling and Design Skills


You have to use Adobe Photoshop for a really long time to understand its potential completely. There are many things you can do using its endless features. You need to discover them and decide how to use them in new and innovative ways to create the creative, beautiful and realistic digital art. In this article, we look at Photoshop in a different way: as a tool for designers to create realistic objects and 3D models.

Below you’ll find over 50 Photoshop tutorials that teach you how to create beautiful realistic objects and 3D models. Let’s see what it takes to turn Photoshop into a design workspace.

We also have a plenty of tutorials on using Photoshop to improve the quality of your images:

USB Drives

Floating USB8
This tutorial shows how to illustrate a USB key floating in the air and reflecting on a surface.


USB Stick10



MacBook Pro12
Design a MacBook Pro in Photoshop using shapes and different blending options to get a realistic look.


Slick MacBook14
Create a slick white Apple MacBook in Photoshop.


MacBook Air16
This 20-step tutorial explains how to make the MacBook Air ad.



Unique Watch18


Watch 20
In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a watch from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.



Realistic LCD HDTV22
This tutorial teaches you how to create a photo-realistic wide-screen LCD HDTV from scratch.


LCD Monitor24
Learn how to create an LG-style LCD monitor icon from scratch in Photoshop.


Cellphones, PDA & Co.

HTC Touch26
Create a mobile phone styled like the HTC Touch Diamond using Adobe Photoshop.


Loox Pocket PC28
This tutorial shows you how to create an interesting pocket PC using only Photoshop.


Apple iPhone30
Designing the Apple iPhone in Adobe Photoshop.


Realistic Blackberry32
Create a realistic Blackberry-style mobile phone from scratch using Adobe Photoshop.


Sony Ericsson W80034
Very detailed tutorial that teaches you how to draw the Sony Ericsson w800 Walkman phone from scratch in Adobe Photoshop.



Bangin’ Woofer Embedded in Wood36
Create a realistic speaker, and make a simple wood texture for the background.


3D Speakers38
Designing 3D speakers in Adobe Photoshop.


Apple iMac

Apple iMac40
Create an Apple iMac in Adobe Photoshop.


Slick Black iMac42
Turn a white iMac into a black iMac in Photoshop.


Computer Mice

Designing a mouse in Adobe Photoshop.


Designing the Apple iMouse in Adobe Photoshop.


Music Players

Fantastic 3D MP3 Player46
Learn how to create a 3D MP3 player from scratch using only Photoshop.


Shiny Photo-Realistic Apple Remote48
This tutorial teaches you how to make a shiny Apple remote.


iPod Shuffle50
Learn how to create an Apple iPod Shuffle.


Black Zune 252
Designing a black Zune 2 in Photoshop.


iPod Classic54
Photoshop tutorial to create an iPod Classic or an iPod Nano.


iPod Touch56
This tutorial shows you how to create an iPod Touch from scratch in Photoshop using no source images.


4th Gen iPod Nano58
Designing a photo-realistic iPod Nano in Adobe Photoshop.



Mustang Car Illustration60
Tutorial shows how to use and organize layers in Photoshop to create a car illustration.


Quick car rendering in Photoshop62
This tutorial shows how to quickly render a car in Photoshop with a marker rendering style.


This tutorial shows how to create a Porsche illustration in Photoshop starting from a scanned hand-drawn sketch.


Game Consoles

Wii Controller66
A Photoshop tutorial on designing the Wiimote controller.


Retro Style Game Controller68
“In this tutorial, we’re going to be drawing a retro game console controller. Rather than a perspective look, this one will have an isometric look. This tutorial is extremely detailed, and will be fun for all you classic arcade lovers.”


Nintendo Wii70
This Photoshop tutorial shows you how to design the console by Nintendo.


Xbox 36072
Draw Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console in Photoshop using a reference image, simple techniques, such as the gradient tools, and the pen tool.


Sony PlayStation 374
Create a realistic-looking Sony PlayStation using Adobe Photoshop.


Other Models and 3D-Objects

Realistic 3D rack server76

This tutorial shows a very nice technique for creating 3D servers.Screenshot77

Convert 2D Image Into 3D Model Using Photoshop78
Adobe Photoshop CS3 tutorials on converting a 2D image into a 3D model.Screenshot79

Design a Detailed Compass Icon In Photoshop80
A drawing tutorial for icon lovers in which the authors explains the design of a metallic compass step-by-step.


Making a 3D scene using 3D models82
In this tutorial, create a nice 3D scene using 3D models in Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended.


Realistic Wine Bottle84
This tutorial teaches you how to create a super-realistic bottle of wine completely from scratch. You will learn how to use the pen tool effectively, as well as gradient/pattern overlays and other drawing techniques.


Tutorial for Adobe Photoshop 6 and 7 users that will teach you how to create a photo camera from scratch.

Electronic Torch Light88
This tutorial explains how to create an electronic torch light icon in Adobe Photoshop.

Vintage Film Style Video90
Photoshop CS3 Extended allows you to edit video and animations. Also, you can convert an existing video into a Smart Object and apply filters to it. This time we’re going to give a video a vintage feel and mock it up inside an old TV screen.


Dramatic 3D Wood Cup92
In this basic tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a 3D cup from scratch in Illustrator, how to apply some texture to it in Photoshop, and also how to use the Vanishing Point filter to create a mock-up and apply realistic shadows.


Super-Shiny Pencil94
This tutorial shows how to create a super-shiny pencil icon.


This tutorial consists of creating a digital illustration of a box of matches in Photoshop, creating the matchbox cover design and the striker from a pattern, placing the cardboard texture on the box and then aligning everything into a 3D perspective.


Swiss Army Knife98
Learn how to create a Swiss Army knife.



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    For this kind of art I’d recommend using 3d apps like Maya or 3D Studio Max instead of Photoshop.

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    If those wine bottles are realistic, my drawings are pure works of art that make Da Vinci cry like a baby, and I can’t even draw a stick figure correctly.

    It just goes to show that for (semi) realistic 3D objects (the cell phones not included) one should use a 3D program (Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.) even if it’s only because getting shadows & highlights right is a huge pain for most people. Even something as simple as the matchbox looks stupid if the matches inside don’t cast/receive the right shadows and their heads are all 100% the same…

    Still, it’s a nice article.

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    RE: PROP 8 AD!

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    I certainly can’t speak for Smashing, but I would hate for this fantastic and invaluable resource to get a bad rap because Google made the choice to accept advertisement dollars from that hateful political organization that supported Prop 8.

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    web design company

    November 12, 2008 3:11 am

    You have to use Adobe Photoshop for a really long time to understand its potential completely. There are many things you can do using its endless features. You need to discover them and decide how to use them in new and innovative ways to create the creative, beautiful and realistic digital art. In this article, we look at Photoshop in a different way: as a tool for designers to create realistic objects and 3D models.

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