15 Useful Project Management Tools


by Cameron Chapman

There is a huge variety of project management applications out there. Most are general purpose apps, not aimed at any one industry. But there is a growing number of project management apps aimed specifically at one industry or another. Applications geared to creative types are becoming more readily available, and some of the offerings are really quite good.

Many of these project management apps have built-in code repositories and subversion browsers (or are built around them). A few have built-in bug and issue tracking. Others include more than just basic project management. All of them can help you keep track of activities and team members. There are both free and paid options. Some have very slick interfaces, and some are modeled more after desktop applications. All are relatively easy to use and easy to set up.

Below are 15 useful project management applications, almost all of which are targeted directly at Web developers, designers (both Web and print) and other creative types. The last one is not geared specifically to creative types but is the most unique project management application I’ve found and is included on that basis as well as because of its potential usefulness for designers and developers.

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1. Basic Project Management Apps

These applications are marketed specifically for project management. Most include things like task-, team-, and goal-management features. Some include additional features such as time tracking and invoicing.


Lighthouse2 is a bug- and issue-tracking app that tracks timelines and milestones, integrates with your email client and more. You can update tickets through your inbox, manage your beta testing (by making tickets and milestones public), integrate it with subversion and manage and prioritize your tickets.

Lighthouse Dashboard Screenshot3

Project creation is simple; only a project title and description is required. Once a project is created, tickets, messages and milestones can be entered. Ticket creation can be done by email (the email address to send tickets to is displayed on the “Tickets” page). You can show tickets based on a variety of criteria, including date, state (open or closed) and who is responsible for them. Message creation is easier than email, and you can attach files up to 50 MB in size. When you create a milestone you simply enter the title, the date it’s due and the goals or focus for that particular milestone. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Permissions are easy to set, and you can invite users by email. One of the best features of Lighthouse is its Beacon and API integration. With the API, you can customize tickets, projects, changesets, milestones, messages and more. Integrate it with other services (such as Google Calendar), or make desktop applications that use Lighthouse. The APIs make Lighthouse infinitely more useful, because you can really customize it to fit your current workflow.

Lighthouse Milestone Creation Screenshot4

Lighthouse is great for Web development teams (or individuals) and has a very easy-to-use interface. They have paid and free plans, all of which include unlimited open-source projects. The free plan lets you manage one private project with up to two people on the account. The paid plans range from $10 per month for the Personal plan (with up to 3 projects, 10 users and 100 MB of file upload storage space) to $120 per month for the Platinum plan (with unlimited projects, up to 50 public projects, unlimited users and 30 GB of file upload space).

When combined with a subversion app, Lighthouse provides a pretty complete project management app for developers. Subversion integration is pretty straightforward, and the help file provided gives complete step-by-step instructions for setup.


Springloops5 is another subversion browser that integrates project management. It counts a unique AJAX code browser and Basecamp integration as among its features.

Springloops Dashboard Screenshot6

The Springloops interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Tabbed navigation provides access to the log, source and deployment information. Adding users is done via email, along with the ability to create usernames and passwords (making it easier and faster for them to get on board with a project). Creating new projects is simple, with a few different templates available (including a starter template). You can migrate an existing repository into Springloops as well (including plain text dumps). For added project management ability, Springloops can be integrated with Basecamp.

Springloops Source Browser Screenshot7

Springloops has a number of plans available, both paid and free. The free plan includes 25 MB of space, 3 projects, 3 deployments per day (using FTP or SFTP connections), roll-back capabilities, Basecamp integration, subversion and an unlimited number of users. The paid plans range from the “Flowerpot” plan at $9 per month (including 1 GB of space and 10 projects) to the “Forest” plan at $96 per month (including 18 GB of storage, unlimited projects, automatic deployment and secure SSL encryption). All of the paid plans include a free 30-day trial.

CreativePro Office

CreativePro Office8 offers complete office management tools. CreativePro Office is completely free, setting it apart from the other apps here.

CreativePro Office Dashboard Screenshot9

CreativePro Office has the usual tabbed navigation, including tabs for clients, projects, time sheets, finances and team members. The dashboard presents a calendar with upcoming events, a list of your projects, outstanding invoices, notes and search functionality. Project creation is a bit more in-depth than with most other apps listed here, though only a client name and project name is required (you can also fill in a project URL, description or comments, category, date range, status, contacts and tags). Client tracking is integrated, making this handy for those who work with lots of different clients, and it could even serve as a simple CRM program, depending on your needs.

CreativePro Office Finance Tab Screenshot10

Integrated invoices and financial information is handy, and the finances page gives you options for viewing and creating invoices, expenses and reports.

CreativePro Office is very robust for a completely free application and is definitely worth checking out before shelling out for an expensive paid solution.


Jumpchart11 is a website planning application that allows you to plan the navigation of your website by creating, dragging and dropping pages into the plan. You can also add text and formatting to pages and then export your CSS files and site map when you’re finished.

Jumpchart Home Page Screenshot12

This is a great planning app for Web designers, though it’s not strictly a project management application. You can add comments to each page, which could serve to keep track of tasks related to specific pages. More traditional project management functions could be kept track of in the text of each mockup page or through the comments. The mockup and planning capabilities of Jumpchart make it worth using, even if hacks are needed to make it more conducive to full project management.

Jumpchart Add Sub-Page Screenshot13

The free Jumpchart plan offers 1 project with 1 MB of storage and a maximum of 10 pages and 2 users. The paid plans range from the Simple plan at $5 per month (including up to 5 projects, with 25 pages and 5 users per project, and 100 MB of storage) to the Deluxe plan at $50 per month (including up to 30 projects with unlimited pages and users and 5000 MB of storage).

No Kahuna

No Kahuna14 is a simple project management and issue-tracking platform. It’s very straightforward and easy to use, with an excellent user interface. Features include task and activity tracking and collaboration tools.

No Kahuna Activity Page Screenshot15

No Kahuna is excellent for basic project management and ticket tracking. There aren’t a ton of features, which can be a very good thing. It’s very quick to get started, also a big plus.

No Kahuna Project Info Screenshot16

There are free accounts available that include unlimited projects and users. However, if your projects accumulate more than 30 open tasks, you will need to upgrade. Paid options are reasonably priced, ranging from 3 projects for $9 per month up to 100 projects for $99 per month. Open-source projects are always free, no matter how many open tasks you have.


Basecamp17 is often considered to be the best project management and collaboration platform out there. Its features are impressive: to-do lists, file sharing, message boards, milestones, time tracking, project overviews and commenting.

Basecamp Dashboard Screenshot18

The user interface is definitely one of the best out there, and because of its popularity, tons of other companies are making products that integrate with Basecamp, extending its capabilities.

Basecamp Time Tracking Screenshot19

Pricing is reasonable, though it’s definitely not the cheapest solution out there. The Basic plan is only $24 per month and includes up to 15 active projects, 3 GB of file storage and unlimited clients and users. The Max plan is a hefty $149 per month, but includes unlimited projects, 50 GB of file storage, time tracking, SSL security and a free Campfire Premium account.

2. Wiki-Based Project Management

Wikis are another option for project management, whether you use one instead of a basic project management application or in addition to one. One of the solutions below is geared to complete project management and includes additional features, while the other is just a wiki and is suitable for project management and other uses.

Trac Project

Trac Project20 is a project management app that is based on wiki functionality. It also includes a subversion browser, a timeline, ticket tracking, a road map (showing milestones and the number of current open and closed tickets) and builds status tracking.

Trac Project Main Wiki Page Screenshot21

One of Trac’s best features is the range of plug-ins available for it. There are plug-ins for Web administration, authentication, code documentation, file management, ticketing, testing, user management and version control.

Trac Project Ticket Management Screenshot22

Another big advantage: Trac is free and licensed under a modified BSD license.


PBwiki23 is one of the easiest free wikis out there to use. You can share files with other users, set access controls for individual pages and folders, add other users to your wiki, monitor and track version changes and more.

PBwiki Main Page Screenshot24

Setup is quick and easy and can be done in less than a minute. The PBwiki interface is very intuitive, and there is virtually no learning curve. Creating folders and pages is straightforward, as is editing existing pages. You can also comment on each page, and get a printable version with a single click.

PBwiki Page Creation Screenshot25

There are multiple themes you can choose from for the design, as well as templates for individual page content (or you can start from scratch). There are a few different plans available, both paid and free. The free plan allows from 1 to 3 users. Paid plans range from $4 per month per user (if you have more than 10,000 users) to $8 per month per user (for 4 to 999 users).

3. Bug and Ticket Tracking

Any time you work on a Web application or website, there are going to be bugs and issues that crop up. While some basic project management applications have built-in ticket tracking, others don’t, and sometimes the built-in solution doesn’t quite meet your needs (either because it’s too robust or is missing key features).


16bugs26 is a very simple bug-tracking system. Its main advantage is the color-coding system used for different types of information (like updates, comments and closed tickets).

16bugs Activity Report Screenshot27

Setup is quick and easy. The user interface is easy to figure out. Creating bugs is easy, and the color-coded labels on the activity tab make it easy to see what’s going on at a glance.

16bugs Bug Submission Screenshot28

There are a variety of account types available. The free account allows 1 project, 1 MB of storage and Basecamp imports. Starting at $8 per month, paid plans include more projects (3 with the Basic plan), 150 MB to 10 GB of storage, RSS and email notifications, Campfire notifications and SSL (starting with the $15-per-month Big plan).


JIRA29 is issue- and bug-tracking software that includes a lot of great features. It has advanced reporting features, workflow mapping as well as issue and project organizing; it is also customizable.

JIRA Dashboard Screenshot30

JIRA also offers a number of plug-ins to extend its functionality, including Bamboo integration, charting, time tracking, project management, a calendar and more. By using plug-ins, you can customize JIRA to meet your exact project management and issue-tracking needs.

JIRA Issue Navigator Screenshot31

JIRA’s biggest drawback is its pricing; it’s not cheap. A hosted account starts at $299 per month for up to 25 users and goes up from there (250 users costs $599 per month). If you want to download JIRA and host it on your own server, it starts at $1200 for a single project team, and goes as high as $4800 for an entire organization. If you need an academic license, solutions start at only $600.

4. Collaboration and Conferencing

If you’re working with a remote team on your project, you’re probably going to need some online space to collaborate and meet, whether it’s to work on general concepts or to work out specific bugs. Here are three solutions to help you collaborate with those on your team or with your clients.


activeCollab32 is a project management and collaboration tool that lets you set up a collaboration area right on your website. You can have unlimited projects, organized into groups for easy management.

activeCollab Dashboard Screenshot33

Collaboration features include file sharing, discussions (set up like an online forum), assignments, collaborative writing and reminders. Project management features include printing and exporting, time tracking, calendar and schedule functionality, ticket management and milestones. Plug-ins (modules) mean that activeCollab can be extended to suit your specific needs.

activeCollab Project Overview Screenshot34

There are two pricing options available: Corporate and Small Business. The Small Business edition includes source-code browsing, plug-in support, themes, discussions, milestones, checklists, files, project templates, a mobile interface and localization support. It’s priced at $199, with support and upgrades being an additional $99 per year after the first year. The Corporate edition has all of the above features, plus the calendar, tickets, time tracking, pages (with collaborative writing and more), a project explorer, and status updates. Both packages include unlimited projects and users. You can also purchase a Copyright Removal license, which removes the “activeCollab Powered” graphic from the footer of each page, for an additional $199.


DimDim35 is a Web-conferencing platform that provides collaboration tools for meeting online. It’s scalable, reliable and flexible, with both hosted and on-site versions available.

DimDim Main Page Screenshot36

DimDim allows you to share your desktop with those you’re meeting with, as well as share and present documents (both PowerPoint and PDFs). You can also share Whiteboards, and it has built-in voice-over-IP and teleconferencing capabilities. There are public and private chat capabilities as well as annotation and markup tools.

DimDim New Meeting Screenshot37

There are free and paid plans available. The free plan offers the complete feature set, with support for meetings of up to 20 people. DimDim Pro offers the complete feature set, plus custom branding and up to 100 people in a meeting for only $99 per year. There is also an Enterprise-level package that includes all of the above but also allows simultaneous meetings with up to 1000 attendees for $1998 per year.


Vyew38 is a browser-based Web presentation service that allows for custom branding and PowerPoint-like authoring. With Vyew, you can give a live presentation or just post a document for your colleagues to review at their convenience.

Vyewbook Creation Screenshot39

Features include real-time desktop sharing, whiteboarding and drawing tools, embedded comments, built-in voice over IP, free teleconferencing, built-in webcam video support, text chat, dedicated rooms and direct URLs and more. It’s a complete solution for Web conferencing.

Vyew Document Explorer Screenshot40

Vyew has a number of plans available, including a free plan, which includes unlimited meetings, SSL secure log-in, up to 20 participants (all seeing ads) and up to 5 VyewBooks (presentations) with up to 50 pages each. There are two paid plans: Plus at $6.95 per month, which includes everything the free plan has plus up to 25 participants (or 5 with no ads), and up to 25 VyewBooks with up to 100 pages each, and Professional at $13.95 per month, which includes everything the Plus plan has, but with up to 45 participants (or 15 with no ads), and up to 100 VyewBooks with up to 300 pages each.

5. Invoicing

Unless you’re working on an internal project, chances are you’ll need to send out invoices. Having an invoice program that also does proposals is helpful, as is having one that integrates directly with your project management app.

Simply Invoices

Simply Invoices41 integrates with Basecamp, More Honey, Tick and Harvest to invoice based on time that you track with those programs. Features include invoice templates, unlimited invoices, the ability to save invoices as PDFs and invoice tracking.

Simply Invoices Screenshot42

There are a few different plans available, including a free plan that includes up to five invoice templates and SSL support. Paid plans start at $9 per month (which includes up to ten invoice templates, plus a custom logo and link-free invoices) and go up to $25 per month (which includes an unlimited number of templates).

Less Accounting

Less Accounting43 is a simple online accounting and invoicing program that is incredibly easy to use. Less Accounting has a variety of features, including proposal creation and tracking, mileage tracking, sales-lead management and expense tracking. You can import your existing Wesabe.com account, and you can even invite your CPA to look at your books. Less Accounting also sends a weekly email with an update on the status of your accounts.

Less Accounting Screenshot44

There are a variety of account plans available, including a free plan. The free plan includes up to 5 invoices, expenses, sales notes, deposits, proposals, mileage logs each month, SSL encryption, reports and bank-account integration. The paid plans range from the Even Less plan at $12 per month (including invoicing, expenses, contacts, SSL encryption, technical support, deposits and reports) to the More plan at $24 per month (including everything in the Even Less plan, plus sales notes, bank accounts, proposals, mileage logs, bank reconciliation, support for multiple types of sales tax and more). A 30-day free trial is available for all plans.

6. Time Tracking

Whether you need to keep track of your time for billing purposes, for your boss, or just to measure your own productivity, chances are you’ll need a time-tracking application.


LiveTimer45 is an easy-to-use time-tracking program that works on both your computer and iPhone. It can be used for billing purposes or simply to improve your productivity and accountability.

LiveTimer Summary Report Screenshot46

Features include a daily ledger, bulk time entry (by day or week), customizable classifications, multiple currencies, custom billing rates, intelligent report filters and a developer API. The iPhone integration makes it easy to track your time even if you’re not at your desk, making it more useful than many other Web-based time-tracking applications.

LiveTimer Time Ledger Screenshot47

Pricing is cheap, at only $5 per active user per month. Qualifying non-profits get a 50% discount. There is a 30-day free trial available.


fourteenDayz48 is a time-tracking program specifically for teams. It features day-by-day time sheets, exportable reports (in both PDF and Excel formats), drag-and-drop categories and no user limit.

fourteenDayz Time Sheet Entry Screenshot49

There are 6 different plans offered, including a free account (which includes up to 4 active projects/clients, 10 project categories, an unlimited number of users and reporting functions). The paid plans range from the Personal at $5 per month (which includes the free account features plus up to 7 active projects/clients, 15 project categories, 30 project subcategories and PDF reports) to the Platinum at $99 per month (which includes all the Personal features plus unlimited active projects/clients, unlimited project categories and subcategories, XLS/CSV exportability and SSL connections).

Further Resources

For more project management applications, check out:

  • Simple Spark50
    Directory of Web 2.0 applications, with a list of more than 300 project management apps.
  • Listio51
    Another directory of Web 2.0 applications, with a huge list of project management apps.



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Cameron Chapman is a professional Web and graphic designer with over 6 years of experience. She writes for a number of blogs, including her own, Cameron Chapman On Writing. She’s also the author of The Smashing Idea Book: From Inspiration to Application.

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    My philosophy is that running a design agency/web firm is hard enough as it is, without switching between multiple software applications in order to manage aspects of your firm. We’re trying to bring this all under the single application, in a way that is easy to use and adaptable to your existing business processes.

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    A project management system i just recently discovered is collabtive. It does a similar job to that of basecamp and costs nothing.

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    I think 14Dayz is an excellent online time tracking solution (whole office using it for every project). They managed to keep the app truly simple and easy to use, I love the UI. A yeah, fanatic customer support.

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    Kevin Micalizzi, Dimdim Community Manager

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    Cameron, thanks for including Dimdim on this list of tools. I was a project manager for years and finding good tools was always the challenge. Time for me to work my way through the list and check out the ones that I haven’t tried before.

    For anyone interested in Dimdim free web conferencing, it’s an easy signup and your attendees don’t need to install anything. Also comes with a free phone conference bridge.

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    http://www.semmels.com would probably fit in the ‘collaboration’ section.
    It’s a free, web-based solution for getting the input of many people in a structured way.
    For example, there’s a template to create a page where a group of people can organise a holiday together. The questions that are being answered in the sample are: who’s coming, when are we going and where are we going.
    If you try to let a group of people answer such questions, you usually get a whole bunch of e-mails or comments that take a lot of time to summarize.
    With semmels, everybody can add suggestions in a structured manner, and others can vote and comment on each suggestion seperately.
    Please let me know what you think of it! (good and bad)

  56. 56
  57. 57

    Thanks a lot, this is exactly what I was looking for!!! :) great! and very useful!

  58. 58

    For a single freelancer/hobbyist, I think Side Job Track is great. Web-based, free, and everything I need in a project management tool – my favorite is a stop-watch time tracker with easy attachment to tasks to automatically calculate costs and set due dates, all in one dialog box. For one guy managing multiple clients, projects, and invoices, it’s a fantastic tool.

  59. 59

    Active collab is the best out there, and first because it’s a real app that you can install on your lan. If you want to manage your assets, you just can’t upload dozen of megs threw Internet even with a broadband connexion (and pay for it).

  60. 60

    Sorry, but I really dislike this kind of article… I know Smashing Magazine have lots and lots of these, but they bring nothing new. It’s basically just a summary of a Google search and a minimum of research on the resulting websites… Or so it seems. We end up with a bunch of links to some services and a list of their features. No new information is presented.

    What would change these articles from being useless and almost annoying to being valuable and bringing new information to the web is a CONCLUSION or the like. A “list of links” is useless, but reviews and recommendations would be great.

    Next time it would be great if you could think about these questions:
    What’s THE best option in your opinion? In what situation should I use what service? What are the strength and weakness after using these services for a couple of weeks? What service is for beginners and what are for expert users?


  61. 61

    Great… thanks for input

  62. 62

    I would add ClockingIT to the list.

    Although advertised as “Timetracking 2.0″ it includes a wiki, forums, online chat and subversion integration is in the works.

    Did I mention it’s free and can be installed locally?

  63. 63
  64. 64

    Excellent. thanks for sharing.

  65. 65

    We’ve used ActiveCollab for about six months now and I have to say we made the right decision. It’s clean, easy to use and not overly complicated like most other project management or collaboration products out there.

  66. 66

    A very good list of Project Management Tools. But I agree with what Christian says..

    A comparison of various tools across various parameters / features would definitely help.

    More like if we looking for so and so feature then which tool would best fit our requirement.

  67. 67

    I think this post only really scratched the surface with some of the apps available out there for the different types of functionality.

    Fogbugz is one of the application that deserves to be scratched a little…

  68. 68

    Great post , i have more 2 tips for web time tracker,
    1) getharvest.com , nice timetracking , great iPhone integration
    2) slimtimer.com/ , nice and basic version free :-), pay version have export data

    for desktop (mac) i have 2 fav. iClockr (time tracking), iGTD

  69. 69

    For bug tracking there is an Open Source solution: Mantis

  70. 70

    dotProject was not mentioned there. That is also very powerfull tool

  71. 71

    I’m a fan of Officetime… it’s desktop-based, really simple and pretty cheap.

  72. 72

    Less Accounting is fantastic! It is still a little bit rough around the edges and the development of new features and bug fixes is not always as fast as one would hope, but the concept and execution are brilliant.
    For me it really means less accounting and getting more design work done.

  73. 73

    I suggest to add mite to your list. I’s a superb time tracking and project mananging tool.

  74. 74

    About time traking : I’m using a small free app, online and with a desktop widget, really great :

  75. 75

    You Forgot NetOffice,
    it is opensource and downlodable ( written in PHP)
    Net Office sourceforge page

  76. 76

    I was looking for something like this. It is needed for me

  77. 77

    Yeah ActiveCollab is the one i just bought into… With this article being days late…
    OpenGoo is a better version of the free original activecollab, and in my eyes nicer than ProjectPier

  78. 78

    Thanks very much for the great information!

  79. 79

    We use Achievo for all our project stuff – project management, tasks, time tracking, invocing, CRM etc. It’s Open Source and you host it yourself!

  80. 80

    I am shocked to see that CashBoard is not being mentioned in the article. Surely it boasts many features that deserve to be included in your review; invoices, time tracking, Basecamp integration, reports, client inclusion and more. It also has various account plans from free to paid services.

    Check them out: http://cashboardapp.com

    Akiva Levy, founder Six Thirteen Design

  81. 81

    Good List! Also a great project management tool should be added to it.
    I have been using DeskAway from past few months & I am quiet happy with the features & service provided. Also they are providing a lot of new features like tracking Project history & also a lot of foreign languages are supported which is amazing.

  82. 82

    Thanks for this list.
    There is also clocking it: http://www.clockingit.com/.
    It’s a free project management tool written in ruby . The sources are downloadable.

  83. 83

    @ Priyanka. Thanks to point out DeskAway. Even we are using DeskAway for project management & collaboration.Its a great tool indeed.

  84. 84

    Check out one of the best (and commercial not costly too) products over the last 3 years: http://www.celoxis.com

    This is the only product I could find which allows you prepare a truely hierarchical project plan (online!), just like Microsoft Project Professional. Updating the tasks is also relatively simple for your users.

    Timesheets, billing, clients, reports -> Everything managed in a single app.

    Check it out!

  85. 85

    I am surprised either that freshbooks is not mentioned.

    Of all the PM/Bug Tracking software I know about, none beat FogBugs

  86. 86

    Check out http://www.actionmethod.com I tried the service and feel that it is one of the best solutions out there.

  87. 87

    Bruno Alberto Byington Neto De Figueiredo

    November 14, 2008 4:26 am

    Thanks, Im also needing something like a cool Project Management Application.

    Im somehow however not that patient just jet to check through all of them. So I was starting to think why dont just do your own? I Mean I do work on DHTML, Python and stuff like that. I am the geek in the creative person so… why not programm your own suit of beauty to coordinate things around? Im not really sure how time will pass when programming something like basecamp? Nah Im not really out of my mind guys Im just thinking technically hardcore mainly simple. Creativity is somewhere in between the hardcore and simplicity, cant tell you yet where exactly?

    any suggestions?

    Thanks alot.

  88. 88

    Good info. I’ve been using tadalist for about a year now and it looks like I need to step up my game. :)


  89. 89

    Another vote for Redmine. Just switched from TFS a month ago.

  90. 90

    “ACTITIME” is also a great time management and reporting tool. You can download a limited version to work on site. http://www.actimind.com/index.html. Works well for our company.


  91. 91

    projectplace.com is by far the best

  92. 92

    bugzill well than others

  93. 93

    I am looking for a good option for project management & time tracking, have got so many option so just confused, need to get it right the first time as its not something w can change everyday, i have seen the demos of deskra, deskaway, bascamp, whodoes, open goo, active collab & what not, had zeroed in on santexq.com (not cause its free) as it had one of the key feature i was looking for i.e i can put estimates to tasks & track them, i can track the team work hours using the timesheets & all, this on gets its bang on as i wanted it too ( i am not sure if this feature is in other web tool, if yes pls point me in the right direction. On more imp thing is that it should not cost me a bomb :-)

    trust me i am checking almost all the tools on the web, if some one here is in web development than pls drop a line as which one you have used & why, it will be of great help, 5mpweb is also a good one you guys can check.. i am dreaming project tools :-)

  94. 94

    You forgot one really wonderful and free resource.

    They offer : bug/issue tracking, time tracking, invoicing, documentation collaboration
    Best of all, it’s free to use if you have only 2 clients.
    I’ve been using it for 2 years now. Top notch.

  95. 95

    I’d also add TFS and Mingle from Thoughtworks to this list.

  96. 96

    For time tracking I would recommend Intervals http://www.myintervals.com. They just released a new milestones feature that allows for better project management as well. We’ve been using it for almost a year and haven’t found any issues with it.

  97. 97

    Also try SugarCRM. It’s technically a contact management app, but has a great interface for project management and is very customizable.

    Best part, it’s FREE, and hosted on your server, if you wish. It requires PHP and MySQL. You can have unlimited users and even limit their permissions to view only certain projects, tasks, etc. We used this at my last company and coordinated with devs as far away as India.


  98. 98

    Using RedMine for a project management. Like it a lot. Have all the features that I need.

  99. 99

    Has anyone tried Toggl? A very useful tool in that it tracks projects in real-time via a choice of a downloadable exe, an Adobe Air app or using the Toggl website and best of all- it’s free (with the choice of a pay version for more complex services). I use it as a designer to keep track of all my different clients. It also produces reports for billing.

  100. 100

    Brandon Livengood

    November 14, 2008 7:00 am

    @ Amar

    We use santexq as well, it is a great web app, which is free and has a lot of features that others don’t seem to have. This is my recommendation to all that have been struggling to find a right project management app.

  101. 101

    Team Foundation Server? I think the title said “useful.” Enough said!

  102. 102

    When it comes to time tracking I swear by mite (http://www.mite.yo.lk).

  103. 103

    You forgot Gemini from countersoft (I have no affiliation) for issue tracking. Free license for up to 5 users. Seems like you’re just pimping commercial products here and did not spend a lot of time reviewing open source/freeware products.

  104. 104

    Slimtimer … Assembla … other real good tools to look at. Trac integrates slimtimer too actually. Though Trac really is the mother of all these tools and if you can work with python and Trac’s templates — you can walk away with something so much better than anything out there, and for free!

  105. 105

    Most people don’t realize this but ProjectPier (http://www.projectpier.org/) was originally a free program. Someone took the free source code and turned the program into ActiveCollab (which now charges money.)

    When you download ProjectPier, it doesn’t have great visual appeal, but there are a few skins (“Sand” is very nice) that are very clean and smooth.

  106. 106

    Check out tinyPM (http://tinypm.com/) if you are into agile PM-methods like Scrum and project-wikis.
    Nice tool–we have been using it for almost 18 month now.

  107. 107

    I use MacFreelance for all my Invoicing. I highly recommend it. :)

  108. 108

    I suppose the Projonnect was not included in this list because it has not really been promoted in any sort of way. Projonnect is a free Project Manager that includes invoices among some other things. It may be something to look into.

  109. 109

    I fully agree with all of you recommending Blinksale! Brilliant system!

    I also agree with Christian and Brijesh. This blog post looks like it’s just a list of a few of the Google results out there.

    I’m looking forward to seeing a proper researched blog posts/articles describing for example who the different Project/Task management systems suits.
    – Paid tools
    – Free tools
    – Systems for teams up to 5 members
    – Systems for teams with 10+ members
    – Only task management or solid project management systems
    – Separate post about bug tracking or invoicing
    – etc.

    This time around it just felt like a short mix of everything – didn’t really fit with the title of the post.

    Something more in the lines of “10 collaborative project and task management systems for teams with 5+ members” for example. ;)

    Any thoughts..?


  110. 110

    +1 for activeCollab. Owned, and self-hosted, open source and extendable.

  111. 111

    Nice article. It’s quite useful.

  112. 112

    Blinksale def. needs to be on that invoicing list. Best invoice web app out there – and works with Basecamp!

  113. 113

    Another great option for time management is KLOK . Its free and runs off adobe air. It might not be as extensive as those offered above, but it certainly does the job.

  114. 114

    I’ve tried several of the tools mentioned in both the article and comments–FreshBooks, Blinksale, and Basecamp. Since February I’ve been using Cashboard for my time tracking, estimating, and invoicing needs. I’ve found it much better than Blinksale for invoicing and far superior to FreshBooks in every way.

    All the templates are completely customizable and look really sharp right out of the box–a very important feature for a professional designer.

    Cashboard also integrates with Basecamp, has a super-flexible international tax system, and allows your clients to pay invoices online. The price is reasonable and is based on the number of active projects you have.

    Best of all, Cashboard’s developer is totally dedicated to improving the functionality, UI, and features of the application. The support forum is top-notch and they’ve just added a cool features request system.

    BTW, I’m not affiliated in any way with this company–I’m a true fan!

  115. 115

    Great list. My only nitpick is that it would be nice if it were more clear which applications are 3’rd-party-hosted services, and which ones can be installed on your own server.

    One addition would suggest for the bug/ticket tracking section is Kayako SupportSuite (they have both self-hosted options and they-host-it options). It seems to be one of the more sophisticated apps of its type, I notice a lot of hosting companies using it. It does have some collaboration / project management features, but they’re pretty perfunctory.

  116. 116

    great list, another cool web app for tracking goals and todo list etc, http://www.goalsontrack.com

  117. 117

    what about action method online (behance’s project management program)

  118. 118

    Have a look at Pivotal Tracker.

    it’s powerful and incredibly easy to use. It’s like a Project Management system for people who do not like Project Management (but still need it!)

  119. 119

    Why did you blur out C squared, Cameron?

  120. 120

    I put my vote in for Fogbugz and LiquidPlanner!

  121. 121

    Good for admin panel inspiration:)

  122. 122

    Thanks for the link to Listio! We also recently did a series of reviews (including a comparison) of 4 project management applications: 5pm, GoPlan, Basecamp and Central Desktop. Comparing Product Management Tools: 5pm, GoPlan, Central Desktop, and Basecamp

  123. 123

    Looks to me like there are as many project management applications as there are people on the planet. Jeez – talk about a market saturated with tools and utilities.

  124. 124

    Vincenzo Acinapura

    November 14, 2008 2:30 pm

    Another vote for Redmine, it has Subversion, Git, Darcs, Mercurial, CVS and Bazar support, Gantt, calendar, forum and tons of other features. His interface is very simple and well designed. It is also available via Bitnami stack (so it takes 5 minutes to have it up and running :D) Good post, cheers

  125. 125

    For German users: mite (http://mite.yo.lk) is my favorite timetracking service.

  126. 126

    I too agree with Christian and others. The blogsphere’s need for link collection posts without extra information-like reviews or pro and con lists-is over. We have too many lazy, money hungry, and search enging whoring bloggers writing these type of lists daily.

    We know smashingmagazine and its contributors can write insightful articles; that fact is why we visit and support this site.

    Please think about what I and others have said in regards to the content of this post. But also remember its about more then just this one post. Successful blogs like this one set the standard that others will follow. Will you lead other design bloggers into writing indepth, thought provoking posts? Or will you subdue creativity by showing them yet again that a quick google’d link list post is all the bloggsphere needs?

    Good luck. And thank you to the commenter that mentioned opengoo. I just installed it. Works great :-)

  127. 127

    If you want the full package (timesheets, project management, planning, reporting, contact and document management, approval and invoicing) at a sensible price as well, check out TimeSuite (Australia based). I got to see the beta version of their new system a few weeks ago and it rocks. Think they are releasing it early 2009.

  128. 128

    Thanks so much for the mention of Creative Pro Office – I’ve been looking for something exactly like that.

    For invoicing, you missed Quicken’s free Billing Manager: https://billingmanager.intuit.com/ – I’ve been using it pretty regularly and love it!

  129. 129

    Yet another vote for redMine. It’s super easy to use, very flexible, and is also actively developed and maintained. We switched from Trac about two years ago and haven’t looked back.

  130. 130

    How About Huddle (www.huddle.net).

  131. 131

    great list of useful tools, but as a web project manager, MS Project is still the only tool to manage a really complex job (admittedly I tend to do big complex projects). You need to get the manaul out, learn how to use it properly and plan the job to the last detail, but without that lies chaos.

  132. 132

    Very good information.
    Thanks a lot.

  133. 133

    @ Brandon

    thanks for your comment, we have created all the user accounts & all in santexq but if i can get where i can threaded discussions, client integration & gnatt chart, anything like that or should w go ahead with santexq? any feedback anyone? i can go for a paid solution too if i can get exactly what i want..

    thanks in advance

  134. 134

    How could you not mention ClockingIT ?

    Makes Basecamp feel like a kiddo

  135. 135

    Nice article, thanks.

    Cause we are not sure about the security and stability of those free servers, I think developing an small project management system is better. I’m now checking those free one’s to see that they have, so that our’s would be better ;)
    It may be an open source one…

  136. 136

    We use SharedPlan (http://www.sharedplan.com) for the planning and management of our projects. They are particularly strong in the planning phase which is something I find lacking from most other similar tools and without good planning the rest doesn’t much matter. They also have online tools as well as native tools for Mac and Windows.

    To each his/her own but SharedPlan works very well for us.

  137. 137

    There is a neat little time tracking software tool called Fanurio. I love it! You can try it for free too. You can just click to start, pause it, etc and you can do nifty reports. I use it to track the time I spend on client projects. Even though I only bill hourly for consulting projects, it helps me to see how much time I’m spending to make sure my rates are in line.

  138. 138

    Thanks for the list. I had just heard about another free option recently: ClockingIT

    It looks pretty great, and I’m curious if anyone has experience using it.

    At my previous job, we used dotProject, basecamp, projectpier, and fogbugz, and still weren’t totally pleased with any of these. Fogbugz was probably the best, but had the serious shortcoming of not being able to see what other team members were currently working on…

  139. 139

    Shocked that Cashboard isn’t included in this list!!! FAIL!

  140. 140

    You needed to include Wiggio, a free alternate to BaseCamp that is great. We are thinking of switching from basecamp to Wiggio at my company.

  141. 141

    I love Merlin’s project management app (think it’s for Mac only). The learning curve is very quick there.

  142. 142

    I’m surprised that FreshBooks.com was not included as well. You may also want to check out GoBootstrap.com for free web based accounting software. We are still in beta but will be rolling out 1.0 pretty soon.

  143. 143

    great! jira is very good!

  144. 144

    I’m using RationalPlan at office and I’m very pleased with it. I do not need web or collaboration and this tool is just what I need. That is real project management software.
    My experience with web based tools is that are more for collaboration and not project management in the real meaning. So it is well said “1. Basic Project Management Apps”. As about “2. Wiki-Based Project Management” there is no such thing. Folks come on… project management is not wiki style site presentation. You can use wiki for forums, some sort of collaboration methods but NOT project management.

  145. 145

    For scrum users, I recommend BananaScrum.

  146. 146
  147. 147

    Thank you very much for featuring CreativePro Office in your list of PM apps. We sincerely appreciate it!

  148. 148

    Thanks for the great list SM !

  149. 149

    I work for LiquidPlanner. We make project management software that’s online, easy to use, and best of all — helps you manage uncertainty. Free for teams of <4 people, also free for nonprofits/education.

  150. 150

    Parasoft’s GRS/Concerto is a really effective way of managing development projects. Provides long-term overview of project progress and the ability to drill down to specifics at a coding or developer level:


  151. 151

    Great list!

    A few others (FOSS):
    Drupal w/ modules – Spaces, Storm, or self-built on Organic Groups

  152. 152

    Well done, but i need a solution (time tracking and/or billing) that i can install on my own webserver. Does anybody knows such a tool?

  153. 153

    Check this out: epesiBIM – open source CRM with bugtracker, better than mantis

  154. 154

    i have used around 5 projectmanagement project. Basecamp is the best.Its really easy to easy for developer and new user(customer).

  155. 155

    I personally reccomend GatherSpace.com as a great requirements management tool for quick sharing and organization of requirements.

  156. 156

    any thoughts on simplypm & spiraplan? i have chcked the demos of almost all of the links mentioned & think these two can be killer self hosted sols? any exp with these ?

    thanks in advance

  157. 157

    after investing an entire week on finding the right sol i am going ahead with santexq, i think its the best sol for tracking time estimate vs. time taken, it should be good enough for next one year than i ll go for something like spiraplan, santexq is also free which is an added bonus, i would like to mention that 5pm looks great & with some more feature it should be good enough for sme segment who want to make work fun :-) the same goes for wrike it was fun checking out almost 50 tools thru the week. Bye for now!

  158. 158

    You did forget about FogBugz!

  159. 159

    We recently posted on the Dharmafly blog about our experiences with Basecamp. The post attracted a number of interesting comments about related project management tools:

  160. 160

    I still find that the best project management tool is a Pencil and Paper.

  161. 161

    Nice list.

    If you would like a tool to manage your small business activities and Projects, you can also use this web aplication:


    You can use it to manage and prioritize your Goals (for business but also in other areas of your life), Projects and Tasks. It has a Checklists section, for the routines and repetitive activities that any business has to do. Also, it features a Schedules section and a Calendar, for scheduling you time and activities.

    Some features from GTD are also present, like Contexts and Next Actions.

    And it’s available on the mobile phone too, so you can access it from anywhere.

  162. 162

    @Joshua Sortino:

    Not true. ProjectPier continued development of open source version of activeCollab, not the other way around. Here is quote from About ProjectPier page:

    ProjectPier was started as a fork of the now commercial activeCollab application.

  163. 163

    Great list, been searching for a good project management tool for my team for ages. Simpler the better. At the minute I just use OmniOutliner, but today I stumbled upon Actionthis . Anyone got any experience of this? Seems pricy though…

  164. 164

    My fave is wrike.com
    Tough I tried some of the ones you write about, including Basecamp. BTW, I found Basecamp pretty simplistic – it’s a great tool for a small project, but it won’t work if you have 10 or 15 of them.
    See for yourself :)

  165. 165

    My favorite is planzone.com!
    Don’t tell me about Basecamp, it’s awful!
    Emily, BTW, with Planzone you can use up to 50 projects, in a rather simple way.

  166. 166

    Great list with lots of great resources. One great time-tracking program we use at our office is Slimtimer.com – helps our project managers and production team stay in scope – and works on my Ipod Touch as well. Looking forward to checking out some of these great suggestions.

  167. 167

    I think visual planning rocks eg. you need to draw your plans instead of writing. Best way to draw your plan is by using gantt charts. Altought both gantt and PERT charts can be done using pen and paper, specialized software packages are more handy. 2 main problems with charts on paper are rescheduling and sharing your plans. Again, most of the software packages are too complex and hard to implement or too expensive. Well here’s one which doesn’t have too many bells and whistles and can be used free of charge – http://www.yutiti.com

  168. 168

    This is a really useful list, you should also consider Copper Project too

  169. 169

    Goplan is a great tool. I use it for managing my webprojects. Please mention it in further reviews.

  170. 170

    5pm (www.5pmweb.com) should be in that list for project management apps – a truly unique interface.

  171. 171

    We use Celoxis for our project management office since the last 5 years. I have used others in the past but if you are serious about project management then try it out. It’s not as cool looking as the others but it gets the job done! For some reason they are pretty low key. Maybe they let their product do the talking. Anyway, check it out.

  172. 172

    A good web based hosted Project Management software that suits my EPM needs is called valleyspeak project server, which I found at http://www.valleyspeak.com. One of the main reasons why I like the product is the fact that I can continue to work in Microsoft Project 2007 while sharing my Microsoft Project plans with my teams.

    Because it is a hosted service, I did not have to buy expensive software or deal with installation and maintenance headaches. The functionality that I have with valleyspeak to manage my geographically dispersed teams works well for me.

  173. 173

    Nice collection. But i recomend https://www.lumoflow.com.
    Which is very best management tool.

  174. 174

    i agree with Walter, ValleySpeak Project Server is the the most affordable and easy yo adopt too for sharing Microsoft projects on the web.

  175. 175

    There are a lot of good project management tools that have been listed, but the problem I have is we have an IIS6 server and most of the product require a Apache server running php5.

    Any good PM tools that you have found that will run locally on a IIS6 server running sql server?

  176. 176

    Am looking for something where you can track time for team members for different shifts.. any pointers…

  177. 177

    You can track time for members in projectplace. Projectplace is a web based project management and team collaboration software that you also can track time and many other things. You find projectplace at http://www.projectplace.com. It’s free for 1 to 3 persons.
    Good Luck!


  178. 178

    are there any related project management tools web apps out there which are catered to the logo design process/projects? I’m looking for a project management app that is less general and more specific to logo development where a client could log in comment on logo proofs and the designer/admin could upload a proof, have it send auto notification of ‘new proof’ to the client, and similar tasks. anyone have any suggestions? maybe there is one out there that would work better for such a thing than others?

  179. 179

    The premier on-line collaboration and project management tool is Qtask (www.qtask.com). All services for one price with unlimited projects, storage, etc.
    Happy with a Yugo, use Basecamp. Prefer a BMW, check out Qtask. The cool part is they cost about the same.

  180. 180

    Be sure to check out PlannigForce PM tool at http://www.planningforce.com/ …..

  181. 181


    We use SharedPlan too. I just spoke to someone there and they are working on import/export for Basecamp which should be a good addition and round out the lack of planning support in Basecamp.


  182. 182

    You have to check out http://www.manymoon.com its the only to online free web application that works with google apps

    Manymoon is a secure to do list and project management application for Google Apps! Manymoon is like Basecamp and Sharepoint for Google Docs.

    * Private and Shared To Do List (attach Google Docs)
    * Turn emails into tasks, receive daily reminders
    * Projects and milestones linked to Google Doc
    * Add tasks to google Calendar


  183. 183

    Great compilation of software applications. I’m keen to give Daylite (from Marketcircle) a go but will have to investigate the above ones a bit closer before I decide.
    Has anybody worked with Daylite yet and if so what do you

  184. 184

    Manymoon is a free web based project and task tracking tool which apart from having all the regular features which an online task management tool is expected to have, has a special feature – it allows you to easily attach your documents and sheets in your Google Docs account from within its interface. It also allows you to create private tasks, collaborate with co-workers, turn email into tasks and track the completion of projects.

    # Manage your private and shared tasks.
    # Simple tracking and completion of projects.
    # Find out what other people are working on.
    # Collaborate with co-workers, customers and partners.
    # Turn emails into tasks.
    # Attach Google Docs to tasks and projects.

    Its FACEBOOK for work . So simple to use

  185. 185

    Good list of applications but at work we use Freshbooks for our accounting which we have found fantastic and Teamwork Project Manager for our Project Management and team/client collaboration.

    We tried Basecamp but found it too limiting, especially the dates on tasks. The chat was cool but we use IM or Skyoe when we need to chat.


  186. 186

    What about solutions that can be installed on your own hosting server.
    We don’t really like placing our data on networks outside of the company, and getting around the monthly fees would be worth it.
    There is activeCollab, anything else in the same league?

  187. 187

    Fixx is a an excellent self-hosted bug and issue tracker which is very simple to use. It’s completely free for one user. It can be downloaded here

  188. 188

    I am a fan of Google Notebook (found at notebook.google.com) It is free, really straightforward and simple, and you can choose to share notebooks with others to coolaborate, or export your notebook to html or to google docs. Typical google apps style, the design is very low on the graphical elements, high on usability.
    Probably the best use of notebook is as a personal organizer – not really strong enough for big collaborative projects. But that is all I need, really.

  189. 189

    Thanks for the list!

    To t.gee. above, check the below, they offer in-house solution (on your own hosting server)

    Check this out: http://www.projectoffice.net/Trial.aspx , it is at the same time, project,cost and issue tracking tool, time and task management tool, Wiki collaboration etc. They give 30 days free trial…

  190. 190

    A good hosted Project Management software that suits my EPM needs is called valleyspeak project server, which I found at http://www.valleyspeak.com. One of the main reasons why I like the software is the fact that I could continue to work in Microsoft Project 2007 while sharing my Microsoft Project plans with my teams.

    Because it is a hosted service, I did not have to buy expensive software or deal with installation and maintenance headaches. The functionality that I have with valleyspeak to manage my geographically dispersed teams works well for me. We also evaluated Basecamp and some other solutions but were not impressed.

  191. 191

    thankssssssssssssssss………….. :-)

  192. 192

    +1 vote for Redmine
    Quite simple, configurable and useful.

    In previous companies I’ve worked with MS Project Server 2003/2007, NetOffice, Bugzilla, Borland StarTeam, Mantis, Lotus Notes/Domino based in-house solutions.
    Now I use Redmine and I like it since it satisfy most of my requirements for issues management. For sure there is a huge area for improvements but rough overview of solution listed in this article shows that Redmine could beat them in issue management area, IMHO.

  193. 193

    Thanks. Its a great job. I am very fresh in project management site. So I want to know basic or primary level tips and tricks to run a project successfully. How can I get help to know initial tools and techniques about project management? Thanks again.

  194. 194

    We use CurrentTrack as our traffic management system & LOVE IT! I’m not really too sure how we could function without it. We are a 23 person agency & it works great for us & keeps everyone on task & in the loop of what is going on & when it needs to be done. It’s web based which is nice when we are working from home or remotely from shoot, etc…
    LINK: http://developware.com/

  195. 195

    For simple time tracking, don’t pass the chance to try out bubbletime! Dead simple. http://bubbletimer.com/

  196. 196

    We use santexq and it’s a pretty good online project management tool solution. i have found that many online tools have a lot of features that we don’t need/use and since santexq has a focus on task management it fits us really well. we’re a small team of 6.

  197. 197

    Andrew Macdonald

    March 31, 2009 7:35 am

    Thanks for the useful reviews.

  198. 198

    Andrew Macdonald

    March 31, 2009 8:40 am

    Also, for those interested in other software lists and product reviews, see the Project Management Software Meta-Directory at Project Management Software Meta-Directory (note: also includes to-do list and GTD software, and online and desktop categories).

  199. 199

    Good Project Tracking Tool with interesting reports and robust integration with Microsoft Office. .
    This tool is also has A robust, adapter-based bidirectional integration backbone, that allows ClearVu to tightly integrate with phase-specific tools as well as traditional cross-life cycle management tools

  200. 200

    Wow, that’s a pretty extensive round-up, thanks for that!

    Just a quick update on the comments by masone (109) and Phil (136): the time tracking tool »mite« that just launched an English version this week. We’ve been working on the German version for two years now – and would be extremely happy to get some feedback from English speaking users.


  201. 201

    Just pooped in my pants after reading this. Thanks much!

  202. 202

    Maciej – Thanks for recommending ProjectPeir…I just downloaded it and have it all set up on my server and it seems very robust and intuitive!

    Thanks again

  203. 203

    For me InTask personal is the best project management tool (www.intaskpro.com). I use it for 10’s of projects and hundreds of tasks and it works fast like charm with reports, gantt, filters etc – try it.

  204. 204

    @Ilija Studen

    That may be true, but nobody knew the hard work they were putting into ActiveCollab was going to be sold when they started charging users by going commercial.

  205. 205

    This was very useful Cameron ! Thanks

    Should also check out “Mingle” .. Its been very useful for my management …. http://www.thoughtworks.com/mingle

  206. 206

    Uuugh.. If someone would compile all these recommendations from comments into 1 list we would have “1001 useful project management tools”. I will throw in http://www.yutiti.com as a really simple resource planning app with interactive gantt charts.

  207. 207

    You may also want to check out Orchestrate Link for a free location based task scheduler.

  208. 208

    Just don´t understand, why there isn´t Google services, wich is free and well for someone. And only one pay-free solution? Com´on! What about this: http://www.simpleinvoices.org/ and it is just one example, there is many more!

  209. 209

    I´ve tried Creative pro Office and it´s very impressive, but… completly unsecure!
    Do not recommend if you don´t want someone else accessing your data.

  210. 210
  211. 211

    Open Proj is nice at http://openproj.org/. It is open source and runs on mac, windows, or linux.

  212. 212

    I second OpenGoo — I’ve been using it for time tracking, project management, issue tracking (it’s not built for that, but it’s pretty versatile), and it’s just fantastic.

  213. 213

    Shahriat Hossain

    June 18, 2009 7:57 pm

    Nice list of project management tools, thanks for sharing this post.

  214. 214

    We are looking for something with the following features and so far are working with Creative Pro Office:
    1. Free (if possible)
    2. Web-based
    3. Time tracking (timer and editable)
    4. Invoicing

    It would be nice to have something that integrated more with Google.

  215. 215

    For developers – Don’t forget Unfuddle.com, Assembla.com and the new CodeBaseHQ.com for for Issues/PM/Code.

  216. 216

    We love LiveProject. It’s not online, but it has both support for MS Project and for Bugzilla, which is a double whammy for anyone working on both tools. Plus of course, loaded with functionality!

  217. 217

    We use ZCOPE (http://www.getzcope.com) since the very beginning with all our customers and partners. It’s really easy to work with, doesn’t force you to use a certain method and puts an end to the email chaos through its project blog.

  218. 218

    HyperOffice should have made the cut.

  219. 219

    Zen (http://agilezen.com) is a project management tool that just launched. It enhances visibility of project information by organizing tasks on a kanban board rather than a series of lists and it tracks performance. You should definitely check it out.

  220. 220

    I prefer Qtask for it’s focus on accountability. Unfortunately, I don’t have the bandwidth to properly manage, nor the resources to hire a full time manager, so I rely on the software to give me a view into current progress and where we have pending fires.

  221. 221

    Thanks you,
    This is a really great list.

  222. 222
  223. 223

    I needed a project management system for a class with a gantt chart, I found clocking it, it’s hosted on their website, everything’s free, no paid accounts, I’m really happy with it. Spent a lot of time searching and it’s pretty close to everything I need.

  224. 224

    I just recently ran across this resource and have added it to my list of good PM resources. May I contribute another resource to your list? Code Roller is a free, community oriented web site that focuses on the management of all deliverables throughout the entire life cycle of a software development project. Features are tracked and analyzed as they flow through requirements, uses cases, designs, test plans, and defects. Traditional and SCRUM oriented task management is also provided with a focus on the coding phase. Requirements management, release management, change management, and document management is combined with crowd-sourcing and social networking. There is also a big focus on education with lots of online help including tutorial videos.

  225. 225

    I can swear by the tool that we are currently using – Celoxis. It is one of the best. I and my team evaluated over 30 tools over a period of two months and we chose Celoxis. And it has lived up to our expectations. MS project sync is great. One feature that I really like is the ability to save gantt chart as an image. This way I can incorporate them in my reports to my clients and upper management and they are impressed.

  226. 226

    Check out Celoxis project management tool. I and my team evaluated over 30 solutions over a period of 3 months and the winner was obvious. We have been using it for over a year now and are now addicted. I love it, my team loves it and my boss loves it… and their support is amazing!

  227. 227

    One thing is True…no gool tool with various features available at fre of cost!!!
    But…when compared to rich set of features….
    I believe ‘Digite’ is still the best tool……

    You can try:

  228. 228

    mysterious monkey

    September 4, 2009 3:42 am

    not helpful

  229. 229

    quite interesting..u can check more project managment tools at my website

  230. 230


    Just stumbled upon this list of project management tools..Nice impressive one. Each category lists different tools based on user requirements.

    Recently checked out new Zoho Projects 2.0 after a reading a review from Small Biz Trends via twitter which has features like task management, time tracking, gantt chart, collaboration – wiki, group chat, forum discussions, twitter like status updates in dashboard all in one tool.

  231. 231

    I used to use Trac and Pbwiki at first, but changed to Basecamp recently because Trac and Pbwiki doesn’t support schedule management.

    But now, I am facing another problem. Basecamp’s document edit function is sort of outdated and doesn’t even support rich-text edit, making me frustrated whenever I need it desperately.

    I’m considering changing to Ubidesk. Its document and task management system is pretty neat. What I like the most about Ubidesk is that you can make a link between tasks and documents.

  232. 232

    Dude c’mon. Where is the FogBugz??

  233. 233

    Sage Software has recently launched a free online invoicng tool for freelancers and small businesses at http://www.billingboss.com. Billing Boss is focused of keeping invoicing simple – so simple that you can get set up and send your first invoice in just a couple minutes.

    Please note: With the goal of full disclosure, I work at Sage. Feel free to contact me if you have any feedback about Billing Boss.

  234. 234

    A lot of posts here are plain fake…

    Anyway, we use Celoxis (www.celoxis.com) and are quite happy with it. We wanted to go with attask but the price was much higher. But looking back we are happy we chose celoxis. Saved us $$ and has wonderful features that we didn’t know about when we purchased the software. Their marketing is poor. Anyone else running their would have made them number 1 by now. Maybe they just focus on the product. Their support is great though.

  235. 235


  236. 236

    Nice review of tools.
    I have been using ProjectTrack 2007 (http://www.ilore.com) for a couple of years. It is not web based, but after trying several project management tools, it is the one I like the best. I usually manage 4 or 5 projects at the same time and ProjectTrack allows me to not only track tasks, but also issues, milestones, documents, risks, changes, etc.

  237. 237

    Might want to also check out ProjectSpaces as the simplest project management tool out there!

  238. 238
  239. 239

    Fantastic List! I would like to add another task management and Collaboration suite for teams called Taroby http://www.taroby.com which actually has helped me manage information overload quite efficiently.

  240. 240

    Would really appreciate you guys checking out my app called Project Bubble – http://www.projectbubble.com – it’s been made to be really fun and easy-to-use, plus is free. Let me know what you think.

  241. 241

    Thank you for a clear and simple list. Good work, i will share.

  242. 242

    Robert Harnischmacher

    November 28, 2009 6:13 am

    The list of tools for “Collaboration and Conferencing” (No. 4) looks a little bit like a random selection – considering that there are dozens of comparable web conferencing solutions out there. For a more comprehensive, vendor-independent market overview of web conferencing tools incl. feature lists and ratings I would suggest to take a look at http://www.webconferencing-test.com The website currently features two dozen online meeting solutions.

  243. 243

    I use taroby.org for managinging my work related mail. It helps to manage the mails between my team.

  244. 244

    Good article! I’m using the “timr” time-tracking and logbook software for my company with23 employees and I love the mobile application for blackberry. Check it out @ http://www.timr.com

  245. 245

    Cameron ,
    Have you seen wrike.com project management? We’ve been using it for over 6 months now and we’re very happy we found it. Here’s the main winning points:
    – email integration
    -Gantt charts with drag and drop support
    -all the projects are in one workspace

  246. 246

    Hello, pls check …

    The Marathon List of Project Management & Collaboration Tools


  247. 247

    NoKahuna is a great project management tool and some of the others that you mention are OK, but software just isn’t the answer to the kinds of project management problems that crop up regularly in web development. One of the most important things that you can do to control web development projects is to not take on the kinds of projects that you know will lose money – as I discuss here http://www.agile-lab.co.uk/2009/12/3-reasons-not-to-do-web-development.html

    The second thing is to get a tight handle on the three main causes of delays in web development projects – as I discuss here: http://www.agile-lab.co.uk/2009/12/this-is-really-funny-but.html

  248. 248

    We are sharing project plans online with our customers using http://www.calendar24.net, it’s free.

  249. 249

    FREE and Open Source:

    http://www.projectpier.org/ (activecollab based on this?)



    ActiveCollab, and LightHouse:GUI wise look good but I want it on my own server and Open Source (FREE)

    Any others with a great GUI?

  250. 250

    I like to know where I can find Creative’s Files Mangement Free Applicaiton so that I can share with my clients to comments on the creative we shared, and also do versioning of the art works.

  251. 251

    Cool guys ..

    keep posting

  252. 252

    I think the list is solid but your missing one app.. Collabtive. This is an excellent Open Source project manager. Have you reviewed this app before?

    Also, I love SmashingMagazine! Keep up the awesome writing!


    • 253

      I agree. Cameron’s list is solid as well as awesome. The research on pricing is very helpful for feature comparisons! 2-plan Team, a fork of Collabtive seems to work wonders too for creative types in university research. I’m using Cameron’s list for apples-to-apples comparisons on my project software shopping.

      I love SmashingMagazine as well. It’s so fun and cool!

  253. 254

    Great List! Wanted to add one more for consideration – OnePlace. It’s a small business organization solution utilizing project management and team collaboration features. http://www.oneplacehome.com Keep the great content coming, Smashing Magazine! We love reading it every day.

  254. 255

    Designers and developers should also check out a project management tool called Intervals. It is especially well-suited for those who want to manage several aspects of their freelance or agency business in one place. Tell ‘em John sent ya.

    • 256

      Good call John, that is one that comes up fairly often. Do you know if it has any benefits over Liquid Planner? Our company currently uses the software at http://www.liquidplanner.com which is unique because it is the only software i know of that does a good job of accounting for uncertainty.

  255. 257

    Well these are really nice tools to use,while using it i found that these tools are really simple along with the help of web.
    By the way it’s free.

  256. 258

    Exclusive Tutorials

    March 25, 2010 11:14 pm

    this is very helpful. Many thanks

  257. 259

    Great article. Looks like there are plenty of useful web based project management tools to choose from. To add to the list, SantexQ is perfect for task and time management and even includes a punch clock for hourly employees. Check it out at http://www.santexq.com

    Thanks Smashing Mag for sharing!

    The SantexQ Team

  258. 260

    This is a really great post, and has some awesome insights. At ProjectSpaces (projectspaces.com), we believe strongly in fighting against the con you list — “These project management apps are here to save you time, but they can also be very time-consuming and not intuitive.” We have strived for simplicity over some of the flashy features of the other tools, while making sure to still include everything you need. Check us out and sign up for a free trial today. We’d love to hear from you.

  259. 261

    Peter Kingsbury

    May 1, 2010 9:42 am

    I’m surprised http://www.dotproject.net/ didn’t make the cut.

  260. 262

    Awesome post – thanks! I’m definitely going to try basecamp for project management. I use http://sendinvoice.co.uk for invoicing, http://uservoice.com for feedback, and http://xero.com for accounting!

  261. 263

    Christian Amauger

    May 28, 2010 8:44 am

    Very useful article and collection of tools – thanks!

  262. 264

    Good summary of tools out there. Another one for your list http://www.iplanware.com (deals with project portfolio management, resource planning, capacity planning) in addition to project management.

    We have been using it for a couple of years now on our PMO (project management office) and found it very quick to implement and rollout. Looked at a couple of other vendords but nothing came close on price / functionality.

  263. 265

    Hey there

    Great write up & good angle taken to do so!

    Missing from the list & having converted from Basecamp ouorselves, an alternative I would recommend is http://www.copperproject.com. They have an unreal UI and great customer service to boot!

    Happy Hunting :)

  264. 267

    Great tools!!!

    Does any one know of any free tools that I am able to hold in-depth client information such as ftp, database details and passwords etc ?

  265. 268

    Thanks for this helpful overview.

    You may also want to check out ProjectsCenter at projectscenter.com.


  266. 269

    There are a ton of good tools … I would add our application – ProjectGoo – which integrates Microsoft Project with the Google Cloud. This application is completely free and has been well-reviewed by Microsoft, CIO.com, NetworkWorld, etc.

    The best thing about this tool is the ability to manage a portfolio of projects with a globally distributed team using familiar tools. I would highly recommend taking a look at the application and hopefully you’ll enjoy the tool as much as the rest of our user community.

    • 270

      Hi Vivien,
      I need some information about the application u have stated above, can u please send me your email Id.

  267. 271

    Thanks for the list of tools! I suggest one that can help you: Doolphy. We’re using after trying several and it’s going very well with it. Check it out at http://www.doolphy.com

  268. 272

    I’ve used basecamp, which has been pretty useful though can get messy if people aren’t using it properly (figures).

  269. 273

    We are using VisionProject (http://www.visionproject.se). The benefit for us is that the system includes Project Management, Issue Tracking, HelpDesk and Document Management in the same system. This is really good since we use a lot of this information for deciding on how to proceed with products, etc.

  270. 274

    There’s so many great tools out there. It’s about personal preference as well. Unless you find that tool that just does it all.
    Try a free trial of http://projectmanager.com. Everyone we’ve recommended it to seems to think the same. Great easy to use tool for everyone.

  271. 275

    Good list! The tool which I use is DeskAway (http://www.deskaway.com). It has got the excellent project features like automatic email reminders, project templates, calendar, blog, reporting/analytics, full export/backup. This really makes tasks easy & simple.

  272. 276

    The company that I previously worked for used Jira. The tool was pretty much helpful.
    My current employer has recently adopted Wrike for project management. I totally love the app, it’s available in Spanish. My favorite feature is the email integration, so getting all the data into the system is so so easy.

  273. 277

    I would add 5pm to the top of the project management apps list: http://www.5pmweb.com.

    Comes with a great interface, Timeline view, mobile version, desktop time tracking, etc.

    Very easy to adopt.

  274. 278

    Smaller problems need smaller solutions – Here you can find a nice set of tools at low cost:


  275. 279

    I heard about Projecturf (www.projecturf.com) from a co-worker and it has become a very useful tool for our team and integrates well with client projects.

  276. 280

    I recommend iManageProject.

    It’s in basecamp style, but more affordable.

  277. 281


    These are a great list of tools. But, I used Zoho Projects recently for my work. Basically, I work internationally with clients all over the place and the local office is in a non-native English speaking country. The staff are good at their jobs, but their jobs aren’t technical, so we had to make it a low-technical-hurdle solution. We just needed a good and a affordable Project Management app that had good email notifications, integrated with Google Docs, has a clear system for assigning and completing tasks with a collaborative dashboard.

    Zoho Projects really fits the bill for that. And now with the new Bug Tracker it is easy to track issues – all from a single place. They’re pretty on the ball with answering questions.

    Give it a Try http://zoho.com/projects/index.html

  278. 282

    Great article gosh there are so many available now!

    I switched from Basecamp to Dooster. It’s working really well for my business and I highly recommend it as an online PM tool. http://www.dooster.net

  279. 283

    Thanks Camilla for flagging Dooster. I had a look as it’s not a name I was familiar with and have to say I was really impressed. Recommend everyone check it out.

  280. 284

    yea… i also use workforcetrack.
    i like the fact that it is all-in-one…
    they have pm, crm, mass mailing tool, invoicing and client interaction, online store in one solution.

  281. 285

    Thanks for the article. It’s a great starting point for these types of apps. I’ve been working on these types of apps for years and my favorite is Listi.net. I hate Jira.

  282. 286

    Great list, even two years today. I have to add another suggestion for time tracking/management that i didn’t see up there: Klok . It’s built on Adobe Air, intuitively designed, looks great, and has awesome functionality. (It even has a feature to allow printing of time sheets for hours logged–for all you freelancers out there.

  283. 287

    You made some clear points there. I did a search on the subject and found most individuals will consent with your blog.

  284. 288


    for basic project management:

    Know whats going on in your projects using efficient collaboration tools. watch this video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQMViAHsbjM

    Best regards

  285. 289

    Or even better I-lign
    http://ilign.com/ does everything above and more in one package !

  286. 290

    For Time Tracking SaaS service, try Worksnaps. While tracking time, it also automatically captures the work evidences (such as screenshots, mouse/keyboard activities, sequence of active applications etc). Therefore, you can show your clients/customers/manager the proof of work. It facilitates better time tracking, more accurate billing and higher productivity. It is a good tool for freelancers alike.

  287. 291

    I’m not sure why WORKetc isn’t on this list, it totally rocks and can do more than a lot of apps listed here, for less…

    It combines aspects of CRM, PM, Billing, and help desk so users can manage basically their entire business in one application – which has numerous benefits to project management specifically (associate invoices, contacts, to-dos, reminders, calendar events, timesheets, tasks, products, and other stuff with projects for quick reference).

  288. 292

    Great article, Cameron! There are so many applications out there and it seems to be really hard to find such a comprehensive review of a select few.

    There’s another piece of software, IRIS PROJECTminder, which might be one to add to the list! If you google “Project Management Software“, you can get a good idea of the more popular software titles, and although IRIS is not very high on the list, I’m sure it would be worth a look. Maybe you could include it in a future review?

  289. 293

    Thank you Cameron!

    A very good list! I am involved into offshore software development. We tried several tools mentioned by you, but they did not let to get clear cross-projects cross-customers view, which is really important if you must balance of your recourses in projects that run in parallel. We got this feature in LetsPlanIT-Web tool – http://www.letsplanit.org. It free of charge and really straight forward for spread teams and projects.

  290. 294

    Great post, thanks very much. Smashing rulez.

  291. 295

    This is a great list, but I just wanted to throw Mavenlink out there as well. They weren’t around when this list was created, but they have project management, plus time tracking, invoicing, payment options, and custom branding on top. Not too shabby.

  292. 296

    List is good but I am looking for a collaboration tool which handles multiple projects. Someone tells about ProofHub, anybody know please let me know.

  293. 297

    This is a very solid list of applications. I think another great addition would be Freedcamp.com which offers completely free project management with all the features these applications offer :) it’s pretty slick.

  294. 298

    Adding to the list http://vkolab.com

  295. 299

    Excellent resource. dooWikis.com offers another good free wiki service that can be used to track projects. What’s also nice is that dooWikis can be embedded into your own site without any third-party branding or advertising and without redirecting users to to a separate wiki site.

  296. 300

    Another cool app that I jerry-rigged to take my data on spreadsheets and send to task owners (yes, I still use excel to manage some projects) is something called one click commissions (www.oneclickcommissions.com). It’s designed for sales or payroll folks but works well for updating a dispersed team on their deliverables. I think it may also work with google spreadsheets but don’t quote me on that.

  297. 301

    Lesja Gontschar

    April 4, 2011 11:54 pm

    Every new project management tools must have integration with google apps, I guess. You can check workforcetrack . If you’re spreading information by means of GoogleDocs then it would be easy to post it so that your collaborators can see.

  298. 302

    Jayant Upadhyay

    April 9, 2011 1:41 am

    Hi All!..have a look at Contrich.com

    It is an issue tracker for marketing content writers with features like inline content editing, content review, content verification and many more built into it and can prove to be an effective content collaboration tool for the teams in a web project.

  299. 303

    Good job. Thank for your sharing!

  300. 304

    hi everybody
    the microsoft project 2010 is also very effective

    • 305

      Hi shagufta khan,

      As you said Microsoft project software is more useful and very effective in industries for scheduling and planning. i want to know more about Earned value Analysis by using Ms Project, can you please guide me how to do EVA and give me your Email id for further contact.

    • 306

      Sometimes Microsoft Project is too powerful for certain users that do not need all those features. For these users RationalPlan might be a more suitable solution:

  301. 307

    Adding to this list – Denote! http://www.denoteapp.com – for collaborating with teams on website development projects.

    • 308

      Bruce Marjoribanks

      June 6, 2013 2:09 am

      I think most of these tools are essentially task list organisers. They are fine if you have one project with one or two people in your team. You need a bit ore more in real world project management scenarios.

      We use http://www.projectmanager.com

      It allows us to track multiple projects via a PM dashboard and manage tasks via a gantt chart.

    • 309

      I use something different. It’s not about tasks, it is a project tracking tool based on budget, hour rates and time tracking. Maybe ideal for freelancers.

      Try http://www.budgetic.com


  302. 310

    Hi everybody

    We use WorkForceTrack because it includes such business tools as Project Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Management System, Accouting, Payroll and many others that are useful for our business. Another reason of using this system is its affordable price (especially for small and mid-sized organization) and well-organized Customer Support Service

  303. 311

    Just stumbled upon this extensive list of free project management software: http://www.vivalogo.com/vl-resources/free-project-management-software-systems.htm

  304. 312

    I’d like to suggest another useful project management tool, that is Project Bubble. It has Time Tracking and Invoicing as well which is quite rare in this field. The company is about 2 years old now and gaining lots of popularity particularly with Freelancers: http://projectbubble.com

  305. 313

    wow its fantastic , thanks miss

  306. 314

    Good article and thanks for sending us on our way
    we tried a few of the tools mentioned above after having used basecamp. We found dooster.net to be the best. Frankly it is awesome. It has all the features we need to run our business. The great thing is it is so simple to get any new person (ie client or team) started on it.

    They have much better features and ideas about what’s needed than basecamp but are so much cheaper. Hope that helps

  307. 315

    Hi, enjoyed reading through other solutions which I’m more interested now that we’ve been using Dooster for a couple of months. So much less mess (post-its etc) mainly because we just seem to be getting things done more than organising what’s to be done. We’ll definitely be sticking with Dooster.net too but it’s good to know what else is out there.

  308. 316

    Workgroups 2011 is another useful project management suite. It includes modules for digital asset management, online proofing and job management. The online proofing module has a free version. Here’s the link: metacommunications.com/products/.

  309. 317

    May I suggest eTaskMan. It is ok too. No charge. No complex. Easy handle with tag function. No switching projects (everything needed is in 1 page)

  310. 318

    I find this post very useful. Thanks!!!
    I agree with Peter Kingsbury that you should take a look at dotProject. It is opensource and is continuously improving.
    The interface is not that easy as some other tools you have mentioned but i think this might be due to its multiple modules.

  311. 319

    Most of these solutions seem to be for small teams. What about workflow tools for catalogs and large-scale projects with multiple deadlines? I know Virtual Ticket is one, I’ve also been looking into Workgroups 2011. Are there others?

  312. 320

    Indeed! These stuff are useful! Thanks for the information guys..

  313. 321

    hi cameron, may i add another (open source) project management system to the list: todoyu – http://www.todoyu.com/

  314. 322

    Thank you for the great article

  315. 323

    I’m using a free online project management system http://projects-manager.com

  316. 324

    We have been using Dooster.net and we looked at a few packages before the owners made their decision. The ones I recognise from the list are Basecamp and Active Colab otherwise it was 5pm, Zoho and a couple of others. Dooster’s pretty god.

  317. 325

    We have been using Dooster for a while now (beginning of the year) but before the owners made their decision we looked at some other softwares two of which I recognise from your list are Basecamp and ActivCollab and the ones I remember otherwise among the others are 5pm and Zoho. Dooster’s pretty good.

  318. 326

    I really like this list of tools for project management. I’m developing PM products that integrate with Google Sites and Google Docs. If you are looking for a collaborative PM solution that comes fully integrated with project management process and templates and is deployed as a team site template, look here for more info: http://blog.mypmbot.com, or follow @mypmbot on twitter.

  319. 327

    Andy and Jared seem right on. I’ve also worked with Workgroups for years and have witnessed first hand the benefits it can provide for a company. My old job turned around the design/production much faster and with fewer hiccups as soon as we started implementing their system. http://www.metacommunications.com/products/workgroups

  320. 328

    I’ve been using ProjectFramework, a tool capable of creating 50+ IT Project Deliverables automatically: just need to fulfill straightforward forms and voilà, your documents are created out of the box, in Word or Excel, to be handed directly to the Customer.
    Have a look at projectframework.com

  321. 329

    Great! Bingo! I was thinking of how to find a suitable proj mgmt software. there r only 2 listed on apple store and all pay w no free option or free trial. TQ

  322. 330

    We got Dooster recently which was a totally new thing for me as I have never used collaboration software before. My boss had really wanted to get Basecamp but really more for a quality mark, we’re not that big yet and he couldn’t resist the saving. We looked at a couple of packages and settled on Dooster which I like.

  323. 331

    We use Manitoo from ADIOSCLOUD.com. It’s easy to use and powerful when it comes to managing customers/projects/tasks. Comes also with smart invoicing and integrated chat.

  324. 332

    Hi guys,
    this is a really well done article with a lot of interesting information. I’ve made a complete research for my company and at the end we will go with Teamwork.
    It is a tools with many interesting feature. We have decided to use this because it has a well done mobile application and a great dashboard management(that was really important for us because we have different figures in our company). Teamwork share also free task pages that we use to communicate with our customers without creating users for them in the application.
    Hope this helps somebody!

  325. 334

    Great List.
    Could be completed with :
    => Bug Tracking : Mantis BT
    And new Catagory “Fully integrated” :
    => Smartsheet
    => ]Open[Project
    => Project’Or RIA

  326. 335

    Great article full of useful applications. Thanks a lot.

    By the way, we use TeamLab – free collaboration platform – http://www.teamlab.com

  327. 336

    This is a great article to find, and also comforting on my quest in understanding how web designers and agencies manage their clients/projects. I set out a couple months ago to develop a specialized project management system for web design – and have had a lot of feedback.

    I have been dying to get some smashing magazine followers opinions (as they are the best) – so if any of you could take the time to fill out this quick wufoo survey (its painless) or leave your opinion on if you would find this useful I’d really appreciate it.


  328. 337

    All of these 15 project management tools are great. I would also tell you a 16th project management tool which you all may consider. Its teamworklive.com/ which is a web-based online project management software and collaboration tool for managing internal and client projects.

  329. 338

    They all look great but we build pipe lines so a project tool to manage the progress AND the financial progress is what I am looking for. it must have the capacity for you to define multiple actions on one section and then pull those costs in and report it against the budgeted figures.

    Wha twould the best tool be for this. MS cannot do it. Excell can do it but it is one hell of a sheet that I have to create


  330. 339

    Hi Cameron,

    Great post! We have been using BaseCamp for most of our graphic and web design projects. Absolutely amazing!

  331. 340

    Cool useful list, Thanks!

  332. 341

    Richard Smallwood

    November 1, 2011 4:49 pm

    I would like to add our system to the list: http://www.hotproject.com

    We think that Google Docs integration is really important too – and are working on a set of features to support this over the coming months.

    Hot Project provides an integrated approach to:
    – Task Management
    – Document Management
    – Online Creative Review and Approvals
    – Project Management reporting

    Check us out, the system is free for up to 5 users.

  333. 342

    Great post, I guess you should review MangoApps (www.mangospring.com) as well, its a powerful software which works on any mobile platform with options of in-house, on premise or private cloud implementation. MangoApps has all the components of Project, Task, Idea, Events & Performance Management. One of the best enterprise social network allowing both internal & external collaboration which guarantees e-mail reduction upto 80% or more…

  334. 343

    Nice post. Big miss is Zoho Projects and their suite of products in general. Their Projects app is full-featured and even includes advanced bug tracking and integration with GitHub. The recently revamped their GUI and now it’s also much more user-friendly. It’s easily configurable and in my opinion much better than Basecamp. Basecamp is better at marketing though.

  335. 344

    Great list. Amazing tool for project management and collaboration. What’s really cool is the ability to create and customize your own apps…honestly unlike any other tool out there. Check it out! Highly highly highly recommend it!!

  336. 345

    It really depends on what you want to do; whether you are tracking a simple to-do list or managing complex project portfolios. We have used Basecamp before but soon outgrew it. We now use Celoxis and are quite happy with their features and their price.

  337. 346


    December 6, 2011 9:22 am

    This ‘ll be very useful to students like us.coz this provides a broad knowledge abt pm softwears

  338. 347

    Thank you dear Cameron Chapman for this article,
    It looks like all these products are web-based and browser-driven. That’s ok nowadays, as many people prefer a more mobile style of life, with freelancing, working from their homes to economize office space, etc. That’s great, but we are a small office-based team, and we have our own LAN between our workstations, and we don’t travel a lot, so using on-line applications seems not so good idea for us – we tried a couple of web-based applications (do not want to make bad advertising for them) and we usually suffered from extremely low performance, especially during some peak hours. In other cases their pages stayed just inaccessible for minutes or even hours. We currently try some desktop-based installable products as they show much better performance and security. I think you should make a review of desktop applications as well (thanks in advance!). As an example of tools that we currently try I can name VIP Task Manager ( http://www.taskmanagementsoft.com/ ) – it has quite interesting task-oriented functionality and it works inside of our LAN (also it doesn’t require any recurring subscriptions), and we are looking forward for more reviews! :) thanks

  339. 348

    You should try arcilook.com. They have project management and amazing co-sketch tool. You can draw online on the same time with two and more collaborators and clients.

  340. 349

    Nice list. You should also check out Worksection.com.

    Features: task management,calendar,delimited access control,Gantt charting,activity, custom FTP,tagging,notifications,exportable reports,time tracking,mobile version,customizable interface,dual-language account mode

    Also there is free plan and very friendly prices in paid plans.

  341. 350

    Nice article. But re this: “Basecamp is often considered to be the best project management and collaboration platform out there.”

    Really? and reasonably priced. Hmm I’d say it’s the best known – because it’s one of the oldest and they had a slick web 2.0 approach. But no way is it the best. In fact its really quite limited and their attitude to customers left a lot to be desired. (They took their long standing forum down a few months ago around the time we left. It was riddled with examples of bad atitude). and their pricing is just a joke.

    So guys please dont plug basecamp so much.There are many many better solutions out there. I’m fed up with people recommending it to us. We’ve been there done that and moved on to much better tools (Google Apps with Dooster for tasks/tickets / billing and Freshbooks for invoicing if you’re interested)

  342. 351

    Great article Cameron! At work we use Trac Project to keep track of all our bugs and a mean to manage our codes. I highly recommend it and the best thing it’s free.

    We also use it in conjunction with Vertabase (vertabase.com) to manage all of our projects, time entries and client billing. The 2 software provide our company with a complete project management solution because like a few others here, we have used Basecamp at the beginning but soon out grew its limited functionality.

  343. 352

    Dear all,
    I used to see Google have Web Base Project Management but I can’t find it now. Everyone call tell me the URL of Google web base project management?

    Thank you.

  344. 353

    Yodiz is a service to manage your Agile scrum, issue tracking, group discussions and coding at a single place. It is most fun and engaging way to work in teams.

  345. 354

    I agree with Danny, there are so many new PM tools now. We have actually texted two: Projecturf and GroupCamp Project groupcamp.com/online-project-management-software
    The first one for the way the UI allows you to handle a large number of projects and GroupCamp Project for the time tracking and the Google Apps integration.

  346. 355

    I also agree with Danny and Abby. Basecamp is no longer the best Project Management tool ever, actually there are a lot of tools out there so it is difficult to say that one of them is the best.

    I would like to recommend TransparentBusiness . I have been using this tool for some time and I am really really happy with it. One of the nice things of it, is that it integrates different facets of the Project Management process: basic project management, time tracking, wiki, collaboration/discussion, etc. It is also cloud-based and free for teams of up to 5 users (after that it costs about $300/year per extra member).

    It also can be used to manage large teams and projects, since it make it very easy to create projects with phases, tasks, sub-tasks, etc. and view all of it as a Gantt Diagram. Furthermore, the Gantt Diagram is updated in real-time to show the overall progress of a project, so it is very easy to see how a project is going, even if it is a large one. Team members can be further controlled using its time tracking feature, that will take screenshots of a workers screen at regular time intervals while he is working, so that the project manager can easily review the work that has been done.

    So, I would really recommend it, since it is the best of all the tools that I have tried and it has many benefits over them.

  347. 356

    Great roundup Cameron. I’ve used tools like this for 20 years — long before they even arrived on the web — and for me the biggest hurdle has been getting staff to consistently use them. It’s no wonder. They’re all about tasks and treat people as machines you feed task lists to.

    I found something that takes a different approach. It puts people first and addresses issues like creating supportive teams, developing my skills and finding challenging and fulfilling work. IMO, if you have that, the task part is easy. Check it here: propstoyou.com

  348. 357

    Thanks for these professional applications!

    I recommend a business application “Beesy” for note taking/ToDo/Project management.
    I often use my iPad at work especially for meetings. I used as note taking EverNote and then Awesome Note for a long time and their ability to sync but both had a disadvantage ; the lack of features to accommodate tasks, to-do and make monitoring.

    So I was seeking an alternative application to save time for my meeting. I have almost tested all the apps on Notes/ ToDo on the APPstore and I must admit I am still surprised they do not fit with a pro use. A month ago, I discovered Beesy, an note taking and management app ToDo which include taking notes with a business way. Until now I’m really satisfied by Beesy. It’s really efficient and maybe the only disadavantage is you need a bit time to use it efficiently.

    I love shortcuts of Beesy’s icons in order to use it quicky and easily add notes. Also, the advantage is to submit easily by email minutes about my different meeting.
    If you are interested you can google “Beesy” of go to the application’s website http://www.beesapps.com/beesy-ipad-to-do/
    All the best,


  349. 358

    I would like to add our system to the list: http://www.easy-pm.de

    EASY-PM provides an integrated approach to:
    – Project Management / Task Management
    – Document Management
    – Project Management reporting
    – Test Management
    – Requirement management
    and much more

    We think that Microsoft Office integration is a really important feature of EASY-PM too.

    Check us out, the system is great!

  350. 359

    I would like to add a project management software to your list.
    Project Monitor is a french tool for project management published by Virage Group that I know well because I work in this company.
    You can manage planning, tasks, ressources and budgets of a set of projects. You can have a global vision of different sets of project.
    It’s a powerfull tool very usefull.
    This tool supports the English language as well.
    You can visit company site for further information: http://www.viragegroup.com

  351. 360

    Great list of useful tools, in addition to your list of time tracking tools is Time Doctor. Using this tool it can track time accurately in real time and gives you analytics for your work day, allowing you to improve your productivity and eliminate distractions or less productivity activities. It gives you an accurate data of exactly where time is spent, and how much of that time was productive or unproductive.

    You can check this tool here: timedoctor.com/

  352. 361

    Worketc does pretty much all of the above, from project management to CRM and invoicing.
    I’ve been using it for about 6 months.
    Because of its breadth, its a bit challenging to get into but from my research its the only product that lets you run your entire business. It also integrates with Google Apps and Xero, which completes its functionality. Well worth including in your list.

  353. 362

    Well you guys should give a try to Prozacta.

    Feel free to sign up as a free user at prozacta.com

  354. 363

    Another good project management tool that can be added to the list is http://Clikcollab.com

    It is in beta right now, but if you can get an invite it’s worth take some time to check it out.

  355. 364

    These are all great project management solutions for the software developer – or for managing projects in conjunction with a development team. What about solutions for the non-dev space? I tend to leverage tools I own – such as microsoft project. I wouldn’t necessarily use this to manage an SDLC but for other implementations, definitely. I created a free excel template that incorporates an easy to use task management system along with a GANTT chart… read more here if you’re interested… http://www.mlynn.org/2013/01/project-management-with-microsoft-excel/

  356. 365

    Just a word on the new Version 5 of Project Monitor, released in January and now powering our SaaS client platforms. New ergonomics, several improvements to the Resource / Timesheet module; and still so user friendly. We have just completed a major roll-out for an international company with user training sessions fully via webex. We will be present at Project Challenge in London, March 13th & 14th.
    Visit us now on http://www.viragegroup.com/en

  357. 366

    Another great tool to manage projects and keep remote teams in sync is Blimp http://getblimp.com

  358. 367

    That’s a really impressive and well put together article – I wonder how many hours were devoted to its preparation! Also interesting to learn about many other tools that are not in the article and people just sharing in comments. In fact, at different points of our company’s life we have used Jira, Basecamp, PivotalTracker, which have either been too complicated for clients to use, or were just overloaded with many featured that we didn’t actually need. So we created our own project management tool called tracker.pm/, where clients appreciated its simplicity, straightforwardness and ease of use; so they can be involved as much as they want and on track with their project and its tasks.

    Trello is probably the closest tool to Tracker in terms of its functionality and visual representation, as they both are based on Kanban; but Trello was developed much later than we started work on Tracker and used it internally. Oh and it is too generic and not tailored to developers, which is what we needed; so Trello wouldn’t be for us anyway. Just recently we opened Tracker publicly, as many clients of ours, including agencies and independent entrepreneurs, wanted to use it for their every-day trading. Would be great to learn more about other tools, and perhaps get some feedback on Tracker too!

  359. 368

    Thank you for this article. I’m a big fan of such lists, especially with so many screenshots. It helps stay tuned with all the latest updates of the interfaces/features of leading project management apps.
    I still rank Wrike as a number one app in terms of design and functionality. Love their “Wrikeman” on the homepage (http://www.wrike.com)!

  360. 369

    Addison Collins

    March 1, 2013 6:27 am

    Great list of tools. Very interesting that may be helpful. Thanks!

  361. 370

    Thanks for this amazing list. I’m using Easy Redmine http://www.easyredmine.com. It is open source web based project management system, very easy and helpful, with many extensions.

  362. 371

    Excellent article. I was looking for a project management tool to manage ERP implementations. I am going to try out couple of these tools..

    Thanks once again…

    • 372

      Hi AJay,

      I am looking for a tool for ERP implementation as well. Which one did you decide on?

  363. 373

    Hi! I would like to add Projify to the list: http://www.projify.com
    Projify is a cloud based project management tool that allows users to work on project planning, ticket & milestone management, document management and blogs. It can be used as an intranet solution as well. Try it for free!

  364. 374

    Peter Willemson

    March 26, 2013 7:43 pm

    Hey, I strongly recommend : http://www.ionprojects.com

    This tool in the cloud is rather new, but full of nice features such as CRM, Project management, Resource planning, Time tracking and automatic invoicing. It covers the whole flow of any service driven company.

    Besides the nice features it also has an attractive and modern layout.

  365. 375


    i’ve been using ganttic so far and that’s helped me a lot. but i’ll be sure to try out some of the ones mentioned above.



  366. 376

    i’ve been attach with http://www.projectmanagementwatch.com/ last couple of months, and your post is very helpful to me for arranging some idea about my blog.

  367. 377

    Another tool worth considering is WorkZone (workzone.com)….it’s a powerful tool that blends project management and online collaboration software …..more sophisticated than entry-level tools like Basecamp, much less complicated than tools like Microsoft Project.

  368. 378

    I’m a long time user of Basecamp and it works great as a collaboration tool and project tracker, but lacks a little bit as a task scheduling tool.
    I’ve tended to use Workstack (www.workstack.me) as an addon to Basecamp to fill the scheduling gap as it gives me a team overview calendar that means I can plan my week ahead.

  369. 379

    I want to recommend LiquidPlanner. Their user interface is very simple and user-friendly. We’ve been using them for two years now and they meet all the needs of a small business.

  370. 380

    Hi! Thank you for a list. I strongly recommend Basecamp! Also, I would like to add Kanban Tool to the list: http://kanbantool.com/.

    Kanban Tool is a simple web-based application for organizing work, tracking progress and real-time collaboration. It helps to identify main workflow problems.

  371. 381

    I would like to add proofhub to this list. It contains many important features like discussions, proofing tool, time tracking, calender and many more. It also has a very good graphical user interface.

    • 382

      Thanks Jack for telling about such a useful tool I am using this tool and it is helping me a lot.

  372. 383

    Simon Fremantle

    June 27, 2013 10:05 am

    We gave up on MS Project after bashing our heads against it for years. We then tried Basecamp but found it didn’t scale to the sort of complex work we do. Then we found HumanEdj – a Web app for large projects including people from different organizations. Very easy to use but provides the sort of features you get in heavyweight planning apps. You can take part in a project by email which is great if some people in the team don’t want to adopt new tools. Over time you can build up a library of plan templates which we are now making good use of – we’re even thinking of selling some of ours. There’s a free version online (www.rolemodellers.com).

  373. 384

    These are all excellent solutions but there’s nothing there specifically for Entrepreneurs who outsource. Here’s what I use: http://outveo.com

    It has great time and cost tracking features missing from too many other solutions but essential when you’re working with a team of outsourced workers.

  374. 385

    I have tried about half of the tools you have mentioned above in your list. But now proofhub (www.proofhub.com) seems to be the best project management tool I have ever used.

  375. 386

    Since you mentioned Trac – we used to use Trac, but switched to Apache Bloodhound which is built on top of Trac. It’s got a slightly nicer looking UI and packages some useful plugins. Most enticing is that it’s an Apache project. You can find Apache Bloodhound here: http://bloodhound.apache.org/

    Hope this helps.

  376. 387

    I would strongly recommend KanbanTool. The tool lets you see the whole project at a glance on Kanban Board. It provides easy team collaboration in real time and makes everyone organized. It’s really intuitive and we love it here. I’m surprised Kanbantool wasn’t mentioned on authors list. check it out here: http://www.kanbantool.com

  377. 388

    I have tried about half of the tools you have mentioned above in your list. But now proofhub seems to be the best project management tool I have ever used.

  378. 389

    List makers I’d recommend you to add one more simple and powerful project management tool which has many best in class features like time tracking, proofing, gantt chart, inbuilt chart etc.

  379. 390

    I am using ProofHub these days and I must say that this project management tool must be included in this list. It has amazing features. I love this tool !

  380. 391

    Hi there, I use Chime – Free Time Tracking software for pros > http://www.getchime.com

  381. 392

    First of all, thanks for the great list! As a consultant, currently I use iCoordinator Free to collaborate and manage the projects between the developers and the customers. It is totally free for one user without any hidden cost. You have all the essential areas like project planning, 1 GB document management area, time tracking etc. Hope this helps. You can read more and register it from here http://icoordinator.com/blog/Free-Project-Management-Software

  382. 393

    Great list! Our IT consulting firm has been using another web app Stanteam (www.stanteam.com). It combines ticket, task, release, and file functions all together. It suits our needs for release based projects.

  383. 394

    Hi, i’m in search for a management system or tool that can help my organization to learn from our mistakes.

    A system that saves information regarding mistakes that are made. With the purpose of preventing this mistakes from happening again.

    Does anyone know such kind of PMS?

    regards Lew

  384. 395

    Thomas Kimberly

    March 6, 2014 10:01 am

    I’ll recommend Oogwave to manage projects. The way it helps to manage project and collaborate with team is why I love it!!
    Loaded with some really nice features, Oogwave provides file sharing, discussions, security and inbuilt chat.

  385. 396

    Adding one of our apps to this list. In the age of smartphones and tablets we believe in Project Management on the Go.


  386. 397

    Whoa Cameron!!
    That is exactly what anyone looking for some great project management tools, would want to read. You have pretty much summed up everything in this one write up. Tools that help designers, developers, writer and indeed people from all walks of life, are listed in here. I must say it is of much help for one and all.

  387. 398

    Can’t believe AffinityLive isn’t on here! It’s a tool that helps clients, managers & teams. http://affinitylive.com/products/projects


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