50 Beautiful And Creative Portfolio Designs


Design portfolios come in various forms. Traditionally, they have been print-based and something you would carry to a client pitch or meeting to showcase what you’ve done and how you did it. Today, many designers take advantage of the Internet to publish and showcase their work via their online portfolios. Having your work displayed online removes the geographical restraints that traditional portfolios impose on you.

With many portfolios online, it’s often hard to stand out from the sea of competition out there. It takes a creative design to grab the user’s attention long enough for him or her to enjoy sifting through your work. Adding rich interactive elements, framing your work in a unique way, and concocting a means of providing a unique experience can not only get the user’s attention but also show your capabilities as a designer.

In this showcase, you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique and highly creative portfolio designs. The aim here is to stimulate your creativity and inspire you to create your own portfolio or re-think your existing one. You’ll see portfolios from a wide range of fields, including Web design, product design, illustration, photography and even animation. So, we now present to you 50 beautiful and creative portfolio designs.

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50 Beautiful and Creative Portfolios

This portfolio showcases a creative navigation scheme; use the scroll button on the mouse to navigate up and down the showcase. Alternatively, the designer gives you a columned view of the showcased work if you click on “Overview.”

Pikaboo screen shot3

Lyndon Wade4
This portfolio effectively integrates the interface of the design. Clicking a category link of the portfolio expands a “film-strip” view of the thumbnails in the section. Upon clicking a thumbnail, it expands to a full-screen view; clicking on the left or right allows you to navigate through all of the showcased paragraphs in full-screen mode.

Lyndon Wade screen shot.5

Jesse Willmon’s fall 2008 DESIGN-TACULAR6
Jesse Willmon presents his portfolio in a unique fashion, through “doodles,” giving it a memorable user interface.

Jess Wilmon screen shot.7

Daniel Stenberg8
Daniel Stenberg frames each of his works beautifully and allows users to navigate through them horizontally. The result is a clean and simple but effective portfolio design.

Daniel Stenberg screen shot9

Domenico Tedone Design10
Unconventional navigation schemes can be a great way to leave a lasting impression on users (but they can also make users leave in an instant); Domenico Tendone capitalizes on Flash’s strength of being responsive to user events by showcasing his work via a revolving 3-D wheel. Use the scroll button to scroll through his work.

Domenico Tedone Design screen shot.11

Marc Dahmen12
Marc Dahmen gives us a creative user interface by showing his projects as business cards. Clicking on a business card gives you a nifty animation as it enlarges. To make navigation easier, the portfolio provides keyboard shortcuts (you can see them at the top left of the page).

Marc Dahmen screen shot.13

The excellent selection of colors in this portfolio complements the showcased artwork, and the organization of each piece makes it stand out.

SuperLover screen shot.15

Aline Caron Portfolio16
The presentation of the thumbnails in this portfolio gives it a unique interface, reminiscent of the chemical table of elements.

Aline Caron Portfolio screens hot.17

chris woods18

Minimalist portfolios focus the user’s attention on the works being presented, as seen in the portfolio of Chris Woods.

Millice screen shot.19

Deep’s portfolio gives users a unique navigation interface; the plain solid background and text make the showcase the highlight of the home page.

Deep screen shot.21

Dave Werner’s Portfolio22
Dave Werner’s portfolio gallery is shown as an artistic collage; clicking on a piece in the collage expands it.

Dave Werner's Portfolio 2006 screen shot.23

Booreiland’s portfolio gives users a “breadcrumb” navigation scheme so that they can easily jump through sections.

Booreiland screen shot.25

In this showcase, the projects dominate the entire page, and a thumbnail gallery on the right-hand side gives you a way to browse through the projects.

vivified screen shot.27

Interactive designers can show off their creative skill in user interaction by having a portfolio with distinctive interactive elements, as shown by nisgia’s portfolio.

nisgia.com screen shot.29

Rob Young30
Rob Young frames his projects in a MacBook Pro laptop, alluding to the nature of his job as an art director and designer.

Rob Young screen shot.31

Sid Lee32
This clean and simple portfolio gives focus to the active work being viewed by allowing it to take up a large part of the viewing area. Hovering over the right-hand side of the page opens up an alternate navigation menu.

Sid Lee screens hot.33

Nile Inside34
Artwork is displayed in a “film-strip” view, and clicking on a piece expands it without navigating away from the film strip. Even with the rich interactivity of the portfolio, it doesn’t rely on Flash.

Nile Inside screen shot.35

Les illustrations de Lapin36
Illustrations displayed side by side beautifully showcase the illustrations made in the artist’s sketchbook, giving the portfolio an unprocessed, raw, natural look.

Les illustrations de Lapin screen shot.37

Conventional design portfolios are visual, but that isn’t the case with Contrast’s portfolio, which displays its “thumbnail” gallery in a text-based format.

Contrast screen shot.39

sroown effectively uses its logo to frame its design gallery. Note the red “Jump back to top” element along the right-hand side that follows you along as you scroll down the page, a subtle enhancement of the interface that gives you insight into the small details they pay attention to in their designs.

sroown screen shot.41

OnWired showcases its design process by taking us from conception to final product in each of its projects.

OnWired screen shot.43

Michael Muller Photography44
Michael Muller’s portfolio directs the user’s attention to his photographic work by making it the focal point of the page. Hover over each piece to navigate through his work.

Michael Muller Photography screen shot.45

A creative interface makes EveningLab’s portfolio stand out.

EveningLab screen shot.47

Die Neue Modern48
Irregular shapes and sizes of the thumbnails in this portfolio give it a unique and “systematic disorder.”

Die Neue Modern screenshot.49

Made Like Me50
This portfolio shows the typical way of displaying thumbnail galleries; but by leveraging the artwork’s vivid colors and placing the art against a dark background, each piece pops out of the page and the gallery achieves a unified look.

Made Like Me screen shot.51

Marius Roosendaal52
An accordion user interface gives Marius Roosendaal’s portfolio a nifty way of showcasing his work while allowing it to remain compact, thus maximizing valuable screen real estate.

Marius Roosendaal screen shot.53

Jason Reed Web Design54
Jason Reed’s portfolio features a horizontal accordion menu, which minimizes the need to scroll and, again, makes the design compact.

Jason Reed Web Design screen shot.55

Thibaud’s portfolio56
Thibaud’s portfolio uses color swatches57 as interactive elements, which not only hints at the nature of his work but also effectively showcases his skill, experience and creativity in interactive design.

Thibaud's portfolio screen shot.58

Standardimage features a unique navigation scheme that auto-scrolls down the page when you click on a menu item. The portfolio design is clean, simple and minimal, which makes each piece stand out.

standardimage screen shot.60

Brad Candullo beautifully frames his creations with worn notebook pages, giving them an organic look and feel.

bcandullo.com screen shot.62

James Lai Creative63
James Lai Creative’s portfolio sits on the front page. Each thumbnail is in a frame, and you can navigate through them horizontally.

James Lai Creative screen shot.64

This portfolio puts each project in a beautiful frame, showing the designer’s meticulous attention to detail.

formrausch screen shot.66

Serial Cut67
Another minimalist portfolio design that focuses attention on the artwork.

Serial Cut screen shot.68

Dawghouse Design Studio69
Dawghouse Design Studio displays its projects on a notebook paper background. The hand-drawn concept is carried through with each graphical element, including the “View site” button and the “Next” and “Previous” buttons.

Dawghouse Design Studio screen shot.70

Hot Meteor71
Eye-catching, smooth animation that uses horizontal and vertical movement creates a memorable user experience.

Hot Meteor screen shot.72

The unconventional 3-D showcase seen in this portfolio provides a great user experience.

Oneover.com screen shot.74

13 Creative75
13 Creative houses its portfolio on a steno pad. A beautiful navigation scheme and subtle, fluid animation make this portfolio a memorable design.

13 Creative screen shot.76


Eduardo Valdivieso’s style of art transcends the canvas and works well as part of a Web design, allowing the two media to complement each other.

TROZO GALLERY screen shot.78

Danny Blackman
79Danny Blackman’s animated navigation makes navigating through his projects a pleasant experience.

Danny Blackman screen shot.80

Frisk Web81
Frisk Web displays thumbnails of its projects as taped-on Polaroid shots, giving the portfolio design an uncommon and remarkable layout.

Frisk Web screen shot.82

foxie’s graphic design83

This creative portfolio interface uses books sitting on a bookshelf for navigation.

foxie's graphic design screen shot.84

Visualbox takes advantage of the vivid colors of its work by placing its portfolio against a plain dark background, effectively emphasizing the “Visual” in its company name.

Visualbox screen shot.86

Ed Peixoto87
An unconventional layout for a thumbnail gallery and subtle yet memorable hover-over animation make this portfolio design impressive.

Ed Peixoto screen shot.88

Odd Web Things89

Odd Web Things stays true to its name by showcasing its work in an unusual fashion. You just might think about the design long enough to remember the company’s name, or even explore the rest of its website looking for an explanation.

Odd Web Things screen shot.90

NANAMIart integrates its portfolio in the design by displaying it near the header, giving users access to it at all times.

NANAMIart screen shot.92

This portfolio is text-based until you click on the name of a project; the name then expands to show a preview of the artwork.

Vault49 screen shot.94

Fluid, smooth 3-D animation makes browsing through Skin Interactive’s portfolio an enjoyable user experience.


A rotating display that revolves around an illustrated sheep gives adncom’s portfolio a unique twist.

adncom screen shot98

The deck-of-cards introduction gives users a sense of what SeymourPowell is all about in a matter of seconds.

SeymourPowell screen shot.100

hellokarl combines subtle, fluid animation along with great large-scale product shots to create an engrossing mood.

hellokarl screen shot.102

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    HI there im looking to do a online portfolio now… wondering if i should do my layout on photoshop? is that the best thing to use as i want mine to reflect me and my creativity. Not interested in too much flash but just basics such as buttons etc. can i do that after i use photoshop? I want high quality pages…. slicing i will learn. so photoshop or dreamweaver?

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    So this is not a post to “hate” on the sites posted in this article but in all honesty, I feel as aesthetically appealing as some of those sites listed are, there are some problems with them.

    Firstly, most of them are in flash, and hey I’m not saying flash is horrible, but flash has many downfalls. When I was on some of the sites, some took forever to load (mind you I have a very speedy computer with fast access to the web). From my experiences as well, when applying for a job one time, the employer asked to see my website on his iPad, and of course if I had a flash site, it would not load at all on a mobile device. Thank goodness I stick to strictly HTML. Also, as a side note, why must when I always search for “great portfolio sites” I get a list filled with like 75% flash based sites? I definitely want to see more HTML stuff because not all of us want to design in flash and need some HTML-designed inspiration.

    Secondly, yeah their great looking sites, but usability is apparently not that important for some of these portfolios. It took me a while to figure out where to go on these sites to see some design work, contact info, etc. I understand the idea of being innovative, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon usability, especially if it’s a professional portfolio for any kind of client to see and not just “creative minded” people.

    I don’t know if it’s just me, but I wasn’t too inspired by most of those sites. There was too much going on, or too little to the point of not knowing how to navigate the site, as well as waiting forever for some sites to load because their flash based.

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