50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography


Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model. Below we present 50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography. All examples are linked to their sources. We strongly encourage you to explore other works of the photographers we’ve featured in this post.

To add good miniature effect to your photographs, shoot subjects from a high angle (especially from the air). It creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model. A camera equipped with a tilt-shift lens, which simulates a shallow depth of field, is essentially all you need to start.

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50 Amazing Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography

Vincent Laforet4









Christopher Chan13
Sydney Apple Store Miniature; Fake tilt shift effect applied to a 3xp HDR.


Vesuviano – Nicola De Pisapia15
Model of a model of reality. Vietri sul mare (SA) Italy.




Hanna María & Arnar19


Sir Hsu21





Lachlan Sear26




B Tal30




Eric Lafforgue34


Tilt-Shift Photography: It’s A Small World After All36


Timmy Toucan38




Hamish Grant42

















marin g59


tHE PypEr61


Andrew James63


Gérard Pétremand65





B Tal70











Shawn S. Ide81


Kurtis Perry83








On the photo: Barcelona, Spain.





Timothy Schenck96




Tilt-Shift Videos

Beached100 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video of Tamarama Beach, Sydney.

Bathtub III102 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video of Sydney Harbor with tilt-Shift.

Bathtub II104 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video at Sydney with tilt-Shift.

From Julien Vignali106
Time Lapse video with Tilt-Shift.

Harrowdown Hill107 from Beggars108

From Mrjerz109

Multnomah Falls in Miniature110 from Andrew Curtis111
Time-Lapse video at Multnomah Falls.

Monde liliputien (illusion d’optique)112 Uploaded by kronsilds113

You can find further videos in a Metafilter round-up of tiltshift videos114.

How To Make Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photos?

To add good miniature effect to your photographs, shoot subjects from a high angle (especially from the air). It creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model. A camera equipped with a tilt-shift lens, which simulates a shallow depth of field, is essentially all you need to start.


And if you don’t have specialized equipment, you can make use of Adobe Photoshop or any other image-editing software. Manipulate the focus in such a way that it gives the image the effect of having been shot with a macro lens. Secondly, increase the saturation and contrast in a way that the color looks like bright paint on a miniature model.


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Vailancio Rodrigues is a web ninja who bakes semantic muffins. Apart from that he is also interested in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Photography and knows little bit of Physics due to his college education . He is from Goa - a beautiful tropical paradise in India.

  1. 1

    As a contemporary artist myself I have to say that this kind of photography is really “livelike” and very interesting. It reminds me of abstract paintings created with paints as they too can appear very lifelike.


  2. 102


  3. 203

    THE IMAGES ARE FABULOUS, when I saw I could not believe CHANGES ARE REALLY GOOD.


  4. 304

    Tilt-shift photography uses very specific position/angle-shifting lenses, these use photoshop. Big difference. They are rad, i love them, but they aren’t tilt-shift. In fact, i believe they only simulate tilting, while shifting involves geometric perspective, not depth of field. Can we call them “fake tilt-shifts” at least, or simulated miniatures or smallgantics or whatever. How about “microshopped” or “puny-fied”? I just feel bad for all of the photographers out there who spent many thousands of dollars out there on the real deal. ;)

    • 405

      I agree with citizenVern.
      Only some of them look to me like “real tilt-shifts”. I’m not an expert and I might be wrong, but some of them really look like badly photoshopped “normal” pictures.

      • 506

        There are a few which imitate real tilt shift but as the previous poster has said, these are fake images done through editing. There are two easy ways to tell if the effect was done through the lens. The first is that the line of focus must be in a straight line but not necessarily horizontal. The second is that if you follow the line of focus, the background and foreground which is out of focus should be out of focus right up against the objects in focus. It does not fade out of focus as these do. In order to recreate this in PS properly, you need to composite multiple images. The “Joe’s Crab Shack” tries to imitate this look but forgot to blur the parking lot that peeks through between the sign and the building.

        • 607

          I agree, the majority look as though they are taken with a Lensbaby to narrow the field of focus. They are nothing like a shift lens which corrects (or exagerates) vertical lines. Ther a a very few which have used the technique successfully, the majority make me feel sick / giddy as they are so unreal.

  5. 708

    Nice dude.. Nice sharing! I’m starting learning the tilt shift photography. I have no expensive lens as of now (the cost is insane)… can you share some tools or software to make tilt shift?

  6. 809

    Very interesting photographic technique that I was completely unaware of! So fun…It’s amazing how a technique can take a regular scene and transform it into something compelling and unusual! Thanks for sharing these.


  7. 910
  8. 1011
  9. 1112
  10. 1213

    A mi się ta funkcja średnio podoba ja chcę zdjęcie mieć ostre na całym kadrze, a nie że w środku ostre, po bokach rozmazane. Może i efekt czasem może być od czasu do czasu wykorzystywany, ale żeby wydawać kilkaset zł więcej no to już przesada. Pozdrawiam
    Ładne zdjęcia – skadrowane z pomysłem, ale mogły być ładniejsze bez tych rozmazań.

  11. 1314

    Here’s the most recent tilt-shift time-lapse video from New York City:

  12. 1415

    very interesting pictures ….keep up the good work

  13. 1516

    Here is one video example, we did at x-mas in Austria, enjoy:

  14. 1617

    Great collection !

  15. 1718

    some great shots on these article, but many are fakes, so they don;t count.

    some cool& real tilt-shit here,

  16. 1819

    You did such beautiful work with these photos. These are so good to see. You are vert talented in your work.
    ponte vedra beach cosmetic dentist

  17. 1920

    It ‘s nice to see you giving credit to people other than Keith Loutit for a change.

    But having said that I’m still a sucker for miniature video. I especially love the scene with the helicopter rescue in Sydney. Here it is in case you missed it – plus a few tips on how to do tilt-shift: http://nov0caine.posterous.com/what-lens-does-keith-loutit-use

  18. 2021

    wow! nice. good ones.

  19. 2122

    photo collection of nice things .. I so want to learn photography

  20. 2223

    one or sub-pages as you like and manage all of your content inside of WordPress.

  21. 2324

    all those pictures are really cool. You can find some more on http://digital-artist-toolbox.com/?p=24

  22. 2425

    Paweł Pruszkowski

    July 22, 2010 12:19 am

    You don’t need neither specialized equipment nor photo manipulation software to do such things. There is a technique called freelensing that helps achieving the tilt-shift effect. All you need to do is to detach your lens from your camera body, tilt it a little and then shoot. This way you can shoot t-s pics with all your lens.


    Flickr freelensing group:

  23. 2526

    This is very cool. I have never heard of tilt-shift photography before. . .

    Sad thought: I guess it’s too late to get a tsp of the space shuttle taking off.


  24. 2627

    Why would you want to do that? Frankly I thought the pictures were more apt for a 10 year old with an instamatic. Sorry, but I come from a generation of photographers who want crisp and in-focus images. Ansel Adams would be turning in his grave.

    • 2728

      Yay, Im glad I found one person that thinks that photographs should be in focus.

  25. 2829

    Um? after it become so structured and repeatable the effect almost intsantly becomes a cliche. Like many photoshop or camera techniques you need a concept first and the a technique to say it best. HDR is another classic effect looking for a concept. With any effect after you are clearly not presenting a realistic representation of a scene you had better had some sort of depth to the concept beyond wow that’s cool!. At least most of the time anyway./

  26. 2930

    Love Tilt-Shift. Recently purchased the Canon 45mm TS-E so I could do it for real!


  27. 3031

    Shashank Shekhar Das

    November 14, 2010 10:09 pm

    AOTA are marvelous just a query are all of this using the tilt shift lens?

  28. 3132

    Shashank Shekhar Das

    November 14, 2010 10:12 pm

    AOTA are marvelous…, being n armature, its just a query, are all of this using the tilt shift lens?

  29. 3233
  30. 3334

    i got really into looking up tilt shift photography and stumbled upon this video on youtube:


  31. 3435

    Who cares what Ansel Adams would think? Last time I checked, Ansel was dead. If you don’t like fake tilt-shift photos, or real tilt shift photos, or if you are a member of that stuck-up, cranky, stick-in-the-mud generation that demands only “crisp and in-focus images” then why are you seeking out these images in the first place? And who are you to say that ALL photographs must be composed and executed just like a bunch of dead photographers? The point is, nobody asked you.

    Ansel Adams didn’t have Photoshop, and we can only speculate as to how he would feel about things like fake tilt-shift, but why would that even matter in the first place? Yes it is gimmicky, and yes, it is done with software and not a real tilt-shift lens. But again, who cares? If it brings pleasure to a lot of people, and doesn’t harm anyone, there really is no valid reason for you to dump all over other people’s art. The people who like this kind of thing won’t care, and the killjoys who agree with you are a bunch of uptight pantloads anyway. Remember this: your objections and criticism are nothing more than your opinion, and my opinion is your opinion sucks.

    So, thanks for letting the world know what you don’t care for. Now you are free to roam the web enjoying a very narrow range of rigidly-defined art by dead masters while raining on everyone’s parade.

    • 3536

      Back in Ansel’s day, they would’ve said “Nice work, but obviously dark-roomed!”

  32. 3637

    Amazing Tilt Shift Photos :) Here are another great collection of this type of photo

  33. 3738

    I would have like to seen the normal shot in parallel to the tilt shift for comparison as for most i see miniature though some one i showed saw images for what they are

  34. 3839

    amazing, this is such a great website!!!!!

  35. 3940

    Que fotos de mierda.. haciendola toda borrosa creen darle calidad a una toma??
    que boludes

  36. 4041

    Most of the pics are really great. But, umm….isn’t that a brick wall in the background of the scene that’s supposed to be Nice, France? It’s the 21st pic down and looks like somone’s model set using a short focal length. Not a true tilt-shift.

  37. 4142

    Of the two conflicting messages, one from LittleGorm and the other from Curt, neither is well thought out. Adams did indeed strive for sharpness and detail. That is what he did, and he did it very well. But I don’t recall that he was against new modes of expression or technique. That’s what his Zone System was. I don’t think he’s turning over in his grave.

    As a workshop participant about 45 years ago, I was privileged to learn from Adams, and to sit in the evening with others in Adams’ back yard in Yosemite, talking with him. He didn’t strike me as a judgmental man at all. Not one who would denounce a new branch of photography, unless perhaps it was poorly done (as I saw was the case with several of the prints I’d brought with me).

    This tilt-shift thing seems to be a very powerful tool, as shown in the wonderful photos above, all of which succeed. But it could also be used to make junk, as sometimes seen in the “print it badly, mount it crooked, and call it art” crowd. To succeed, a fine photograph cannot be merely an accident–it must carry out your purpose for making it.

    It’s good to explore new things, to find new forms of expression. But Curt’s calling practitioners and defenders of existing, highly developed, forms “killjoys” who have “uptight pantloads” misses widely. As if his path were the only one worth traveling. I’m glad that photography is such a broad endeavor!

    I’m led to wonder whether Adams ever tried this? He may well have, though sharpness was his tool. He had plenty of lenses that tilted and shifted.

  38. 4243

    prakash wahurwagh

    May 4, 2012 2:15 pm

    hi now i understood the hollywood s dark secrete of movies ….how they destroy buildings or cars or railway stations or a big bunch of people…but this is amazing and film makers must be happy to recive this technique of photgraphy……i am happy to know this……best of luck and thanx i wonder one day we ( camera) would be able to see in all eight directions simultatneously and we could feel it simultaneously in a one frame of time line.

  39. 4344
  40. 4445

    The one by Vesuviano is not tilt-shift, if you click on the link to the flickr account he(or she) actually says it was done in photoshop not with a lens.

  41. 4546

    Tilt photos are great, but that is easily accomplished with PS or lensbaby or whatever.
    I would like to see the image quality near the border of SHIFTED photos.

    • 4647

      A tit shift lens in the hands of a real professional can do so much more than making things look miniature. Many uses of the T/S can not be duplicated with photoshop especially if you are printing the image. Only ignorant photographers diminish the value of these specialized lenses. These lenses are used by the best pro landscape, architectural and fine art photographers in the world. (and most photographers don’t even realize it)

  42. 4748

    Some great pictures here! I have had a go at tilt shift myself using photoshop:



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