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50 Beautiful Examples Of Tilt-Shift Photography


Tilt-shift photography is a creative and unique type of photography in which the camera is manipulated so that a life-sized location or subject looks like a miniature-scale model. Below we present 50 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography. All examples are linked to their sources. We strongly encourage you to explore other works of the photographers we’ve featured in this post.

To add good miniature effect to your photographs, shoot subjects from a high angle (especially from the air). It creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model. A camera equipped with a tilt-shift lens, which simulates a shallow depth of field, is essentially all you need to start.

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50 Amazing Examples of Tilt-Shift Photography Link

Vincent Laforet4









Christopher Chan13
Sydney Apple Store Miniature; Fake tilt shift effect applied to a 3xp HDR.


Vesuviano – Nicola De Pisapia15
Model of a model of reality. Vietri sul mare (SA) Italy.




Hanna María & Arnar19


Sir Hsu21





Lachlan Sear26




B Tal30




Eric Lafforgue34


Tilt-Shift Photography: It’s A Small World After All36


Timmy Toucan38




Hamish Grant42

















marin g59


tHE PypEr61


Andrew James63


Gérard Pétremand65





B Tal70











Shawn S. Ide81


Kurtis Perry83








On the photo: Barcelona, Spain.





Timothy Schenck96




Tilt-Shift Videos Link

Beached100 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video of Tamarama Beach, Sydney.

Bathtub III102 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video of Sydney Harbor with tilt-Shift.

Bathtub II104 from Keith Loutit105103101
Time-Lapse video at Sydney with tilt-Shift.

From Julien Vignali106
Time Lapse video with Tilt-Shift.

Harrowdown Hill107 from Beggars108

From Mrjerz109

Multnomah Falls in Miniature110 from Andrew Curtis111
Time-Lapse video at Multnomah Falls.

Monde liliputien (illusion d’optique)112 Uploaded by kronsilds113

You can find further videos in a Metafilter round-up of tiltshift videos114.

How To Make Fake Miniature Tilt-Shift Photos? Link

To add good miniature effect to your photographs, shoot subjects from a high angle (especially from the air). It creates the illusion of looking down at a miniature model. A camera equipped with a tilt-shift lens, which simulates a shallow depth of field, is essentially all you need to start.


And if you don’t have specialized equipment, you can make use of Adobe Photoshop or any other image-editing software. Manipulate the focus in such a way that it gives the image the effect of having been shot with a macro lens. Secondly, increase the saturation and contrast in a way that the color looks like bright paint on a miniature model.


Sources and Resources Link

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  1. 1

    My RSS reader picked up this story with the title: 50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shit Photography

  2. 2

    You continue to bring us great articles.. Smashing Magazine comes up trumps again! I worked out how to do this in photoshop a couple of years ago after seeing the technique in practice on flickr. Love the technique.

  3. 3

    in response to Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz (November 16th, 2008, 3:42 pm) –

    Its great you do so many different things, and I do really like this kind of photography,

    However, I am left feeling like you simply got every single tilt-shift image you could possible find on the internet to make it up to 50.

    I feel it would have been a far better article if all the images were of such a good standard as the better ones, even if there were only 20 or 30 of them.

  4. 4

    I think this article is a real shame — fake miniatures is not the only application of tilt-shift photography, and is really quite gimmicky.

  5. 5

    This was been posted on digg repeatedly for the last year. What are you doing? clearing the comments and reposting a couple months later? this is getting really old. The last two times this article showed up on digg there were dozens of comments about fake fake images, ie: some of the supposed miniatures are in fact real photos of real places. I dont know about this, to be honest Im just reporting what others said the last time.

    The only real gripe I have is that whoever wrote this article continues to post it in digg every few months. Im very curious about this activity on digg. There are many blogs that continue to COPY ARTICLE, DELETE OLD ARTICLE, PASTE ARTICLE so that the comments are deleted, the timestamp is recent and people think its “new and fresh.” From what Ive seen, anything you see on digg at any given time that isnt a current event article, has a 50/50 shot of being a repost of something from last year or even older!

  6. 6

    Wow interesting photo technique, intrigued now.

  7. 9

    second :):)

    nice article

  8. 10

    There are certainly some fantastic photos in this article. Nice typo in the first h3 element, by the way.

  9. 11

    My RSS reader picked up this story with the title: 50 Beautiful Examples of Tilt-Shit Photography

    That’s because it says that in the secondary title.

    But these photo’s are beautiful indeed.

  10. 12

    Might want to re-check the spelling on the H3 there, not sure it’s saying what you want it to :)

    Nice post otherwise!

  11. 13

    This is a funny technique, but I feel SM is beginning to focus more on quantity and less on quality with all the “X examples of Y”-articles which just lists a ton of photos/videos/links.

    I wouldn’t want to see SM disappear in the endless list of blogs that do this already, so my friendly suggestion is to focus on the more exclusive material that you have here, which made me a regular reader in the first place.

  12. 14

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    November 16, 2008 3:42 pm

    @JN: thanks for your input. You see, we try to cover various topics and every week we try to offer the best mix for everybody. We’ll keep your suggestion in mind, but sometimes it’s just hard to be really good for everybody.

  13. 15

    I’d like to say that I really appreciate the effort that goes into articles like these, I had no idea that such things like Tilt Shift photography existed!

  14. 16

    The ones with the trains and cars in them were particulary awesome, probably because I’ve been doing my fair share of model railroading as a child. :3

  15. 17

    Same for me as Jordan Moore.
    I was unaware of such a interesting way of photography! Thanks!

  16. 18

    @horuzzz: You’re a real smartass… This IS about real photos that look like miniatures… Geez…

  17. 19

    Expanding a bit on what JN said, I think the articles are fine, i just wish you expanded the opinions in each to make the the articles even more interesting and probably the comments a bit juicer, if that makes any sense :P

  18. 20

    Klaas van Wachteren

    November 16, 2008 6:11 pm

    Interesting. And amazing.

  19. 21

    Sadly this article really is just a bit of digg-bait. Some of the examples are very well done but there are several photos that really just aren’t good examples.

    I agree with a couple of the posters above about quantity over quality. The last article I read here was informative and well written about tidying up your coding practice. That was good. While I understand the need to cater to a large audience, SM should really try to make less of these digg type lists if they want the blog to stand out from the crowd.

  20. 22

    I havent seen photos like these since the beata 1983 collection.

  21. 23

    3/4 of these are awesome. I have a few that could beat out your bottom percentile.

  22. 24

    The definition of tilt-shift photography is incredibly inaccurate.

    Tilt-shifting is a reference to the fact that the focal plane is tilted (top to bottom) or shifted (left to right) so that the plane is no longer parallel to the camera. An after affect of which can be the surrealistic mini described.

  23. 25

    Josh (above) beat me to the punch. These photos are simply using a tilt-shift lens (or photoshop to fake the effect). You will find that tilt-shift lenses are used in many disciplines of photography including skateboarding, rock climbing and fashion.


  24. 26

    This is an awesome technique I’ve never seen before. Pretty inspiring. Thanx.

  25. 27

    stuff in those image look like a toys

  26. 28

    wow .. i like it .. please give us more of this set ..

  27. 29
  28. 30

    Like others I was unaware of this technique, and am very pleased to have it brought to my attention. In places it is stunningly effective, but quite often the blurring that takes place in the refocusing element of the technique can distract to the extent that it takes away from the picture. While a couple do not achieve the required effect at all and just look like a picture with lots of blurry bits.

  29. 31

    great post

  30. 32

    Nice post!!!!!!! Great!

  31. 33

    While many of the above are interesting uses of the miniature effect of an extreme upward tilt, I don’t like using “Tilt-Shift” as the title of this group. The primary use of view camera movements is to create perspective corrected images with deep focus, near and far.

  32. 34

    Nice article. This is a very curious effect.

  33. 35

    I love tilt-shifting. My favorite is this miniature Manhattan photo.

  34. 36

    Some very nice examples. Some though, don’t work that well.

  35. 37

    Mike Redfern (FoxyMcSlick)

    November 17, 2008 3:14 am

    Wow, one of my photos selected in the list! Thanks for the vote of confidence guys, it’s great to have your work recognised.

    Mike Redfern (FoxyMcSlick)

  36. 38

    Wow..*picks jaw from desk :)

  37. 39

    WOW… incredible great job!

  38. 40

    It seems a tilt shift lens is not “essentially all you need to start.”.
    I’m sorry but most of these TS’s are badly faked or just poor quality, there are some great examples of TS in there but they are spoilt. Again as stated quality over quantity guys.
    Name to shame (not towards the artists but to editorial needing to fill the quota) :

    Nicola De Pisapia
    Lachlan Sear
    B Tal
    Eric Lafforgue
    Timmy Toucan
    patrix – *horrible
    tHE PypEr
    Shawn S. Ide
    ….not all the fakes but the others are good enough to pass.

  39. 41
  40. 42

    Few of these, if any, show signs of shift, and most of them are photoshop-tilts. “A few selective blur in PhotoShop photographs” would be even more accurate title.

    There are loads of very beautiful and artistic tilt/shift photographs around. Should be enough to make a wonderful 50-photographs post.

    A few examples at:
    Tilt&Shift Group on Flickr

  41. 43

    Very nice! I’m always wondering how much photomanipulation is used with this type of photography.

  42. 44

    I enjoy seeing tilt-shift (or “tiltshifta” as I sometimes call it) quasi-applied to digital environments too, like the virtual world of Second Life. Here’s something I did awhile back:

  43. 45

    generally when the band of focus is relatively small both in terms of narrowness and scope, the effect is fake, and there are indeed a number of photos in there where the t/s is created in ps. Focus can and tends to be a little more sporadic on the actual “film/digital” plane when using the lenses. And combining both tilt and shift is a bit gimmicky and has some specific uses, but it’s too bad you left out explanations and examples of why these lenses and technique (tilt and shift separately) is used beyond creating miniature worlds.

  44. 46

    Wow, it is a great collection. Thank you.

  45. 47

    As a couple people already pointed out, this article’s description of tilt-shift is misguided. Tilt shift photography is most commonly used in commercial and achitectural photography to correct perspective and bring the focal plane in line with the subject. It is really interesting, however, to see it used in this manner!

  46. 48

    Most of these are pretty good, but you can tell the fakes done by the folks who don’t get how this works. Faking it is more than just blurring everything but a narrow band, because that can result in fakes that don’t work. The top-down view of the Apple Store, for example, doesn’t work because it’s just a clear middle with blurred surrounding. There’s a bridge one that doesn’t work either, because part of the top of the bridge is blurred even though it’s the same distance from the clear part below, and closer than the far shore of the river, part of which is clear.

    Everything that’s the same distance from the camera should be clear for the effect to work, I think.

  47. 49

    wow! before I read the description what tilt-shift photo is, I thought these pics are the shot of miniature model!

  48. 50

    Total misconception of TS lenses. Tilt lens can make these effects, but most of these in here were made with photoshop masking. Come on, there are really nice image out there using TS lenses, not these…

  49. 51

    more like “5 beautiful examples of tilt-shift photography and 45 beautiful examples of Photoshop” – hahaha. very resourceful post! Thank you!

  50. 52

    I love this stuff


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