100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates


If you haven’t taken a look at the (X)HTML/CSS templates that are available for free from a variety of sources, you may be surprised by the quality you can find. WordPress themes tend to get a lot of exposure and attention in the design community right now, but there is also a wide variety of high-quality (X)HTML/CSS templates that are free of charge.

In this post, we’ll showcase 100 free high-quality templates. Hopefully some of them will save you some time in your design and development. While they are generally free for personal or commercial use, always remember to check the license first for any restrictions or guidelines.

You may want to take a look at other collections as well (some are from Smashing Magazine, some are not):

100 Free High-Quality XHTML/CSS Templates

Package5 | Registration is necessary575451486.

Template Screenshot7

Consultant8 | Download Consultant9

Template Screenshot10

Environmental Brand11 | Download Environmental Brand12

Template Screenshot13

Internet Jobs14 | Download Internet Jobs15

Template Screenshot16

Internet Music17 | Download Internet Music18

Template Screenshot19

Greefies20 | Download Greefies21

Template Screenshot22

Squick Design23 | Download Squick Design24

Template Screenshot25

Harvest26 | Download Harvest27

Template Screenshot28

Blackberry29 | Download Blackberry30

Template Screenshot31

Flower Shop32 | Download Flower Shop33

Template Screenshot34

Lingerie Store35 | Download Lingerie Store36

Template Screenshot37

Web Application38 | Download Web Application39

Template Screenshot40

Internet Studio41 | Download Internet Studio42

Template Screenshot43

Puzzled44 | Download Puzzled45

Template Screenshot46

Journey of Love47 | Must register with Registration is necessary575451486.

Template Screenshot49

Strockes50 | Must register with Registration is necessary575451486.

Template Screenshot52

EC Mania53 | Must register with Registration is necessary575451486.

Template Screenshot55

Cluster56 | Must register with Registration is necessary575451486 to download.

Template Screenshot58

Temper59 | Download Temper60

Template Screenshot61

Jet 3062 | Download Jet 3063

Template Screenshot64

Green Web65 | Download Green Web66

Template Screenshot67

Flash Web68 | Download Flash Web69

Template Screenshot70

AppleWeb71 | Download Apple Web72

Template Screenshot73

Trial Impact74 | Download Trial Impact75

Template Screenshot76

Aquatic77 | Download Aquatic78

Template Screenshot79

Business Events80 | Download Business Events81

Template Screenshot82

Cool Web83 | Download Cool Web84

Template Screenshot85

Genious Web86 | Download Genious Web87

Template Screenshot88

Expert Vision89 | Download Expert Vision90

Template Screenshot91

Intercraft92 | Download Intercraft93

Template Screenshot94

Clean Design95 | Download Clean Design96

Template Screenshot97

Business Design98 | Download Business Design99

Template Screenshot100

Delicious Fruit101 | Download Delicious Fruit102

Template Screenshot103

MultiFlex 3104 | Download MultiFlex 3105

Template Screenshot106

Simple Life107 | Download Simple Life108

Template Screenshot109

Street Style110 | Download Street Style111

Template Screenshot112

Miss Understood113 | Download Miss Understood114

Template Screenshot115

Street Life116 | Download Street Life117

Template Screenshot118

skuteczni119 | Download skuteczni120

Template Screenshot121

Clarity122 | Download Clarity123

Template Screenshot124

The Old Forest125 | Download The Old Forest126

Template Screenshot127

Typography Paramount128 | Download Typography Paramount129

Template Screenshot130

Subordinate131 | Download Subordinate132

Template Screenshot133

Nature’s Charm II134 | Download Nature’s Charm II135

Template Screenshot136

Zenlike137 | Download Zenlike138

Template Screenshot139

Clicker140 | Download Clicker141

Template Screenshot142

Biz Company143 | Download Biz Company144

Template Screenshot145

Attractive Business Temp146 | Download Attractive Business Template147

Template Screenshot148

Happy Template149 | Download Happy Template150

Template Screenshot151

Internet Encyclopedia152 | Download Internet Encyclopedia153

Template Screenshot154

Concept Nova155 | Download Concept Nova156

Template Screenshot157

Free CSS Full Site Template158 | Download Free CSS Full Site Template159

Template Screenshot160

Black Eyed Susan161 | Download Black Eyed Susan162

Template Screenshot163

Interlude164 | Download Interlude165

Template Screenshot166

Printing167 | Download Printing168

Template Screenshot169

Numerology170 | Download Numerology171

Template Screenshot172

Greeny Grass173 | Download Greeny Grass174

Template Screenshot175

Collaboration176 | Download Collaboration177

Template Screenshot178

Breakfast179 | Download Breakfast180

Template Screenshot181

News Flash182 | Download News Flash183

Template Screenshot184

Discovery185 | Download Discovery186

Template Screenshot187

Adios188 | Download Adios189

Template Screenshot190

Old Architecture191 | Download Old Architecture192

Template Screenshot193

Beauty Co.194 | Download Beauty Co.195

Template Screenshot196

Jewelry Shop197 | Download Jewelry Shop198

Template Screenshot199

Book Store200 | Download Book Store201

Template Screenshot202

Real Estate203 | Download Real Estate204

Template Screenshot205

Business Company Dark Blue206 | Download Business Company Dark Blue207

Template Screenshot208

Electronix209 | Download Electronix210

Template Screenshot211

Photo Gallery Green212 | Download Photo Gallery Green213

Template Screenshot214

Quartz Storage215 | Download Quartz Storage216

Template Screenshot217

Aero Solutions218 | Download Aero Solutions219

Template Screenshot220

Unnamed221 | Download Unnamed222

Template Screenshot223

Imagination224 | Download Imagination225

Template Screenshot226

Corporate227 | Download Corporate228

Template Screenshot229

Urban Artist230 | Download Urban Artist231

Template Screenshot232

VectorLover233 | Download VectorLover234

Template Screenshot235

Keep it Simple236 | Download Keep it Simple237

Template Screenshot238

FreshMedia239 | Download FreshMedia240

Template Screenshot241

EliteCircle242 | Download EliteCircle243

Template Screenshot244

Nature Theme245 | Download Nature Theme246

Template Screenshot247

Mint Idea248 | Download Mint Idea249

Template Screenshot250

Metplate251 | Download Metplate252

Template Screenshot253

Decent Photo Gallery254 | Download Decent Photo Gallery255

Template Screenshot256

Consulting Services257 | Download Consulting Services258

Template Screenshot259

Flare260 | Download Flare261

Template Screenshot262

Water Spill263 | Download Water Spill264

Template Screenshot265

Inverted Headline266 | Download Inverted Headline267

Template Screenshot268

Choice269 | Download Choice270

Template Screenshot271

Purple272 | Download Purple273

Template Screenshot274

Business Elegance275 | Download Business Elegance276

Template Screenshot277

Symisun278 | Download Symisun279

Template Screenshot280

Ad Agency281 | Download Ad Agency282

Template Screenshot283

GUITARhero284 | Download GUITARhero285

Template Screenshot286

Pixel Green287 | Download Pixel Green288

Template Screenshot289

Subdued290 | Download Subdued291

Template Screenshot292

The Big Leaf293 | Download the Big Leaf294

Template Screenshot295

GreenWay296 | Download GreenWay297

Template Screenshot298

BWDEC2007299 | Download BWDEC2007300

Template Screenshot301

Other collections:



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  26. 26 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=748
  27. 27 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=748
  28. 28 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=748
  29. 29 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=745
  30. 30 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=745
  31. 31 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=745
  32. 32 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/flower_shop/
  33. 33 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=flower_shop.zip
  34. 34 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/flower_shop/
  35. 35 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/lingerie_store/
  36. 36 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=lingerie_store.zip
  37. 37 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/lingerie_store/
  38. 38 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  39. 39 http://www.solucija.com/templates/download/Web_Application.zip
  40. 40 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  41. 41 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  42. 42 http://www.solucija.com/templates/download/Internet_Studio.zip
  43. 43 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  44. 44 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/3
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  57. 57 http://www.templatekingdom.com/
  58. 58 http://www.templatekingdom.com/Website-Templates/Flowers/Cluster
  59. 59 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  60. 60 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=87
  61. 61 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  62. 62 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  63. 63 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=81
  64. 64 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  65. 65 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  66. 66 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=73
  67. 67 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  68. 68 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  69. 69 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=69
  70. 70 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  71. 71 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  72. 72 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=59
  73. 73 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  74. 74 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
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  76. 76 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  77. 77 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  78. 78 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=51
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  80. 80 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  81. 81 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=49
  82. 82 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  83. 83 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  84. 84 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=41
  85. 85 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  86. 86 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  87. 87 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=37
  88. 88 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  89. 89 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  90. 90 http://www.templateworld.com/zero/click.php?id=29
  91. 91 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
  92. 92 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
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  94. 94 http://www.templateworld.com/free_templates.html
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  120. 120 http://www.oswd.org/design/download/id/1957
  121. 121 http://www.oswd.org/designs/search/designer/id/6321/
  122. 122 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  123. 123 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/ostemplates/clarity/clarity.zip
  124. 124 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  125. 125 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  126. 126 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/ostemplates/the_old_forest/the_old_forest.zip
  127. 127 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  128. 128 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  129. 129 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/ssm2/files/typography_paramount.zip
  130. 130 http://www.sixshootermedia.com/free-templates/
  131. 131 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=731
  132. 132 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=731
  133. 133 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=731
  134. 134 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=715
  135. 135 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=715
  136. 136 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=715
  137. 137 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=714
  138. 138 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=714
  139. 139 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=714
  140. 140 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=706
  141. 141 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=706
  142. 142 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=706
  143. 143 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=688
  144. 144 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=688
  145. 145 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=688
  146. 146 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=360
  147. 147 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=360
  148. 148 http://www.ex-designz.net/template/tempdetail.asp?temp_id=360
  149. 149 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  150. 150 http://www.solucija.com/templates/download/happy_template.zip
  151. 151 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  152. 152 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  153. 153 http://www.solucija.com/images/download.gif
  154. 154 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  155. 155 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  156. 156 http://www.solucija.com/templates/download/conceptnova.zip
  157. 157 http://www.solucija.com/free-templates
  158. 158 http://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates.php
  159. 159 http://www.templatemonster.com/Download
  160. 160 http://www.templatemonster.com/free-templates.php
  161. 161 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/
  162. 162 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/blackeyedsusan
  163. 163 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/
  164. 164 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/2
  165. 165 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/interlude
  166. 166 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/2
  167. 167 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/4
  168. 168 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/printing
  169. 169 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/4
  170. 170 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/6
  171. 171 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/numerology
  172. 172 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/6
  173. 173 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/6
  174. 174 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/greenygrass
  175. 175 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/6
  176. 176 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/7
  177. 177 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/collaboration
  178. 178 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/7
  179. 179 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/8
  180. 180 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/breakfast
  181. 181 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/8
  182. 182 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/8
  183. 183 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/newsflash
  184. 184 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/8
  185. 185 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/11
  186. 186 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/discovery
  187. 187 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/11
  188. 188 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/11
  189. 189 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/adios
  190. 190 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/11
  191. 191 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/13
  192. 192 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/download/zip/oldarchitecture
  193. 193 http://www.freecsstemplates.org/css-templates/13
  194. 194 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/beauty_co/
  195. 195 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=beauty_co.zip
  196. 196 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/beauty_co/
  197. 197 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/jewelry_shop/
  198. 198 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=jewelry_shop.zip
  199. 199 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/jewelry_shop/
  200. 200 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/book_store/
  201. 201 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=book_store.zip
  202. 202 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/book_store/
  203. 203 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/real_estate/
  204. 204 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=real_estate.zip
  205. 205 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/real_estate/
  206. 206 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/business_company_darkblue/
  207. 207 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=business_company_darkblue.zip
  208. 208 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/business_company_darkblue/
  209. 209 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/electronix/
  210. 210 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=electronix.zip
  211. 211 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/electronix/
  212. 212 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/photo_gallery_green/
  213. 213 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=photo_gallery_green.zip
  214. 214 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/photo_gallery_green/
  215. 215 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/quartz_istorage/
  216. 216 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=quartz_istorage.zip
  217. 217 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/quartz_istorage/
  218. 218 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/aero_solutions/
  219. 219 http://csscreme.com/tpsaveas.php?tp=aero_solutions.zip
  220. 220 http://csscreme.com/freecsstemplate/aero_solutions/
  221. 221 http://ramblingsoul.com/downloads/
  222. 222 http://ramblingsoul.com/dl/unnamed.zip
  223. 223 http://ramblingsoul.com/downloads/
  224. 224 http://ramblingsoul.com/downloads/
  225. 225 http://ramblingsoul.com/dl/imagination.zip
  226. 226 http://ramblingsoul.com/downloads/
  227. 227 http://templatefusion.org/?cat=3
  228. 228 http://templatefusion.org/download/xhtml/corporate.zip
  229. 229 http://templatefusion.org/?cat=3
  230. 230 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  231. 231 http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=25&url=templates/downloads/UrbanArtist1-0.zip
  232. 232 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  233. 233 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  234. 234 http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=26&url=templates/downloads/VectorLover1-0.zip
  235. 235 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  236. 236 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  237. 237 http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=27&url=templates/downloads/KeepItSimple1-0.zip
  238. 238 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php
  239. 239 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php?page=2
  240. 240 http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=21&url=templates/downloads/FreshMedia1-0.zip
  241. 241 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php?page=2
  242. 242 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php?page=4
  243. 243 http://www.styleshout.com/hits.php?type=tmp&id=12&url=templates/downloads/EliteCircle1-1.zip
  244. 244 http://www.styleshout.com/free-templates.php?page=4
  245. 245 http://www.opendesigns.org/profile/?user=kohout
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  275. 275 http://www.opendesigns.org/profile/?user=anselmo
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  278. 278 http://www.opendesigns.org/profile/?user=Symisun
  279. 279 http://www.opendesigns.org/designs/?id=1266
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  304. 304 http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/01/08/100-excellent-free-high-quality-wordpress-themes/
  305. 305 http://dzineblog.com/2008/07/download-free-web-templates.html

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    matt: agreed, but “faking it till you make it” in the design game is a very short journey to failure!

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    (How do I get in touch with the author to see if he can change the links to go directly to my website… DemusDesign?)

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    Some of them list browsers that have been tested, but generally I wouldn’t assume too much from a free template. I would recommend testing even if it claims to be cross browser compatible.

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    Seeing how “Reference” is such an obvious ripoff of superawesome it makes me wonder how many other templates in that bunch is nothing else but a cheap clone of some good looking website.

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    This is the downfall of web design. Sure, that may sound a bit exaggerated, but this is exactly the reason why so many websites today look line clones of one another — with all their repeated “Web 2.0 elements” and what not. Developers need to stick to what they do know best, just like how designers should not pose as hardcore developers. Economy is bad enough as it is. Brands across the nation and around the world could actually use some competitive designs that don’t look like every other site with rounded-corners; and the design agencies, whether big or small, could actually use the work. Smashing Magazine, please stop feeding everybody the same kind of bullshit. It’s one thing to inspire people to learn and create, but it’s totally something else to just hand everything to people without them earning it through their own labor. Please, if you guys care one bit about actual creativity in the field of design, if you guys care one bit about the progress of art and design, then you know this isn’t the way to stimulate anything new.

  23. 23
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    Going to have to disagree with a few posts above. I’m just getting into the field myself, and it is quite helpful to be able to dissect a fully operational template to try to come to terms with all of the quirks in browsers and techniques to resolve different layout issues. (The real solution would be to teach it at the university, or make books much cheaper for students, but apparently no one has thought of that so far…).

    (Though I agree with not making 7000+ clones of the same tired website. Even someone interested in the field gets tired of looking at the same thing.)

  25. 25

    Love free templates.

    But a lot of these are quite underwhelming, actually. Tastes do differ, I guess.

    PS: Why is SM lacking a field for our URL in the comments box, so people don’t have to spam?

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    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    December 2, 2008 12:17 am

    These templates are not supposed to be copied and used 1:1. But designers can learn a lot from analyzing the code and learning new techniques presented there. That was the main point of this post.

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    Great joke. You’re killing me.

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    nice post, but some of them are really so old. Especially templateworld stuff.. I don’t agree with people who hate free templates. Creativity costs! Not all the people have money to pay for creativity. Even if they have, do you think that there are thousands of artists who can make creative designs?
    Using free templates is a very good way, especially about corporate web sites. If you are smart enough, you can create a uniqueness by changing the header images, font-family, colors. If you have time, you can even change the layout with few lines.
    It’s better to create a uniqueness with your services, with your products. It’s more important then your web site’s a:hover effect :-)

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    But for sure I take inspiration from them :)

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    Let’s not forget that these free templates are designed solely with publicity in mind. The designers of these sites use them as a platform for future bespoke commissions. That’s no bad thing, but it does give a soulless generic feel to some of the freebies. I kind of agree with BR in terms of rounded-corners being passé. They can kill a site if not used subtly. The Greeny Grass template is great by the way – a simple but effective bit of design.

  48. 48


  49. 49


    “Developers need to stick to what they do know best, just like how designers should not pose as hardcore developers.”

    That smacks of hard grapes on your part BR,
    Clearly you are making alowance for designers who engage in a little non-hardcore development.. aka yourself

    Since using templates is considered non-hardcore design you have justified their use by developers.

    Perhaps, to paraphrase yourself “Designers need to stick to what they do know best”

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    These templates are not supposed to be copied and used 1:1. But designers can learn a lot from analyzing the code and learning new techniques presented there. That was the main point of this post.

    that’s the most absurd idea! post tutorials and tips, not 100 free templates please.

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    Three points:

    1. Surely in any design discipline one has to build upon existing and past work. We don’t exist in a vacuum. Nobody can say that they design from scratch every time they start a new commission – all designers borrow and lift from other things they have seen whether they are conscious of it or not. What’s the difference between being inspired by elements within another site or developing elements from a template? When you’ve a got a tight deadline you have to resort to using a few ready-made ideas to add to your own.

    2. None of these would be suitable to use wholesale, and they are not intended to be used in this way. They would all need adapting to meet a clients needs, and this would be beyond anyone who doesn’t have a good grasp of XHTML and CSS. So arguing that templates put designers out of job is a bit daft.

    3. Not all clients need cutting edge designs! Some just need cheap, simple, functional sites. This is the bread and butter of our profession, so surely anything that speeds the process up a bit has got to be a good thing, right?

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    Now this is just AWESOME!!!

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    Some of you need to quit complaining!

    It’s an outstanding collection that is free from the designers. The designers can do whatever they want with their CSS, Code and creative productions.

    It’s up to you to demonstrate to your prospective clients why your work is going to stand out. Why YOU are different and make a difference!

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    wow, good design is conquering the web! :)

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    Templates are evil, existing only to aid those who are incapable of doing the work themselves and promoted by those only interested in saving money. They represent all that is wrong with our industry and their wide acceptance is why jobs that belong to designers go to office assistants and secretaries and why most people don’t know the difference.

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    I see that many of the Freecsstemplates templates are linked through Ez-designs instead of linking freecsstemplates.com directly, is there a reason for that?

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    Some of these are even better than those which cost.

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  72. 72

    I don’t think it is wrong to exist free templates. I think it is wrong people who charge their clients for a layout wich were not made by them.

    One problem is that it is really bad for industry, not for the fact of free stuff, but for the fact people take advantage of it.

    Most of clients don’t understand fully our job, but if you question them: ‘do you prefer to pay X or Y?’ (X=layout “done” by someone who used a free template / Y=layout done by an experienced designer / being X much cheaper than Y). Most of your answers will be: ‘i prefer X.’.

    People who use ‘FREE’ templates shouldn’t charge anything for it (but that doesn’t happens). They are only difficulting designers life.

    Get an insipiration over ‘FREE’ templates, yeah OK. But that doesn’t happen too. They are used often, and often and often.

    Even web agencies have their website over a FREE template. But then they say that they design it? (come on…)

    I had clients that come to me cause of ‘their’ website been done by people like that (meaning a long range types of people). Conclusion, they all get frustated cause now, they will have to pay more for a ‘good job’.

    I coud be giving several examples, but i want to be short.

    I am a developer having design knowledge (but most of my work is developing). I don’t think the question is ‘defending’ designers, or developers who don’t know how to design.

    Unfortunately, working on this area(web) is very ‘hard'(?) for those who try to keep up a good work. Probably i could say that about 60% who claims to be a webdesigner/webdeveloper should consider a change, cause most of them do ‘bad’ works. (and i have several examples of that).

    About this list in smashing, i agree that shouldn’t exist. Honestly.
    Considering the slogan: “we smash you with the information that will make your life easier. really.”
    Life easier to whom? True designers, i don’t think so. All other people who claims to be a designer and in fact they’re not, yes, they get life easier.

    As i said i am a developer, and i don’t understand for all other comments a ‘fight’ over designers X developers. Being a developer, every time a have do design i do it. Insipiration over several stuff, but never using a free template for a client. If it is for my brother who wants a website, yeah, why not using it, keeping the author of the template and so on..

    It is all.. Good work to everyone

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    I’m of the mind that if you are a good enough artist you’ll use these templates appropriately. I, for one, like to look at completed works like these and dissect them. Then again though, that’s just the way my brain works. Being fairly new to CSS this is a tremendous help!

    There was one template, for example, called “Consultant” that has a few design concepts I couldnt seem to figure out. After downloading it I realized a particular technique of using background images with lists and headers. Of course! Again, Im fairly new to CSS but had I not looked, it might have taken a while to figure it out on my own.

    These are excellent teaching tools but if you seriously want to use them “as-is” then shame on you! That just sucks! Thanks Smashing for providing these for “newbs” like me.

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    very atractive
    Nice post
    nice template
    visit my blog

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    Seriously? Did you run out of title characters? I don’t see “bad” in there anywhere.

    Editor: 100 Free Bad High-Qualit XHTML/CSS Templates | Putting the “you get what you paid for” in free.

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    They’re amazing.
    Thank you

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    Tons of wonderful templates an not just few.


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    How can you add Tables to these?

    . . . I’m just kidding

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    Wow, I hear a lot of hate coming from designers fearing for their jobs. Get over it. When open source hit the developer world, I heard a lot of ‘oh its all just crap’ and the like out there… mainly from poor excuses for developers. Open source projects didn’t take away from the software world. They helped propel it forward. Instead of building things from scratch, you build on and integrate what’s out there. From a design perspective, these free templates aren’t replacing the job of a good designer: you still need art work, site layout and flow. If your job was just to solely produce CSS and templates like above, then up your skill set.

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    Dear One! A very Gud Collection Of themes i found.I’m an undergraduate student.Making final project on Online auction system its my humble request to all of u that kindly submit some auction templates.i have’nt found ywet.plz help me

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    Thanks for the good ideas and freebies. Many more thanks to the folks who did not lock these templates away.

    To those who think everything everywhere on the www should be for cash… Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, guys. And we ‘learn by teaching’. Want to up the value of your product? Get people hooked on it just like the developers of these CSS sheets.
    You know they’re picking up a few hits just by being out there.

    I’ve seen several of these templates that make me say to myself ‘Ooo, yeah, I want one like that… but… how do I make my logo (or button, or header, or image…) look like… ‘
    Each template is a great start but none is an end unto itself.

    I guess I’ll end up hiring somebody who can turn my name into a cool icon, like Don Capones stuff… probably, I’ll hire one of the folks who doesn’t mind teaching me how it works while they’re at it!

    Keep up the great work! Cheeers!
    Jason R.

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    Hi in this page there are wonderfull design is great

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    A nice collection mate thank you theres a few i havent seen there before. :)

    so..guess this is where i become the evil guy…I run a template customisation company. Yer i wont use any of those dew to legal issues etc :)

    Now i dont see why so many of you believe templates or people such as my self are evil as templates help get alot of small buisnesses (that wouldnt normaly be able to afford some of the crazy prices some designers charge) online. This in its self is what the web is all about!

    The more people and buisnesses that start using the web the better for designers and developers in the end. My company also offers custome designs from scratch and about 60% of my clients that start out with a cheep template site end up paying for a custome job within a year as they have found things worked out online. now as i have around 200 clients a month thats alot of people that are now after custom designs that before would never have even thought of paying out so much money.

    Also if you think the only reason 80% of websites on the web look the same is becoase of templates then you really do live in your own little world. ever heard the saying “there is no original thought left in the world” well its true, infact its almost impossible for there to be as our brains hae to get the idea from some where (and yes that is a proven fact) granted over the years there have been a small hand full of people that have come up with somthing new, picasson, d’vinci etc. (dew to use of areas of the brain most of us dont use) so..look at your time line and see how far appart those two fellas where…think there are enough people around at the moment to design all fresh, new designs for web sites?

    If you thinks your one then please send me an email pmooreimages@aol.com and i will quite happily find an example that your not.

    (btw i only charge $60 for a 10 page site customisation and $120 for an ecommerce site so im not all that evil ;)

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    Themeforest has some high quality templates and themes at great prices.
    Free Template Database has an ever growing collection of completely free template and themes.

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