100 Really Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers


Few products have generated the kind of hype that the iPhone has. Its beautiful design and large multi-touch screen are irresistible. Although its interface is beautifully designed, some of us want to put a little something extra in it to suit our style, personality and profession and to further beautify this magical masterpiece.

Here, we proudly present the 100 Beautiful iPhone wallpapers, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. The wallpapers are 320×480 pixels in resolution and are usable on the iPod Touch as well. In this post we cover typography, nature, retro and vintage, illustrations and artwork, Apple wallpapers, abstract, space. Other topics will be covered in next posts. All of the images are clickable and linked to their source. You can explore further artistic treasures and more wallpapers by using the links.

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Typography iPhone Wallpapers

ILoveTypography iPhone Wallpapers7
A growing collection of typography-related iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper8 iPhone wallpaper9

Tylor J. Reimer’s iPhone Wallpapers10
A collection of various wallpapers, from TV shows and music to nature and abstract.

iPhone wallpaper11 iPhone wallpaper12

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers1987213
A growing collectio of beautiful wallpapers created by various designers across the globe. Typographic wallpapers there are just amazing.

iPhone wallpaper14 iPhone wallpaper15

‘We Made This’ iPhone Wallpapers16
A series of iPhone wallpapers by Alistair Hall James White.

iPhone wallpaper17 iPhone wallpaper18

Veer iPhone Wallpapers19
A growing collection of iPhone wallpapers by Veer.com. Registration is required to download the wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper20 iPhone wallpaper21
iPhone wallpaper22 iPhone wallpaper23
24 iPhone wallpaper25

Various typographic iPhone wallpapers:

iPhone wallpaper26 iPhone wallpaper27
iPhone wallpaper28 iPhone wallpaper29

TypeNuts iPhone Wallpapers30
A growing collection of iPhone wallpapers related to typography.

iPhone wallpaper31 iPhone wallpaper32iPhone wallpaper33 iPhone wallpaper34


A huge selection of various wallpapers, and very beautiful landscape wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper36 iPhone wallpaper37
iPhone wallpaper38 iPhone wallpaper39 iPhone walclass=40 iPhone wallpaper41

Interface Lift iPhone Wallpapers4942
A growing collection of iPhone wallpapers, currently almost 400 wallpapers are available in the resoultion 320×480 for free download.

iPhone wallpaper43 iPhone wallpaper44
iPhone wallpaper45 iPhone wallpaper46<br /47 iPhone wallpaper48

Interface Lift iPhone Wallpapers4942
A growing collection of iPhone wallpapers, currently almost 400 wallpapers are available in the resoultion 320×480 for free download.

iPhone wallpaper50 iPhone wallpaper51
iPhone wallpaper52class=”at” iPhone wallpaper53
iPhone wallpaper54 iPhone wallpaper55
iPhone wallpaper iPhone wallpaper56

Retro and Vintage

Cosmic Retro iPhone Wallpapers57
A series of iPhone wallpapers by James White.

iPhone wallpaper58 iPhone wallpaper59

iPhone iTouch Wallpaper Pack60
By GabO-GarabO. The vintage look rocks, baby!

iPhone wallpaper61 iPhone wallpaper62
iPhone wallpaper63 iPhone wallpaper

Airbag iPhone Wallpapers64
Two beautiful sets of iPhone wallpapers, created by Greg Storey.

iPhone wallpaper65 iPhone walclass=66
iPhone wallpaper67 iPhone wallpaper68

The Antidote iPhone Wallpapers69

iPhone wallpaper70 iPhone wallpaper71

Poolga iPhone Wallpapers1987213
Very original, beautiful and creative iPhone allpapers from various designers across the globe. Very impressive.

iPhone wallpaper73 iPhone wallpaper
iPhone wallpaper74 iPhone wallpaper75
iPhone wallpaper76 iPhone wallpaper77

Illustrations and Artwork

Duoh iPhone Wallpapers78

iPhone wallpaper79 iPhone wallpaper80

LOV-E iPhone Wallpapers81

iPhone wallpaper82 iPhone wallpaper83

Camilo Bejarano’s iPhone Wallpapers84

iPhone wallpaper85 iPhone wallpaper86

l’Amour iPhone Wallpapers87
2 love-related iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper88 iPhone wallpaper89

CMYK Lovers90
Created by Guilherme Marconi.

iPhone wallpaper91 iPhone wallpaper92

Glennz iPhone Wallpaperse93
A collection of very beautiful iPhone wallpapers (mostly illustrations).

iPhone wallpaper94 iPhone wallpaper95
iPhone wallpaper96 iPhone wallpaper97
iPhone wallpaper98 iPhone wallpaper99

A collection of cute painted wallpapers designed by Atelier 302101.

iPhone wallpaper102 iPhone wallpaper103
iPhone wallpaper104 iPhone wallpaper105

Coffee iPhone Wallpapers106
A collection of twelve 320x480px Coffee Sketchtoon illustrations. These wallpapers are free for personal use on your iPhone, iPod touch or Palm OS device. Designed by Mike Rohde.

iPhone wallpaper107 iPhone wallpaper108

Vladstudio iPhone Wallpapers109
A collection of original and beautiful iPhone wallpapers, designed by Vlad Gerasimov.

iPhone wallpaper110 iPhone wallpaper111
iPhone wallpaper112 iPhone wallpaper113

Smart iPhone Wallpapers114
A couple of beautiful Smart iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper115 iPhone wallpaper116

Pedro Dale’s Collection117
A collection of iPhone wallpapers related to art and culture.

iPhone wallpaper118 iPhone wallpaper119
iPhone wallpaper120 iPhone wallpaper121

Pixelgirl iPhone Wallpapers122
67 various iPhone wallpapers, mostly cartoons and illustrations.

iPhone wallpaper123 iPhone wallpaper124
iPhone wallpaper125 iPhone wallpaper126

Iconfactory iPhone Wallpapers194127
86 various iPhone wallpapers, mostly cartoons and illustrations.

iPhone wallpaper128 iPhone wallpaper129

Various illustrations and artwork for iPhone:

iPhone wallpaper130 131 iPhone wallpaper132 iPhone wallpaper133
iPhone wallpaper134 iPhone wallpaper135

Piktorama iPhone Wallpapers136
Designed by Rodrigo Braga.

iPhone wallpaper137 iPhone wallpaper138

Target iPhone Wallpaper139

iPhone wallpaper140 iPhone wallpaper141

Apple iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone wallpaper142 iPhone wallpaper143
iPhone wallpaper144 iPhone wallpaper145
iPhone walclass=146 iPhone wallpaper147


Sarah France’s iPhone Wallpapers148

iPhone wallpaper149 iPhone wallpaper150

iPhone Wallpapers Storytellin151
30 various iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper152 iPhone wallpaper153
iPhone wallpaper154 iPhone wallpaper

Abstract Waves iPhone Pack155
6 abstract iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper156 iPhone wallpaper157`

Fractal Wallpapers iPhone Pack158
11 abstract iPhone wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper159 iPhone wallpaper160

Abstract iPhone Wallpapers161
A huge selection of abstract wallpapers.

iPhone wallpaper162 iPhone wallpaper163

Cosmic & Space

iPhone wallpaper164 iPhone wallpaper165
iPhone wallpaper166 iPhone wallpaper167
168 iPhone wallpaper169
iPhone wallpaper170 iPhone wallpaper171class=”at”
iPhone wallpaper172 iPhone wallpaper173

Space iPhone Wallpapers174
8 space-backgrounds for iPhone/iPod.

iPhone wallpaper175 iPhone wallpaper176


iPhone wallpaper177 iPhone wallpaper178
iPhone wallpaper179 180

Sources and Resources

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  1. 1

    Wow. Just wow… I’m going to go make some now, I’m inspired. Thanks!

  2. 2

    Great list! I forwarded it to all my iPhone user-friends.

  3. 3

    The description bellow #1 is wrong – it’s referring to Veer’s link ( #6) instead of TypeNuts.

    Great post, definitely will lose some hours downloading iphone wallpapers :)

  4. 4

    Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz

    January 6, 2009 12:52 pm

    @amahony (#16): thanks, the description was updated.

    @NetworkShadoww (#14): thanks, the link was updated!

  5. 5

    Cool…but sorry I got no iPhone.. LOL

  6. 6

    That was crazy. I was just thinking about changing my iPhone Wallpaper and thought: “let’s check out if there is something on the smashing magazine.” I typed in the url and what did I have to read at the first headline? “100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers”. You guys are just awesome. Allways the right thing at the right time! Thanks!

  7. 7

    Another AMAZING post by Smashing Mag!! Thank you!!

  8. 8

    Holy shit! Amazing!

    thanks for sharing

  9. 9

    Got any for the G1?

  10. 10

    I love the designs, but there’s not much point in these wallpapers as you only see them when your screen is active but the phone is locked. Apple certainly went full-of-function over pointless form on their interfaces!

    • 11

      Tejendra Shandilya

      April 20, 2010 7:49 pm

      You can use Cydia Software that come when you unlock phone in that winter board application you can see the wallpaper behind your application

  11. 12

    next problem… explaining to my daughters why I had to replace their picture with HAL 9000

  12. 13

    Wonderfull & very funny wallpapers! Personally love the Daft Punk wallpaper from James White! Thank youw!

    Lol at fijis, yeah that one is cool too, someone should make App for that with sounds and stuff! Maybe really capable to have a sort of a conversation ;)

  13. 14

    iPhone wallpapers is not really “inspirational”, I find.

  14. 15

    very smart post, with things like these i will come more often with my iphone ;-)

  15. 16

    FYI: The Pixelgirl iPhone Wallpapers link (in the post) is wrong, it links to IconFactory. Thanks for featuring my Robot wallpaper btw.

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    The Wii wallpapers are hilarious lol

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    Very nice.

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    izzz nice!

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    Just awesome pictures!

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    Congratulations for all the artists

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    Hey there, thanks for featuring our wallpapers – the We Made This set. You’ve credited them to James White, but they’re by Alistair Hall.

  22. 23

    ohooo really really cool wallpapers!!

    massive big up to the artists!!! and for you for putting them together!! :D:D


  23. 24

    Excellent timing as my xmas present (to myself) gets the number swopped over tomorrow and goes public :)

  24. 25

    Hey, thanks for mentioning of my Sketchtoon Coffee iPhone Wallpapers, I’m very honored to be included in the top 100! :-)

  25. 27

    As always, Smashing kicks out another great post! If only I could choose which one of the 30 I like the most to put on my iPhone… Decisions, decisions.

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    You forgot the big source of iPhone Wallpapers in the planet

    Open to everyone, nicely organized with tags.

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    Terrific Collection, well done!

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    I think these are really cool. I wish you had cited who all the artists were though. I know you linked to the original compilation sites in the titles, but I would have thought clicking on each image would take to me to the page with the artist’s name.

  29. 31

    Mmm, lots of win here. It’s interesting that the most compelling ones (for me at least) happen to be nature and astronomy related.

  30. 32

    i really like this collection.
    my favorite though is the violin one – though, as always, they are all smashing,

  31. 33

    I love the Daft Punk one!
    most of them are amazing, but it would be great if you could do something similar for other resolutions
    I mean 240×320, which is more common than the apple mobile toyiPhone. I am suggesting some themes for Nokia‘s :-”
    [which I probably will never get on this kind of site :( so... skip this comment ]

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    great designs

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    Fantastic article, i’ll be exploring some of those sites in alot more details.

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    I just need a iphone now! >.<

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    Damn! I need to get an iphone… now!

    the 18 hours of work were worth it… really… =)

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    love the clown fish. good observation

  40. 42

    Congratulations! – on Alltops Design you were the most read article via popurl.
    Thank you for kindly adding my designs, I am very flattered.
    Sarah France

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    Great stuff. Sadly I got no iPhone but I edited all of ‘em to my 240×320 phone screen and all are looking good :D

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    Awesome post! Love it!

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    This is amazing, N1ce Work!!!!!!!!!

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    The only problem is, this page (and most smashing magazine posts) are painful to view on the iPhone or iPod Touch even on wifi because they’re so long.

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    WOW!!…Beautiful set of iPhone walls :o) check mine out here: http://inspiks.com/2009/02/09/iphone-wallpapers-gallery/

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    I really like some of these. Many of them seem a bit cliche and typical. You can download wallpaper patterns for your iphone or ipod touch at Farmidable.com

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    just matchless

  69. 71

    Very nice selection. Nature ones look the best. iPhoneHDR.com has a bunch like that if you like those kinds of wallpapers.

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    Wow, most of these are fantastic. Having just started a graphic design course, these wallpapers are very inspiring.

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    Indeed a smashing post.
    Here you can find some more iPhone Wallpapers:

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    muy interesantes las imagenes, nos brindan muchas ideas y nos dejan mucha enseñanza. widu

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    These are soo amazing!!! I don’t really know who posted them but …. Whoever did? ….. I love you!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so much. I am so appreciative because I’m sick and tired of having to use blurry or usual wallpapers. AND! These are so beautiful. Thanks SO much!

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    Awesome collection of wallpapers. I wish the iPhone had an auto rotate feature.

    I have also found some great ones at: designeriphone.tumblr.com

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    ya,its true……

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    its great of wallpapers of iphone but this is bad because its don t have category

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    Awesome collection! Check out my post I made a few iPhone HD wallpapers for download @ http://bradfordsherrill.com/web-design/iphone-4-wallpaper/

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    All wallpapers are really beautiful, especially wallpapers made by Veer.com, AlliPhoneWallpapers and Interface Lift. I love them. Thanks for sharing.
    You can also check http://www.coolwallpaperfree.com/ to see more iPhone wallpapers.

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    Those are really nice iphone wallpapers.
    You guys might want to check out this website for Pad Wallpapers http://www.ifullscreen.com. They have a crazy selection already. I was overwhelmed just with their celebrity section. There’s even tutorials on how to make your own ipad wallpaper!

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    Black Friday Deals

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    wow! this is what I’m looking for! i love the set, specially the paintings, and the wallpapers from vladstudio.. sweet!

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    I’m a huge Lost fan myself so I use Station 7 – The Apple one for my home screen. Love it. :D

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    this is a nice collection but this is more cool attractive then it http://www.idrugged.com/2011/06/30/download-top-beautiful-iphone-wallpapers-for-free/

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    Many of these wallpapers can be found on the web and it’s frustrating seeing recycled wallpapers so I did a lil search and found a pretty new site with some cool skins and wallpapers. I think they had some Sony Ericssons too!! all-designz.com/category/mobile/apple/iphone-3/iphone-3-icon-skins/

    Awesome share/article!!

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    Great post, got really inspired and created a load myself check out

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    Great collection of iPhone wallpapers contains nature, pattern designs which mostly can’t be found on other sites. Thanks to the refferrences of other great sites including individuals FlickR profile. For people you might be seeking for patterns, logos, like wallpaper for their iPhone (http://iphonedark.com) is one of the good site.

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